Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have no luggage.....

When we go on trips, I pack a few backpacks and a few tote bags and my laptop bag. You can imagine how much of a struggle it is getting from one place to another with five or six bags slung all over oneself. It also takes a long time to pack all these tiny bags not designed for travel. Aside, from the comedy value....this will not work for longer trips.

If all goes well we will be visiting New England next year...for a cruise! Plus, taking a trip to Niagra Falls at some point in the next few years. I also have miscellaneous relative visits planned. I will be needing actual luggage. :-)

I don't need designer luggage...just something functional. Also something I am pretty klutzy and bump into EVERYTHING.

I have been looking through the website of Village Luggage and Gifts. This site carries desk accessories, canes, and assorted gifts....but I am avidly interested in finding a workable luggage set for myself.

I like the ProLite it is professional looking yet affordable. A better choice for me might be the Swiss Army Luggage (remember my clumsy tendency).

Village Luggage and Gifts also carries garment bags and duffel bags....this would be so much better than my usual backpack assortment. I even carry a full-size iron and press clothes when I travel. Perhaps, I would still stow the iron in the car....perhaps I should have done this all along instead of lugging things. Anyway new bags would help a lot. :-)

Monogramming is free and that goes a little way to keeping one's luggage safer. I am not a big airport person....but for a few of the trips this will be necessary. Besides, monogramming just makes me feel special. Monogramming can also be done free for leather goods and briefcases.

Unlike a lot of luggage stores, there is also free shipping on many items.

:-) Gift wrapping is also free of charge. :-) My mention of this part could be seen as a hint for anyone who wants to fill in the smaller pieces of my set for me. I will likely go with the ProLite line....professional looking,neutral and easily transportable.

Then, of course, I shall have to personalize the luggage in some way....a project worthy of blogging. I would do something fun that could be removed for business travel. STAY TUNED. :-)

1-888-LUG-4-YOU (1-888-584-4968)


Jack Georges Ladies Brief....I like the light blue color.
Wheeled Computer Brief....looks like a purse and laptop bag at same time. Pretty leather.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Around the Blogosphere.........

-----Best Views of Anchorage...a post by Scribbit who is a mom in Alaska. :-) My favorite is Number 5....the view from the Seward Highway.

In My Life......

-----Toilet-from-hell is almost fixed. This has been a project that has taken hours. The stupid thing was leaking and getting pretty much everything stuck. Repairs involved completely uprooting toilet and installing/replacing/cleaning all sorts of things that I don't understand. Tiles and possibly parts of floor have to be replaced. Further parts are recommended for the toilet,too. Wow. I am so not a plumber.
-----Doggie is pretty scared of the whole plumbing process. My main job for the day has been Doggie Calmer.
-----Well at least we got to have Burger King for many areas in the kitchen are being used to work on the various toilet issues.
-----I won't have to rant about Bathroom Mushrooms on my blog anymore....I hope. Bathroom Mushrooms are caused by leaks. Supposedly, they are edible. Yuck and double yuck.

Toilet Adventures....yug.

-----Read that dogs are soothed by classical music. Doggie is a little soothed by classical music....a little.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In My Life......

-----Watching the Democratic National Convention Live in HD this evening.
-----The toilet-from-Hell is getting fixed this evening. Not a pretty picture. Stupid Leaky Thing. Stupid leaky toilets make Bathroom Mushrooms....Google it. No more Bathroom Mushrooms.
-----I still don't know who I am voting for.
-----I did like Obama's line "On November 4th, we must stand up and say...eight is enough."
-----I wonder what percent of the time Obama has voted the same as George Bush.
-----I wonder if ordinary citizens are allowed to attend the Republican/Democratic National Conventions. I could add this to my Bucket List. I am making up my own Bucket List. :-)
-----I do like that Obama wants to end our dependence on oil from the Middle East within the next 10 years. I just read earlier that Iran is going to start fueling their cars with natural gas.
Iran plans to use natural gas for their cars.

Mongo Tickets re-visited.....

I blogged about Mongo tickets earlier in the month. I went back this evening to look at a few of the show listings....and figure out anything that I might like to go to. I love figuring out how to have an adventure. site that offers sports, concert and theater tickets.

"Theater" includes comedy shows, family shows and several other genres. :-) I was excited when I discovered this evening that the site includes musicals! I didn't even know that "The Wedding Singer" was something one could see as a musical (it plays in Atlantic City).

I was amazed by the number of venues included...and the fact that tickets are offered for so many days of the shows.

I hope that I get to a lot of these shows...some are someday hopes....some are someday-soon hopes. Life is fun....when you actually plan on following through with adventure ideas. One should have plenty of adventures. :-)

Things I could do:
-----Wicked Tickets. I could go in complete wicked witch costume. I could maybe even go sight-seeing in such a costume. I am particularly excited about doing something like, I hope that Wicked runs long enough. :-) :-) :-) Does Wicked take place in Kansas?....if so it would be nice if there were a show in Kansas (there is not). Maybe I could go through some of the Oz places in Kansas on the way to see this.
-----I would like it if Billy Joel tickets became available again. Someday, I am going to learn the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire"-though I don't know if Billy Joel still performs this at his concerts. Someday, I am going to do a fun post detailing all the events/people mentioned in this song. Fun. :-)
-----I am excited to figure out if "9 to 5" is the production that Dolly Parton is helping with. :-) I would take a lot of pictures of this project that I will blog about someday. :-)

-----Beach Boys Tickets
-----Young Frankenstein
-----"Cats" tickets
-----Kenny Rogers tickets

I have never been to a professional sport event. There are plenty to choose from. :-)
-----New England Patriot Tickets
-----Boston Red Sox Tickets
-----Dallas Cowboys Tickets

-Mongo guarantees that tickets are 100% authentic...this is done by careful checking of all listed vendors.
-Mongo carries tickets fpr 9 out of 10 professional ticket sales companies.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-)

1. Tortoise has a harrowing adventure when he is accidentally thrown in with yard waste.

Animals with Eyepatches! Yes! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
I am thinking of getting this t-shirt. I have severe unrepairable eye problems and know that wearing a patch could make them, I shouldn't have to be forced to do such when it will not help other than as a disguise. People discriminate against me all the time (sometimes even coming right out and saying RUDE things). Even when I am directly called some sort of name (things like "get your face fixed" "cross-eyed" and so on), it is considered an on-spoken taboo for me to mention that I know people act this way towards me. I actually have people scared of me and trembling when they have to hand me something....and if you know me in real life, you know that I am of highly educated (though some assume I am "retarded" mainly because of the eye), I conduct myself very capably and I am SUPER-polite/kind. I long for the day when I am not constantly punished and mistreated for the eye problem everywhere I work....things said that I cannot prove both indirectly and directly (by co-workers and customers alike). I am tired of being stared at everywhere I go....and people knowing that I am a "normal" person but choosing to mistreat me because it gives them some sort of power. Even family members do this. Yes, I think I will buy this shirt and wear it, too. Maybe I will frame one and put it in a jersey box. I have started collecting/making what I call "eye art." People shouldn't have to silently put up with things like this. The shirt would have double meaning for me....I feel like people look at me as less than human.

