Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elvis could have sung this well.

This was surprising. Obviously, Elvis could have sung "Rehab" song well (not saying that as any opinion about him needing or not needing Rehab).

A song that I always say he could have sung well is "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida." Being the silly one that I am, I actually e-mailed Iron Butterfly and told them that they should do some sort of digital piece where Elvis does sing In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida....I wonder what they thought of that.

Yes, I could see him singing "Come as You Are", but I could also see it as being one of the songs where Elvis would start laughing in the middle. I am not sure what other Nirvana songs Elvis could have done Husband pointed out, Elvis had a deeper voice than Kurt Cobain.

The most unlikely Elvis impersonator I have ever thought of....former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Wow.

The (Almost) Complete List of Spam

Spam Musubi (from 7-11)
Photo by James Rubio.
Licensed photo. Do not copy.

-----Actual Ashley furniture. I wonder if this Spammer will be as persistent as the commercials on TV for Ashley furniture. antibiotic. for erectile dysfunction. used to treat genital herpes, cold sores, shingles and chicken pox.
-----Generic Detrol
-----Rolex watch replicas...I once put my status on a social network as being "is not interested in Rolex watch replicas."

An ongoing project that I am starting. :-) Since I can't make the spam go completely away, I will try to think of ways to make the Spam I receive interesting and/or fun.

Music listening to recently:
Tender Years (from Eddie and the Cruisers)
Shine a Light by Wolf Parade

Listening To....

"I was eventually let out of hospital on the 2nd Jan, but then brought back in on the 18th Jan and diagnosed with a more serious form of TB... As a result, I have been back in quarantine since the 18th Jan, and all up now I have spent 55 days on the inside of a single room in hospital... This is starting to take it's toll on my mental stability, and this song is about the impact (or lack thereof) it has had so far."

Thank you to @ElanaHo for pointing out this video. :-)

Also listening to:
Airship Pirate by Abney Park

Friday, February 26, 2010

In My Life.....

-----Watching the Sydney-saga on "Days of Our Lives." Wondering if they will ever let all the characters know that Sydney is alive. I don't know what level of devastation and hate will be directed to Anna DiMera when/if the role she had in the (hoax) kidnapping is revealed.
-----I enjoy Victor's character on Days of Our Lives...his comments make me laugh.
-----I am planning to let my Swag Bucks accumulate each month and then evaluate whether I want to redeem them or save up more.
-----I had fun at our Artist Peer Review group tonight....though we are still only three people.
-----Is a long friendship over?? I really have to think about this...not sure that there is much I can do about it for now. It is overwhelming how quickly life can change.

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."
-John Leonard

Speaking of FRIENDS, I am very appreciative of the Online Friends that I have developed over the years. Having friends online is do not always talk every day (or even frequently at times), yet sometimes you say just the right things to bring brightness into Life. This week I am figuring out who to give "Sunshine Awards" to....a great way to say thank you for the smiles.

Watching the first episode of this season. I am looking into taking aerobics classes...thinking I will do them on a drop-in basis until I find a gym that I like.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

In My Life.....

Currently listening to this album while waiting for an Artist Peer Review Group to start up. I have decided that I will have to get this CD...borrowing it from the library right now. I like Track 16 which is John Lennon talking about the origins of a lot of the things in his life. favorite photo of my Valentine rose:

Edited down to 32 colors while looking at each other's artwork. Husband gave me this rose for Valentine's and the dollhouse was his birthday present to me last year. :-) The dollhouse will not be pastel green for long...we are going to redo it to a blue color and it will be somewhat reminiscent of the apartment in the movie "The Crow."

Technology.....good?....bad?.....both. Technology is a theme that comes up often in Husband's artwork.


