Sunday, November 29, 2009

Credit bells, Susan Boyle, Inanimate Objects, Manson and Finding Judge Lance.

-----Eventually all Salvation Army Bell ringers may be able to take credit cards. The possiblity with the cell phone is a drastic change, too. Do you think changes like this would affect your level of giving any. Wouldn't you feel a little guilty debating with the Salvation Army if your donation was somehow overcharged?
-----Susan Boyle's debut album tops Britain's charts. If there are some songs from musicals or other older songs on here, I might get this for my Mother for Christmas.
-----Inanimate Objects Party (IOP). Would you elect the whale or the squirrel?
-----It would certainly be unusual to find that Charles Manson is likely your father. This gentleman does look like Charles Manson could be his father.
-----Judge Lance Ito gives up after his name placard is repeatedly stolen from outside the courtroom. Surely, he or the facility is going to come up with a remedy to this problem?? I hope that people late to court by a smidgen because they had to stop to ask are given some leeway. I would also assume some sort of directions are given by summons or a person's attorney.....I hope.
Should State pay for convict's sex change?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

----I wish that Blogger had a way to remove multiple comments forever. I am tired of the time it takes to remove multiple "comments" on the posts that Spammers find beneficial. I do not want to have to moderate comments!
-----I am surprised that no one has tried to get a sex change operation for a pet. I think someone will at least try sooner or later.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wondering What My Wallet Says About Me...

Every once-in-a-while one must thoroughly clean out their wallet (or if you want to call it a pocketbook). I did that this evening while watching A & E's show "Hoarders." When I clean out my wallet...I always feel like it is a fresh organizational start.

I think the contents of your wallet can say a lot about you. This one says more about me from a few years it is a wallet that I have only used on a few occasions in the past three or four years. It has just been sitting on a shelf. Yes, I found receipts from 2006. :-)

My wallet is in immaculate condition....but I just found a hole at the bottom of one of the pockets. I would not have found this if "Hoarders" hadn't made me want to clean something while watching. Now I must get a new wallet....but I liked this one so much.

---36 cents.
---Social Security Card...which will be put away as it is said that you shouldn't carry that in your wallet anymore.
---Top of a receipt with the address and phone number to my mother's favorite restaurant.
---Receipt for eye care.
---Business card for woman I bought Husband's wedding ring and some other jewelry from.
---My aunt's phone number. It is good that I have this here in case there is an emergency with my Mother (who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer).
---Receipt when we took my mother out to dinner for her birthday.
---Business card for a Barnes & Noble out of town that we like.
---Library card
---A couple sheets of blogging ideas
---Game piece from the Indiana Jones game that Burger King had.
---The Dewey Decimal numbers for some books that I am looking for at the library.
---Credit cards,old insurance cards,store loyalty cards.
---Blockbuster Card
---Wrinkled up ticket from the Vin Diesel movie "Pacifier."

Threw away:
---Gum wrappers and a plastic wrapper to a cookie (because I do not throw wrappers on the ground if I have nowhere else to put them).
---The ring that went around my favorite pen. I was at least a little happy that this part broke off a few days before someone stole the pen. Since it was a nice pen, a co-worker watched for a point when I was not looking and stole it. I was pretty upset about was an expensive writing pen that I bought for interviews about 6 years ago.
---Expired coupon Dove Chocolate.

Receipts thrown away (various ages):
---My fave Chinese restaurant. They like us....we like them. Very sweet people. Each year we get a Christmas calendar from them and they often give us free little items. My Husband even made them a sculpture. We do not go as much as we used to with the economy.
---ATM receipts.
---Pambazo and a quesadilla from a local authentic Mexican restaurant. From a lunch Husband and I had after paying a cell phone bill.
---Sally Beauty Club Card receipt. I need to renew this membership.
---Movie. I don't know what movie it was but apparently Husband and I each paid our own way.
---Dog treats and a durable toy for Doggie.
---Something I bought from Salvation Army for 95 cents.
---Sandwiches at a library....quick lunch.
---Spaghetti house
---2 bottles of Bawls,a Pepsi and an "In Style" magazine.
---Bison Beef Jerky, canola oil and a Mountain Dew. Bison Beef Jerky is good and I must pick up some again soon.
---Gum. I buy a lot of gum. Whenever I eat anything with sugar and I am around people after, I must have some gum. Sugar (especially soda) tends to make my breath bad.
---JCPenney tennis shoes. I usually buy the same pair over and over. I wait until they are BOGO...JCPenney has a lot of BOGO sales when it comes to tennis shoes. The reason why I buy more than one pair is that I have a hard time finding tennis shoes that are comfortable.
---All sorts of awful fruit licorice that was on sale, Red Baron Deep Dish Mini Pizzas on sale,toilet paper, MAD magazine, a Mountain Dew. Credit for bringing my own bag.

