Friday, April 29, 2011

"Mawwidge. That bwessed awangement. That dweam within a dweam.... #royalwedding"

W is for Worcestershire.

-----1950s-style Meatloaf
-----Baked Tropical Spareribs. There is crushed pineapple, lime juice and pomegranate juice in the sauce. We might use beef spareribs (I am not sure if the fruits will go well with beef...discussing this with Husband).
-----Root Beer Baked Beans
-----Macaroni and Cheese. I would like to try this one for dinner tonight. Pictures to follow if we do make this. :-)
-----Smokey Seven-Bean Soup. We have a LOT of beans to use up. This soup also has onions,carrots and celery.
-----Salisbury Steak
-----8-year-old brings gun to school and sells it for $3.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

Pear Almond Frangipane--sweet dough crust, almond cream and roasted pears
This was on  the menu one day at Arcadia Cafe (Ames,Iowa)

Some frangipane recipes I found:
-----Apricot Frangipane Cake
-----Pineapple and Pear Frangipane Tart
-----Pear and Dried Cherry Frangipane Cake
-----Pear and Hazelnut Frangipane Tart
-----Frangipane Style Plum Tart


Mommy's Idea

The prizes are geared toward moms and it seems that there will be many of them. :-)


4. Armadillos pass leprosy to humans. Well.....I guess that I will never be trying baked or barbecued armadillo.

5. In my life:
---I have been having symptoms of thyroid issues. I am waiting on test results to show if my numbers have changed significantly. Hopefully all is well....I was doing the best I EVER have and the doctor had decided I only need to see him every six months (as opposed to every two months or even more frequently).
---I am on page 12 of Douglas Adams' "The Salmon of Doubt." This is a collection of things that were found on his Macintosh computers after he passed away. I have read most of this book but never all the way through.
---I am watching the Royal Wedding coverage as I like to see beautiful weddings. I don't understand the extreme concentration on this here in the United States though. Aren't we supposed to have been liberated from England? (Yes, I still call it England at times.)
---We are considering doing entirely a month of slowcooker recipes for May. :-)
---Glad that my Mother's cancer is not growing. It is interesting the things you think of when there is a diagnosis that the doctor is pretty sure of (but luckily tests confirmed it wasn't true). I thought of the fact that, if my Mother had to undergo chemo and radiation again, she would not be able to garden this year (and that would upset her very much). I am going to look through my flower seeds to see if I have anything my Mother might like.
---I just saw a commercial for "Hoodwinked Too." Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel/Gretel were in the trailer. It just did not look terribly funny or fast-paced. I hope it is better than my first impression of it.
---I learned that the Drake Hotel has its own tea sommelier. There are few tea sommeliers in the world.
---I just realized that I know longer remember what Husband's favorite submarine sandwich toppings are. We no longer go to sub shops because of expense and questionable sanitation...but I do want to make them for him at home. :-)


7. We CAN and we WILL find 1,000,000 Creationists by June 2011. Only 13+ thousand people have "liked" this page.

8. Jon Bon Jovi to open a restaurant where patrons pay what they can. Helping out at the restaurant will also be accepted as payment.

-----Mandarin Chicken. Husband is allergic to soy and I should avoid it-so, we use Worcestershire and water when a recipe called for soy sauce.
-----Apricot-Orange Salsa Chicken. If I can find a jar, I also intend to try this with apricot-pineapple preserves. The recipe is only for two servings.
-----Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches. Uses red wine vinegar (one of my pet ingredients). 8-10 servings.
-----Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. Simple and sounds really good. I think we will use some real bacon bits that I really like for this recipe.4 servings.
-----Chicken in Sour Cream Sauce. 6 servings.
-----Herbed Chicken and Veggies. 4-6 servings.
-----Mulligatawny. I have never tasted Mulligatawny. 8 servings.
-----Prosciutto Chicken Cacciatore 
-----Saucy Apricot Chicken. Simple and doesn't require many ingredients.
-----Slow 'n' Easy Barbecued Chicken.  I also want to try this with beef.
-----Slow-Cooked Curry Chicken. I have never had a curry that I enjoyed (I have only eaten curry at an Oriental carryout restaurant and possibly at an Indian buffet).
-----Southwest Chicken
-----Sunday Chicken Stew. Recipe includes dumplings.
-----Tender Barbecued Chicken. Includes cola-I like any recipe that uses soda pop (as long as it actually tastes good).
(The plan is to pick some of these to try next month.)


