Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

1. Bush prefers the Paulson Wall Street rescue plan. I do not pretend to fully understand what Paulson's plan would entail.

2. Blogging with lots of children:
Cheaper by the Half Dozen

3. Obama effigy hung in protest of a University's scholarship program.

4. 7 years, at the very least, there could be a LOT LESS global poverty.

5. A photographic tour of the world's BIGGEST food market. Few tourists get to see this. Rungis operates while most people are asleep and supplies many of the best restaurants in Paris. Wow.

6. I am not disturbed by McCain spending $5,000+ on makeup. I would be disturbed if he did this after becoming President....and taxpayers somehow footed the bill.

7. The Chinese tainted milk scare has spread....and caused recalls in the U.S.


A soldier's message to Barack Obama.


"The Office" Premiere. From PrimeTime on MySpaceTV. I found this when I was exploring the new MySpace Music. I will be blogging my opinion of the new MySpace Music. :-) The Office episode is about a weight loss initiative.
-----Sadly, I have a couple co-workers who take weight loss too should not limp or have absolute pain after "working out" on a regular basis.

10. Blue Nile is having a sweepstakes. Giving away one of their Signature Diamonds...beautiful.


I am excited to attend Burning Life again this year. It starts on September 27th...and here is the current schedule of events.

12. My avatar riding atop the carousel at Grizzy's Cafe in Second Life. I couldn't figure out how to take a, I came up with my own. :-)

Only problem...after looking at the picture a bit, I found that my avatar leg's are going through the carousel canopy. That happens occasionally in Second Life, when you are doing something not really possible or something is going wrong with the game. Oh well, I still had fun. I also fell down into the tube in the middle of the carousel at one point...and had a little difficulty getting out. :-) Even in Second Life, I am a clutz. :-)

13. Visit Sessions with Cesar. Yes, "The Dog Whisperer." I am working through Lesson 1. :-)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

In My Life......

-----Is Bill Maher serious about the "Free Levi Johnson" thing?
-----Alarmed. Gas shortages in Atlanta. This is not the only city having gas shortages from what I can tell. Several cities down South, actually. The situation will get better.
-----I would like to have seen a game played at Yankee Stadium. I guess that I might see one at the new Yankee Stadium sooner or later....but it won't be the same.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The last I read the Large Hadron Collider was to be halted for a week. It turns out damage was worse than originally thought and the halt will be at least two months.

Thoughts on the bombing in Pakistan.....

Pictures of the aftermath in Islamabad. From what I understand, the search for survivors is possibly over. The building is unstable. :-(

I am hoping for some miracles...that there is the possibility of people struggling out on their own. I will keep reading....and blog what I find. Please keep the people of Pakistan in your thoughts and prayers.

More photos
Eye witness description (with video)
Several eye witness accounts

The current Number 1 Suspect seems to be the Taliban. I am now reading to try to understand what the Taliban would have against Pakistan...other than the stance against terrorism. Perhaps, this was someone trying to diminish tourism/industry in a country that they feel should still support the Taliban? I do not pretend to understand the politics of war and peace all that, I could come up with a million theories and not be right.

Doesn't the Taliban often claim responsibility when they do something? I haven't read of any groups claiming this incident.

Reading through history, I try to understand the viewpoint of the "bad guys," too....though I may not agree with ideas/methods. Eventually, if enough people try to understand each other or how things got to where they stand, ....Peace might come. If you look beyond the headlines, in most conflicts there are some people who just want to come to a point where their beliefs and loved ones are safe. Maybe this doesn't apply to some terrorists....but it does apply to some of the people in the country's we feel support terrorists. I wish there were less "collateral damage" when going after terrorists....and hope Pakistan/whatever help looks as carefully as they can to the safety of civilians.

Right now, it is so hard to think past the sadness for the families of the people in that building. I know that those who worked there have to be feeling some real shock right now and this will probably never leave their mind (no matter how many places they work with no tragedy).

Sad.I would like to know more about those who survived and those who perished. In the years following, September 11 in our country I have read quiet a bit about some of lesser-talked-about survivors. To me remembering those that you know were taken from the world prematurely is important.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

-----The Large Hadron Collider has been halted.
-----United States relations with Pakistan are changing. The new President will not allow terrorists or those fighting them. Update: Hours later things have possibly changed. The Marriot in Pakistan has been bombed....killing many. I do not know if Pakistan will accept help from the U.S. (but Pakistan is asking for help).

In My Life......

-----Watching Star Trek 4. A fun movie. It was dedicated to the crew of Challenger.
-----I was sad to hear that the two-headed little boy named Kiron has passed away. One of the many casualties of global poverty.
-----Solar carports. I see so many projects using solar panels. I wish that I understood more how solar energy works and how to assemble/acquire the components for various projects. I have a farming book that I should start has some simple solar panel ideas if I remember correctly.
-----Noticed that my Kiva loan (to a couple that own a grocery store in Cambodia) was dispersed on September 11.
-----Wondering what McCain and Obama's stances are on poverty...both in the USA and globally.

Blue Nile=Beautiful

I am sure many readers have heard of Blue Nile. I first heard of them approximately 4 years ago. I use a ring sizer that Blue Nile sent me whenever I need to size a ring before taking it for repairs, etc. Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, Engagement Rings and fine jewelry. I have a pretty favorable opinion of Blue Nile. :-)

Diamonds...a diamond search tool allows you to pick out a stone considering several different characteristics. If you don't know what to look for Blue Nile offers a pretty substantial education section.....way better than most jewelers (and it is for more than just diamonds).

There is also a selection of fancy color diamonds...and these are natural colors. There are several that I would love to look at in person (I collect rocks,older fine/costume jewelry and the like)....though I don't think that I will be able to afford them anytime soon. These are rare diamonds. Beautiful.

Blue Nile even has several gifts that are under $100. There are a few piece on here that I am eyeing for Christmas gifts for a relative.....elegant pieces make her happy. I am thinking any of the bracelets would be nice but I am waiting to see if more bracelets come out before Christmas hits. If I can't decide, I could always do a gift certificate (but I am planning on keeping this option for some other occasion...once they have received the first pretty will be more fun this way.)

