Friday, December 28, 2012

-----A store is forced to remove candy cigarettes. The city's Department of Safety and Inspection enforces this on a complaint someone obviously complained.
-----Artichoke Tuna Salad. This is a recipe from Chef George Duran.
-----Aww. Now I can't try Chef Duran's Twinkie Tiramisu recipe. I can try generic or making my own...but it just might not be the same.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I saw a photo of Green Goddess grilled cheese sandwiches. I have to say that looks and sounds gross.
-----I am not sure what is going on with my Mother's cancer treatments but I am worried.
-----No internet or phone for the past several days for the most part. Router woes. I am hoping this is fixed in a few days. I have been happy to have working internet for about three hours now.

-----We do not have Santa come to our house...but this post about "The Ultimate Special Forces Soldier" was amusing. :-)
-----Nice blog find: The Hyper Literate
-----I found that some people take "Rock, Paper, Scissors" very seriously. The complete rules.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Just saw a cute comic strip. Mayan sitting at the bar, clearly depressed. Bartender tells to "Cheer up, pal. It's not the end of the world."
-----Peach Yogurt Non-alcoholic Jello Shots
-----Grape Jiggle Cups. These have grapes or berries suspended in them.
-----Orange Cream Jello Shot
-----Mellow Jello Grapefruit Bite. A recipe I am not sure about but I am willing to try. I am not sure what the shapes are on top.

-----Lentil Artichoke Stew. I am not at all sure what lentils and artichokes together will taste like.
-----Chicken and Artichoke Stew. The taste is said to be delicate. Uses white wine or dry vermouth. I schedule menus kind of far out at times and plan to make this one in May 2013.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

-----Rabbit Enchiladas with Red Mole
-----Mole Verde Zacatecano (Zacatecas-Style Green Mole With Chicken)
-----Pork Tenderloin with Green Apple Mole

Tex-Mex Fideo. Last night's dinner.
This is a lot different than what I normally do for I have been excited about making it for two months. A low cholesterol recipe. I used green onions sauteed in olive oil. By the end, the green parts looked burnt for a while...but the flavor was wonderful after boiling down in the water. I put a teaspoon of minced garlic (from a jar) after cooking the onions for a while. I added two teaspoons of minced garlic after browning the vermicelli. I used 7 pickled hot chili peppers with the seeds removed (instead of the green chilies). The green-yellow color of the pepper pieces was easy to pick out for Little One's bowl. Little One devoured this dish and even had seconds...also insisted on using fingers for the first helping (this means noodles are really liked). For the tomato sauce, I used an can of tomato paste and an equal amount of water (I think it was 8 oz. but might have been a 4 oz. can). Vermicelli, as always. was a pain with little pieces splitting when breaking it and bigger pieces flying out when working with the spatula. It was hard to determine how much room the vermicelli would have to move around without making a mess or being immovable...or I would have made more noodles and chopped more onions. Next time, I will use the traditional angel hair pasta (the kind from the Hispanic section or Mexican grocery...not a box). I would recommend actually turning the pasta with the spatula at times as if you were making an egg (especially if using the delicate green onion tops as I did). WE WILL BE MAKING THIS AGAIN. :-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

I like recipes that include bourbon.

-----Brown-Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream. I am really excited about this recipe for when we get an ice cream maker.
-----Bourbon, Nutella and Chocolate Mousse. I will skip that almond or walnut garnish.

-----Brown Sugar-Bourbon Bundt.
~ ~ ~ 12 servings.
~ ~ ~ Garnish suggestions were candied oranges and magnolia leaves...I would think of leaves but not of magnolia...hmmm.
~ ~ ~ Like the poster of this recipe, I want to use a bundt cake pan that will add beautiful shape to the finished product. :-) If I use a standard pan, I might experiment a lot with garnishes or putting homemade sauces over the top.
~ ~ ~ I have not worked with vanilla bean paste yet. I don't know where to buy it here. From my understanding, it can be expensive.
~ ~ ~ Judging by the comments, I will have to be careful to retain moisture in this. It looks like the kind of cake where it is a delicate balance like that.