Thrown away Walmart receipts for:
* 2 boxes of toothpaste (I buy them in pairs because I hate the price and the fact that they start falling apart at any time....Tom's of Maine Flouride Free as I have thyroid problems.
*Submarine sandwich...$2.98. Dinner when it is late and I really need something before real dinner.
*Store credit of $8.95 for when I bought the wrong toothpaste.

*2 Mountain Dews, eggs,ice cream,2 gallons of milk,tacky glue,needles,2 spools of thread,the magazine at the counters with all the coupons and some sort of fabric trim.

*Canteloupe that was on sale.
*A bowl for of the black plastic bowls with legs like they use in Mexican restaurants. I have gotten great use out of this.
*Tostitos. I think the scoop chips.

*Men's socks, Dryel, 2 bottles of Tea (20 oz.). I use Dryel instead of dry-cleaning....and wait until I have a really good coupon.

I have started collecting turkey sandwich recipes.

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich...I am not sure about the ingredient combination but I will try it.

In My Life....

-----I made minestrone by hand twice this week....I am proud of myself.
-----Today our TV and DVD player were victims of lightning/power surge. Luckily the surge protector saved the day! The DVD player only had part of the word "LOAD" reading and then it made a screech and shut off...refusing to come on again. The TV had multi-colored dots running in lines on a white screen. It was so lucky for us that the reset first it looked pretty dire.
-----Sometime within the last month or so our CD-changer and my camera battery charger were taken out by a storm. I think that we are doing something differently with the electronics....and I hope that I can figure it out before there are more casualties.
-----Husband thinks he has some sort of cold. I think I might have something minor that I keep catching from co-workers (repeatedly because they refuse to stay home and some do not cover their mouths...EVER...the co-workers have horrible colds).This means that we cannot visit my Mother who has cancer...and will miss Thanksgiving with my side of the family. :-(
-----I am sitting at home relaxing I said, I think I am a little sick.
-----90210 is on tonight...I like that show a lot.
-----I am now a part of the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Beta Program. This is the replacement for Microsoft Works.
-----Husband brought me an issue of "Gothic Beauty" magazine today. Since we try to keep to a budget, this was a great treat to me.
-----I got accepted at a school I really want to attend....the pathway to another part of my education. I am excited!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Friday, November 13, 2009

In My Life....

-----We did a big grocery shopping trip tonight. I have about 8 new recipes that I am going to make in the next few weeks.....exciting.
-----The girl at the checkout gave us a recycled bag discount though our bags were not from her store (from three different stores actually)....that was nice of her.
-----The price of eggs went up drastically. The price of green peppers went down drastically.

-----I am making cupcakes in the next few weeks. They will have cream cheese frosting...maybe colored frosting with miniature marshmallows on top. I found out that Husband really likes cupcakes...something I don't think I knew about him. :-)
-----I do not know what I am making for Thanksgiving Eve Dinner this year. This is a tradition that Husband and I keeps part of the holiday ours in the midst of all the visiting. I love making a stuffing called "Everything Stuffing" that I found in this year's Thanksgiving issue of Taste of Home....but most everyone I know does not have the palate that can tolerate the tad of spiciness this has the way I prepare it (I could make it but I would end up eating most of it myself). Hmmm....I will come up with something.
-----I am pretty sure that we are behind on our Heroes episodes.
-----A friend says they are going to pain medicine detox.
-----I am going to make lasagna for the first time.
-----I owe 60 cents to the library because I was working so much that I got my dates confused. This happens every once in a while when I pull long shifts....I don't realize until just after the due time that I still have the books. Groan.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray
-----January 3, 2010: The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs. Dallas Museum of Art exhibit.I am wondering about the framework under the piece shown...was this to store something on or purely decorative? Beautiful carving.
-----August 20, 2010. The Expendables comes out. A Sylvester Stallone movie. It is about a team of mercenaries who go to South America to try to overthrow a dictator. Jason Statham and Jet Li are also in this movie.
-----2011. Six Flags Amusement Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration. I plan to go to at least part of it.