Proposal stories....what a smart/romantic thing to include. All jewelers should do this. It also gives prospective grooms ideas. :-) Really, you could do something sweet like this with an Anniversary ring, too. I plan on having a special, private Anniversary party at some point (private meaning pulling out all-the-stops with just Husband and I) a beautifully lit backyard with dancing and a special meal....yes, I am sappy. One really should renew proposals. :-)

Oh...and this part is something exciting. I just found that they have a SWEEPSTAKES WHERE YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN A BLUE NILE SIGNATURE DIAMOND.
"This Signature Princess-Cut Diamond is cut exclusively for Blue Nile. Its unique ideal cut features a higher crown and smaller table to create larger crown facets that capture light for maximum brilliance."

Fine Jewelry

Friday, September 19, 2008

Talking about Global Poverty....and doing something,too.

I will be posting this widget often. I think it is important to keep up with the issues in the struggle to eradicate global poverty. Currently, the One Campaign is trying to get at least one question asked about Global Poverty at the Presidential Debates.
Natalie Cole is in the hospital with side effects from hepatitis meds. How long can one live with Hepatitis before they know about it?....she said that she likely got it years ago.

I have not heard anything from her new album. I wonder if there any cover songs of her father's work on it.
-----I like the cameo in this post.
-----Dr. Dre's or otherwise...I am interesting in seeing what "sparkling vodka" tastes like.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Vertical Farming
"1 indoor acre is equivalent to 4-6 outdoor acres or more, depending upon the crop (e.g., strawberries: 1 indoor acre = 30 outdoor acres)"

Some people say that dogs can't pay attention to the TV for long...and that they don't actually watch it. What about an HD computer monitor? Our Doggie is learning to say "I love you" partially by watching this dog. Our Doggie sniffs at the monitor and will come to ask for the online doggie. This is also how we are desensitizing Doggie to squirrels. Yes, we are unconventional. :-)
-Note:I have to make sure to put my laptop away well has gotten much more interesting to Doggie. There is another Doggie/owner that we cannot play...our Doggie either doesn't like the Doggie or the tone of voice of the owner.
-Of course, one has to monitor for too much excitement. Wouldn't want Doggie to harm the computer...or to harm self while harming the Doggie in the computer.
Below is the clip we are using to try to cut down on the squirrel chasing/barking. Online squirrels have no scent and are not intimidated by Doggies. Hopefully, this will help our Doggie cope with frequent squirrel-sightings. :-)




4. Texting may have caused the devastating California train crash?

5. Something I posted back on Sept. 1, 2006. What is your answer to this question?
Nuancing Nuisance is no longer an active blog...stopped posting in 2006 for some reason. Titanium's blog also no longer exists. :-(

What is the prettiest name you have ever heard???
Or the neatest (men usually don't have pretty names....neat yes, pretty no)????

-----"Nuancing Nuisance" said that the prettiest name they have ever heard is "Journey." I think that is a really pretty name for a girl and have never heard of anyone being named that before.
-----Douglas said that the prettiest name he had ever heard is "Corinth." I like reminds me of soap opera or the 80s (that kind of glamor). And, of course, it reminds me of the Bible. :-)

-----"Titanium" posted about a little girl named Heaven.


I posted this video earlier in the week. I think it is awesome and would like to see whatever show this is in. I am trying to teach Doggie how to dance....Doggie stares no doubt thinking I am crazy. :-)

7. No Impact Man.Very dedicated. One of my goals is to eventually have nothing but bodily wastes to throw out...I am not close to achieving that ideal yet.


Your Issue Profile: 60% Obama, 40% McCain

Truth be told, you're not really satisfied with either of the candidates.

You could vote for either of them. You are the typical coveted swing voter.

You may want to narrow yourself down to a particular set of issues in order to pick your president.

Or start looking at third party candidates. One of them might suit you better.

I still don't know who I am voting for. I really don't want to vote for either candidate...but I want to vote for someone who has a REALLY GOOD chance to win. I just don't know. At this point, who do you think is going to get your vote?

9. "The Arabic Austria." Is Iraq any closer to being the Arabic Austria? When you step outside in your country how much beauty do you see?

10. Banned Books Week starts September 27th. Apparently, there will be some events in Second Life this year....but the times and places have not been announced.



12. What you should have in a frugal pantry. I have a grocery-shopping trip coming up in the next few days and I am mulling over what should go on my own stocking-the-panty list.
-----Olive oil is one that I am going to stock up on. Every once-in-a-while I can find it for a good price. We use a lot of olive oil and run out of it at the most inconvenient times. It will also be nice to have extra Olive Oil for shining my sink...I was using Hazelnut Oil but ran out.You have to have read FlyLady to understand about shining your sink (it's a cleaning/organizing thing). :-)



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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where were you?

I love most things EepyBird.


This is awesome. I wish that I knew where this show was at...and if it is still performed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 of the most illuminated buildings on Earth They are beautiful.

Head or Tails Meme. The theme is "recipe."

This list is my narrowed down results for my first "Food Comfort Zones 101" project. This is an ongoing quest of mine.

I started out with 101 items and ruled many out (for one reason or another-not exciting, not practical, I am not sure if I am morally OK with eating whale, will absolutely make me sick, etc.). Now I am left with my "101" the class where you learn all the basics. I am learning how far my Food Comfort Zones go.

I will be blogging this adventure...and learning something about myself/unusual cuisine. I also hope to learn about the Food Comfort Zones of others.

I was happy to share this bit of my life for the Heads or Tails Meme this week. :-)


Is there a dish that you eat which many people would feel is unusual?

Slowly making my way through the posts done for this meme. You have to read "The Recipe" at the bottom of Anthony North's post. This made me smile....dark humor.

Time to actually start on a goal of mine.....

I want to try to learn both freehand and glowstringing. I realize that it is not the best equipment possible....but I will be hitting the stores after Halloween for cheap glowsticks.

I am very much a clutz....perception/vision problems. Still, I think that I can become very good at glowsticking....and intend to. :-)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Lasik right for TheBluestButterfly?

I am not really sure that Lasik would ever be an option for me....but I read about it a little every once-in-a-while. The reason that I am so interested is that I have an eye problem where one of my eyes is always point outwards (sometimes so bad that you can only see white). My eye problem causes me a lot of emotional pain because of the obvious/blatant reactions of those I encounter. It also makes many daily tasks vision.

Sometimes I make artwork out of my vision problems.

I have been to a lot of specialists about my eyes...and each suggests (or hopes I will take in order to further their research/reputation) a more dangerous option. I don't want to do anything dangerous or that would possibly leave me with a worse problem that I started with.

