Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Nine Meme

1) When the song was written, "Surf City" was a fictitious town.* Tell us a song that is set in a real place.
"Little Old Lady From Pasadena"...also Rob Zombie's "Go to California." Husband and I used to really want to move to California and "Go to California" is our song. Who knows maybe we will have that ranch in California one day still.

2) In the song, Jan and Dean sing about riding around in a 1934 station wagon, which means the car was 29 years old when the song was recorded. How old is your vehicle?
Both are somewhere around a decade.

3) Are you good on a surf board?
I wish. I have not been to the ocean. I love photos of barrel and tube waves and I am fascinated with wave pools.

4) When you spend time out in the sun, are you careful about applying sunscreen?
Yes, me and my children burn easily. We have many different forms of sunscreen. I have lotion and makeup with sunscreen, too. Yet, I still get slightly sunburned often...sigh.
The original tune and video. :-)

5) Dean's original partner was Arnie Ginsburg. When Dean was drafted into the Army, Arnie didn't feel like waiting so he abandoned show business and went back to college. Today he holds several patents. What is something you wish someone would invent?
A holodeck where can I persuade my (holograph of my)husband to dance.

6) Jan was a perpetual student who juggled college with recording. He not only graduated from UCLA, he completed two years of medical school at the UC Irvine School of Medicine. Have you ever considered going back to school?
Yes, often...I had always seen myself getting a Phd. but have not been able to due to circumstances beyond my control. When the kids get older, I may go for a scholarship that I am pretty certain to get if it is still available. Right now, I do take courses on philosophy and Biblical topics (like the rise and fall of Jerusalem) via Coursera.

7) In 1966, Jan was sidelined by a serious car accident. During the years that he was unable to perform, partner Dean became a graphic artist. He designed logos and album covers for Steve Martin, Diana Ross and others. Do you feel you respond most to words, pictures, or music?
Words...especially if there are new terms for me to learn within those words. There's never enough time to look up all references or vocab though. I hate reading without total comprehension.

8) In 1978, CBS made a TV movie about Jan and Dean. If they approached you about a made-for-TV movie of your life, who would you like to play you?
Well, I am pretty gentle (just an honest assesment) I guess an actress of the kind you don't see much anymore. A younger Melissa Gilbert with bolder hair or Ali McGraw in the "Love Story" years. Maybe a woman who has played Peter Pan since I am appalled by unfairness in the same way that Peter was. Perhaps Sophia Loren...but more conservative...because I try to ENJOY life like some of her characters do.

Maybe Ann Margret could be my double at times...because I used to have that kind of energy, and sometimes that color hair, before my thyroid automimmune problems got much worse. I can still sometimes muster this much activity for dancing but not much else...chronic fatigue, etc. Some day I feel confident I will be the woman my Husband first met many years ago...who had more energy than any women he had ever met. #LoftyButNotImpossibleGoals

9) Random question: Growing up, how did you learn about the birds and the bees? (From books/the web, from parents, from your friends...)
My parents did not talk about this at all. I learned entirely from school, movies and oddly enough, the "historical romances" that my mother liked to read (apparently for the actual history). Now I have inherited a large amount of these books that are sometimes rather detailed and I am skimming them for the history tidbits I want to pick up...then putting them in the "Take and Leave" library or finding someone in a nursing home who likes that sort of thing. Our children are homeschooled and we have a friend who has taught Christian "Sex Ed" at a teacher-staffed homeschool co-op...we will consult her when the time comes for such learning.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Scenic Weekends Meme

Cypress knees peaking up out of the water in Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum. 
Cincinnati, August 2011.

This is one of 15 ponds there.

I was visited by and enjoyed visiting the author of "Photo by Manka." Their post made me long for sun, waves and salmon. As soon as it cools off here, I will be getting the salmon part(out of the freezer).

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Husband's artwork :-)
Cool view while it lasted. Sculptures over Grandpa's armchair are getting moved today.

-----We have a tiny deep fryer and I want to use it to make Chimichanga Dogs. It will take a while...maybe one or two at time. I have a bit of start on hot dog-related board on Pinterest.
-----Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay will supposedly have some sort of throwdown at the end of the year. Honestly, I have no clue HOW Bobby Flay thinks he can cook better than Ramsay. I am interested in seeing this!

-----Sesame Seed Cookies. The recipe makes 48 cookies.
-----I have a board on Pinterest called "The Great Cookie Hunt."

Friday, July 08, 2016

In My Life.....

Preschool Girl wanted my help so I colored the tail (and then she colored over it a bit). She slowed down and tried to color the parts. #Progress

A recent drawing Preschool Girl did. It's an owl.

Mail Call. I bet water in that suit is not pleasant, armchair traveling and Lego fun for Preschool Boy.

Seriously, the FBI recommends no indictment for Hillary though she was an absolute careless IDIOT with national security? Oh yeah....and there WERE secret and TOP SECRET e-mails at the time they were sent. So, will she now go all over media and shrug it all off as not serious? "No precedent" for charging accidental complete idiocy...oh I bet there are plenty of military personal, also given security guidelines that they were required to follow and (grossly)accidentally didn't, sitting in detainment or punished right now. She should be ashamed of herself....I hope she realizes this as she sips cocktails on Air Force One with Mr. Obama. ‪#‎NoIntegrity‬

On ice-pops.....
Preschool Girl: It doesn't have any smell.
Preschool Boy: That's because it's old school. The old school doesn't have any smell. The new school popsicles do.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

I am wondering if our movie rental place will have the Robin William's movie "Man of the Year." I don't remember it but know that we thought it was funny. This would be a great choice for us to try as a family movie for the 4th of July.

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