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray
-----February is National Grapefruit Month.
-----February is National Snack Food Month.
-----February 27, 2010. Purim begins at Sundown. We are not Jewish but our friend has sometimes given us canned goods at Purim. As it is part of the origins of Christianity, I always have an interest in learning more about Judaism.
-----March 17, 2010. St Patrick's Day (of course). What are you doing to celebrate??
-----August 20, 2010. The Expendables comes out. A Sylvester Stallone movie. It is about a team of mercenaries who go to South America to try to overthrow a dictator. Jason Statham and Jet Li are also in this movie.
-----2011. Six Flags Amusement Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration. I plan to go to at least part of it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cruelty and Ignorance can be like a not-so-good game of "Telephone."

I don't usually give up on people....but when you are persistently stupid beyond redemption of your own freewill....well enough said. The person(s) this is directed to will never read it and would never guess it is about them...but it so is. I had to say something someplace in the world about this. I am sorry someone told you to be mean to me...don't you have a functioning mind of your own to realize that this might not be a good course of action??? What a "Christian" person you are.

In My Life.....

-----Continuing to review my new (complimentary) ring from LuShae. I have some very negative people in my life...and this ring certainly attracted their attention. That was not fun...I tend to hide whatever the object of jealousy is when people do things like that (makes me very uncomfortable). At least I know I have good taste then and I picked out a pretty ring. Other than the awkwardness with annoying people, I noticed something great about this ring...the prongs do not stick out at all....this means it does not catch on my super-long hair!

-----Thursday we have a second meeting for the Artist Peer Review group that we started...hopefully there will be more than three people this next time. I think this is a great thing and hopefully it does not die out. Below is my fave of the artwork that we looked at last Thursday.

Lead Salad by ~xeraxex on deviantART

-----We are having a variation on Bierochen (German Cabbage Burgers) this evening. I found the recipe by entering all the ingredients in our cupboards/fridge on I am finding that Supercook is helpful for the more basic ingredients that one has in their cupboard. I plan to try a lot of the traditional/heritage dishes that I found via this ingredient search engine. :-)
-----Correct that last bit....we ended up having the British dish Bubble and Squeak without the potatoes. I put salt and pepper on mine and it was good. I also found this one via SuperCook.

-----Memo to self: I have a video due at the library today...."The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner."
-----Glad to say that my friend's surgery went OK.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My new ring arrived. :-)

When I go to work today I get to wear my new ring. I was nervous about the black prongs....thinking that maybe they would stand out too much. This piece is actually "Goth" looking according to Husband. The black color blends in perfectly with the blue. I will take a picture of the ring on my hand soon. LuShae Jewelry sent this ring for me to review.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I would really like to have a big trampoline at some point. From what I have read, one can burn a lot of calories jumping on a trampoline. I was wondering if there were any gyms that have trampolines and I found The Trampoline Place.


-----Free the Hikers 3 hikers have been detained in Iran for over 200 days.
-----That's cool....Angelina Jolie may have reunited with her estranged Father. I do not know what they are/were estranged about.
-----Little House...neat.

Mommy albatross feeding her baby in the wild. U can't drive h... on Twitpic
AlohaArleen posted this photo on Twitpic. The Mommy albatross looks really neat....though I do not think she is an attractive bird. The baby albatross is adorable. I wish that I could see an albatross in the wild.

Tweet Favorites Audit.......

Occasionally I go through and do a audit...seeing if of my Favorite Tweets stand the test of time (and reconsidering the recent Favorites).

Here are some that have made the cut:
-----@bigyahu "Set your luggage free. if it doesn't return, the effin' airline never loved you anyway. or something."
-----@BBluesman "Is it true that the pink marshmallows in Lucky Chrms are less fattening??"
-----@micah "this kindle is bad ass. I have bought like three books, and I ignore them just as much as real books. I swear I cant tell the difference."
-----@weaverluke "twitter: a gazillion people jamming together on social air guitars?"
-----@gapingvoid "The female cowboy hippy makes her own Mesquite Honey and sells it in mason jars at Delicious!"
-----@TPO_Humor "I knew someone once who was a monorail enthusiast. He had a one track mind."
-----@dzifah "High time NJ had optional self pumps.....Losing precious time here waiting for attendant ..C'mon got only 3 hrs for energy drink to wear off"
-----@LillyAnn "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia." ~Charles Schulz
-----@seedoflife "Clearing computer's cache twice per week was recommended to me this evening. It seemed heavy handed until I saw how long it took."
-----@adamtoohey "Today is the tomorrow I was so worried about yesterday. Anthony Hopkins"