11. Donnie Wahlberg and Twitter helped to find a kidney for a fan.

-----Meatloaf Bacon Wrap. Seems a bit unusual to me.
-----"I Don't Like Meatloaf" Meatloaf

13. Are you brushing your teeth wrong? 

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In My Life.....

-----I talked with my Mother this evening. We went through a scare that her cancer was growing again. She has a skin infection...NOT the return of the cancer!!! :-)
-----I finished "The Tender Bar"-a memoir by J.R. Moehringer. It is about a young man who essentially grows up at a bar. The book had humor and made me think about how children relate to their parents.
-----I am re-reading "The Hitchhiker's Trilogy." My copy was a present from Husband and is in need of repair after being read so much.
-----I have started reading "The Salmon of Doubt." I have read most, if not all, of it before....but not in one sitting. For those that don't know, this is a collection of what was left on Douglas Adams' Macintosh computers after his death. It is obvious from my reading habits that I am a Douglas Adams fan.
-----I obviously missed something. While watching Jeopardy today, I learned of the term  "Nascar Dad." I believe I have heard this in-passing but I certainly did not notice when it was a popular term.
-----Excited about going to GothiCon (Cincinatti, August 19th-21st). I need to start thinking of what I will wear for the Parasol Parade. I have many Victorian,etc. clothing patterns but I am not sure if I will have time to have someone sew me such a costume.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I want to try a Turkey Smash-Ball Slider.

-----A Turkey Smash-Ball Slider sounds great.
-----Good point about restaurants....they have to appeal to a large population (including children). Yes, you can niche market to a certain age group but that age group may not be making the decision of where a family/group dines at.

T is for Turnip.

Turnips can look so beautiful (the color) or so dried/dirty looking.

-----Bacon Clapshot. A potato dish (with turnips in it) from North/Northeast Scotland. If we like this, I may serve it for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Clapshot is sometimes served as an accompaniment to haggis.
-----Cider Pork Chop Dinner. The cider referred to is apple cider.
-----Finnish Turnips
-----Crispy Turnip Fries. We have made turnip chips before and I am excited to try this recipe.
-----Harvest Beef Stew. We have a bottle of rice vinegar to use that hasn't been opened yet. :-)
-----Beef Stew With Ale
-----Irish Canadian Beef Stew
-----Vegetable Whip. An old French Canadian recipe.
-----Pirate Stew. Uses rum. A slow cooker recipe. Hopefully, it is not too sweet.
-----Corned Beef and Cabbage :-)
-----Newfoundland Jigg's Dinner. Similar to corned beef and cabbage. Includes dumplings.
-----Sausage Steamed Dinner. Uses rutabaga.....which I have never tasted. Contains hamhocks-I really like hamhocks but Husband does not.
-----Country Pot Roast. The recipe uses a product I have never heard of before.....Crisco Baking Sticks All-Vegetable Shortening.
-----Red Wine Braised Short Ribs With Smashed Fall Vegetables. We may try this recipe with beef broth instead of wine first.
-----Roasted Root Vegetables With Apple Juice
-----Turnip Salad. An unusual mix of ingredients.
-----Beer Braised Turnips. I have not been able to find savory here and we need to look into growing it ourselves.
-----Bacon Turnip Mash. I have never heard of orange turnip and I doubt we would be able to get them at our grocery stores. Hopefully, not too much bacon grease.
-----Sweet and Buttery Turnips
-----Mashed Turnips With Caraway. The description says that children will enjoy this dish.
-----Thanksgiving Day Creamed Turnips
-----Cheesy Turnips and Carrots
-----Creamy Turnip With Paprika Soup
-----Five-Vegetable Medley. I have not tried cooking with parsnips yet.
-----Chinese Chicken and Potato Soup
-----Bangalore Cornish Hens
-----Big Bear Stew. Bear meat.
-----Turnips and Onions.  A relish.
-----Sweet Potato Soup
-----Veggies in Vinaigrette
-----Yam and Turnip Stew With Mini-Biscuits

Friday, April 22, 2011

Q is for Quarter Pounder.