-----Southern Storm Cloud. Cocktail recipe that uses bourbon instead of dark rum (like a "Dark and Stormy").
-----Brown Sugar Bourbon Sparkler

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mass Shootings and the Blame Game

The shooter in Connecticut had some really nice guns...a Sig Sauer is sometimes said to be better than a Glock (and both were among the arsenal). If his mother had survived (vs. being shot dead with her own gun), the media and society would be questioning severely how this young man got access to the guns. Perhaps, since he was not a minor, his mother thought he was fully capable of being a safe person to access these firearms? If his mother had survived, would we be talking about her legal responsibility and/or parenting? As it is, the media will definitely be talking about Aspberger's and perhaps being "one of the goths."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

-----Orange Sugar Cookies with Burnt Caramel look like they taste good and are something that I am willing to try. The blog author has created three recipes for Pillsbury (this being one of them). The caramel sauce is handmade and the "orange" comes from zest. Hmmm.

Berkley will receive a large amount of money for scholarships that are to go to illegal aliens.
What about the citizens who can't get scholarships? Sure, there is the pell grant,etc. but not everyone can go for the kind of education where the only way is to go into large amounts of debt. Why aren't we helping the American children who had hard childhoods and did not do so well in school as a result? Why are we letting so many of our own children slip through the cracks for the rest of their lives? Why do American young people feel compelled/forced to join the military, get married before graduating or work minimum wage jobs for decades? Shaking my head at some aspects of this country.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

I have read rumors that Chaz Bono wants to be a Weight Watchers spokesperson.


-----Bacon Avocado Chicken Club with Garlic-Basil Mayo
-----Avocado Bacon Breakfast Wrap
-----We are having leftovers at lunch tomorrow. (black beans and rice with a great salad). I think I might make some sort of potato soup for dinner.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Peeves of All Kinds.....

-----Annoying, Ongoing Peeve: I have to be honest...though I know it is not good to rock the boat when you are in it. The customer service at Crowdtap has been horrible so far! They just ignore you no matter how you try to contact them. It is ridiculous to be a part of a program and not have the hold on "verifications" waived when it is the holiday season, I am clearly a real person and I have earned the points necessary for a gift certificate. $10 off would really help my friend to be able to send her Mother flowers at Christmas. This is so disappointing.
-----Pet Peeve: People who are never in anything that qualifies as a real relationship but, when they suddenly have the fortune to be in one, start broadcasting details of their intimate times on Facebook. It is easy to see why some people get broken up with over and over.
-----Pet Peeve: Trying to contact Blogger about any issue...almost impossible. The template editor is not working. I would like to make my sidebar titles a more readable color soon.
-----Big Peeve: Resources that don't get used. Right now I am cleaning and working out an inventory system in my mind for things that each of us has hanging in the closets so that things don't get forgotten and relegated to non-use.
-----Disgusting Peeve: Tartare. I will not be trying a recipe for Salmon Tartare with Avocado and Mango.
-----Pet Peeve: Spammers on Pinterest. Worse yet, spammers who pretend to be offering things like medical help...and some of these are actually on Pinterest. I particularly deplore the spammers that stay within the rules just enough that they will never be caught or they will never be removed if they are reported-the "companies" that employ full-time spammers.

Friday, December 07, 2012

In My Life.....

What a busy day yesterday...
-----A friend took me and Husband to run many errands. We went to 7 places and through several towns!
-----Little One got to help wrap presents and see Christmas tree lights put up while being babysat. During the evening Little One had a rock from Little One's rock collection and a piece of wrapping paper and was wrapping it over and over.
-----We picked up Husband's new boots that had to be ordered so they were a brand that would last longer. They actually cost us about $35 less then we would normally pay when a pair wears out...including the nice surprise of finding that about $12 was dropped as it was a shopping cart charge that the company uses for those who actually get them online. Worth the drive. :-)
-----Husband opened a package that a visiting friend drove up a while back. A present from Husband's parents....a couple of t-shirts and a few other clothing items I didn't see (probably socks), some crackers and sausage and a slow cooker recipe book by Joanna White that Husband is having me read through.