Safety, is my main concern with is laser correction,after all. Of course, there is the question of whether I am a good candidate for Lasik. Lastly, I would be concerned about damaging my eyes during the recovery period (getting dust in them and so on). Like I have done so many times, I am looking at my options and deciding if this is a viable procedure for me.

As far as Lasik goes, some pretty reliable sources have decided that LASIK technology is safe. NASA,the DOD (Department of Defense) and the U.S. military have had mission-critical personnel undergo Lasik.

Modern LASIK (known as the iLASIK™ Procedure) uses 2 lasers. In the first stage of iLASIK, "wave-front technology" maps out all the characteristics of the patient's eyes. Next, an ultrafast, computer-guided laser creates a "corneal flap." I am not sure that I understand what wave-front technology is....but I plan to find out.

The laser creating the corneal flap replaces the "handheld microkeratome blade" used in older forms of LASIK and is said to make the procedure very SAFE. I am going to see if I can find some sort of demonstration video and statistics on this. Like I said, I doubt that I will be eligible for this, but would do it if the procedure were safe and might help.

After the creation of the corneal flap, the wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for the vision correction. The thing with me is that I test well for vision...but obviously do not have good vision. When I concentrate, as on a vision test, I can pass with flying colors...though the obvious impairment is still present. I just don't know...this procedure might be like glasses for me (only a TINY effect).

Then there is my thyroid problems....not supposed to have surgeries. I would think that this wouldn't qualify as a normal surgery...but I don't know for sure yet.

As I said, I am weighing my options regarding Lasik. Cousin has had it and it seems to be working well....goes around telling everyone about how wonderful it is. Cousin told me that the only thing one has to get used to is not having glasses on one's head....which takes a lot of getting used to if you aren't supposed to wear glasses all the time and often push them up there (like me). Anyway....maybe my eye problems will have a laser-assisted happy ending. :-)

LASIK information


R.I.P to a Pink Floyd Member

Me sitting in Second Life at Grizzy's Cafe at a 70s house party. By the water.Varied and relaxing music played by a DJ named Ed (I couldn't make out what his last name was).

I went virtual water-skiing,too. Got stuck underneath what looked like a helicopter pad....smoke was coming up all over the place. Rode the water ski a little around the sand, too. Left when someone saw my weirdness. I am pretty shy in Second Life...eventually I will learn how to do the animation and so on. I am glad that it is generally not possible to cause property damage in Second Life. :-)

I also danced on the beach by myself for a while. Husband suggested that maybe I could dance in the bonfire...essentially I could. That looked neat and was fun.

So relaxing....and then it got sad. Ed mentioned that one of the members of Pink Floyd died. I learned from @fotographic that it was Richard Wright who passed away. Another victim of cancer. :-(

Banzai/Pickled Onions

I love the game, Banzai. It is a game where one uses chopsticks to be little plastic sushi on the outcome of a video clip. Today, I have been watching some of the clips by myself and guessing what I think is going to happen.

I don't think that I could/would participate in the "Painful Pickled Onion" puzzle. I guessed the wrong child for this one (no children experienced the "painful part). I don't know that I could ever train myself to do things like the man in the clip-no matter how many times I practiced something like that, I would be afraid that something would go wrong.

Of the clips, I guessed 1 0f 4 correct....I usually do better. Husband watched one clip with me....and I guessed it right. :-) There was a man who guzzled gravy....another thing I don't think I could do.


-----Pickled Onion recipe....can be served on grilled bratwurst pre-heated in beer. I will be trying this....I can't imagine how it tastes.
-----Fish and Pickled Onion sandwich recipe.....uses catfish and Vidalia onions (two things I like a lot).
-----Strip Steaks with Roasted Poblano and Pickled Onion Relish. A recipe for the grill.

The Pickled Onion Bar & Grille (Massachusetts)...I have applied to be their friend on MySpace
The Pickled Onion Pub (Washington State)....authentic English Soccer Pub
The Pickled Onions Bar & Grille (Ontario)

Karl Rove is now saying that McCain's ads have gone too far (site includes a video of Rove)
-----George Takei gets married.

Wedding Photo Turned Canvas Pop Art - Free videos are just a click away
"A new example of a pop art example from PhotoCrazed Canvas art gallery. This couple wanted to turn their wedding photo into a canvas pop art painting. They chose a unique pop art design and see what they got! Turn your wedding photos into canvas pop art."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In My Second Life.....

I am looking forward to Burning Life 2008. I just got a new handbag as a gift in is black and white with "Burning Life" on it. I like free clothing...even virtual free clothing.

Last year, when I attended, the thing that I loved was the music. There are a lot of great DJs at Burning Life.

A lot of the artwork made me think....glad that I will get to see more of it this year (my schedule prohibited me from seeing the good majority of it last year.

My avatar in Second Life is "Thebluestbutterfly Writer." I can often be found on a sofa somewhere listening to music.


Speaking of music:
Right now in RL (real life), I am currently trying to learn the lyrics to Green Day's "American Idiot" for karaoke. Well maybe that wouldn't go over to well for a public karaoke...the lyrics might get on a political nerve. Maybe, I will just sing it for personal karaoke...for my Spring Cleaned party. Yes, I am odd....having a small dinner party in the Spring to show off my Spring Cleaning. :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thrifty finds

I want to get new chains for is too cheap (I will actually be allergic) and one is just too shiny and thick (the gold chain).

The chain I will have a reaction to will likely go back to the thrift shop....or to another that is more likely to accept it. The gold chain will be used for something that it looks better with. So....counting the gold chain....I ended up with three pieces for about $2.80.

Sometimes, I might wear the gold chain with the rose piece. I will likely also make different things to hang the glass bauble from....braided leather strips for a choker for instance.