3. How to Cook Like Your Grandmother....a very interesting blog. :-)


Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.
I participated last year (and I will be participating this year). This year we will be discussing Poverty. I challenge everyone to not just talk during this activity...but to do. I hope that Blog Action Day continues on into other days for some of the participants. A blog can be used to talk with a LOT of people....someone can make a change.

5. is the official site for the upcoming movie. I liked watching the trailer in HD...and hope for more to look at soon. :-)

6. MythBusters Quiz Page....very interesting.

7. British Bank bans man's password...this is funny (but I would be as upset as the man). I could see the employee who placed the restriction's side, if employees were being forced to see profanities or something offensive all the time....but surely this man would have changed his password at some point (when he was a satisfied customer again). I wonder how much longer this man is going to want to remain a customer.
Thank you, to SpiderwebWoman for pointing this article out. :-)

8. The 25 dollars came back from my first Kiva adventure! I was able to join 20 other people who made small investments and helped a woman named Marina who needed money to assist in her shoe sales. I am so glad that Marina was able to pay back the loan and hope that it helped a lot. Right now I am helping on a longer loan....18 months...helping some Cambodian grocery store owners to offer boarding at their home.

I like that this widget changes every time funds are completely raised. :-)

9. Blogger arrested over leak of Guns N' Roses songs. I am looking forward to seeing what the long-awaited album is like....and hope that I don't come across any leaks.

10. I enjoyed looking at a Wordless Wednesday entry called "Our Barn Project." I would have loved to do something like that as a child. :-)

11. Detailed instructions on how to make musical chimes. Great project for children. Great project for our yard (and something quiet for the kitchen). :-)

12. Breeni Books is giving away:
-----A copy of "Original Innocence" by Dr. Mark T. Holmes
-----A copy of "Hurry Down Sunshine" by Michael Greenberg

13. JobVent...amazing site. It is good to get the true picture of a company before one works in a nightmare.

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In My Life.....

-----Re-watching "V is for Vendetta." When I get the time, I want to look at some up some of the issue/events that this movie satires...I used to have a list somewhere in my bookmarks.
-----My Wandering Jew plants are not liking the drafts from cooling the house. I am going to try to put the jars they are in (I grow them only in water) inside a pickle jar....then put some pretty wrap with holes punched in the top. This should increase the humidity which fans and so on are depriving them of. I hope this works as I am losing leaves quickly.
-----Jon Bon Jovi (and possibly Bruce Springsteen) are supposed to perform when Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. I will actually watch that then. :-)
-----I am not sure (at all)of whom I am voting for. I wonder when I will figure it out. I have been comparing Obama and McCain's stances on issues....but I am still undecided as to which I agree with more (and/or disagree with less on some things).

This is a picture of the pretty soap set that I purchased from
-I have now unwrapped the Margarita scented bar and put it on a pretty plate in my bathroom. The Margarita bar is the green one....beautiful and bright colors. :-)
-I will post a picture each bar out of the wrapping before I start using them. I think that they will make some pretty photographs. I love documenting little happy moments in life like this.
-I have designated this soap for my use only. :-)
-Here is the code/details for their August Sale....25% off! There is still time left in August. :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hitler's ambitions and Andy Dick looks so different now.....

-----Andy Dick avoids being charged with a sexual crime. I guess that I haven't seen a recent photo of Andy Dick in a long time....the photo looks so different than how I remember him looking.
-----Hitler's Tunnels...give a glimpse of what Hitler had envisioned.

Monday, August 25, 2008

2012 Olympics,the Michael we didn't see and another Sharia case

-----2012:Football at the Olympics? The UK having a team would be controversial and some say detrimental.
-----What Michael Jackson would look like without the plastic surgery
-----Nigerian man faces death sentence unless he chooses only 4 of his 86 wives. Where do the children go and do the wives keep on living with him after the divorce? This man has at least 170 children. Like American divorces, divorces in Nigeria can take a while from what I have read (depends on whether it was a Church wedding,State wedding, Muslim wedding,etc.). This man is 84-years-old....I am wondering if that means that the remainder of his life (and the time spent with family) will be consumed by divorce proceedings??

Sunday, August 24, 2008

See a great show..... is a site that offers sports, concert and theater tickets. Theater includes comedy shows, family shows and other genres. :-)

I was amazed by the number of venues included. A lot of the listings have tickets for so MANY days of the show. A person searching for a event in a location that they could travel to appreciates a site like this....I know that I did the first time I looked at the MongoTickets. The first time I took a look at the site, I was intrigued by the thought of getting Wicked Tickets.

There are some stars that Mongo sometimes gets tickets for (though they are not available right now) like Billy Joel,Glen Campbell and The Police, for instance. I would really like to see Billy Joel sing "We Didn't Start the Fire" at some point....and sing along (of course) idea if he still sings that song at concerts. :-)

I not only like to look at ticket sites when I want to attend a particular show, but also to learn about shows that I haven't heard of yet. I haven't found any shows on this site that are unfamiliar to me yet....but I am sure that I will. I am excited to figure out if "9 to 5" is the production that Dolly Parton is helping with. :-)

The tickets are "100% guaranteed." I am somewhat naive because, though I have heard of ticket-scalpers and like scams, I didn't know why one would need to guarantee tickets at first. Mongo carefully checks all vendors that want to list on their site.....for authenticity. that I understand, I am impressed-it looks like that is a lot of work.

Mongo Tickets carries tickets for 9 out of 10 professional ticket companies. :-) I don't know if this means that there are only 10 pro ticket companies or if this means a LOT of companies list on here...not sure.

