Sunday, March 24, 2013

In My Life.....

I am reading this for a composition class that is more intensive than any of the (many) others I have taken. It is taught by an instructor from Duke University. We are supposed to write a critical review of the first chapter. Thus far, I am getting a lot out of this book. It is talking about talent relying on intense, stumbling practice. One needs to find the point where goals are a growing, yet reachable, challenge.

Maybe sometime after Baby One is born, I will get brave enough to try Kool Aid Hair Dying. I think that is temporary, right?? At this point, I would only do hair coloring that is very temporary (I have an unusual natural hair color that I keep for sentimental reasons). Anyway, I noticed that some of the Kool Aid Hair Dye also uses food coloring and I wonder how that works as far as mess/coming out.
---So...I will now be referring to our children as Toddler One and Baby One. :-)

Waiting, waiting. Nine Inch Nails is going on tour again this year! It looks like first they are touring Europe...some of the dates are already up. It is the dates for the arena touring in the United States that I am waiting for. I could not attend when NIN came through the States with the NINJA tour (and I really, really wanted to). Husband has said that if the location is at all do-able, we will be going this time...I am guessing late 2013 or sometime in 2014.

While I am a big proponent of homeschooling, I don't often hold much stock with unschooling. I have seen a lot of unschooling descend into just a complete lack of education (with both the children and parents not realizing how little was learned during the formative years). I am planning to give this book a try at some point though.


Sigh. I have forgotten about Lumosity for a while. I am particularly doing the brain games on here to try improving my peripheral vision (I don't really have any). There seems to be some improvement. I am also noticing weird things...the eye that is functionally blind sometimes still sees the memory games though I am not consciously paying attention.
---I have a weird catching ability like this that amazes people. I can catch things very suddenly and quickly though I do not seem to be looking at them at all. In fact, I am a very good catcher...only when I don't see it coming.

So, apparently one of Charlie Chaplin's half brothers, Sydney, quit acting and fled to America when he was (justifiably) accused of biting an actress's nipple off in a sexual assault.
---Pretty sure this will be the strangest thing I learn all day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Other than the Navy, all branches of the military are enduring suspension of Tuition Assistance (as a result of The Sequester). One of the petitions protesting this, which is still sign-able,  has reached the 100,000 signatures required to get a formal response from the White House.

"For their service and sacrifice, warm words of thanks from a grateful nation are more than warranted, but they aren't nearly enough. We also owe our veterans the care they were promised and the benefits that they have earned. We have a sacred trust with those who wear the uniform of the United States of America. It's a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end. But we know that for too long, we've fallen short of meeting that commitment. Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need. Too many veterans don't receive the support that they've earned. Too many who once wore our nation's uniform now sleep in our nation's streets."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rapunzel needs more hair.

So, I just got my hair cut....and it was LONG. I needed to get rid of split ends (and wanted it to look groomed). Now, I need  101 ways to make my hair grow faster. :-) I was very fond of my long hair but the cut had to be done....anyway, now I am wondering how pregnancy and my thyroid issues are going to affect regrowth.

Tips and thoughts (
--- A nice reminder....oily hair can become worse when always washed daily.
--- I am a bit leery of the idea of putting minced onion in my shampoo (or anywhere near my nose/eyes). Hmm. I must look into this.
---Green tea capsules. From what I have read these are high in antioxidants and also have way less caffeine than their liquid counterparts.

Home remedies to make hair grow faster
---Anything involving alfalfa juice or beetroot juice is something that I have never experimented with. Perhaps I should look for recipes.
---Rest is one of the simpler things that can be grows quicker while one is at rest.
:-) Getting your "crowning beauty" sleep.

Home remedies for hair growth
---"Oiling in long hair is a must." This I did not know. I looked on YouTube and discovered there are several articles on "extreme oiling."

For horse thieving, kidnapping, jail breaking, and using her hair in a manner other than nature intended!
― Shannon HaleRapunzel's Revenge

Friday, March 15, 2013

Our toddler's thought processes fascinate me.
Yesterday, he randomly said "Halloween, Halloween. More candy."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I like the new pope's choice of name (Francis).
The first time I saw his picture, with him holding his hand up kind of splayed, I wanted to Photoshop him into doing the Vulcan long and prosper.

Saturday, March 09, 2013


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----March 1, 2013. International Hug a Librarian Day. I am wondering if you get extra points for hugging a beyond-grumpy librarian...I have, unfortunately, met a few.
-----March 8-10, 2013. South by South City Music Festival. St. Louis. A "weekend of STL bands, beers, print, record stores and radio." Inspired by SXSW and it seems that it will be called SXSC. :-)
-----March 23-July 28, 2013. David Bowie Is" exhibit.
-----May 23-26 2013. Phoenix Comicon. Last year, Leonard Nimoy was there. This year, Anthony Michael Hall and Walter Koenig will be guests. An event that I am adding to my bucket list. :-)
-----2014. A biopic with Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury will come out. I hope that Mr. Cohen does not do his own vocals....whether he would be good at them or not-it reminds me of La Bamba where many people now think of sounds other than the real Ritchie Valens.
-----March 28, 2014. Russell Crowe as Noah.

In My Life.....