-----Cajun Turkey Quarter-Pounder
-----Quarter Pounder in the Raw Burger. It is a raw foods recipe. The recipe does not include soy (good for us as Husband is allergic and I should avoid it).
-----Quarter of a  Pound Cake. Uses mace (an ingredient I have never used before). I am reading "The Art of Eating" by M.F.K. Fischer and there is at least one recipe in there that uses mace.
-----In the U.K., Birds Eye makes a chicken quarter pounder. The chicken is marinated and has a rice coating. That is unusual looking.

Funny. Parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday." At the end there is a remake of the conversation about the fast food burgers (including the quarter pounder) from the movie Pulp Fiction. Primeday is actually a day of the week in the Star Wars universe. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P is for Peas.

Case of 12, 3.3- ounce bags (total of 39.6 ounces)
Baked snack formed in pea-pod shape from dried peas and a little rice
High in fiber and protein
Eat as snack from pouch or sprinkle on salad for crunch

Sweet Pea scent. I did not know that Yankee Candle makes these....what a novelty.

Dried marrowfat peas  which have been soaked overnight and then boiled. I do not like that they are artificially colored.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O is for Onion.

-----How to grow onions from the supermarket. This is the process for extracting seeds. We plan to add this to our urban farming efforts sometime this year. :-)
-----Sweet Onion Strata
-----Zucchini With Vidalia Onions With Balsamic Vinegar. Side dish that is good for hot summer days.
-----Sweet Onion Squares. Have a biscuit mix crust and sour cream topping.
-----Onion and Mushroom Pie. Uses caraway seeds (one of my pet ingredients recently...I especially liked using them when we made a sauerkraut stuffing to go with duck).
-----Onion-Cheese Bread. Includes poppy seeds.
-----Sweet Onion Pudding. "Serve this with pork, lamb, or beef, along with potatoes and a tossed salad or a steamed green vegetable such as asparagus."
-----How to freeze onions. I definitely will be doing this. We are always running out of onions (usually not a good thing though it did make a happy accident resulting in an almost-perfect potato soup recipe I am working on).

Speaking of letters...the "C is for cookie and that is good enough for me" of Cookie Monster. I wonder what he sings about now. A friend told me that Cookie Monster is now a vegetarian and cannot eat chocolate chip cookies. Is this true?

Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Mascara.

-----Homemade mascara. It's surprisingly easy.

Eye Care For Men:
Make-Up Tips For Men: How To Apply Eye Make-Up

L is for Loss. :-(

My condolences go out to two had his Mother die and the other had her Father die.

The friend who had his Mother die is now dealing with the fact that his Father is in the same week or so. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The other parents want a child with peanut allergy to withdraw from school.

Caramel Kiss. Pack of 4

K is for Kiss Recipes.

-----Chocolate Coffee Kiss. A sweet coffee drink that uses four liqueurs.
-----Amaretto-Cranberry Kiss (drink)
-----Cranberry Kiss (non-alcoholic). An Ocean Spray recipe.
-----Vampire Kiss Martini. Depending on the vampire teeth used, I might not think having them float in my drink was so appetizing looking.
-----Agave Kiss
-----Kiss on the Lips (drink). Served on Carnival Cruise Lines.
-----French Vanilla Kiss Mocha
-----Secret Kiss Cupcakes.
-----Almond Kiss Cookies. Combines almond, raspberry and chocolate flavors.
-----Chocolate Kiss Cookies
-----Don't-Kiss-Me Garlic Burgers. A Rachael Ray recipe. Uses pine nuts....something I have yet to find around here. Walmart carries a brand of pine nuts called "Badia" but only "in limited stores"...we are usually not a limited store as far as Walmart is concerned (growl). Pine nuts go rancid quickly so I guess it is for the better that we can't find them-I can't imagine the culinarily-regressing stores here having a quick turnover rate for them.

And,of course, Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Ignorance.

Well. Some aspects of life have been getting stressful lately...and, of course, those causing them to be this way are blissfully unaware. For the letter "I", I have decided to be brutally honest. Some people are intentionally hurtful and know that they are being so...yet don't know how deeply their efforts to prove they are the "winners" in life affect others.

If you are reading this and it is about you...I am sure I can expect more backlash. Perhaps you just think it is about you...there are a LOT of ignorant people in the world you know.