Pretty jewelry, yes?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Richard Michael Caproni, 34

from Lynbrook, Nassau County,New York
Senior accounting specialist, Marsh & McLennan
February 9, 1967 - September 11, 2001

3 weeks before September 11, Richard, affectionately called "Richie", had just purchased his first home:
His sister, Lisa, was still decorating the place in denim-blue and wood hues. He told her no fussy, floral motifs. "He was proud of buying that apartment," she said. "Because he was on his own."
"He just had to unpack a little more," his sister said. "And he was good to go."
Can you imagine how hard it was to look at this apartment for whoever had to sort it out??? :-(

I started reading about Richard as a part of the "2,996 Voices Project" (which started in 2006)...a tribute to those lost on September 11th. I really wanted to get to know him. I looked to find Richard's "voice" and I couldn't find more than the many lists of names that people put up but finally...I found from a memorial page that:
-He was definitely a Giants fan. If I hadn't been trying to get to know Richard more, I wouldn't have found out that they have an Oktoberfest....which I definitely want to attend at some point. I, of course, would pick out some good German restaurants to o with the Oktoberfest football. I can thank Richard for finding out about this tradition. :-)
-Richard made his co-workers smile
-He seemed pretty proud of his siblings.
-He was great at pep work, on a football field...just about everywhere it would seem.
-He was good at singalongs...planned & impromptu. The story of him singing "The Love Boat" as two teenagers walked by holding hands made me smile.
-I think he was a Springsteen am I. I wonder what his favorite Springsteen was. In any case, now when I hear Springsteen I will think of him.
-He had a lot of really good, longtime friendships...I am especially glad of this for him as he had such a short life.
-A lot of young women seemed to have a crush on him. I would imagine that one day he would have fallen deeply in love...and lived happily ever after. :-(
-He liked "Malcolm in the Middle" & "The Sopranos." I have never watched an entire episode, or even most of an episode of The Sopranos. Maybe get the Sopranos on it and think of Michael Caproni. :-)

One memorial entry said that his parents, Richard and Dee, are the nicest people that they know. I have also read that Richard's father is (or was-I am not sure if he is retired) and was the type of coach who really had the respect of his players....the kind of person who respects the lives of others profoundly.
-Last year Richard's parents encouraged people to do something happy on September 11...that is what people should do on the anniversary of deaths-something good in memory of that person.
-Hugs to his parents...big hugs...imagine thinking that your son was safe during such a tragedy...then finding out that they had gone in early & perished. :-(
-And this year Richard's father made another point about the holiday:
My fear, besides the obvious safety concerns, is that Sept. 11 would soon have the word “Sale” plastered around it, as it does now for Memorial, Labor and Veteran’s day.
It’s why this must be emphasized from Richard Caproni, father of Richard Michael Caproni, who died in the north tower.
“We would feel horrible if this ever turned into a hamburger or hot dog kind of day,” Richard Caproni said.

On September 11, by all accounts I have read, Richard decided to go to work early.
Many of his co-workers were also at the office. :-(
According to the Marsh & McLennan entry on Wikipedia this is what happened:
-"295 employees were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks; they were working in Marsh's One World Trade Center offices located at the impact zone."
The plane ripped a path across floors 94 to 98, directly into the office of Marsh & McLennan, shredding steel columns, wallboard, filing cabinets and computer-laden desks. Its fuel ignited and incinerated everything in its way. The plane's landing gear hurtled through the south side of the building, winding up on Rector Street, five blocks away."
I cried when I read about how close the impact was.

This is the memorial page that the company keeps for everyone that was there that is Richard's entry
-it tells about his great love of movies & how much he was loved by other people. He loved football & was in many wedding parties. I think that Richard was probably very easy to get along with...sounds like someone who was a good friend.
-Acoording to their website, MMC does have a permanent memorial:
"MMC's September 11 memorial is located in the plaza adjacent to the company's headquarters at 1166 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The plaza is open seven days week, except holidays. From May 15 to September 14, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. From September 14 to May 15, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m."

-I have mentioned it before on this blog....this is the quilt that was done for Richard as a part of the "United in Memory" project.
----Richard is on the Bellevue Hospital Wall of Prayer. This was something done by family/friends looking for their missing loved ones in the time shortly after September 11 & has been kept up as a permanent memorial.

To Richard:

I read through every entry of your name. I found enough to know that you were a very nice person.

As the years go by, I will be keeping your family in my prayers. I am keeping to that promise to keep you & your family in my prayers...this is the third year I have posted about you on this tragic day.

This year I am also starting a tribute to Mary (Molly) Herencia. I am looking foward to getting to know more about her. :-)

Mary (Molly) Herencia

Why it would have been nice to know you:
-----People with a nickname like "Molly" are usually spunky. At least, I think of people with the name Molly as being spunky. Mary had an Irish wit....that makes her extra-spunky (absolutely delightful to be around).
-----Molly was the best sister-in law anyone could have. She was a wonderful mother to her kids and always had a warm smile on her face. She was such a bright star among people who know her. I will always remember you for the sweet, kind and generous person you were. Never had a bad word to say about anyone. You are an angel in my eyes. (Posted by Doris on the 9-11 Heroes site...a neat site that posts a flower each time someone visits....Molly had 757 flowers when I visited.)
Wouldn't we all like to have someone speak sincerely about us like that? If you know someone who deserves similar words....go and say them remembrance of's important.
-----Mary was an insurance broker for Aon Corp.
-----Portrait of Molly as a mother. You have to admire a woman who can communicate just by coughing. A woman of great strength who wasn't a complainer...that is the impression I get.
-----A mother of twin boys.

Today I will be thinking about Mary Herencia...the person that I have decided to get to know this September 11th. I will be attempting to get to know her better via my online efforts. I feel like I know Michael Caproni, the man who I have written about for the last three years.

We are all the legacy of those who perished on 9/11. I want to be a great about you?


Today I am visiting other posts in the 2,996 Voices Project. I learned about Michael Benjamin example of the kind of parent that I admire. He reminds me of some of the good homeschooling parents. When his child wanted to learn about bulldozers, he arranged to have a bulldozer come to his house. Neat parent. I am sure that both of his children have plenty of memories to smile at. Each happy memory is like a continued hug.

Joe Felice shows the artifacts that he picked up after the September 11th explosions in NYC.

In My Life.....