We got mostly through the first episode of "The Bible" last night. We had it recorded on the TV. It is certainly not a boring series...visually spectacular and the visually spectacular is varied. It was unusual to see Noah portrayed by a man whose accent appeared to be Scottish.
"The Bible is brought to you in part by Walmart."
A while back this series could be pre-ordered at one of the Walmarts near us.
I don't know if the "Vikings" series that started the same day was for sale, also. Little One thoroughly approves of the fact that AWOL Nation's song "Sail" was used in all of the Vikings commercials. :-)

I am on page 36. As soon as I get finished reading this for some genealogy research that I am doing, I am going to send it off to an aunt who also likes to do that sort of research. :-) Of course, when I bought the book new about seven or eight years ago, it was $19.95...welcome to the age of Amazon. :-)

Speaking of moral things..."90210" on the CW has become an immoral thing. Beyond immoral (even though I am sure it will be some sort of misunderstanding). It is being indicated in the previews that Naomi got drunk and married her half-brother. Maybe he will turn out to not be her half-brother and she suddenly found out before marrying him. One thing is for sure...I am never watching this show again. #beyondridiculous

Murder and actors who are busy trying to fool the world/a private investigator. I think this is the tenth novel featuring the private investigator. Not my usual read...but I will read it before passing it on. An Advance Reader copy that I should get around to reviewing though I no longer have an idea who it was being reviewed for. Even if the company sending me a book doesn't require a review, I like to do it sooner or later. When I am done, I have found a new home for this one.

Peter Garrett (lead singer) is someone I admire a lot as he has really tried to help people for years! This is an example of the many kinds of music Little One will grow up listening to. Husband thought the music and the didgeridoo were awesome. Once upon a time, "Beds are Burning" was a hit, Australian friends are amazed that I have even heard of this band. I like a lot of songs from Midnight Oil for their beauty and their truthful look at history.

Seriously, the bunnies get splashed with mud and the bear decides have them hop in the washing machine and get washed on the delicate cycle? There is some awful children's literature out there!

Friday, March 08, 2013

In My Life.....

We are going shopping today and I am writing up the grocery list for some of this month's menu. :-)
-----Dinner tonight. Bacon, Slaw and Tomato Sandwich. It includes a green cabbage slaw with fresh dill. I think this will be served with Smitten Kitchen's recipe for home fries. I will make a French Fry Sauce for Little One to try on his fries and we adults will have fresh chives.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Water has been discovered in the Apollo lunar rocks. Of course, this is causing some to rethink theories on the moon's origin.

In My Life.....

----- I have been wondering if Toys for Tots will be affected in any way by the Sequester. A good friend says that "the Marines won't listen" and I bet he is right...if there is even a trickle down effect, they will still find a way to help as much as possible.
-----I did not know that The Cheesecake Factory serves pomegranate mojitos. :-) This was the first recipe that I found for making a pomegranate mojito. The recipe I found was on which, by the way, has a Pinterest page. :-)
-----I just don't understand some people. How they never do a kind deed willingly EVER and then expect to be treated as if they are the kindest person in the world. I know that they have a conscience but have chosen to turn it off. I am talking about four specific people here. Three of these people actively do evil to others ALL THE TIME but have gotten pretty good at hiding it or manipulating others into not noticing it. The fourth does nothing but selfishness ever and people don't realize it so they leap to that person's defense if anyone tries to point it out (this person hasn't done anything to me other than be, I am not saying this out of a personal vendetta). I just wish I could figure these people out and somehow inspire them to change. All the energy that is put into being miserable and/or spiteful could be used to have a wonderful life with the rest of us. Advice?
-----Imagine you get all the furniture in a room moved and some new furniture in it, too. A lot of work. Then you find there are no outlets anywhere in the room (which is supposed to be an office). I am not imagining this. #backtosquareone

Recipe finds:
-----Brisket Tacos with Red Cabbage
-----Italian Beef Brisket with Fried Egg (sandwich)
-----Pomegranate Mojito with Vanilla Sugar.  An Emeril recipe.

"Only a Vulcan mind meld will help with this congress. LLAP"
-Leonard Nemoy

Friday, March 01, 2013

A sign of my times.

Safety signs are actually a source of many memories for me.
There was:
~ ~ ~ The loved one who collected them.
~ ~ ~ The elderly loved one who decided to "yield" by coming to a complete stop in front of an oncoming semi and a station wagon. (Read this a near-death experience).
~ ~ ~ The semi that ignored the signs not to go into the parking lot I was walking through. He then drove in a diagonal line towards slowly that I felt I was in a movie. A bit later, the driver decided it was time to turn around as I made my escape out of the parking lot. Of course, he chose an unwise route and almost hit me as he drove diagonally over the tops of two medians. Maybe he saw me...I don't know-he was driving away too fast during my slightly shocked efforts to see his "How's My Driving?" sign. (Read this as another near-death experience.)
~ ~ ~ The college students who ran out into the street and took them into their dorm. This would have been funny if it weren't a big safety hazard  I am sure they did not think it was funny when the bus driver going by got on her CB and reported the the police.
~ ~ ~ Not quite a sign...but the warning stickers that a group of friends and myself were given permission to put on cars that were trespassing. The wording other than "Violators Will be Towed" was altered on one and placed on a toilet. :-)

It was interesting earlier to explore

I particularly liked that there were signs against aspect where I feel the American educational system is actually making efforts in the right direction. :-)
I applaud this company for offering these signs. I might get one for homeschooling. I know some teachers and daycare providers that I will be passing the info on to. :-)

The traffic signs were a good thing to make note of...for when I have my own business. As, were, of course, the parking signs. 
~ ~ ~ It was unusual for me to see "family-friendly parking" and parking for families with small children. I don't think I have ever seen a company actually do this. Hmmm. The prices on this are not bad....under $20!
~ ~ ~ I noticed that many of the signs are "MUTCD" and DOT compliant. Being an ever curious person, I had to find out what the MUTCD is...the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

A photo I took several years ago of a stop sign that was for two different directions. I used this for a "yellow" meme.
Somewhere, I have a photo where there is ice on the sign and a ice piece in the shape of the sign has separated from the lower sign.

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