Monday, February 28, 2011


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Title: Maya Calendar

Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----2011. Filming will start on a biopic with Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury. I just do not see this as being able to be done well. I hope that Mr. Cohen does not do his own vocals....whether he would be good at them or not-it reminds me of La Bamba where many people now think of sounds other than the real Ritchie Valens.
-----2011. Six Flags Amusement Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration.
-----March 1, 2011. International Hug a Librarian Day.  I don't know if this is a real "day" but it should be. :-)
-----March 22,2011....the book "A Chicken in Every Yard" comes out. It can be pre-ordered now at
-----March 20-27, 2011. World Championships in Ski Orienteering. Tänndalen,Sweden.
-----May 26-29, 2011. Pheonix Comicon. Leonard Nimoy will be there on Saturday.
-----MasterChef (USA) has been renewed for a second season. I do not know when that season will start.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

-----Rogue's Home Cooked
-----Star Wars themed mini cereal boxes would have been awesome to have. :-)
-----Lemon Vinaigrette. On the menu for next month. I have never had Lemon Vinaigrette and can't imagine how it tastes.
-----Whitefish with Lemon Vinaigrette. I am not sure whether I will like the beans with this.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins.....


1. Ooooh, I _____.
shouldn't do memes when I feel irritable.

2. _____, I can't stand it!
The lack of Peace in the world. I wonder what John Lennon would have done had he lived longer....and would people have listened?

3. How the heck did I end up with so many _____.
 I wish this answer was pens or seamstress tapes....they are like gold at our house. Invariably, these items get moved and misplaced when someone absolutely needs them.

4. _____ is one of my favorite places to visit.
A really nice jacuzzi. The soft water, sense of space and feeling that the water will never run out feels so nice.

5. I'm not a _____, I'm not!
person who can think of an answer to number 5

6. _____ it has to be good.
With a name like Smuckers,

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!
Tonight: Healthified Tuna Salad. Making a cake or brownies.
Tomorrow: Laundry
Sunday: Rest. Planning itineraries for various trips where I will be live-blogging.
Solar-powered beehive coolers increase yields. :-)
-----Healthified Meatloaf.  A venison meatloaf. Utilizeds just venison...most of those that I have seen for venison also require some other meat. We have some ground venison in the freezer that a use was needed for. I am not sure if we will put the carrots in.
-----Roasted  Turkey with Cheddar-Stuffed Potatoes.  The elements of this meal seem like they make a nice combination.

Friday, February 18, 2011

-----Two charged in beating death of a pregnant lady. I do not understand this kind of thing....a complete innocent, the unborn child, was killed and this lady was likely just a victim of someone else's dispute. :-(
-----The lady who kidnapped a child in 1987 has been charged with kidnapping.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. Hand-movement control might give clues to ADHD severity.

The world's happiest countries.

A grandma was a surrogate Mother for her own grandchild.

4. Must investigate:
---A band called "Thou Shalt Not." Brother's friend recommends them. I have heard of them before but never heard their music. I believe Thou Shalt Not is a Christian band.
---Ocean Spray's new Sparkling Juice Drinks. I want to try the Cranberry and the Pomegranate Blueberry. There are two other flavors which are the same....but diet. I am not interested in trying the diet versions. I am a big fan of both cranberry juice and pomegranate (the juice or otherwise).

5.Many baby wipes contain carcinogens, chlorine and alcohol.
I knew about the chlorine and alcohol....but CARCINOGENS???!!! Why would a company not instantly remove something they knew to be carcinogenic (surely there have to be other alternatives and they should feel a moral/humane obligation).
---Group finds carcinogens in kids' bath products. Many of the products tested contain formaldehyde.
---FDA knew of plant that made tainted baby wipes :-(

6. Cupcake Love:

Apparently, more than one couple has used the cupcakes from Crumb's Bake Shop to communicate a message of love. The descriptions of these cupcakes sound so YUMMY. This was a special order at their Upper East Side store.

7. How to grow a square watermelon

8. Busytown Mysteries


10. Turkey: 
-----Turkey Burgers with Cajun Grilled Onions.We may try this next month.
-----Spicy Cinnamon Deep Fried Turkey

11. A very interesting 30-Course dinner.

12. Bacon-Wrapped Apricots with Sage

13. Scientists will try to use Amelia Earheart's saliva to figure out what happened to her.

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