Specifically my problems:
-----People treating me as if I were stupid or "retarded" due to my eye problem. This is something that occurs when I go in public...often. One would think that people, especially some of those who are related or "friends," would realize that they are not the only one doing this. I try not to show it but this does have a cumulative effect.
-----Those who think the whole world is a competition and everyone is a stage for that competition.

I cannot get into more specifics about "ignorance" without causing World War III in my life...but I wish that this kind of behavior would just stop. Still one can only change one's I am living my life and giving myself and others experiencing ignorance a big virtual hug.

The Scale of Starbucks

[Source: Online MBA]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

H is for Haricot Vert.

"Haricot vert" is French for "green beans." Haricot vert are longer and thinner than American green beans typically are. Of course, given how regressive it is where I live when it comes to culinary ingredients, haricot vert can no longer be found where I live ( I find myself saying this about some needed/wanted ingredient several times a month).

-----Haricot Vert With Shallots. On the Smitten Kitchen blog....which, in case you don't know, is a great food blog.
-----Haricot Vert With Herb Butter
-----Haricot Verts Lyonnaise

Friday, April 08, 2011

G is for Grape.

-----We made a chicken dish with artichokes and grapes from an old cookbook recently. The dish also contained mushrooms and bacon. It was excellent. :-)
-----I did not know that there are grape mentos (part of a pack with assorted flavors).
-----About 3 years ago there was a study that said eating a little bit of frozen grape powder may help prevent colon cancer. I am not sure if anything else was found out about this.
-----When I see "Columbine Holiday" grapes at the store it really makes me pause. Since Columbine Vineyards is a pretty old company, I am assuming these were named before the infamous shooting occurred.

-----Grape Pie. The link for the Lemon Verbena Ice Cream is broken. Since the ice cream recipe link is broken, I found another recipe for it by chef David Lebovitz. 
-----Violet Dowda's Green Grape Pie.

Hopefully, we will actually get grape arbors built this year. I want to wait until AFTER tornado/severe storm season is over.

Licensed Photo. DO NOT COPY.
"Ice Wine Grapes"
Taken by Anita of Anita's Web Design.

Within the next few years, we are considering:
1. Marechel Foch. Often called just "Foch." It will be used to make red wine. It can also be used to make a fresh,uncooked grape juice that is said to taste much like sweet cherry juice.
2. Leon Millot. To be used for red wine and for juice.
3. New York Muscat....for red wine, table grapes and juice.
4. Landot wine...similar body and flavor to Merlot.
5. Caberbet of the favorites here at our house.
6. Niagra....table grapes, white wine, jam, juice.
7. Aurore....table grapes and white wine
8. Riesling
9. Einset....Seedless Red Table Grape with a strawberry-like flavor

There are a couple of others. I am particularly interested in grapes grown by Native Americans.

Grapes are a long-term investment. Marechel Foch vines, for instance, can survive for 50 years or more (if well cared for).

I hope that I have picked wisely and that we come up with a really sturdy plan for a homemade arbor (grapevines are really strong and I would hate to have to repair with growing vines on the arbor). Obviously, not wanting to have to repair the arbors is why I want wait until after storm season.

Husband is a sculptor so he wants to do the pruning to start off with....kind of comes naturally to him. :-) I am researching the different methods recommended for each of our choices...and he seems to understand how you do each instantly. Sometimes, I wish my brain worked like that...but I have problems visualizing things.

I recommend:
"Reader's Digest Guide to Gardening" (published 1978) for a good look at the basics of how to care for grapes. I can actually understand what is being said in this text....some of the descriptions of training and pruning online are so complex. I also like that there are so many illustrations...especially for the pruning. I got my copy at a thrift is cherished because my Mother uses that same book for a lot of her gardening projects.

I advise:
Realize that there will be some mistakes on plant for when the wrong plant is being described. Check and re-check zones, flaws, advice, etc. on multiple sites. I think this has helped me a LOT in my grape choices. In researching, I am coming up with more and more ways to use the grapes (and lots of improvements on the wine-making process).

If you don't know, you can not make anything beyond brandy, etc. Unless you live in New Zealand, distillation is illegal.

This a project is a part of furthering my urban farming education, getting more self-sustaining and a bunch of other goals. :-) Like Scott Peck and his former wife used to say, "everything is over-determined."