-----Cool. The up-coming Star Trek movie is now my Friend on MySpace. :-)
-----Reading a short story by John Cheever called "Just Tell Me Who It Was." I like the writings of John Cheever's son Ben. I am particularly fond of a book of Ben Cheever's called "Selling Ben Cheever"....about what it is like to work low-paying jobs.
-----Started reading the book "Jennifer Government" by Maxx Barry...a library book. One of the games that I play, NationStates, is based off this. I am a player of NationStates2 Beta, by the much more interactive, I love it thus far.
-----I am excited about attending Burning Life again this year. Some great DJs come out for this....and I love to listen to the music. Looking at the sights during this virtual fest makes me smile....and think. An entertaining,worthwhile experience. My avatar in Second Life is "Thebluestbutterfly Writer."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-)

1. What do you think of McCain being ahead in the polls? I don't know who I am voting for...but it will be based on my careful comparison of the candidates. I will not take my decision lightly....or blindly believe each media claim about the candidates. Sometimes the way we initially vote for a politician reminds me of zombies.....hence, an excuse to post The Hooters "All You Zombies." Hopefully, we don't suddenly wake up and realize that we voted for the wrong person this time. Now, here are the zombies:

2. How many celebrity chefs actually work at their own restaurants? As far as TV goes, it seems like there is an epidemic of celebrity chefs...accompanied by restaurants. If I were to go to one of these restaurants, I would not expect one of these chefs to be there...only to know that the restaurant continued to be inspired by that chef's techniques. I would also expect the chef to have continued say and even visit as often as he/she could. Of course, the more actual connection with the chef, the more I might want to visit.....but I am very interested in gastronomy.
-----I am interested in "Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley" when it opens...he says that he will be in the kitchen.
-----The Ronald McDonald comment on the page I just linked to made me laugh. :-)

3. Robbers have raided Obama's ancestral home in Kenya.

4. This was one of the most happy endings I have heard in a long time....father and son are saved by chanting a Disney motto. Another happy ending is this post-"Blind Dating, Italian Style."

5. Stephen Hawking says that the Large Hadron Collider is absolutely safe. He also has a bet going that it won't find what is being looked for. (Video)

6. The Atlantis astronauts are getting ready for a slightly risky Hubble mission.

7. I collect rocks..including everyday-looks-interesting finds (especially if on vacation). I am glad that I don't live anywhere that I might pick up explosives that look like interesting rocks.

8. Early lives of 10 VP wives.

9. The OJ jury is almost picked. The selection is coming along quickly in part due to the fact that jurors are putting in 10-hour days.

10. I am glad that participating in Kiva is coming along well for me. I have re-invested my original loan (which was re-paid). I am now helping a couple who owns a grocery store in Cambodia to be able to rent out extra rooms. Kiva is a way of helping small businesses in developing countries.....each lender gives a small amount to add up to the loan. Kiva makes me smile. :-)

11. Australia opens its first human-rights-friendly prison. There are no bars.

12. Sarah Palin's son is due to leave for Iraq today (Sept. 11th).

13. "Top 10 Crimes Against Nature." Details some of the serious risks of cosmetic procedures.

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Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. :-)

And....I know it is 14....but I needed to post this.

Technorati tag:

LifeLock Promotion Code RD32=Free Trial.....and a discount.

I read a lot about LifeLock....considered America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. I have started seeing LifeLock mentioned more and more in the news. Though I would not find this service helpful right now, I think it could be helpful to people who have a lot of credit cards to keep track of.

The value of LifeLock is ease-of-use and peace-of-mind. From what I can tell, LifeLock acts very quickly when your identity has been compromised. One of the things that LifeLock does is to call the Credit Bureaus and ask for fraud alerts on accounts. LifeLock takes it one stop further....and actually remembers to renew those fraud alerts (something I would bet that a lot of identity-compromised individuals don't remember to do).

LifeLock guarantees your identity up to 1,000,000 dollars!

What does LifeLock do?
-Replaces documents if your purse/wallet is lost or stolen ("WalletLock")
-Places/renews the fraud alerts
-Performs "ERecon."...scans the Internet for private info that shouldn't be on the Internet.
-Removes your name from phone solicitation and junk mail lists.

What steps do you take to protect your identity? If you take none, you really should. Think about one is going to do it for you (unless you have a service like LifeLock). A lot of stores don't want to police this area any more and have gone to systems that offer automatic approval (even when the person signing IS NOT the person who actually owns the card).

You can't really blame the stores....having worked retail, I can tell you that some identity thieves get almost violent when you call them out. While some store employees are lazy....others stop following the steps after having one too many extreme encounters.

It is just a losing now we have to take other steps to protect the identities that are so closely tied to these little pieces of plastic. You can rest assured that the identity thieves are taking steps to make sure that they get the most use out of your identity.

-----I would appreciate your thoughts and tips on this issue.

lifelock promotion code
lifelock review
value of life lock

In My Life......

-----Made a wonderful Mushroom, Onion and Sherry Soup. I actually used 2 Johnsonville Stadium Style Brats as the meat. Next time, I may use sirloin....but it was REALLY good with the brats. Husband said it was possibly the best soup I have ever made. :-)
-----Doggie is always so happy to see me when I come back from having to go anywhere. It is these kind of things that are a blessing in life.
-----I am sure you will....but take some time to think of September 11 tomorrow. Do something in rememberance. I will be participating in the 2,996 Voices project on-and-of all day.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Personal Loans, Small Business Loans and other helpful stuff.

Personal Loans...are something that I might consider in my credit improvement efforts. Besides debt consolidation, personal loans are good for things like vacation and home improvements. I understand a personal loan to be basically an effort to either get back on one's feet, keep up with other financial obligations while undertaking something massive or to meet unexpected expenses (like a natural disaster or broken automobile).

Loans with are decided quickly. That is nice. The only time that I have ever explored personal loans, the wait was the most excruciating part.

If a company can make me feel a little more at ease, by being able to advise me on and successfully carry out a small personal loan, then I would trust them for Small Business Loans.

As I need a fairly large facility for what I have in mind, loans and grants are a more difficult thing to get. I will think very carefully about financing options with my future coffee shop. :-)

Lately, I have been coming out and asking small businesses for advice on startup finances (and any other tips they may have). If you are not going to be direct competition, it doesn't hurt to ask. I know that I will likely have to go with some sort of loan though. Startup advice, anyone???

Startup Loans can help with equipment (lots for a good coffee shop),cash flow,payroll ( still don't know how many employees I will need to start),advertising/marketing (I don't think I will need much....I am the Word-Of-Mouth/Internet Queen), building improvements and the many unexpected bills that come a business owner's way.

Monday, September 08, 2008

In Grand RickRolling Tradition.....

Doing research to figure out who I am going to vote for....and came across this.

Posting this is the only thing close to RickRolling I have ever done. :-)

I still don't know who I am voting for. If you are undecided, what is keeping you from making the decision? I am still going through and comparing the stance on issues. I also need to decide which man I find more trustworthy.