-----We did a lot of grocery shopping...including Little One's St. Nicholas box. We do not teach that St. Nicholas himself actually delivers the gifts. We just put emphasis on the fact that St. Nicholas was a kind man who did many nice things for others while he was alive. The gifts come from Mommy and Daddy. Little One gave everyone in the room some pretty carnations that I bought and then everyone donated them back to put in a bouquet for the living room table...that was the kindness that Little One did this year. Little One was very excited to open own present-Nesquick strawberry milk mix (has never tasted this before),jello snacks that have strawberry jello/pineapple/bananas,the new Cinnamon Goldfish-shaped breads and a Dora the Explorer toothbrush. As Little One gets older, we will emphasize anonymous kind deeds (the kind that St. Nicholas did stated were all possible through God).
-----We picked up a duckling for Christmas Day. Husband is very good at scoring duck so that it cooks perfectly and this has been our family tradition for a few holidays.
-----Husband put together a pizza...pita dough, some sort of brown slightly sweet sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Yummy. A friend has a ton of this sauce and I NEED to find out what it is. :-)
-----Ate popcorn and watched Men in Black 3 with friends. Our friend had a free Redbox code.
-----Our normal Christmas tree is in storage. Little One is helping to decorate the tree of friends and then we are borrowing a tree to do a bunch of handmade paper ornaments this year.
-----Black Hungarian Pepper seeds and Purple Jalapeno seeds came yesterday from Seeds Direct. These each stay their respective colors until ripe. I am hoping they do well.
----A Harris Seeds and a Gardner's Supply catalog came yesterday. The Gardner's Supply catalog was for Holiday 2012 and I am finding a lot of pretty ideas in it.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

-----You too can have a Green Giant ringtone. (No, I do not have this as a ringtone.) Continuing, on the vegetable theme, I did a search and it appears that there are also Popeye the Sailor man ringtones.
-----Pizza Hut created a limited edition perfume. If they ever create the cologne version, men can smell like dough and spice (instead of Old Spice).
-----Creole mustard is something that I had never heard of. I will have to look around online to see if I can find some.
-----I have been reading about bacon ends and pieces (the end pieces after bacon is sliced). They are sold for less than regular bacon and often are nice things like applewood smoked bacon. I am waiting for an answer from a local store as to whether they sell these or can make them available when I come in. I can remember when bacon used to cost less than a dollar per package.
~ ~ ~ I am excited to find these as ends and pieces can make a reasonable substitute for pancetta. I have never been able to find pancetta in grocery stores.
~ ~ ~ At Trader Joe's last year, a pound of bacon ends and pieces was $2.99. I don't know what the current price is.

~ ~ ~ A thread about cooking bacon in the oven.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The day that Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France. 1804
Charles Ringling's birthday. 1863
Enron filed for bankruptcy. 2001

In My Life.....