-----Beach Boys Tickets
-----Young only available for one venue...unsure if the show just has one venue.
-----Kenny Rogers tickets

Boston Red Sox Tickets
New England Patriot Tickets

In My Life......

-----I watched Millionaire Password for the first time this evening. I thought that I had never seen this show....but then realized that it is just a remake of the old game show "Password." It is just so the way people act (super-ficial....not everyone just MOST contestants/celebrities). I don't like this show thus far....aggravates and annoys me actually. If you were a contestant, would you choose to give or receive the clues? I would give the clues.
-----Going to re-watch some sort of movie tonight...just don't know which movie. :-)
-----It's cliche....but there just DO NOT seem to be enough hours in the day. :-( Depressing.

I am a good Phone Call Detective.... :-)

I use a variety of different reverse phone lookup tools when I have problems with harrasment/telemarketers,etc....I don't believe in just sitting back and taking the stress of a prank call(s) (or junk calls).If you call me and decline/deliberately choose not to identify yourself, I will more than likely find out at least something about you and what your motivation for harassing me is. I will then call or send a message that said action needs to stop and what I will do if it doesn't.

One of the things that I do is see if I can find out what number called. If the number is not given from the cell phone (for instance, didn't leave a message on a landline), I am a big advocate of paying a little to trace the last incoming call.

After I obtain the number, I first Google it, then use a reverse phone lookup tool. Sometimes, I see if Directory Assistance has any info on the number.

There are a lot of reverse phone lookup services like While, reverse phone lookups don't give all details all the time, they can let you have a general idea of where the person is calling from or where there phone service is based out of. You can use TraceNumber to attempt to trace any phone number in the United States or Canada. :-)

TraceNumber not only gives the name but also the address of the person. I would say that if an address was found.....make sure to OBEY ALL LAWS in your efforts to get the person to stop their behavior.

For those new to this, it is a confidential service...that means that the person who called will not know that you were verifying who they are. At least this gives you more to work with when calling the police....if you don't know who is harassing you it is very hard to get the police to trace. A lot of times, if it is a non-violent (i.e. drinking buddies who have nothing better to do) situation, simply telling the prank callers that you have their info (and will be contacting the police if they don't stop) gets them to stop....QUICKLY. :-)

I think that TraceNumber would be good for figuring out when your phone bill has charges on it for calls that you did not make. It might also be helpful for figuring out which family member is making long distance calls. :-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Participating in ICLW again this month..... :-)


IComLeavWe: Join the Conversation

This is a really fun activity and participation is really simple. :-) The ultimate accolade in this activity is to be a "Iron Commenter." I did not make Iron Commenter status last month due to a busy work schedule....and I really thought I could make it. I will get it at some point though. :-)

This is only my second month participating in ICLW...but I know that I am going to look forward to it every month. I have virtually met some really interesting people through this activity.

Playing with Banzai....

This evening a lot of time was spent with my new Banzai game. I play a lot of games but I don't always play them traditionally.

Banzai is a DVD-betting game from ScreenLife Games. It is entertaining and I am enjoying playing with it.

Unfortunately, the game players that I know only want to play their own games and have their own rather complex projects to work on....don't take this as an insult if you know I am talking about you. I just have to find ways to still be able to experience things and have fun....I have come to accept this.

Anyway....we have been slowly watching the clips from the game. Right now, I am winning by one point. There is no betting of the plastic sushi pieces using chopsticks involved....but I will be using them to do some fun photography. I will also be using them when I have people over who are more willing to play a game fully in its traditional manner.

Anyway....I like the humor in the game. The "Stupid Dog" clip was funny in that it reminded me of some of the things that our very eager Doggie might do. The Frisbee Bell clip made us laugh....I smiled at the singing part. You will have to play the game and see some of this....this is a spoiler-free game review. :-)

Doggie actually joined us in playing. Doggie now owns one of the hakimachi (headbands) provided in the game. I have tied it around Doggie's neck like a collar to train Doggie to wear clothing (will need to when it gets colder or if we travel anywhere colder). I am also using it to train Doggie not to eat paper. So far, the hackimachi is surviving and it is helping a lot. See...I told you I am non-traditional in my games. :-)

Doggie chasing the hakimachi and attempting to taking it off was the funniest moment of the evening. Doggie and Banzai hakimachi=cute.

Don't worry, if you are playing with me....I keep Doggie's slightly licked hakimachi in a separate location from the rest of the game. I won't make you wear a dog-licked hakimachi. :-) :-) :-)

GoodFriend said that he would wear a real hakimachi when I asked him if he would wear one while we were playing with the Banzai game. I am now going to make him a hakimachi for when he is working on projects...he doesn't know that yet though. :-)

I have sorted all the gamepieces out by color and put them into Ziploc bags for quicker game set-up. I recommend you do this to if you get the game. One of the best things about this game is that it is so lively....the game pieces and accessories are colorful. This is an ACTION game.....I LOVE IT!

The Banzai game is based off a show of the same name. A show that I will be seeking out episodes of....both to be entertained and to attempt to add to my game options. I intend to use this game in some way with a lot of multi-part things that I watch.

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

I like that the animation of this game looks awesome. I don't know if it is due to the fact that I have an HD monitor....or just the sheer effort put into the game. It is pretty. It makes me realize that I need more color in my life....and that is what games should be about-adding color to your life. :-)

The game has plenty of clips of Tako the Octo....Tako even has his own MySpace. Tako is a cephalopod...and we like cephalopods around here. People who play a lot of games would possibly understand what cephalopod I was referring to when I made the last comment (Cthulhu). :-)

I will be making a friend request to Tako. :-) I already own a Banzai game....but for those that don't there is an interesting limited time offer on Tako's My Space. If you add Tako to your Top 8, you can get a FREE Banzai game sent to you. AWESOME OFFER.

What games have you played lately??? Later today, we plan to play more has been fun and funny. The game can be ordered on the Banzai website.

Sponsored by ScreenLife Games

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In My Life.....