In My Life...

-----I missed the first twenty minutes of 90210 tonight. One odd thing about this show....seems like the characters are attending a party every episode.
-----Doggie seems to be a little sick. I have been working a lot and I think it has upset Doggie's stomach. Our Doggie is an emotional little thing. Husband said yesterday Doggie was sitting in my blanket wailing for me and all of sudden Doggie got sick to the stomach. Doggie has been staying really close to me and got an upset stomach again today.
-----My Christmas cacti are still not doing well. I think they are not getting enough light.
-----I hate Winter. My feet never seem to get cold. I have Raynaud's phenomenon.
-----The Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook was due back at the, back it went. I am glad to say though that we tried four recipes from this book. I plan to purchase this one.
-----Today I rearranged all my jewelry. I have a lot of vintage costume jewelry that I like to wear. Now it is categorized and I have a lot more room to add new things.
-----I need to find a recipe for Italian Creme Soda that tastes good. We did try a recipe once....but it was not good. I want to be able to make it myself instead of having to go to coffee shops if I ever want one.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Heroes by Robert Cormier

-----Not a long read. 144 pages. Considered a young adult book. The book is about a young man named Francis who has just come back to his hometown after World War II. He is planning revenge on a person who was once his childhood hero....and may get away with it since no one recgonizes him due to an injury.
-----The idea of praying for one's enemies....but if Francis were truly praying for his enemies could he really be planning whatever revenge at the same time? When he did pray for his enemies....doesn't that he imply that he thinks his enemy could change?...or is he just praying that his enemy changes before he gets his revenge? I need to pray for whomever I consider an "enemy" more...I think many people probably don't do so at all.
-----The flashbacks that give info in a jerky manner at the beginning....I didn't like that. I also did not like the couple of times that info was given and then retracted.
-----Robert Cormier has been banned for inappropriate material on "social issues" in many schools. I can kind of see the reason why in this book....but banning everything willy-nilly just because violence/revenge is mentioned does not work either....violence and revenge really do get contemplated in the world. Now banning it because suicide is mentioned....that is a different story. If a person is well-adjusted though it is better for them to recgonize the emotions that really do bring people to suicide....perhaps they can learn from it or help someone else in a time of despair. Young adults have to learn about suicide sooner or they are not floored the first time they encounter this in a book somewhere or in their own lives. I do not think such books should be banned...Cormier's book did not glamorize anything immoral....the reading of books with mature/real life themes that are extreme situations should be monitored when a young person is the reader.
-----Our heroes....many times don't feel like heroes to themselves. I have noticed that this is particularly true of war heroes.
-----Fred Astaire....admired by many.
-----The interactions don't really strike me as something out of the past....well maybe if written from the prospective of a young person. It does seem as if the conversations could be present day (if you substitute different movies and books).
-----Heroes do become Pied Pipers....and some misuse this ability.
-----"It's amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks."
-----Does one sin outweigh all the good things? This question has been posed of many who have reached some level of fame. It is a question that likely haunts many....but only becomes public discussion/crucifixion for the famous/notorious.
-----The final outcomes were a total surprise to me.
-----Sunlight being different in one place than another. I noticed this in Florida. I think this more has to do with how we percieve things. Or maybe the way the sun sits in the sky...for instance, I see the same kind of light that I have seen in Florida sometimes during sunrises.
-----Getting what one deserves....and the real heroes don't always get any of what they deserve.
-----Being confused as to what a hero is. Our society does that to us a lot.
-----I think it might have been a good ending....and maybe Francis character has just become more of a hero.
-----I have never known a perfect war hero. All of the war heroes I have known who survived to tell about wars were severely messed up emotionally. I think that wars or extreme situations often cause people to do things that are out of character....and it is often just "one sin."
-----I don't think that the person Francis is seeking revenge on realizes until the end that perhaps he had more than one sin. As to whether he could ever redeem himself....that is a confusing matter and I think that God is ultimately the one who decides that. This is the kind of debate that often comes up when people are facing the death penalty.
-----In this story someone does listen when injustices are brought to light....that is not always the case (no matter how vocal the victim or victims are).
-----Nicole and Francis act like Francis knew all along what was happening during the event that was the turning point of this story....the way this reads he did not fully conciously know. I think this issue should have been addressed.