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

By the way, I never did find out if the pink marshmallows in Lucky Charms were less fattening. :-)

Someday I will sing it.....

Lyrics | Freddie Fender - Alla en el rancho grande lyrics

I am not further along in learning the lyrics to this song. That is the problem with learning songs sung in Spanish for translation/performance of the song vs. another uses slightly different lyrics. La Bamba, for instance, is a song where I have seen tiny variations a lot. Someday I will be able to sing "Alla en el Rancho Grande."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray
-----February is National Grapefruit Month.
-----February is National Snack Food Month.
-----February 20, 2010 is Love Your Pet Day.
-----February 27, 2010. Purim begins at Sundown.
-----March 17, 2010. St Patrick's Day (of course). What are you doing to celebrate??
-----August 20, 2010. The Expendables comes out. A Sylvester Stallone movie. It is about a team of mercenaries who go to South America to try to overthrow a dictator. Jason Statham and Jet Li are also in this movie.
-----2011. Six Flags Amusement Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration. I plan to go to at least part of it.

I find the ring to be particularly beautiful.

Friday, February 19, 2010

In My Life.....

-----We have yet another TV attempting to bite the dust. We do not have much luck with New-to-Us TVs.
-----Reading this blog post about how to "feed the freezer." I am getting better at making use of our freezer. I am still hoping to buy a deep freeze.
-----I hope that Abbey Road Studios is able to be saved.
-----Speaking of John Lennon, the CD that he and Yoko did called "Milk and Honey" is starting to grow on me...I was listening to it for a while earlier today.
-----Finally added the Julia Powell book "Cleaving" to my waitlist at the library. I still have some misgivings about this book as it is about an affair that Julia Powell had after the events of "Julie and Julia." The book was written when Julie Powell was a butcher from what I understand. I hope that Cleaving might be about learning to cleave to one's spouse.
-----I still do not own any peanut oil (though I am happy to say that I recently purchased Sesame Oil and a new bottle of Rice Wine Vinegar). I want to use peanut oil for a few Oriental dishes including my first cooking with Wood Ear Mushrooms. I plan to make Chicken and Wood Ear Mushroom Soup at some point.
-----I started re-reading "Ice Cream for Breakfast." This is a book about breaking the "rules" and taking your life out of the routine.

Friday Fill-Ins (Meme)

1. Johnny Weir _____________.
...I don't know who that is. I had heard the name before and figured he was an athlete. I looked him up on Wikipedia and I like this outfit.

_________ 2010 Olympics.
I liked the beautiful Native Indian garments worn during the Opening Ceremonies. I would love to dine at Araxi in Whistler, me there roasted venison sounds particularly appealing.

3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud__________.
became devastating and blooming became Weiser (deliberate play on words with the last word there). :-) Breaking out of your comfort zones can be really refreshing though. I like a book about this sort of thing called "Ice Cream for Breakfast."

Things I am going to do inspired by the book:
-----Bring my lunch in a brightly colored bag.
-----Say "thanks" to the trash collector. I will write some sort of creative note and affix it to the trash can.
-----Dress up for Halloween. This year I did for a themed photo shortly after Halloween at home....but I just have not had the time and/or place and/or courage to dress up for Halloween in so long.
-----Investigate joining the Red Hat Society (though I cannot wear a red hat yet).

4. _____________ if you get an urge.
Let me know. People always say "let me know if you get an urge to _____" when they would like to do you (and often themselves) some sort of favor/service.