This is a photo that I did of a flower arrangement for our house. I call the photo "Welch Indian." There is a feather in it that has personal significance to me...a memorial to a departed loved one (who was an Indian). The bottle was a wedding present...when my in-laws found I couldn't drink the wine they gave us, they sent me grape juice...when I drank the grape juice, I turned the bottle into a vase. I am a very sentimental person. :-)

The flowers  in the vase & the raspberry branches  are faux .  The blossom in front is a tiger lily that  was flawed , so I pulled it from another arrangement. I generally use my real flowers until they can't be used any more...they still look good in some photos even when they are wilted or dead. I often mix real flowers & fake ones.

Anyway...I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into what I like to do with flower arrangements.  I am a tad compulsive about making sure I have flowers in the house. I really love flowers & have been told that there are flowers everywhere in my house.

Unfortunately, this feather is now missing part and split in three places....that would be what happens when one has a dog. I have no idea how she got it out of the arrangement but, as a puppy, this is one of the things that Doggie took and hid under the bed to pull apart.
I plan to do some sort of arrangement with it again at some point. Hmm.

---I have never had mutton and it should be interesting trying to find it (ALL the stores here have stopped carrying lamb and I haven't seen it at the meat market either).
---The biryani masala paste will also be something I have to look around for. I do not know of an Indian store here and had no luck finding this product on Amazon. It is made by Priya and, if all else fails, I can try mixing up a bit of each of the ingredients (I am weird like that). The Priya site did not list where I can get, I will have to e-mail them asking for where it is distributed to and approximate U.S. cost.
---I have plenty of dania (coriander seeds).
---Believe it or not, plain yogurt is also hard to get here....that is ridiculous. I have not been to a store here in years that has plain yogurt. I am going to try a health food store next.  
---In the United States, sultanas are Thompson Seedless Grapes.
---Though it is not often the case, I am wondering if "sultanas" here refers to raisins (golden raisins). "Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the cashew nuts and sultanas until they swell." I don't think grapes really, as I said, I am assuming this recipe is referring to raisins.

Social Parade.....

Smart and Trendy Moms

This is my first week participating in "Social Parade Follow On Friday."

Pleased to meet you.
I am a student of many subjects (autodidact right now...but educated in traditional classrooms and online as well). I want to open a coffee shop with a hobby store on the premises. I also intend to teach urban farming classes...and use some of the produce to fund my coffee shop, as a supplier to the coffee shop and to help others. I really want to help the hungry. To that end I am educating myself in business, agriculture and culinary...with bits and pieces of a few other things thrown in. If you want to do something, you should do it well (even if it takes a long time).

In my life:
-----Last night we had Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chuck Roast.  We used a Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire that has garlic in it. A bit extra of the Worcestershire was put in as Husband is allergic to soy and I should avoid it (Worcestershire and water is a substitute for soy sauce and it has 80% less sodium). The dish was a tad spicy-I suspect the spiciness was amplified a bit by our choice of Worcestershire. Surprisingly, and happily, this did not set off Husband's acid reflux at all. The chuck roast was SO tender. There was a LOT of gravy-enough for mashed potatoes and plenty left over to save for another dish. This was a 10 out 10 for us.
-----This week the "cable" box was hit by lightning and now doesn't work. I put cable in quotes because it is just the standard channels and a bunch of home shopping channels...cheaper to get this if you want to get the internet and don't want to deal with the phone company (who is notoriously BAD). It will take a few days before we can get in to exchange the cable box and deal with Mediacom (who also has bad customer service...always trying to convince you that something is wrong on your end and prolonging the issue). My solution to entertainment/background noise with no TV?....putting in movies that I haven't watched for a while and playing each one until it gets boring. Other than missing the news and Jeopardy, life has been better without the TV.
-----My Christmas cacti are dying again. They always have their ups and downs.
-----I am on page 299 of  "The Last Samurai" by Helen DeWitt. I got asked how this compares to the movie. This book is not the novelization of the Tom Cruise movie. The book is about a mother and son. It is also about the son's quest to find out about his father. Like William Faulkner, whom I used to detest, the story switches perspective and timelines.  I guess that I have matured in my reading skills because I can now easily follow when a story skips from one person or timeline to another. :-)
-----My thyroid is doing well. I did not have to have the medicine upped this last time and my numbers are around the lowest I can ever remember them being. I have an anti-thyroid anti-body so I am greatly relieved by the current status (my thyroid is in the process of failing....but HOPEFULLY may never get there).