-----I know that Weezer is having a video shoot today....with a lot of fans in it. I know that there will be a lot of instrument-playing in the video. I am intrigued to see how it all comes out.
-----Trying to learn more about the new Star Trek movie. Not getting very far. I wanted to watch the trailer (that I have seen before) in HD....but it didn't work. Correct that....just got it to work...pretty. Waiting for more to come out. :-)
-----I am very upset that the finding of Big Foot was a hoax. :-( I am however glad that I don't have to be upset about the idea of someone eventually capturing and keeping a live Big Foot captive...for now.
-----Making a Zucchini Pie for the first time this evening. I had to substitute a few things for my first choice ingredients...but I think it should work out really well. :-)
-----I sorted out the sushi pieces by color in my Banzai game and then put them in Ziploc bags (with the air pressed out for storage in the box). This makes the setup for the game a quicker process. It also makes it easier for me to make sure that I am not missing any pieces. :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Luckily he is OK....this young German boy brought home a live shell from WWII. I know it would take a lot of time and effort....but I think that entire area should be cleared of those remains. The money/time to meticulously clean up would be worth it if even one life was saved. I don't know that there is anything that would make cleanup impossible.

2. This is neat....a group of dogs that has learned to catch a bus to visit the river. :-)

3. Of the more unusual photos to come out of the Olympics, I like this Pepsi photo and the Superman photo for some reason. :-)

4. Shaquille O'Neal accused of stalking???

5. Be a roadie for The Who...Ebay auction for a good cause ends August 24th. :-)

6. Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers (recipe)

Neat find:Tattoo bandages
Something I don't think I would enjoy: Bacon Floss
Something I am thinking of buying: Duck Tea Kettle

8. Re-watching "The Bucket List." What is on your Bucket List?

9. Doggie who rescued hero.

10. "A Life in Smoke" (review)...a woman chronicles her efforts to quiet smoking. I would like to read this.




A work-in-progress right now. :-)

Later: Well....some weeks I just don't get to get done. Groan. Maybe I should change this week's title to "Almost Thursday Thirteen." :-) Sigh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

LifeLock....more need for things like this every day.

I have been looking at today....but I don't think it is right for me at this point in time. When I have a lot of cards to keep secure might be very beneficial for me to try....we'll see. LifeLock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. :-)

I have been reading in the news ( that LifeLock has developed a "Comprehensive Fraud Advisory Board." This board is to reveal/study the new trends in identity fraud. The board members listed in the article come with some pretty impressive credentials. This is a good idea as combating identity theft is getting harder...a problem that grows worse every day.

It is not only the sheer number of identity theft attempts that is is the METHODS USED. The stuff that I have been reading about is mainly in the form of someone pretending to be a person delivering crucial/bad news (i.e. pretending to be the military informing a person that their spouse has been injured). Immediately following any country's tragedy anymore, I get horrible e-mails asking for "help"....I just don't understand how anyone could fictionalize to such a point in the face of so much suffering and pain that others are actually enduring.

I urge everyone to verify,verify,verify before and after giving personal info....and know the proper/only channels that each business/organization uses to deliver announcements. Let me just say, by the way, that I am APPALLED by some of the scams that I have read of.

It can take hours/months to repair a compromised identity. Some of us don't have that kind of time and aren't able to easily/willingly deal with the stress....these people should really try the 30-day-trial/reduced cost portion of LifeLock (Promotion Code RD32).

-Replaces cards/documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen...called "WalletLock." ("WalletLock")
-Places/renews fraud alerts at the credit bureaus. Renewing the alerts is an absolutely crucial step that is easy to forget.
-Performs "ERecon."...scans internet for private info.
-Removes your name from phone solicitation/junk mail lists. the Identity Theft Quiz. :-)

LifeLock guarantees your identity up to a million dollars and the CEO has willingly posted his social security number on the Internet for quiet some time now. That's confidence in one's product. :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You could be in a Weezer video.....

This Thursday. I am super-fond of the Weezer song called "Pork and Beans." I like anything that asserts that a person should be an individual....particularly loud and fun music.

Right now I am listening to "Bring Me Edelweiss" by Edelweiss. :-) Remember Edelweiss?...a very lively Austrian band. :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.
I participated last year and I will be participating this year. It is really challenging to think about ways that one can ACTUALLY make a difference. I challenge everyone to not just talk...but to do.

Blogging for Blood Cancer.....

I have never known anyone with blood cancer.The public needs to have more awareness of it.

Click on the logo above...visit/comment. Read about how to enter the exciting giveaways.Show support. Pass news of this event and what you learn on to others....take it beyond just this week.

The Grand Prize is super-impressive, by the way.
"Grand prize - $900 Timberland and Lacoste product assortment, including duffle bags, totes, luggage tags, backpack, key ring, i-pod cases, and purse, courtesy of Samsonite. (This will be drawn from all the comments throughout the event)"

I hope this event repeats next year.

"Saturday Special" meme

~Sounds ~ Name One~

1. Sound that makes you laugh?
My bell set...I laugh in joy after I get the notes right quickly enough. :-) I don't have high-quality bells but they are fun. :-)

2. Sound that makes you cry?
Someone crying from a heartbreak or loss

3. Sound that makes you cringe?
Loud industrial air conditioners where the metal/air moving sounds like screams.

4. Sound that makes you relax?
Gentle rain...sometimes I sleep next to a window and feel the breeze as I sleep.

Participate in this week's meme. :-)

Instead of monster air conditioners...set of three. :-) Tassels come with assorted colors and are removable (so you can add your own accent). Many people use fans as wedding favors.There are a lot of other fans on Amazon.

I kid you not.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not in the market for engagement rings....but an anniversary ring at some point. :-)

Wow....James Allen Professional Jeweler. There is a LOT of variety on here.

I am particularly fond of the loose diamonds. I like rings where you pick all the individual elements....usually ending up with something totally unique. Besides, then you can get a better stone and go with something sturdy for the mounting.

James Allen even offers "Heart and Arrows" diamonds. Less than 1% of the diamonds in the world meet this elite classification. I don't think that I have ever seen a Heart and Arrow diamond (though I have seen diamonds with no visible flaws....very pretty). Next time I go to look at jewelry, I will have to ask to see a Heart and Arrow diamond. :-)

This is your own diamond studs. I like that there is variety in the price range....from a hundred-something to a thousand-something. These earring sets range from 1/2 to 10 carats in total weight.

As far as diamond studs go...I had earrings with nice stones when I was growing up and think this is a wonderful gift for a young lady. If nothing else, an investment piece can really help one a little if finances are REALLY dire.