5. Having sweet dreams ______________.
would be nice. I think Doggie has been coming up and sleeping on my back lately....which, of course, Doggie finds very comfortable.

6. What does it take ________.
to get through to you? to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? to get someone to listen? I need to eat that Tootsie Roll Pop that I have in my coat is orange.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!
----Watching a movie from the 1960's about a young man who is picked to be a long-distance runner at a reform school.
-----Planning recipes for the next week or so. Grocery shopping. Taking a photo for Fridge Fridays. My newest issue of the complimentary Simple and Delicious subscription I have I will have a lot of new recipes to look at....I made 3 recipes from Taste of Home already this month (their recipes are easy and they have so many comfort foods to make). :-)
-----Doing laundry. I plan to wear one of my favorite shirts Saturday evening.
-----Possibly visiting my Mother.
-----Going to a concert.
-----Possibly visiting my Mother (either Saturday or Sunday).
-----Sorting clothes that have been put away for a long will be like Christmas finding new things to wear. I have lost some of the weight put on from thyroid there might be some nice surprises as far as things looking good.

<<<====Movie we are watching.
There is an Iron Maiden song inspired by this.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I wonder if this is a usable salt brick for this recipe.

Oddly enough, I have never tasted fava beans. I would imagine this is not as unusual as I feel it is....fava beans probably aren't something "everybody" has tasted here in the United States.

Amazon Recommended It For Me Today.....

"Modern Gastronomy:A to Z" is by Ferran Adrià i Acosta who is the head chef of El Bulli Restaurant in Roses, Spain (on the Costa Brava).

I am interested in one Ferran Adrià recipe:
Toasted Spaghetti with Clams

More of "100 Things About Me."