Jury selection for O.J. Simpson started today. Of course, there is concern that jurors might want to convict O.J. based on what happened to his wife in 1994. I don't know that it would be completely possible to get away from bias in a case like this.

Whatever happens, it will be another chapter in pop culture.

Many of the chapters of pop culture read like a street circus:
"And if last fall's preliminary hearing is any hint, the courthouse sidewalks should be jammed with gaggles of publicity-seeking costume wearers, God-fearing sign toters, Simpson supporters, Simpson haters and curiosity seekers taking it all in."

Always looking at light fixtures....

As frequent readers know (and easy to figure out), I want to open a coffee shop at some point in the fairly near future. I spend a lot of time figuring out equipment/furnishings....atmosphere is important.

This evening looking at Farrey's is a fourth-generation company. :-) I would imagine that the showrooms are beautiful.Farrey's offers hundreds of thousands of light fixtures! There are a lot of things for me to look through in my search for the perfect atmosphere....with perfect functionality.

Depending on the height of whatever facility I go with, I will be using ceiling fans and ceiling light fixtures. I think that, knowing my penchant for finding new things, I will need every bit of wall space possible. Besides, ceiling fans might save on the air conditioning. :-)

The only thing that I fret about when I think of overhead lighting/fans is cleaning. This is the first time that I have ever found brushes for sale. Dusty/dirty ceiling fans make me sick....from looking at them and from the ALLERGIES! With easily usable brushes, even chandeliers might be nice.

Of course, chandeliers involve a little extra maintenance (more pieces). In my ideal world, the more romantic chandeliers would be affordable. I don't think employees will like the cleaning routine on the 20 Light Romance Chandelier by Metropolitan...but this sure would be beautiful.

A business requires such a variety of light fixtures. This includes bathroom light fixtures.....gloomy bathrooms at food establishments are the worst. Nothing like going to visit a dungeon between meals. I want adequate lighting.

I like looking at sites like this....they make me think about all the elements that go into maintaining a facility.When I do figure out EXACTLY what I am going with...I am glad that there are companies like this that have competitive pricing. Someday, it will all fall together. :-)

I didn't know there were polar bears in Oz.

Polar bears turn green in Japan....literally.

Is it good for a polar bear to be exposed to large amounts of algae? From what I understand, the algae grows inside the hairs (which are hollow). That usually turns the bear pale green...I remember seeing a bear like this at a zoo as a child. Would larger amounts of algae than normal create a risk of the algae blooming???

Election 2008

Photo by Kristin Price
Licensed photo. DO NOT COPY

-----Tom Hanks for President? Joan Rivers very CANDID thoughts on the candidates.
-----Who is winning online? The comments to this post also shed light on who is possibly winning on the Internet. It is through this post that I found "McCain News" on Twitter.
-----I try to follow all politicians on Twitter....I want to know what is going on. My beef about the Twitter feeds is that it is often hard to find a candidate's Twitter feeds...they don't exactly advertise that they utilize such. I find the candidates with ill-maintained Twitter feeds AGGRAVATING.
-----Is a vote for Barack Obama a vote for the United Nations?

I am wondering what the public's reaction would be if Sarah Palin's daughter had an abortion before she was announced as the running mate? An abortion before the election? What about after the election? What if Sarah were running for President or were President when the abortion occurred?

We clearly have a lot to say about teenage pregnancy among those we consider celebrities.....what would public reaction be to a teenage celebrity having an abortion? This kind of situation will happen sooner or later with some famous young person.

Would the father's rights issue suddenly become something we must do something about....if it were the President's daughter denying a father rights or aborting against his wishes?

Political candidates seem to come with more ordinary personal lives....not white-bread but complete with the real issues that many in this country face and discuss. It's certainly a different world for everyone.

O.J. everyday....again.

Jury selection for O.J. Simpson starts today and will take a week or longer. He could face life in prison.

Will it be as much of a carnival this time? Well..apparently, yes.
"And if last fall's preliminary hearing is any hint, the courthouse sidewalks should be jammed with gaggles of publicity-seeking costume wearers, God-fearing sign toters, Simpson supporters, Simpson haters and curiosity seekers taking it all in."
What surprised me was that this is not considered a very unusual case....other than whom the case is about.

If O.J. is convicted, I am wondering what he is going to do with the rest of his life....besides being incarcerated. I would hope that he would use his notoriety to attempt doing some good in the world.

A gloomy thought....but O.J. is 61. Depending on his health, any conviction could be the rest of his life. I wonder how often people who are nearing elderly are convicted of armed robbery.....what a sad way to spend the end stages of life when one has family.

From the videos that the Associated Press has placed on YouTube. In this video, we see some of the memorabilia in question. A different motive and account of what happened is given than what I have heard before.

I am participating in Project 2,996 again this year.

  • Graphic Provided by Mysterious Lady

    Since 2006, I have written about Richard M. Caproni who died in the World Trade Center.

  • 2008 Signup

    "We will honor them by remembering their lives, and not by remembering their murderers."

  • _____________

    You can still leave a memory/thought/prayer concerning Richard on his guestbook. :-)

    Election Thoughts.
    I am still undecided as to who I am voting for.

    Photo by Kristin Price
    Licensed photo. DO NOT COPY

    What Ben Stein thinks of Sarah Palin (video). What do you think of her? The VP doesn't have to necessarily totally be just like the President in viewpoints....just has to be someone that can assist the President well and would be a viable person to lead should something happen to the President. Do you think that Palin was chosen with the long-term in mind...or winning the election?

    Do you think that candidates actually think about whether their running mate would lead well if something happened to them? Do you think that whether a person would lead well is taken into effect for other positions that could be President as the result of an emergency??? Has there ever been a U.S. Presidency where the people disliked the VP more than the President???....wondering.

    I was thinking further on this. Say McCain had a stroke tomorrow, would Sarah Palin be qualified to be President....definitely NOT from what I can tell. So, if McCain has a stroke one day after Inauguration, she's suddenly qualified? A vote for McCain means that one has confidence in Palin's learning abilities and McCain's health.

    "Obama Takes First Direct Shot at Palin" (with video)

    Then there are mentions of McCain's temper. Are there more recent examples of temper loss? Are there examples of Obama losing his temper before his run for President?

