Sunday, May 29, 2011

In My Life.....

"Christ in the Wilderness (Christ in the Desert)"
Ivan Kramskoy (Kramskoi)

-----I am looking for slow cooker latte recipes. :-)
-----I feel badly for Kyron Horman's mother-she is facing the one year mark of him being a missing child. Hugs to both parents.
-----Husband has convinced me that Bradley Cooper could possibly be "The Crow" if enough makeup is put on. We will see. Maybe it will be a Heath Ledger was in the role of Batman. Apparently, Cooper may also be playing Lucifer in a 3D version of "Paradise Lost."

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In My Life....

-----I have been thinking about this for a while...I have decided to try to start both honoring the Sabbath and doing the modern-day observance of Sunday being a day of rest/worship.
-----On Facebook and here on my blog, I have started finding a Biblical painting to put up Friday (and leave up until the end of Sunday). This has been interesting as it is reminding me of more obscure Bible passages and teaching me about various artists. Beautiful paintings.
-----I saw a tweet today about maternity wedding dresses. Apparently, some companies, including David's Bridal, now have at least a small maternity line.
-----The world did not end today. I wonder what Harold Camping will say about that.
-----I read the other day that currently more Americans favor than oppose gay marriage.
-----The air conditioning has been turned on since yesterday. With air conditioning, it is 75 degrees indoors right now...and hot outside (but with a nice breeze at the same time and comfortable in the shade). To counteract the bill caused by air conditioning and to take a break, we are only doing meals that are no-cook or crockpot until the end of summer. Lunch was thinly sliced chicken, mayo and dijon on large dinner rolls.
-----Finished eating the Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese. Excellent. Ours had a large quantity of garlic. This recipe means it when it says that it is a large quantity!
-----Leonard Nimoy was at the Dallas Comic-con today. I wish that I could have attended. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


We tried the three flavors of Magnum Ice Cream Bars that are carried at our Walmart. I do not know how much the single bars are...but the three-packs are $3.28 where we live.
---I have read other reviews and noted that the three-pack can be priced as high as $4.99.
---According to my Google search, Magnum Bars are carried at Target. We will have to see if more flavors are carried.
---There are many varieties of Magnum sold around the world. I think it would have been interesting to dine at the Magnum Cafe.

My tasting experience:
---My fave was the Dark Chocolate. This is what I was looking forward to in the first place. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. The chocolate covering was not at all dry like some bars of this type.
---Second favorite for me was the Double Caramel. I knew that I would either really enjoy this or find the caramel/sweetness really overdone. The Double Caramel tasted great and wasn't messy.
---The bar I was leery of was the Double Chocolate. Most of the time, I do not like the way chocolate ice cream tastes when hard frozen. While I enjoyed the ice cream when it was softer (fresh from the car), this bar was surprisingly still pretty good to me when frozen.

---Sometimes, either after eating or at the very end, it seems like there is a little too much there and it causes a chocolate aftertaste.
---I wish that our Walmart carried the Almond.

---For some reason, I like the box that they come in.
---Gold wrapper :-)
---Short stick

Thanks to my online friend Tammy for recommending these. We will definitely be having Magnum bars again during the summer heat.

-----Ivanka Trump launches Magnum in Canada. I think the launch could have done without the lingerie. The interview with her was interesting.
As I am typing this, I am watching Celebrity Apprentice. :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Appearance of Christ Before the People by A.A. Ivanov
This painting took 20 years to complete!

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