1.I don't really like The Onion (satire). I don't often find it funny. I have been trying to give the videos a chance as of many people are fans. I do like things that play on words....for instance, The Onion is supposed to have an article somewhere entitled "Drugs Win Drug War."
2.My Doggie is able to say "I love you." Doggie is also able to play dead and to beg....but sometimes does these before you ask (in anticipation of possible treats). When Doggie has played dead for a while, we say "Come Alive" and Doggie jumps up....enjoys this trick a lot because basks in the amazement and attention it gets from people. Another trick is Doggie comes when you call "Tribble"...loves to run. We love our Doggie.
3.I detest superficial people.Be real and enjoy life. I am working on not spending too much time being upset about the way superficial people treat others. I wish that I was not exposed to so many superficial on a daily basis....someday.
4.Eventually I will have many,many Christmas cacti. Right now, I have three. Make that 2 as I gave one to someone as a part of the Play-It-Forward game Akoha. I was lucky to be given a free starter deck by Akoha. I also print off some cards free online (you can do this,too). I have a hard time getting people to actually Play It Forward. Let me know if you want to play with me. :-)
5. I am impressed by Jarvis' rendering time in Iron Man. I wish creating things really worked that least if you were creating something for a morally-correct purpose.
6. I want the CW series "Valentine" to come back.
7. I wish that there were more kindness and compassion in the world. I see so much that is just the opposite.
8. I also want the Internet series "QuarterLife" back. I was glad to see the actor who played Eric on Quarterlife in an episode of Valentine (which, of course, has also been discontinued).
9. I am a big fan of BlogHer and other things that empower a woman. I am not a militant feminist....just a believer in the fact that women can have a beautiful strength. :-) I would like to attend BlogHer in person at some point...and have a good chance of doing so in 2010. I usually attend the virtual version in Second Life).
10. I play a mean/insane game of Munchkin. Funny moment....the GM prohibited me from giving Husband "gifts." I don't usually win.....but I add a lot of humor/death to the game.
11. The only person I ever IM is Husband. I don't like being tied to a conversation for hours anymore. Gone are the days when I can talk to people overseas until dawn....because the person is so nice/interesting (and ignores me when I say that I must sleep sometime). I do Twitter at my own pace.....and manage to talk to about a thousand people.
12. I worry a super-lot....about everyone and everything. Yet, I am one of the strongest people that I know (in the long run).
13. I tried putting cottage cheese in my spaghetti. It really didn't taste like much of anything...neither good nor bad.
14. I wish that there were more time in my days. One thing that I would do if I had more time is photography every day. If it weren't bad for me and the weather permitted, I would also take Doggie out to sit in the sun every day while blogging.
15. I type over 60 words-per-minute but I don't feel that is fast enough.When I take typing tests, I get nervous & seize up...then I only score about 41 words per minute.
16. I wish that Top Chef were viewable online. I have not gotten a chance to start viewing it again...even though we have cable now. Conversely, I do not watch Hulu as much as I used to...which occasionally has FEW Top Chef episodes.
17. I am Christian but I will not force you to be.
18. I collect Chaucer....different versions, critiques, analyis, etc...I appreciate any suggestions for my collection. 19. I put money in a piggy bank.I like to give neice,nephews,friend's children a piggy bank as one of their earliest presents. I send/give coins for the piggy bank as a life-long gift (I do give other gifts).
20. I have crayons & use them.A pet peeve of mine is that new boxes of crayons are always a little hard to open up. I am very picky about my coloring pages (links to good pages are always appreciated).
21. I like George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"...except when it is annoying.
22. I would like to change a lot of peoples' lives for the better while I am here on earth. This wish is always overhung by the fear of Death that I have.
23. I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness.
24. My favorite saint is St. Barnabas who was called "The Encourager." I try to encourage others. I have a very hard time encouraging those who are mean to me (& sometimes I don't encourage them).
25. I wish that I had more people encouraging me.
26. I like toerings but they don't get along well with my feet.
27. My favorite nail polish is a shiny purple color called "Gregarious." I like to put appliques on my nails (though they do not stick for long).
28. My favorite scent is Green Tea. I also like gardenias....but just the real flowers not usually perfumes.
29. I like the book "Love Letters of a Lifetime" whose foreword is written by Dana Reeves. I used to write my husband a lot of love letters but I haven't in a while. I also enjoyed reading a book of Ronald Reagan's love letters to Nancy.
30. I used to read my husband a lot of poetry but I haven't in a while.
31. I usually do at least two floral arrangements a week....usually faux flowers with the economy the way it is right now.
32. I like marriage retreats, workshops, seminars, books, etc. My favorite lecturer on romance is Gary Chapman who wrote "The Five Love Languages."
33. I should burn candles more often. I try a lot of different candle scents. I love having different candle holders. I am not candle obsessed and will not burn the house down. I am approaching being candle-holder-obsessed. I have just set up an area in my living room so that I can especially use some candleholders that my Mother gave me.
34. I can now have full drinks (of alcohol).It used to be that it could interact with my thyroid medicine & put me into a shock which will put me into a coma followed by death....a really good reason not to drink. I have started trying going without the medicine....something that some do with my level of thyroid problems (I just had not because I have goiter problems and am symptomatic). I am trying various natural things to deal with my thyroid. I am actually LOSING weight now that I am off the thyroid medicine. Wish me luck.
35. I like Kosher Blackberry Wine or sweet cherry wine.
36. I have never played lacrosse. It looks difficult.
37. I have a weight bench & various other small excercise equipment.
38. I have a newspaper from the day America declared war on Iraq.
39. I would love to learn how to operate a ham radio.
40. I am going to do podcasts sooner or later.
41. I have seen St. Elmo's Fire....the phenomenon (I have seen the movie too, of course).
42. I have used to have lightning on one of my credit cards & a poster of lightning in the living room. The reason for this is that my hair often stands almost straight up when it storms close by.I have come within inches of being struck by lightning on a sunny day (with no storm in sight). Just call me Sparky.
43. We have a "Annual Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss." We write everything that upset us that year on a pumpkin & toss it from really high. It makes a loud exploding sound & is a neat photographic experience.