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Home Sweet Home

    Among other things real-estate-wise, I would someday like to farm/ranch and have long admired when a person builds/designs their own home. Yes, I love where we live now....but someday or other we might move. I am a big advocate of anything is can build a dream home a little-at-a-time. :-) is an interesting site. I know that I would want a house large enough to offer lots of hospitality (something I consider to be a duty/pleasure) but small enough so as not to have maintenance be a waste of resources. I like that there is a place to keep track of one's favorites when browsing through this website....and plan to take advantage of that feature often as I learn more about blueprints and so on. I think that when one makes their house decision, they should be as knowledgeable as possible (and a person should be proud of such learning).

    Farmhouse plans :-) If one approaches this from an educated stance, it is so much less expensive to build one's own than to hire an architect. Or, at least it is easier on the current finances if you live somewhere else and finish your Home at your own pace.

    There are also project plans on HousePlansAndMore that might be useful for our current residence. I am fond of this picnic table....I find the shape very aesthetically pleasing. I also find the price for the plan pretty affordable. I love anything that makes one's yard more enjoyable.

    HousePlansAndMore includes plans for yard art. I am particularly into Christmas and Halloween, I was happy to see these. My fave so far is this igloo wood art project (which I would keep up all Winter).

    -----Contemporary house plans....I do like the provisions for lots of light in most Contemporary house plans.
    -----French Country House Plans...I am rather fond of cottage homes...with lush landscaping. Think a cottage surrounded by palms,vines and lanais. :-) Beautiful and peaceful.

    -----Home Plans

    Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

    1. 13 Recipes:
    -----Breakfast Cherry Baskets...little pies. :-)
    -----Fennel and Chicken Flatbread...I really want to try this one. Reminds me of pizza. I don't know if I have ever had fennel.
    -----A couple of recipes for Sweet and Sour Hot Dogs. I actually saw recipes for Sweet and Sour Hot Dogs in my mother's recipe box growing up if I remember correctly...if not there, then in one of her recipe books.
    -----Copa Verde...a cocktail that uses avacados. I didn't know that an avacado ice cream is served in Mexico...said to be pretty good. I would try both (the Copa Verde and the avacado ice cream). I will also try the Copa Verde with a splash of Mountain Dew, as suggest in the comments on the page I linked to....creates a nice effect.
    -----Buzzard's Breath Barbecue Sauce
    -----Grilled Cajun Style Gator Tail. I have never had alligator meat.
    -----Texas Armadillo. I didn't know that people ate armadillo meat.
    -----Spanish Crostini. Uses tomato caviar....and tells how to get tomato "caviar." Also has Manchego cheese (which I have not tried). Oh, and garlic...we are pretty passionate about garlic around this house. :-)
    -----Poke Sallet with potlikker
    -----Apple catsup...suppose to be excellent with roast pork, ham, goose or duck.
    -----Cajun Meatloaf
    -----Thai Iced Coffee (with video). One of the more economical coffee recipes that I have come across.
    -----Avocado Mayonnaise

    2. 13 Online Magazines:
    Vanity Fair....I was intensely interested a while back when a child of JFK may have been found. Now that I am reading the online version, I am reading about things that may have belonged to Marilyn Monroe. I would like to get a Blockhead! game....looks like it might be like Jenga (one of my fave games).
    Freedom investigative reporting magazine published by the Church of Scientology. I want to read the articles....though I am not a Scientologist....and will not, necessarily, agree with the findings of someone who is a Scientologist. Still, I am going to read through some of the articles.

    3. I play NationStates. 13 things about my Nation:
    -----The Community of Bluestbutterfly is an "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy." Honestly, I don't know what the Centrist part means...the game classifies every country and your classification can change depending on the legislation passed. Clearly, the author of this game knows a lot about politics.
    -----The motto of Bluestbutterfly is "A happy butterfly finds the path over the rainbow."
    NationStates is an interesting game. Like in the real world, legislation does not always work the way you planned. I love this game....though I would like to see faster or more varied gameplay. I have reserved the "Community of Bluestbutterfly" for when Nation States 2 comes out. I have not read the book that the game is based on...."Jennifer Government." I am now waiting for Jennifer Government to arrive from a library (mine doesn't have it).

    5. 13 Great Websites: really great search engine. I can see the contents of the page before I click. This often saves me time and I find more interesting things. I love this search engine. A visual search engine.
    -----JobVent....a site to vent and warn others. Maybe some company will read this and change their ways. A really great site....companies are evaluated on several criteria. It's not all bad...people that are happy with their job (or aspects of it) are on here, too. This site can really help with your job search. :-)
    -----WhistleStopCafe....of Fried Green Tomatoes fame. Batters,seasonings, cookbooks and recipes. I have had them listed in my sidebar for a while. Free recipes with step-by-step photos. The next recipe that I am trying is the Sherry and Mushroom I have both sherry and mushrooms that I have to use up.

    6. 13 Things that I have done this week:
    -----Worried about the well-being of a friend.
    -----Planned things for my kitchen. I can not afford culinary, I am going to use the Internet to learn what I need. At the same time I am doing this, I will be blogging my culinary adventures and creating a training program for when I open a coffee shop.
    -----Researched foods that are good for Doggie. I want to make some sort of a salsa but with raw or mashed carrots instead of tomatoes (depending on what research you read tomatoes are not good for dogs....and all agree the green parts are NOT safe for dogs). I like foods that both dogs and humans can eat.
    -----Learned that MacKenzie Phillips has been arrested for heroin possession....this made me sad. I hadn't thought about her half-sister's band Wilson Phillips in a long time...thinking about their singing made me sing.
    -----Worked with Doggie who is learning various tricks. Doggie has started learning "Dance" as a command. Watching Doggie like a hawk as Doggie eats WHATEVER when bored or if it smells good. Another thing to keep Doggie learning/not bored.....building some climbing/obstacle equipment for play....researching this.
    -----Fascinated with the idea of making carrot marmalade.
    -----Picked up library books that I had on hold....some Frugal Gourmet titles and a book on frugal gardening.
    -----Watched the original "Little Shop of Horrors." Funny and very entertaining.
    -----Watched America's Top Model. Too corny in places and really exciting in others. I am looking forward to this season.
    -----Introduced Friend1 to Checker's French Fries (and Checkerburgers). Friend1 loved the French Fries. I found ideas to imitate them....and shall be trying. Of course, I will be getting the real thing. I used a great coupon....proving yet again that one can be super-frugal and still eat out.