Thursday, April 07, 2011

F is for Fried Stuff.

-----Just in time for Easter....How to Deep Fry a Cadbury Egg
-----Fried Corn. Sweet corn.
-----Deep-Fried Strawberries with Custard Sauce. This recipe uses Budweiser.
-----Deep-Fried Bananas Foster Cheesecake
-----Fried Caribbean Chicken. Husband cannot have soy and I am advised not, we use a substitute of Worcestershire and water for recipes that call for soy sauce.
-----Fried Insects in Bangkok. I will not be trying any insects until I do a little more research on what will make you sick and what won't. "Finger food like bamboo worms and crickets."
-----Deep-Fried Dill Pickles 

A quick "heat and serve" vegetarian alternative to fried chicken. 
Though I am leery, I will have to try this sometime.

Thursday Thirteen.....

Thursday Thirteen

-----Photos (with explanations) of the inside of a Facebook server farm. This makes me feel much more understanding when Facebook has problems or goes down.
-----Life inside Facebook headquarters. I particularly like slide number 8. It would be really nice if other companies would let employees express themselves like this (in at least private workspaces).

2. Things that might help to fight radiation poisioning.  I am reading through the link provided for more detailed info on foods,vitamins,etc.


Mommy's Idea


5. I am interested in making this coleslaw which uses a barbecue mop recipe for dressing. I am not sure about putting it with a pork burger as I don't like most pork.

-----Autumn Fruit Salad. I don't often pay attention to the seasonal labels on recipes-I make them whenever I want. When I make this, I will consider the advice in the comments about draining the dressing.
-----Apple Stick Salad. I am really not sure if I would like this....but worth trying sometime. We have all the ingredients but I don't think our apples are tart enough. Maybe I will try it next month. I usually don't venture into recipes that I have more than a little bit of a feeling we won't like...I don't like ending up wasting food.

7. The benefits of red fruits and vegetables

8. Bathtub bubble volcanoes

9. Should a 7 and 9-year-old who raped be punished? Frankly, given the age of their victim, I would think it would appear to them that they were hurting the child (even if they possibly didn't understand anything else). appalling thing. I feel bad for the sibling who saw this.

10. Woman gets plastic surgery to look like a drag queen.


Just opened in Los Angeles.


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

E is for Elvis.

-----Southern recipes Elvis might have enjoyed.

---30 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Elvis
---Spicy Velvet Elvis Sandwich (recipe). An Asian-inspired version of the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.

I believe I have read this book. It was where I first heard of Krispy Kreme. :-)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A pharmacy up north. :-)

I have sometimes wondered if getting prescriptions from a Canadian pharmacy would be beneficial. Fortunately for me, the medicine that I need is VERY low cost at my pharmacy (after insurance we pay $1). Of course, buying prescriptions from Canada might be very useful for some people and I always find it interesting to learn what the different medicines are for. During the past few days I have been exploring Canada Drug Center's website.

I learned something that surprised me while writing this review. My online friend Thomas mentioned in the comments that it is technically illegal to import drugs from Canada into the United States. As I live in the United States, this site may  never be beneficial for me but I am continuing to write the review as I am sure some reader might find  Canada Drug Center helpful.
----I looked the laws up and it is complicated. On the positive side, it looks like this law may change at some point to allow legal medications in.

buy Effexor.  Effexor is used to treat depression.
buy Nexium.  Nexium is used to treat GERD.
buy Fosamax.   Fosamax is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis (in both women and men).
buy Actonel.  Actonel is another medication that helps with osteoporosis

I personally have to take Levothyroxin as I have several thyroid issues. This medication is sold on the Canada Drug Center, I am bookmarking it for if the laws ever change and if the price goes up here. 

D is for Diaper Recipes.

-----Dirty Diapers. Appetizers that taste like mini-slider cheeseburgers.
-----Dirty Diaper (drink)
-----Of course, I must include how to make a diaper cake.  A great, though costly, addition to that gift would be a monthly diaper subscription service. :-)
-----Magic Butt Paste
-----The Dirty Diaper Game. If you don't play this game, it is still fun to watch peoples' faces when telling them about it. :-)
-----"Baby's Dirty Diapers"
-----Diaper Soup

Monday, April 04, 2011

C is for Cantaloupe.

