Friday, April 20, 2012

Conservatives defend John Edwards on the eve of his trial.
~~~"The Questionable Prosecution of John Edwards"

A reporter attempts to describe what hemp vodka tastes like.
~~~The vodka is called "Purgatory" and is new from Alaska Distillery. It is the first hemp seed spirit in the United States (I do not know if other companies currently have plans to make hempseed spirits).
~~~I am sure that it is not lost on many that this vodka is coming out in time for 4/20.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Bowe Bergdahl.
He managed to escape once but was caught. At one point, Bowe Bergdahl's execution was threatened if prisoners weren't exchanged (mainly people being held at Guantanamo).

2. Yahoo to lay off 14% of its workforce.
I tried  using their  search engine more thinking that might help their business stay afloat....but it really isn't a good search engine anymore. I wonder if reading Yahoo news more and checking my e-mails more would help.
 I found out about it on Yahoo:
-----Should babies be treated for obesity inside the womb??

3. Support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

4. Humor:
-----"Janitor's to annoy people when it snows."
For those that pray: Please pray for a friend of mine that has been depressed. Pray that I and others find a way to bring some smiles back into her life.

5. April:
-----Soyfoods Month. I should avoid soy at times, Husband is allergic and I have some doubts as to its safety.
-----Keep America Beautiful Month, Lawn and Garden Month
-----National Humor Month, National Poetry Month, National Welding Month
-----International Guitar Month
-----Records and Information Management Month
-----Stress Awareness Month. Happy to say that I have relieved a major stress in my life and hope that it stays that way....:-)
-----Sexual Assault Awareness Month
-----April 8 was both Easter and the anniversary of Handel's "Messiah."

6. Unusual Recipes:
-----Black Bean Avocado Brownies. Very healthy and it says they taste somewhat like fudge. I had never heard of them and we MIGHT try them depending on how Husband feels about the idea.
-----Sort of a guacamole. It uses fresh peas. An interesting experiment and/or good for those with an avocado sensitivity.

7. A Walk in the Park. April 2012

Gazebo roof interior.
I find things like this pretty. :-)

I don't know about all the other Jet's...but Jet's Pizza Kentucky has a new Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I am looking forward to trying it this summer. Last summer, a friend who lives in Kentucky treated us to Jet's TWICE. :-) Their garlic crust is excellent, the Supreme (or whatever they call it) is just the right amount of everything, a jalapeno-topped pizza with pineapple to cool the hotness was interesting and everyone absolutely loved the barbecue chicken.
 Mmmm. I want pizza.s
Non-Jet's Pizza Finds:
-----How  to make your own Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust Pizza. 
-----Wild Leek Pizza recipe.  I do not know when I will come across wild leeks.

9. "A Koran in Every Home" project
This man wants to give away 25 million free German-language copies of the Koran to non-Muslims – his campaign is called “Read! In the name of your Lord who created you." It has been said that the text itself is not radical....but that some of those distributing are aggressive (and the initiator has been rated dangerous).
~~~What would the reaction be if it were the same project but with a Bible? I would imagine in America there would be a lot of suing or injunctions.
~~~I do not know what a Salafist Muslim is and must look that up.

10. A recent Church sermon we heard was about money matters. It covered budgeting, how to properly use money and tithing. I have noticed that there is controversy on the internet about tithing.

The sermon was entitled “Being Broke Sucks.” I was surprised that the word “sucks” was used as this is usually frowned upon by the older people that I encounter. Sucks does describe well how one can feel when broke.
 Indeed the immensity and drama of being broke was shown in the start of this sermon….the audio visual was the 20th Century Fox logo and music (with ‘BEING BROKE SUCKS’ replacing the normal words).
 Points from the sermon:
-----It is not our money. It is God’s.
-----It was kind of indicated that God chooses what economic state you are born into. I had been reading earlier in the week that God has a reason for choosing our race, where we live, whether we are poor, etc.
-----Budget! Dave Ramsey says that it takes 90 days for a budget to really work. There are usually books and other materials on the tables and shelves that go with whatever the sermon topic is. I saw that Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover Workbook” was on one of the tables.
-----Credit cards make you poorer.
-----Consider the total cost of the item. People think of things only in terms of monthly payments. Look at how much it is really costing.
-----Don’t celebrate getting paid. This means don’t go out for drinks,etc. and spend a good amount of your paycheck that evening.
-----So many poor people spend a lot on lottery tickets.
-----Eating out and other luxuries.
-----Finding new creative ways to save money.
-----Save up an emergency fund of $1,000. Do what it takes it get it. It goes without saying, but I am sure that “whatever it takes” meant within moral reason.
-----Even a very temporary job helps!
-----Live cheaply. Live below your means.
-----Be wise with what God gives you.
-----Apologize to God for not using his money well. This is, I am sure, a surprising and sobering statement to many.
-----Take God’s advice on money. It is in the Bible.
-----Have confidence and faith that you can live a different life in this area.

11. Brussels Sprouts recipes:
Slow Cooked Brussels Sprouts

12. How much toilet paper do we use?
I use a lot of toilet paper. I try to cut back on it by using coupons, stockpiling and ordering online if it is cheaper.
~~~Walmart has free shipping on certain home items if your order is over $45....when we have the money to do this all at the same time and can wait for the shipment, I carefully price stuff and stock up on toilet paper and other essentials. A good one is getting a big bottle of 409 that is sold on the Walmart site and refilling the spray bottle (make sure to write "DO NOT THROW AWAY" on your spray bottle).

13. A reporter named Megan Carpentier has undergone an unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound to frame the abortion debate.

This post is a work-in-progress.

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