44. I like to eat frog legs.
45. I am very particular about the size of the spoon that I use. I like to use a Japanese soup spoon once-in-a-while. I do not like using plastic spoons for oriental soups....for some reason your lips eventually hurt (combo of the sharp edges of plastic and ingredients in soup, I think).
46. I use chopsticks at least once a week & even have several non-disposable chopsticks in my silverware drawer.I own sets of stainless steel chopsticks.
47. I want to visit the graves of diseased family more often.
48. I am really good at research.I have a reputation for being able to find the most obscure facts.
49. I do not like to put fresh spinach on pizza at home...only canned spinach....reason being the fresh spinach often wilts too much or becomes slightly crispy in an odd sort of way.
50. I want to build my own teddy bear at some point.
51. If you are cheating on a really nice person & think that it is alright to tell me because I am your friend....I have been known to tell the person being cheated on. Off the top of my head: In one situation where I was forced to do this the person doing the cheating instantly realized they were wrong & forgave me for telling. In another situation, the cheater temporarily convinced them that there was no cheating...temporarily. Don't cheat on a really nice person who does nothing but love you. I have also been known to convince people not to cheat...yes, some people will actually tell their friends when they are considering this.
52. I detest mangoes. I like mango lemonade. Bolthouse Farms makes a good mango lemondade...but I am scared to drink it because of a juice scare a while back. I do not hold Bolthouse responsible for the juice was determined that it was consumers who did not follow proper storage procedures. During the juice scare though I noticed that some grocers did not refrigerate this juice properly. Sad....since I liked a few of the Bolthouse juices. I will have to look for a recipe for Mango Lemonade and see if I can order from Bolthouse. 53. When I hear a commercial with music that I like, I wish that I could press a button on the TV and get more info or order the song. Please someone make me a music-ordering TV that does not invade my privacy in any way or sell my info. Thanks.
54. I love to make lists. :-)
55. I tried mixing fruit punch and Pepsi. That tasted OK...even good. It needs some sort of alcohol though and I have not decided what.
56. We are slowly collecting the bits and pieces for an amazing and very homemade darkroom.
57. There are two pop culture staples that I both frequent and am wary of......Walmart and Oprah. I am working on writing a series of blog posts about Oprah's recommendations and how I follow some of them....these posts will be titled "Cheap-Rah." When I say Cheap-Rah, I keep picturing She-Ra (Princess of Power) holding her sword up and shouting "I have the power!" I sometimes like to read the Money Newsletter that I get via e-mail....depends on the topics.
58. I think Alison Sweeney has very pretty hair....when it is curly. I do not like when it is so blonde that it is pure yellow from some angles. I would like "Sami" and "EJ" to be a couple...but want EJ to change. Obviously, I watch a lot of "Days of Our Lives."
59. I think that at times Virginia Woolf was a pretty woman.
60. I have never heard anyone speak Esperanto....but I would like to. I wonder how difficult a language it is to learn.
62. I feel very sad for Michael Jackson's children.
63. I really want to see The Dakota. This was the building where John Lennon and Yoko lived. It is also featured in the movie Vanilla Sky. It has some beautiful iron work.
64. I own a dollhouse that Husband and I are working to restore. Right now it is a Victorian with green pastels. I want it to look somewhat reminiscent of the apartment building in "The Crow" a pretty not scary way.
65. I can't even do one pull-up. I find this frustrating. I will fix this. I would love to be able to pass the President's Test on Physical Fitness...which I never was able to do because of the pull-ups.
66. I am addicted to the 4chan Food & Cooking threads.
67. We keep mylar balloons from special occasions and sometimes have them blown up again. One balloon has been mainly inflated for four years.
68. I love appetizers.
69. I have never been to a Peet's Coffee...but really want to. I have also never been to Caribou Coffee. I want to try the Caribou Coffee Bars that are sold in the ice cream section of supermarkets (I think that they are sold in supermarkets).
70. I give a LOT of feedback to companies. They say that 1 out of 10 people is a "Promoter"....that would be me. I explore Life...and try to enjoy many facets of it...and I tell others about my experiences.
71. I have never tried canned onions. This is on my list of things to try. I must find a recipe(s) that use canned onions. I guess I will be brave and cook just some plain canned onions, too. Julia Child detested canned onions. If recipes mean pearl onions in a can by "canned onions", I have tried those.
72. Intellect and compassion are the traits that I find most attractive in my Husband.
73. IBS and thyroid issues have a big voice in my life. I have decided to find as many healthy and natural ways as I can to fight back.
74. I am learning to speak of since I just typed this, it is official. I think this will be good for me in my culinary studies. Part of my coffee shop plan is eventually being able to afford attending a culinary school.
75. I really appreciate Michael Jackson's performance of "Come Together" in the "Moonwalker" movie.
76. I love to use the conditioner that comes in boxes of hair coloring. I wish this was sold as normal hair conditioner. Of course, you can't use it all the time....I would imagine that would not be good.
77. I dance a lot....especially if no one is home. I love the game Dance,Dance revolution. We are planning on putting in an area especially for me to dance.
78. I never set up a lemonade stand as a child. I am not sure if I ever saw one as a child either.
79. I have never eaten at a restaurant that has a dessert cart.
80. I have never been to a store that has a "man's bar" in it. Apparently, some less-pricey stores now have these.
81. I wish that I could use a yo-yo well.
82. I like to play Dance Dance Revolution....though I am not good at it yet. Our next purchase somewhat similar is Beatle's Rockband. I own a guitar for Guitar Hero but do not have the game yet. We, happily, found an XBOX 360 for 40 dollars at a thrift store.
83. My favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches.They have to be perfectly made though...and what is perfect varies for me depending upon the bread used.
84. Another dish I really like is cream of peas with chicken and plenty of black pepper. An old recipe that my Mother used to make when I was growing up.
85. I am always very touched when someone does something kind for me. There are still some amazingly kind people in this world.
86. I like pico de gallo...and love to find new recipes for it. I make it in big batches sometimes....and have to take precautions not to have my fingernails get irritated underneath (from peppers,tomatoes,onions,etc.)..
87. I love Valentine's Day....a chance to let my Husband know how much I appreciate him....he is not just my Husband but also my Friend.
Still working on this. :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap-Rah....Day 5.....I got it at the library.