    7. 13 Political Discussions on YahooAnswers:
    -----What do you think of McCain saying that he "doesn't work for a party?"
    -----What foreign policy experience does Obama have???
    -----Do you really believe all of Obama's promises???
    -----Poll:Are you claiming any government assistance?
    -----Are the November elections going to be the biggest in history?
    -----Which potential first lady would be better for the country?
    -----What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin?
    -----Who would the terrorists like to see as our next President?
    -----Would you have voted for McCain before he picked Palin as his running mate?
    -----"Do you think even Obama realizes he's unqualified to be President?" I was SHOCKED by the lack of education on McCain's side and now need to go through and rationalize if I vote for him (based on decision-record and experience). I am STILL undecided as to whom I will vote for...and consider this a very important year.
    -----What good things has Sarah Palin done in her political career?
    -----Do you believe that McCain is going to bring change?
    -----Who do you think will win? Is it who you want to win? What are you doing to support your candidate? If you are still deciding, what info are you looking at in helping to make that decision?

    8. 13 Twitterers:
    -----Wil Wheaton. For those not as familiar with the Net...yes, this IS Wil Wheaton.
    -----John Edwards. I don't know if this is the real John Edwards. I wish that the Twitter stream were not just a listing of events that John Edwards is attending.
    -----Barack Obama. From what I have seen mainly as list of events...but at least tells what the speeches will be about.
    -----Andromeda Edison
    -----Patrick Wilson (of Weezer). I am hooked on the song "Pork and Beans." I wish Patrick would Twitter more often.
    -----Joe Biden
    -----Nancy Pelosi....more personal in Twitter feed than some politicians. Though one may not agree with her, Ms. Pelosi always makes it clear exactly where she stands on issues.
    -----Deb Puchalla(Editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine)

    9. 13 things making me scratch my head:
    -----Construction workers that start work at an hour that is surely illegal.I have had to turn two things on our TV's volume settings up....ALL THE WAY and VERY far. I can not hear over the jackhammers. Must go take ibuprofen and look up construction laws for residential areas. Seems like they are taking a break now....too much to hope for that they are done. No, of course, they are not done.
    -----Life's humor that just seems to fall into place. I was wearing a Branson t-shirt and husband happened to notice that my seatbelt made it say "Bra on."
    -----The weather person who can not pronounce the name of the state he is supposedly in.
    -----People who don't get why other nations get involved in their "politics." We are all human beings and all deserve to be treated humanely.
    -----Drinking Sangria always makes me sick. I don't know why and want to figure out the reason.
    -----I don't understand the issue with music and the McCain campaign. I think that I would just stop using the song if it upset an artist. Imagine, how you would feel if a song that you poured your heart into was used to support someone you disagreed with....especially if they continued to legally use it in the future (when they have perhaps enacted some awful decisions). Copyright or not...I think this is a matter of respect. Copyright or not....given the emotions that politics incite, permission should have been asked. Legal right or not....songs should not be used for political purposes without the go-ahead of the artist. Furthermore, imagine the lawsuit that one could bring if the song becomes permanently associated with a candidate that the artist views as despicable.
    -----Aggravated by businesses who make it difficult to make a payment. What is the point of having it be difficult to find out where/how to make a payment????? Is it more expensive to put your address/payment button where people can find it??? AGGRAVATED.
    -----The Hadron Collider Project over in Europe. It will recreate the way conditions were after "The Big Bang." This seems dangerous to me.
    -----Saw a commentator on the news describing something as a "Jenny that has been released from the bottle." Not the first time that I have heard this. It's cruel to bottle those Jenny's. :-)
    -----If we have a bag of potatoes in our kitchen, it ALWAYS goes bad. I just don't understand....we have tried so many different containers and storage methods. My plants that need humidity, don't get enough the potatoes should be happy.
    -----Alcohol that tastes good in recipes often doesn't taste good to drink. We have some vermouth and a sherry that I would never drink.
    -----Trailers of Shirley McClaine as Coco Chanel just look like Shirley McClaine to me. I don't know who I would have cast as Coco Chanel.

    10. 13 things Corn-on-the-Cob:
    -----DO NOT feed your dog corn-on-the-cob. Do not let them get the husks out of the garbage, either. Dangerous. Corn cobs are protected and go out immediately after eating at our house....Doggie is particularly attracted to their smell.
    -----There is a fest for everything. There is, of course, a fest called "Corn on the Cob Days."
    -----How to freeze corn from corn-on-the-cob....with LOTS of photos. :-)
    -----How to can corn from corn-on-the-cob...also with LOTS of photos. :-)
    -----What to do with leftover corn-on-the cob
    -----Recipe for smoked corn-on-the-cob


    12. 13 Things Patrick Swayze:
    -----Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club
    -----In November, there is to be a special-edition DVD of Dirty Dancing coming toward "Girl's Nights." There will be commentaries...I love commentaries.
    -----"No One Puts Swayze in the Corner." I am not a big fan of tabloids following people around...but I loved the title here and was happy to actually hear when Patrick said "I'm a miracle."
    -----I didn't know that Swayze had commented on the Mel Gibson drunk-driving incident.
    -----Patrick is listed in the Uncyclopedia
    -----What reaction do you have to this video?
    -----Patrick Swayze STILL smoking on the set of his new movie. Reports don't mention how much he has smoked after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...or what doctors think of that smoking-level. -----Patrick's words about when he was young & struggling in NYC...and how it has affected his life. ------I haven't seen "North and South" on TV in a long time....I might have to buy the collection. I don't remember this series very well. I am wondering what the age rating is...if it might be helpful for home-schooling at some age. I am also wondering if there is a novelization of this series. -----The last rumor that I have read is that Patrick Swayze will not be in the Point Break sequel...if there is a Point Break sequel. :-( -----I have read plenty of rumors that Mr. Swayze might star in a sequel to Dirty Dancing. -----I have never seen the movie "Keeping Mum." If you have seen it, did you like it? -----SURPRISE: Patrick Swayze made an appeal and manned phones at the Stand Up to Cancer Telethon (Friday) 13. 13 Gourmet Foods with Rum: ____________

    OK....I give up. I enjoyed doing this for my Thirteen. I need to start earlier if I want to complete something like this though....or just have my schedule allow for more things like this. Enjoy what I posted though. I will try this again.

    :-) 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 2009-06-11 daily 0.5