Like I said in the title, I would really like an anniversary ring at some point. Husband has said that I will be receiving one....but the jeweler that we had picked has gone out of business. So, now we have to start all over again on picking something out...who knows, maybe it will be more beautiful. :-)

James Allen offers free-shipping and has a 30-day return policy. The entire buying process is all conducted on a secure site...with several layers of security (including encryption).

I like having a return option....there are so many photos on the website but a photo is not the same as seeing a real ring. This is as close to seeing rings in person as one can get via the Internet. I was very impressed by the efforts to show what the rings/stones are actually like.

Education on how to pick out a good diamond

Mens' Collection
diamond rings
engagement rings

Gemstone jewelry....I would have to see it in person but right now I am enamored of this opal pendant that is only 80 dollars. Elegant but slightly shiny....that is the look I often like for jewelry. :-)

I am a Breakfast Club, of course, I thought of that movie while writing this post. :-) :-)

Oh, and, of course, I am fond of the Blue Sapphire Butterfly ring. :-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Husband named this for me..."Rose-In-Law" is one of mother-in-law's roses.

1. People who desert the army and flee to Canada are now being deported back to the U.S.-where they are placed in detention. Do you approve or disapprove of this?

2. I must thank "Sweetsfoods" for finding this and putting it on Stumble Upon. Imagine how many family/traditional recipes are just lost.

3. A blogger's account of her visit to a crocodile farm

4. Brown sugar frosting. I think that I have some powdered sugar in the pantry. I should try this. Recipe found on the Recovered Recipes blog (which I mentioned as my Number 2 item on this list). :-)


Marina, the person whose small business I have invested in, is 83% paid back. :-) Kiva works by having a lot of people lend little amounts so that a person with need can get the funds and make a better life. I wish that we had a similar service here in the United States...or that people from the United States were listed on Kiva.

6. I am so close to having offset a pound of carbon via my blog. Making my website's environmental footprint a little smaller. :-) This is not the only carbon offset activity that I have done with this blog. :-)

7. Doggie learned to "shake" this Thursday....and on only the fifth try! :-) How do you teach a dog to "beg"???....Doggie gets confused on "beg." Doggie is amazing....can do back flips (not on command) among other things.

8. I have a Neopet called "TheBluestJubJub." My JubJub always wears blue argyle socks. :-) The BluestJubJub likes to play Dice-A-Roo and is currently on a quest for one of the Fairies (having no luck). Eventually, I am going to do a "101 Things" post about TheBluestJubJub. :-)
Do you play Neopets?

The soap that I ordered from Soap Sushi arrived today. Here it is sitting on my kitchen table! :-) It was really exciting to get and so carefully packaged. I got the Cocktail Bar Set...Whiskey Sour,Margarita and Sangria. There were also little soap favors in the package...which I will photograph at some other point. :-) Doggie liked the Pina Colada soap favor scent so much that I am having to take extra special care for it not to become a doggie treat. :-) even have a blog. :-) Here is the code/details for their August Sale....25% off!

10. Breeni Books is having a giveaway. Two Christian Childrens' books.

11. On Friday there will be a press conference...Big Foot has been found???

12. "How Much Time Would Bin Laden's Doctor Serve?"

13. I didn't know that the American Red Cross has Dog First Aid classes. If I can find one, I will definitely go....and blog about it. I will also definitely blog about Doggie First Aid at some point. :-)


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1. NurseExec
(Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. :-)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The finding of Big Foot???

There are claims slowly spreading on the internet and through the media that Big Foot has been found. I guess we will find out on the 15th.

What do you think?

Do you approve of the idea of capturing a Big Foot alive? I suspect that animal rights groups will have many things to say about future interactions with Big Foot (if this proves to be an authentic finding).

How many Big Foot do you think there are?
-----The man who killed John Lennon has been denied parole for the 5th time.
-----Dog guards owner for weeks after death

In My Life.....

-----Five Things About Gymnast Shawn Johnson. I have been watching the Olympics and really admire her discipline and spirit.
-----Deal or No Deal says that they are giving away the million dollar prize. I have heard them say that before. I will watch, if I have time, to see if this happens. If no one wins after this set of commercials, I am going to be very angry. Maybe I just imagined the implication there was going to be a winner in previous commercials. I KNOW that I didn't mishear this time.
-----I wish that I could do gymnastics. I know though that I would get so injured.
-----We started watching the Sci-Fi production "Headless Horseman" the other day but got too tired to finish. Thus far, I would not recommend it highly.

What is happening in your life?

Exploring Astara. Astara is a Colarado-based skincare company that I had never heard of. Like many skin care lines, Astara tries to meet a variety of skin types...oily,dry,mature skin or serious skin care (that is my thyroid problems give me extremely DRY skin). Plus Astara is Organic!!!

Natural Skin Care (and the more traditional loaded-with-chemicals skincare) has always caused problems for me. I am hoping that I do not have any sensitivities to the ingredients in Astara when I try them. I am always questing for the right skin care product. Despite the dry skin, I somehow manage to get pimples all summer...this makes for a uniquely gross feeling....and allergies on top of it makes my skin feel constantly itchy. I just hope that these products are soothing.

It is promising that Astara really takes the human body into consideration. Astara thinks of the fact that the body needs certain nourishment and environment to heal/rejuvanate. They call their skincare "BioGenic." Astara's products work at the cellular level...I would like to explore more how this works.

Astara claims that their products are "skin food." Things like hydration,detoxification (not one every skincare company addresses) nutrition and balance are taken into account. Yes, I said many companies do you know that discuss balance (other than in the most obligatory manner)?

Astara has ingredients from many places....on land and sea. They do use essential oils...this is the part I always have to be careful with. They also use extracts...again I will have to be careful. It does sound exciting,herbs,nuts,trees and plants from the sea. :-) I always get excited about good ingredients.

One of the newest ingredients is "Totara Tree Essence." Again, something that I had never heard of. It is a plant extract with anti-bacterial properties....and also an anti-oxidant. I have used Tea Tree Oil before (can tolerate it and love the scents it is usually combined with)....well, this is up to a thousand times more potent in anti-microbial activity! I am really excited to experience "Totarol." Only a small amount is needed (from what I understand). Totara is a part of Astara's "Blue Flame Purification products."

It is very apparent to me that Astara takes great care in preparation. The company does not overheat or overprocess. What you get doesn't just smell or feel is more likely to actually WORK. :-)

I am excited about:
Aromatic Seaweed Body has aloe vera.
Bath Moods Kit....things to explore and is a good price.