This is not something that I would normally pick to read and my opinions are still being developed as to what I think. It was mentioned in an Oprah article on loneliness called "One is the Loneliest Number." This is the story of a teacher who tries to understand her fellow teacher (and friend) who became involved in a relationship with an underage student. I am not sure how old the student is yet. This is a very deep subject for an author to tackle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cheap-Rah Day 3 & 4....A Year of Oprah from a Tightwad's Perspective

Day 3 was spent working late and then cooking until the early morning hours. I made a Creamy Brussels Sprouts Bake and a salad with homemade French Dressing.
-----Yes, I know that casseroles can be money-saving for two people (freezing leftovers for future meals). I am just typically not a casserole fan....I usually think of them as a lot of crumbs and some cheese. I am determined that I am going to try some of the casseroles/casserole-like-dishes included in the booklet that I got as a guest at a Taste Of Home Cooking School Show.
-----The homemade French dressing was weak and could not be tasted on the peaches in our salad at all. It was good on the spinach but still not strong enough. Husband gave the dressing a 4 out of 10. I need to look for other French Dressing recipes.
Some salad things on the Oprah site I am planning to try:


"What Was She Thinking?" by Zoe Heller came in at the library today....and Husband is on his way to get it right now. :-)

Reading more of "One is the Loneliest Number." I do not consider myself among the chronically lonely but I do have my moments.

