Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I haven't been able to find a recipe for an Apple Guinness Cake. I know that such a thing exists but haven't been able to find the recipe. Any hint of this recipe is lost in a sea of ways to make chocolate Guinness cakes. At least, I did find a recipe for Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake (it even uses fresh orange juice).
P.S. The icing looks yummy on the Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake. :-)

-----I am almost caught up with this season's first three 90210 episodes. There is a song that I would like to find from the third episode....it is kind of loud, bluesy and the lyrics are something like "no,not today, there's hell to pay." It is sung by a woman vocalist. I have searched all over but no listing of the song has appeared yet.
Update: I found it. I could do without the video but I love the song. It is called "I Don't Want to Wake Up" and is by Ivy Levan. It can be listened to (legally) for FREE here.
Warning: For those sensitive to language. The song says "all f----- up" in relation to drinking several times and says "hurting like a mother."

-----Oh the joys of doctor bills. At least the charge for my thyroid testing was reasonable.
-----Little One is always wanting to have "dip." I have needed to establish that water does not make a good dip. Pizza pockets dipped in water, anyone?
-----Little One has started saying "bless you."
-----Little One also says "not funny." This started by seeing something on the television that we were watching and a little voice saying from the playpen "not funny...not so funny...not too funny."

-----Looking for a potty chair was not easy but I think that I found one.

-----Something very exciting may be happening!!! It is something I have been hoping about for years.
-----Our weekend/Halloween plans both seem to have fallen through. We had important things to do during those times including one of Husband's performances. Sigh.
-----We had a very enjoyable dinner. Family and those we think of as family. Pot roast cooked in beer, a mix of scallop and four cheese potatoes, corn and a pumpkin pie.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

At the Zombie Apocalypse Picnic, I will be bringing the Bacon S'mores.

"Zombie Face"
Licensed photo by embepe.

The strange things one thinks of when they will always need a medicine. I have the anti-thyroid antibody which means my thyroid is trying to die out. I am not 100% dependent every day on my thyroid medicine yet (and I hope never) but the doctor has given me a survival timeline for if I were not able to get it.

The strange thought: If there were a Zombie Apocalypse, nuclear war, civil war or other extreme survival situation where pharmacies no longer existed, I would be eating a lot of bacon, roast pork, hamburgers, steaks.

Why the specific food choices? I would have to learn how to manufacture thyroid medicine from the throats of pigs or cows.

Still there is a problem: I would need some sort of doctor or stocked up tests to find my "numbers." Unless I had a physician friend or a home thyroid level test that actually gives results, sooner or later my numbers could be out of balance in some bad way.

Conclusions: My chances of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse are, in many ways, not good but I would have some nice last meals.
If I succumbed to a "Night of the Living Dead" zombie that doesn't just go after brains, maybe they would still be cognizant enough to appreciate the fact that my thyroid tasted like bacon and filet mignon.

-----George A. Romero: "Who Says Zombies Eat Brains?"

-----Bacon S'mores recipe.
(No brains or thyroids involved.)
And another thing (Douglas Adams-ish reference there)....I just don't get Catholic nuns. If Christ wanted a bride, I am sure he would pick one and not 800,000.

Note: This comment was not intended to offend or incite. It was a question that was on my mind today. Discussion is welcome.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In My Life.....

-----Some toddlers would ride in the cardboard food boxes with cutouts on the side. Ours does that...and puts it around head and says "Bumblebee." (Transformers)

-----It is supposed to be potential tornado weather soon. It is pretty safe where we live...but they are sighted. I would like never to see a tornado or large funnel cloud again. I survived a tornado in a previous place we lived (if I had been standing about five feet away from where I took shelter, I might not be writing this). A couple of years after the tornado came through my dwelling, I had a scary experience in a car with a large funnel. Even a hint of tornado skies makes me nervous. Sigh.

-----I found a book that I would like to get for my mother and my friend who just had a sarcoma removed. It is called "There is No Place Like Hope" and is filled with little bits that are meant to encourage a person through the cancer battle.

-----I wish there were a trusted major retailer whose pharmacy made deliveries. This would be very helpful with my thyroid medicine.

-----News that I thought was IMPOSSIBLE on the thyroid front:
Though I have the anti-thyroid antibody (my thyroid is trying to kill itself), I am currently somehow testing at low numbers I thought were statistically impossible. I am on the highest dose of medicine I have ever been on and thought for sure I was soon going to be on a much worse dose. I am hoping these results continue and feel so blessed to have it happen this way. I hope this is not some sort of weird anomaly that is part of the doctor's previous certainty that my thyroid was a very active process of dying out. If my thyroid dies, then I will be completely dependent on the medicine that I take.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In My Life.....

-----Husband has an eye appointment today...hopefully that goes well. Little One and I also have to do this soon.
-----I need to print out the Certificate of Accomplishment for the "Listening to World Music" class that I took. I did well so my certificate was "With Distinction."
-----I am intrigued by trying a simple sour cream pancake recipe. I do not always make pancakes well...so, I might make up the mix and have Husband do the pancakes. It depends on how our sour cream (which oddly didn't have a date) is doing.
-----Strong winds keep taking out the electricity. Sigh.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have read headlines that Tom Cruise is leaving Scientology.    ???  Ah, now it makes perfect sense...if he is compelled to shun his 6-year-old daughter.

Coffee and Food.....

-----One coffee shop is banning strollers and laptops (among many other things).

-----I am planning on trying this tailgating recipe...Bacon S'mores. I don't know whether I will like the flavor combination.

-----"Sneaky Ways Restaurants Get You to Spend More." I noticed but never made the connection when restaurants started eliminating the dollar sign from menus.
Burger Barge was the last non-fast food restaurant we went to (really non-fast as it is always super,super busy). I recommend the "Cheese Blobs" as an inexpensive and yummy appetizer. The "Dock Sauce" (chipotle mayo) is great-I ate the "Double Dare Ya" burger.

-----I found this little booklet FREE on Amazon for Kindle PC. I am not on this type of diet, but some might find it very useful. "Going Paleo Without Going Broke."
Note: In case you don't know, the Kindle PC download is FREE. :-) I read from it frequently. :-)

---Another Kindle for PC FREE download: "25 Low Fat Vegetarian Meals."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I have been reading more about the speed limit increase to 85 mph that goes into effect on October 24 on a toll road in Texas. I was reading that some truck drivers are concerned that they are not able to drive vehicles safely at this speed.
-----I currently have limited internet connection....sigh. At times, there is no inernet connection. I am downloading Kindle PC again and it will be taking me 43 minutes! I have to go back to Best Buy for a better network adapter.
-----I am learning to call ahead everywhere we go. Though this is a pain, I am finding that a lot of businesses (especially banks) have changed or eliminated services/hours and not bothered to update on the internet. The economy is still tough.
-----I have a fascination with British recipes. Once Kindle for PC is reinstalled, I will be downloading a free Ebook that I found about traditional British Jubilee recipes. It is a four book collection about cakes, puddings, scones and biscuits. The conversion charts for measuring ingredients are included.
-----Little One is napping and Husband is sitting next to me at his own desk and typing a song that he is writing. I really should go get a drink of water and then figure out if I am going to lie down and rest. I have been battling a sinus headache most of the day.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Apparently, Amazon makes no profit when it sells a Kindle. It is people buying all the content where the profits are made. A calculated risk on their part that pays off with most customers. I know I would read more if I owned a reader.


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