Natural Skin Care Products
Organic Skin Care Products

You can apply to carry these products in your business. :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Someday I will make this salsa.

"It's Not Dead Yet" Hot Salsa recipe. Sounds extremely hot...has a lot of habaneros. Requires marinating and best warm the next day....I have never seen a salsa recipe like that. I will try it....but not until I find someone who will be able to tolerate it if my palate will not (I HATE WASTING FOOD.)

I have never seen smoke habaneros sold anywhere. How to smoke peppers.

I really,really love a good salsa.

Hoping to finally attend BlogHer.....

BlogHer might be in Philidelphia,Portland or St. Louis next year. I so want to go.

In the meantime, I will content myself with this commentary on the Pepperridge Farms Goldfish Cracker packaging. :-) (See below...for a smile).

-----A post-reading at BlogHer 2008. This reading was from the "Best Rant" category.
-----I have added Sarah's blog, "Que Sera Sera," to my blogroll. :-)

Smurf Saute.....

Warning:Video has one moment of humor typical of the rating of Adult Swim.

There is a drink called a "Tattooed Smurf." Of course, there is a drink called a "Blue Smurf."

More Smurf-themed drink recipes

Smurfberry Cookies

Blood Cancer Awareness

I have never known anyone with blood cancer.I think the public needs to have more awareness of it. There are a LOT of neat give-aways during this event. :-) Visit.

Click on the photo above...visit and comment. Read about how to enter the giveaways.Show your support. Pass news of this event and what you learn about blood cancer on to others.

The Grand Prize is most impressive, by the way.
"Grand prize - $900 Timberland and Lacoste product assortment, including duffle bags, totes, luggage tags, backpack, key ring, i-pod cases, and purse, courtesy of Samsonite. (This will be drawn from all the comments throughout the event)"
-----Will Smith turns 40 in September. Mr Smith was on Letterman this evening...but it was obviously a re-run....talking romantically of Moscow. Is anyone worried that the Georgia/Russia situation may become a war involving the U.S. (and other countries)? The world is a scary place lately. Flipping the subject, I haven't seen Hancock yet.
-----Don to Earth....Don is a over-90-year-old blogger (and the previous link is his first blog). Don to Earth, Again is his current blog. I don't know if he is a Douglas Adams fan, but it seems like maybe from the subtitle of his blog. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding beautiful. :-)

Wedding Dresses....and wedding accessories. The accessories are covered right down to the lingerie and slips.

Many of the dresses come with special free shipping, free veil, free shoes.

Bridesmaid Dresses...there are dresses on here that can be worn again. Dresses, like the After Six dresses, that may become one's favorite dress. I am planning on taking a closer look at the Bridesmaid Dress section. :-)

Bridal Dresses...I love that you can actually see the colors available when you click on the boxes. I usually DETEST strapless-dresses but this Alfred Angelo dress is very pretty...and each color change makes such a difference....AND IT'S NOT TAFFETA (I detest taffeta).

Mother's Dresses...many of which I would wear for dressy occasions. I am intrigued by some of the JDL Boutique Collection by Alyce designs. I like the more conservative neckline dresses. I have several blouses by Alyce designs (if this is the same label that sells at JCPenny). I like this hand-beaded lilac dress...and this is unusual as you don't often find me wearing lilac. :-)

I was surprised to see that there is actually a forum on here....for discussing all things Wedding. :-) A bride can use as many resources as she can alleviate stress and help with decision-making. conforms to Better Business Bureau standards. The company has been in business for almost 30 years! The prices are much more affordable than a LOT of companies.

Clearly, I am already married (as evidenced by the frequent mentions of the very sweet Husband). I do love looking at the dresses and hairstyles though. I actually have subscriptions to some bridal magazines. At one point, I wanted to open a bridal shop.....who knows, it may still happen. :-)

I am also a romantic...who believes in vow renewals. Next time we do this, I will need a dress as my wedding dress is too fragile to be worn many more times (vintage). I don't know what I want for our vow renewal...other than a veil, a tiara and a garden of flowers. :-)

This website also features Prom dresses. :-)


-----Speculation that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ???
-----Amy Winehouse's husband hopes to be released from prison early.
-----Missouri's Tightwad Bank reopens.
-----McDonald's sales are up. I didn't know that Bennigan's was folding. I like Bennigan's. I loved the fish that Bennigan's used to bring in from Ireland. There was that one time though....I ordered what I thought would be a great burger with black beans on it....but they neglected to tell me that corn would be mixed in....absolutely nasty look/tasting. You don't even want to know what it comparitively looked like. Sadly, I did not go back to Bennigan's for a long time after the corn incident.

In My Life......

-----Last night I made Stuffed Green Pepper Soup for the first time. It was wonderful. We have leftover hamburger and rice for other meals, too. There sure are a lot of recipes for Stuffed Green Pepper Soup on the Internet.
-----Doggie is not behaving...upset that Husband has stepped out to run more errands than usual in the past few days.

-----Husband found the thrift find of a lifetime and gave it to me as a present. When he went to take it out of the bag he said that he didn't know if I would like be mischievous! I now own a Canon Rebel EOS REALLY good condition,works and only cost twenty dollars. Even came with the manual. Expect photos as soon as I pick up some film and fresh batteries. Thank you, to the good-hearted person who took this to the thrift store. HUSBAND IS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL MAN IN THE WORLD.
-----On the humorous side:Doggie is scared of my new camera...just the sight of it. Doggie has never seen a manual camera. Later: Correct that, Doggie was jealous that Husband was paying attention to the camera. :-)
-----Further find of a lifetime, Husband went back to the thrift store. For another 20 dollars, he got me a Canon AE1 with very nice lens and flash. The flash appears to have been dropped at some point and the camera didn't work at first. After being taken to a camera store, with the insertion of a $9 battery with more life, I have another SPECTACULAR camera.
-----I have not taken photos with them yet, but I am so happy to have a good camera. There is something to be said for looking through a manual camera and for the beauty that can be produced with one.

-----I have a new game. It is called "Banzai" and uses chopsticks. It is a DVD game. I think it will be a lot of fun. :-)
-----The downside of the Olympics is missing "Days of Our Lives." I am watching some soap operas that I don't know the names of on CBS. I will be glad when we get cable...not sure when we will do that again (but definitely before everything becomes digital).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Angel :-)

Car Angel is a division of Angel Ministries. Angel Ministries uses car, boat and house donations to help those in need.