The perfect comeback. I need to read through this to deal with some of my workplace "friends" (and even a few family members). Of course, it would help if people just wanted to get along...I have taken to playing War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" as stress relief lately.

I am still trying to find a shade of red lipstick that is right for me. I started using the pads of my fingers to determine lipstick colors....might be a little bit messy but is so much better than putting on a color and then trying to get it off (without having it effect the next color you try). I have found that if a color is closing to suiting me and I really like it, I can still pull it off quit well...despite my fingers saying otherwise. :-)
-----This is a nice tip that you can pass on to friends...or use to mystify Husband when you match his lipstick compatibilities. :-)

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You can follow the Oprah Show on Twitter. I like that they actually follow people back. :-)

Topics I would like Oprah to discuss:
-----More on loneliness....I think this is important. We discuss depression in such general terms...but the loneliness is a big problem for so many (different from but hand-in-hand with sadness).
-----Something to do with John Lennon. Perhaps the possibility of rehabilitation and the repeated attempts of convicts such as Mark David Chapman to be freed could be part of it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In My Life....

-----Since some of my co-workers refuse to be truly nice no matter how nice I am to them....I have decided to amuse myself. I am adding War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" to my workout on the days that I work.
-----We made a 3-Bean Taco Chili from Simple & Delicious magazine (I have a complimentary subscription). It serves 9...and their are two of us. I ate my share the same evening....I love chili. I did not get gas as we put in about 30 fennel seeds (in the kidney beans which we cooked ourselves instead of using canned). Fennel is supposed to reduce flatulence....worked pretty well. We were able to put Husband's leftover chili in the fridge and freezer for future lunches when I am not home.
-----There was a winter weather advisory here so my Cheap-Rah trip to the Oriental Food Market was postponed. We also wanted to go to the only store in our area that might have a larger tea ball...that did not happen either. I have a library book in....Tuesday was a bummer for Out-of-the-House-Adventures.

Lately I am listening to:
"One Thing" by Finger Eleven

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cheap-Rah Day 2....A Year of Oprah from a Tightwad's Perspective

Continuing to think about loneliness after reading "One is the Loneliest Number."

I have added "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" to my wait list at the library. This is supposed to be a pretty powerful film. From the 1960s. It is about a boy who is picked to be on the track team at a reform school.

"What Really Goes On Behind Convent Walls" Lisa Ling goes inside a convent. What I really noticed about this is the deepening levels of commitment in such a religious life.

The above is a book mentioned in the "One is the Loneliest Number" article, it has not come in at the library yet. Yes, I know it has only been one day since I put it on the hold list....but often the libraries I use are extremely fast. :-) I plan to write a review of this book here on my blog. :-)

Thinking about Art Smith's Diabetes Wake-Up Call. I am at a risk for diabetes...but have never shown any signs of it. I may be reactive hypoglygemic (thyroid issues).

Art Smith's Southern Oven Unfried Chicken I am not sure where I would get the Greek Yogurt. I do not live in a small town....but, for some reason, it is culturally backward, and items either disappear from all markets because of "little interest" or trends do not hit our stores for years. To give you an idea of what I mean, I cannot get cranberries unless it is Thanksgiving or Christmas....that must fall under "little interest.
Potential solution to my problem:
Make Your Own Greek Yoghurt I will experiment with getting the Greek Yoghurt right before I try Art Smith's chicken recipe. :-) My last yogurt attempt (about 4 years ago) failed.

-----The Perfect Red Lip Red lipstick never seems to look right on me.
-----Today I was looking for the Shape fX Jeans on Ebay. I did not find any jeans but there are a few tops, a few leather pants and a lot of swimsuits....a lot of them are very reasonably priced and are "Buy It Now."


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How to Fix Your Grammar Yes, this was listed in the Money section on


-----You can follow the Oprah Show on Twitter.

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