I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars. It is really close to 5 stars. Cormier really made me think and I felt for the characters. I especially warmed up to the main character. This was not merely a story of seeking was truly a look at how heroes are made,fall and sometimes are rebuilt.

Monday, November 02, 2009

In My Life....

Tonight's dinner.
A twist on a dish from the "Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook."
Savory Skillet Noodles...but ours were not buttery as I cooked the veggies in a garlic-infused olive oil. Sliced almonds are too expensive at our I took two chicken bouillion cubes and some toasted salted almonds and put them in a Ziploc bag....then gently applied a hammer all over. In the final step I added more regular olive oil to avoid sticking. We skipped the parsley garnish...though I do have some pretty good parsley flakes. We would definitely repeat this dish....and might experiment with putting some plum tomatoes in. The side dish that serves 8 was a tasty, light and filling meal that served 2. :-)

-----Tonight I drew my eyebrows green for fun. Told husband I should wear in public. He said no only if lighter green cause I look like Groucho Marx. :-)
-----Gran Torino finally came in at the library.
-----I have started reading a book called "Heroes" by Robert Cormier. It is about a man who comes back from WWII without a face. I just got to a part where the young man mentions praying for your enemies....something I do not do as often as maybe I should.
-----We re-watched Hancock this evening. There is a lot about this movie that makes me laugh.
-----Doggie has started learning when we are not going to take Doggie with if we go someplace....I guess because we don't have same sense of getting Doggie geared up for whatever. Happy to say that Doggie now waits patiently for us to leave....if it is only one of us.
-----I now have a lot of sweet peppers. Single peppers were $1.50 a piece and it was lower cost to get packs. The recipe I used tonight did not call for a whole pepper....this means I have to get through 6 sweet peppers soon. Hmmm.

Man who lived without money.
-----Sea slime killing U.S. seabirds. I feel sad for the bird in the photo.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Unconcious Mutterings Meme

  1. Hairbrush :: My hairbrush is always getting full of hair. I have thyroid problems and lose so much. The thyroid issues also make my hair brittle....and on top of that it is really curly and frizzy. Still my hair is generally very pretty. Singing into a hairbrush. Whatever the number of strokes it is that they used to say you should brush your hair.
  2. Sneak :: Trick or treating...the trick part. Sneaking a cookie, chocolate or other treat. The way some spouses sneak their purchases into the house and hide them from their spouse....some people do this everyday and I wish they could see their own behavior. A racoon....bandit.
  3. Hole :: The rabbit hole. Courtney Love. Having a hole in your pocket and loosing things....I am good at that. Having a hole in your purse and everything getting behind the lining or underneath it...I am good at that.
  4. Horror :: Horror movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Horrified.
  5. Standard :: Envelope. Having standards. Standard procedure.
  6. Mailbox :: We need to check the post office box today. Mailboxes on country roads. People harming the mailboxes of others. The scene from The Butterfly Effect. People stealing things from your mailbox....sometimes the delivery person.
  7. Attachment :: Attachment in an e-mail. Vacuum-cleaner attachment. Airbrush attachment. The space station or other space vehicle attaching to each other.....especially in movies. Being attached to someone. Being overly attached to someone. People often watching and criticizing each others' level of attachment.....sometimes this can be a very harmful thing that society does.
  8. Type :: Blood type. A person being "not your type." Some people, who have only met me and do not know me, assume that I am not my Husband's type (even though we have been married/a couple a long time). Giving blood because one is the same blood type. Typing...I can do that pretty fast and actually type much more than I write.
  9. Nails :: Mine are long, thankfully. Having thyroid problems, I battle brittle nails. Often I have this weird characteristic where a new nail grows under my old I almost always have long nails. I am told that my hands are beautiful. Putting nails in the wall. Jesus nailed to the cross. Nine-Inch-Nails.
  10. Storage :: Storage box. Storage unit. Cold storage. Things never getting used that go in storage. Hoarders....and piles of stuff. I am currently sorting out two closets that I use for storage....clothes, Christmas Plush, books. Ziploc containers. Apparently there are some really big Ziploc bags that are for storage.

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