Car Angel helps to:
-Feed the hungry...has funded over 2 million
-Help orphans
-Fund Medical operations. I find it good that Car Angel sponsors "Mercy Ships International"...a well-known charity that provides floating hospitals. Mercy Ships have been praised by both George W. Bush and Tony Blair (yes, I know some might not consider one or both of these a good endorsement.... :-) ...still, it is high-praise when a political leader acknowledges your importance)
-Create childrens' animations
(for instance, Donkey Ollie movie can be requested for free for Church,preschool or other children's groups (postage is even paid!).
-Make anti-drug documentaries
(for instance,
-Provides full scholarships for some universities and majors!Grand Canyon University,for instance, a school that I have considered.
-Back to Work California, Ohio and Georgia...provides college students,those economically in need,single mothers,etc. with a vehicle.
-Provide disaster relief (both in the United States and overseas)

Car Angel:
-Provides quick,FREE nationwide towing
-Is tax deductible...and you receive an instant receipt

Basically how it works (from what I understand):
-Fill out online Donations form. Print a copy.
-Get an instant receipt. Print copy.
-Prepare....sign title documents.
-Driver comes.
-Give driver title,keys and car.
-Download tax receipt.
-Know that you have greatly helped someone(s). :-)

I think that Car Angel is a good option for when someone has passed away and no one needs the car. It is also a good option for someone who no longer needs a car or is looking to alternate forms of transportation to help the environment.

And,of course there is Boat Angel....which I have heard mentioned on several talk shows. Among other things, Boat Angel helps to bring uplifting books into prisons and provides rehabilitation to teen boys.

Car Donations
Donate My Car

I am just amazed by the number of people and variety of ways that Angel Ministries has helped around the world. :-)

Donate Car

1-800-227-2643...connect to a live operator.

Crafts and Arts

-----Craft Therapy....a blog written by "Craft Junkie." Crafting keeps her "off the psychiatrist's couch." What hobby do you use as therapy? For me the hobbies that contribute to my mental well-being are my blogging,watching movies,cooking,listening to music,photography and flower arranging. :-)'s list of Christian Goth Artists


-----Video of a flood destroying a highway in
-----Rapa Das Bestas....Spanish Horse Wrestling Festival. The horses are wrestled to the ground to cut manes and tails. I encourage people to go visit and leave a comment of what they think of this. There are plenty of pictures that would lead one to think that this is not "free of cruelty." Does anyone know something of the process that they could say there is no cruelty involved?

-----Animal hair hats....shaped like animals. Very neat hairdos. :-)
-----Coca-Cola Orange is available only in the UK. I would like to try this at some point.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Boat Angel :-)....and Car Angel.

Via "Angel Ministries," Boat Donations are used to help people who are in need.

The boat donations are used to:
-----Help orphaned children
-----Feed the hungry
-----Create animations for children....and anti-drug documentaries! boys rehabilitation homes.

Boat Angel supports "Mercy Ships." Mercy Ships are floating hospitals that bring medical care and sustainable development to people in need. Depending on what you think of politics, this might not be a ringing endorsement....but both George W. Bush and Tony Blair have said very positive things about Mercy Ships. ...childrens' animation. Talks about faith (in God) and bravery. minute anti-drug documentary. It is a redemption story. :-)

Angel Ministry documentary's have actually won awards. :-) Churches,schools,prison outreaches, etc. can contact Angel Ministeries for a free broadcasting license if they wish to show these.

There is also "FEDERAL CASE" 80 minute teen pregnancy social/religious drama.

Angel Ministries also helps bring uplifting books to prisons. This is neat. I am always saying that I want to minister more to those in prison and I am happy when I am see someone doing so. Your donation could have a VERY POSITIVE effect on society. :-)

When you think about it, your boat (or car) can do a LOT more than originally intended. :-)

Car Donations

Donate Boat< has an online form OR call 1-800-227-2643

How it's done:

-A receipt is sent via e-mail
-A package is sent via snail mail....with a camera so they can get a photo
-You send the package back after taking the photo
-The boat (or are helpful,too) is listed on
-The boat will be picked up in 6-8 business days
-If the boat doesn't sell, Boat Angel will pay to have it stored.

There is a large list of charities to choose from. One can also nominate a charity. Sometimes, the actual boat is given to a needy person....I have heard of this happening on some talk show (the family needed a home).

Of course, this is tax deductible. :-)...and there is no moving expense for when you replace your old boat. A win-DEFINITELY-HELPFUL-TO-SOCIETY-win situation. :-)


This dedicated to four people who are family/friends. Just because I knew that you would like it....or the idea would make you smile. :-)

I actually have VERY RARELY seen "Robot Chicken." This surprised Husband. I think that I am becoming addicted to Robot, expect me to post more clips. :-)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

1. Katrina volunteer on the run with 5 children. Think about it: What would you do in this situation if you were each of the parties involved? I am thinking about the fact that these children have been through a lot.

2. The $12 computer?

3. Celebrities without makeup. Some look pretty close to the same and some are radically different looking. Do you think that you would recgonize all of them without makeup?...even after staring for a long time?

4. When was the last time you wrote your spouse a love letter?

5. The Chapman family speaks about their grief/coping since Maria Sue died. I cried while reading this.

6. Complete PC in a keyboard. A nice PC at that. I am just not sure how useful I could make it as you still have to plug it into a monitor.



Sangria is one of the soaps that I ordered. Soap Sushi is having a sale! I am excited to smell the three scents in the "Cocktail Bar" set that I ordered. Expect a review. :-)

8. Millennium Falcon birthday cake

9. Some of what the life of the average rich person is like in China

10. "Order Up"...a new cooking game for the Wii. I do not own a Wii...but if/when I do, this will be one of the first games that I get. The animation is pretty simple but it looks like there is a lot of humor and a variety of cooking environments/tasks. I would hope that increasingly complex sequels are made. :-)

11. Handmade Chenille Tutorial

12. Having liposuction done on your shoulders is a new trend? This not a procedure that is done for obesity by the way. If you could afford this, would you have such a surgery?

13. What do you have to look forward to for this Summer?

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1. (Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. :-)

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As I mentioned earlier this week, on Friday I will finally have the time to sit down and sign up for a trial of LifeLock...which I will, of course, blog about. LifeLock is an Identity Theft Protection fact, America's #1 Identity Theft Protection Program.