-----I am trying to figure out what it means when a person's political views are "Utopian."
-----We are carving a pumpkin today. Little One is very excited for Daddy to do the carving. Yes, I know it is December....but I found this great pumpkin at a local farm. Little One painted a styrofoam pumpkin at Halloween.
-----I started a Pinterest board for my "Multiple Meat Thanksgiving" next year. Now I just need to start tossing ideas on.
-----After a lot of thinking about it, I stepped down from two editing jobs that are just not right for me right now.
-----Made the Garlic Chicken Spaghetti with my friend last night. Everyone said it tasted good. It was so much better than our last attempt at a similar dish (TOO tomato-based) and reminded me a bit of my favorite Chinese restaurant's Kung Pao Chicken. This will definitely be a dish that we repeat again. I will report details of alterations,etc. at some point. :-)
-----I need to find some simple Christmas songs to teach our toddler. An online friend is doing "30 Days of Christmas Movies"...maybe we should do a different fun song each day up until Christmas. :-)
-----Husband thinks we can go to see Les Mis! Our friend is excited about going,too. I pulled up the text on Project Gutenburg and I am going to give reading it entirely another try.
-----Doggie came home yesterday. :-) Our friend, who was kind enough to drive Doggie back from being doggie-sat, is going to be able to visit again before Christmas. :-)
-----I am starting to participate in "Hate Free Friday." It is on Twitter and has a website.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I am hoping to see Les Mis as part of my Christmas. It is a very sentimental thing for me.I don't know what date it comes out. It would make me very happy to see it.
-----I am not sure about buying Husband Kraken for Christmas. I wanted to make an apple cider with it as something festive but it is currently more than we want to pay here (and for a smaller bottle than would go around for both cooking and enjoying). I will keep trying to find a suitable present on a budget. Sigh.
-----We are modest about the presents at Christmas. Last year, Little One got an activity table and a dinosaur alphabet toy from us (we do not do Santa). This year, Little One is getting an age-appropriate drum set that we couldn't find last year. Little One will also be getting some stocking stuffers at our house (last year they were done at grandparents)...a Thor hammer to go with a costume that we got at 90% off a while back,an Iron Man t-shirt with pants and a bit of candy. Our friend is getting Little One a guinea pig and we currently have a "practice guinea pig."
-----We are starting out the holiday season for our family today. Our Doggie is coming back home from being doggie-sat and a good family friend is coming to visit for the weekend...Little One is so excited.
-----I don't know what to make our friend for dinner. I am think a spaghetti with a homemade pasta sauce. It depends on what everyone else feels about this idea. Hmmm. I would try Garlic Chicken Spaghetti again but we have no mushrooms and I don't know if we can get any for dinner.
-----Praying for a friend who has very healthy habits but is having hereditary heart issues.
-----Little One got to stay up a later last night. There was a fascination with Alton Brown's "Good Eats." :-) I think it is very visual and Alton Brown almost has a story-telling voice. Little One is seldom interesting in the TV when we are watching it...but lately the holiday commercials have caught attention.
-----I really like the professor for my Informal Logic class (via Coursera and Duke University). So far, he has shown Monty Python clips twice. This class is full of examples and surprises.
-----On the East Coast, we are officially in December. Today is the day I full-scale start Christmas stuff with our toddler. :-)
-----Little One seems to really like Alton Brown.
-----I have decided that next year will be a Multiple Meat Thanksgiving. This means I can't decide on turkey, duck, goose or, I am going with as many as we can afford.
-----Did anyone else have Facebook take their cover photo down and then give them a warning about commercial or promotional photos when they went to put up a new one??? My homemade minestrone, which I was going to share the recipe for eventually, was in no way commercial or promotional. Someone seriously misperceived the intent of "details to follow?" The photo is still in my cover photos but with the description I wrote removed. I don't know if I will be putting up Les Mis wallpaper now. Sigh.
-----Things that don't sound good to me...Buckwheat Feta Burgers with Parsley Sauce.
-----Thank goodness, a porkchop cocktail has no porkchops in it. I came across such while looking for a porkchop recipe to go with the Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms that I am making next month. I am surprised that I am starting to enjoy porkchops.
-----Next year, I hope to make this "Hot Apple Cider Toddy"recipe. This year, I thought about gifting Husband with "The Kraken Cider."
-----I am venturing into making Garlic Chicken Spaghetti again soon. The last time we made it the sauce was awesome but had a runny-ness to it that was a total letdown with every bite. This time,we will be using a combination of a Taste of Home recipe and one that I found on I am still tweaking this around.

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