-----Almond Ice.  Fruit salad recipe from Hawaii. Features "ice cubes" that don't melt.
-----Cantaloupe Bread With Praline Glaze. "This excellent bread is very moist and has the texture of pumpkin or zucchini bread. Can puree and freeze extra cantaloupe to make bread in the off season."
-----Cantaloupe and Strawberry Shake.  A simple recipe.
-----Spiced Cantaloupe Butter. A review says that it tastes similar to apple butter.
-----Blue Cheese Apple Salad. I have not seen cantaloupe and apples combined before.
-----Avocado and Cantaloupe Salad with Creamy French Dressing
-----Almond Melon Tart
-----Cantaloupe Nut Bread.  This one did not get very good reviews.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pasta with Santa Fe cooking creme, bacon, roasted red peppers and tomato and served with shredded sharp cheddar cheese

What is Santa Fe Cooking Creme?  It is cream cheese with additions like green chiles,etc. I guess Santa Fe Cooking Creme is for putting on enchiladas. Thank you to @motownmutt  for finding out what this new product is when I asked about it on Twitter. I think I will have to see how making the creme from scratch and the Philadelphia Cooking Creme compare.

Venison :-)

Navajo Sobaheg. Sobaheg means stew. Here is a Wampanoag recipe for sobaheg made with turkey.

B is for Bear Recipes.

Bear Recipes:
---Zesty Bear Tenders. A slow cooker recipe.
---Bear Meat Balls. Would they taste good with spaghetti?
---Bear Fillet in Burgundy
---Corned Moose, Caribou or Bear
---Bear Roast. Uses black coffee.
---Big Bear Stew
---Bakersfield Bear Stew
---Bear With Rice. Great ingredients including mushrooms and sherry.
---Braised Bear Paws
---Country Style Bear

Tomorrow is the weekly break from the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome to my little portion of the's just getting started. I will be putting up bits of entertainment all, virtual food (recipes),etc. :-)

Enjoy some martinis:
Black and White Martini 
Mango Martini...I am willing to try it though I don't usually like mango.

There are other drinks,too:
Polar Bear-supposed to taste like a peppermint pattie.

On the playlist:
People are People by Depeche Mode
Root of All Evil by Abney Park
Lordi's "Devil is a Loser."  Lyrics
Cish Cash by Basement Jaxx. The only song that I like so far by them.
Evil by Interpol

Party idea that could be interesting:
---Eastern European Grilling Party
Romanian Steak....perfect recipe for us to try. We love things flavored with olive oil and are big steak fans. Steak with lots of garlic and portobellos is always a win. This recipe is from the Food Network show "Melting Pot" and the episode was called "Eastern European Grilling Party."

Not on the menu:
Frog legs. I really, really like how they taste but only the upper joint of the hind legs are served. Frog legs sound very wasteful and I think that is disrespectful  to the animal. I do not know of any other culinary use for, I will not be including them in my diet (or my party food). 

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Low Carb "Big Mac"

---We make our own Thousand Island Dressing. I am not sure if ours is healthier than Kraft...I should figure that out.
---There is no bun in this recipe.

A is for Avocado :-)

-----Peruvian Roast Chicken With Avocado Salad. A lot of detail is put into cooking the chicken. A simple salad.
-----Avocado and Fruit Salad
-----Avocado and Cantaloupe Salad with Cream French Dressing
-----Sweet Pea and Avocado Guacamole.
-----Avocado Salad With Ginger and Peanuts
-----Avocado Lavender Coffee Cake. Includes a video.


-----If you don't know how, here is a video that tells how to cut an avocado.

---A five ingredient recipe.
---I occasionally use canned chicken but I know that is not the healthiest thing. I hope that the chicken she is using in the video is organic.
---She mentioned Big Mac's (and not in a good way).  I should try out this low carb (and lower calorie) version of a Big Mac.
---I did not know that one could buy frozen avocado slices. I wonder how much frozen avocado slices cost and how easy they are to find. I am not buying frozen avocado slices anytime soon...but might see if I can figure out a simple way to freeze them myself.



"Reduces a cut avocado's exposure to air, greatly slowing the destructive oxidization process."
---According to the reviews so far, it works well.
---I am glad to see that it is dishwasher safe. I would like to get an Avo Saver at some point and I am adding it to my Amazon wish list.

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