LifeLock guarantees your identity up to 1 million dollars! That is real confidence in one's service.

-Replaces cards/documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")
-Places and renews fraud alerts at the credit bureaus. Renewing the alerts is crucial after your account is compromised.
-Performs "ERecon."...scans the internet for private info. Yes, this is important. I have been finding a lot of companies lately that don't honor their own privacy policies. Of course, one should be careful with the info that is intentionally place on a may be used in ways or place that was not the intent when posted.
-Removes your name from phone solicitation and junk mail lists. No pre-approved offers for thieves to take (out of your mailbox or out of your trash). No one trying to trick you into signing up for something that you will deeply regret.

I think that the main benefit is peace of mind. Right now I have few cards, etc. that need to be protected....but I know that I will have a big need for this in the future. While I become more organized every day, I don't think I have the hours/months of time that it sometimes takes to repair a compromised identity. will be using code RD32 which entitles me to a 30-days-FREE-trial. After the trial period (with code RD32) if I decide to keep Lifelock, the price will be 9 dollars per month.

Life Lock
LifeLock reviews

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Olympic tidbits.....

-----The Olympic flame is carried across the Great Wall of China.
-----Beijing....a lot has changed.
-----This evening, all of the talk show hosts are talking about the pollution in the Chinese air.

Should Bin Laden's driver get life in prison?

Apparently, being someone's driver is now "guilt by association." I don't understand. I did not read of any actions other than driving a political leader around that would indicate this man supported terrorism. I did not see any indication in my reading that this man even witnessed any terrorism. What do you think?

Reading further, I have found that Mr. Hamdan did not know about September 11 before it occured. He "did not quiet Al Qaeda" after finding out the consequences of the attacks....but was only a driver until the end of 2001 at the latest. I have not read if he is still a member of Al Qaeda....nor do I really know if he was a member of Al Qaeda (or merely a driver).

The judge in the case is trying to have at least some chance of Hamdan getting a fair sentence.

Exploring a coupon code site further..... have looked at this site before. I am exploring further this morning. :-)

It shows how behind I can be on some of the fashions. I have never owned a piece of Aeropostale clothing. If I ever became enchanted with one of there pieces, I would definitely use a coupon code.

One that surprised me was that there were codes for "Things Remembered." I didn't know that "Things Remembered" had an online presence. I wonder if there will ever be codes for engraving...I am too tired to remember what but I have something that needs engraving. :-) I had never heard of New Egg, I will have to look around. From what I understand it is a site for advice and parts for assembling computers. There are also some premade computers.

----Proflowers....another one I have never heard of. A flower shop.,luggage,bags. Lots of shoes.
-----Walmart (I have stated before that I am both a protester and a shopper...for various reasons.)
-----Office Depot. A good one for me as I find myself spending a LOT of time purchasing things from them for projects at various points. Enough time that one year I was pricing postage meters to make life easier.

If I didn't have to go to bed as I have guests and a VERY long day tomorrow (today), I would be looking around more. :-)


-----One would think that John McCain misunderstood when he suggested that his wife participate in Sturgis' "Miss Buffalo Chip" contest. Personally, I wouldn't want to be called "Miss Buffalo Chip" even if it were a modest contest.
-----Deceased dog's owner has five puppies cloned from a piece of the dog's ear. This is a commercial cloning and it seems like this will become easier and easier to do.

-----I finally got the pictures of what my new soap set will look like to post. Pretty, yes? I love the vibrant colors and textures. Right this second I am looking forward to the "sangria" and I am most curious about the "whiskey sour."

In My Life......

-----Someone told me that they have NEVER seen me grumpy until I told them that I was grumpy today. I understated this....I was very angry. I detest when people in positions of power resort to lying and inconveniencing me greatly in order to compensate for their mistakes. Telling the truth in times of crisis instead of concocting would make me more apt to adjust my plans to compensate for your issues. Isn't the American workplace grand?
-----Tell me something cheerful. I am in a not cheerful mood right now. :-(
-----The first good thing in my day happened at 11pm this evening....that's a pretty long day to have everything go sour in...pretty long. The good thing was that $55.75 was in my PayPal account for some work that I didn't realize I was going to get paid so quickly for.
-----Another good thing in the last moments of the day...Doggie is cuddling at my feet.
-----Yesterday we watched "Jumper" with Hayden Christensen. It was a pretty good movie. The parts that took place in Rome were pretty neat...views of things that I had never seen before. I particularly liked the battle scene in Rome...don't want to spoil it, so I won't say where (but it was definitely a view that I had never seen before...unsure if it was CGI or real).

LifeLock :-) :-) :-)

On Friday, when I have the time (don't ask why I don't have time for such right makes me very angry), I will be signing up for a trial of LifeLock. I will be blogging about what I think of it.

I am not sure if this identity theft protection program is right for me right now...but I want to see what actually having the service is like. I have read a lot about LifeLock (America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program). I think that it is a good service for those that have a lot of credit cards.

LifeLock has a pretty impressive guarantee. They are so confident in their product that they guarantee it up to a million dollars. No one has needed to claim THAT much so far...but when one has a lot riding on there cards, it is nice to know that someone will be there making sure all the holes are plugged up and repairing the damages. :-)

-Replaces cards/documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")
-Places/renews fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus. Renewing is crucial after your account is compromised.
-Performs "ERecon."...scans the internet for private info (that you did not give permission to have published). I was reading the privacy info the other day on a site that I had to have remove personal info and it said that it would possibly find the info again in its "indexing." I found this ridiculous as the site it was drawing from had privacy policies that stated my info would not be released and was "private"....clearly someone is lying to me. The theme of the day seems to be companies lying to me. Anyway....ERecon would let you know about this kind of thing sooner.
-Removes your name from phone solicitation and junk mail lists. No pre-approved offers for thieves to take. No trickery (or annoyance) with phone solicitations. of the promotion codes is RD32. Promotion codes can be used to receive a substantial discount. RD32 is for a 30-day-free trial and for the service to cost $9/month. :-)

Life Lock
LifeLock reviews

Monday, August 04, 2008

Soap Sushi August Sale!

"Whiskey Sour"



"Soap Sushi" is having a sale! :-) From what I can tell, this sale will last for the month of August. I am excited because I just bought the soap set that I was enthusiastic about....though I forgot about the sale code listed in the link I just provided. :-)

I bought the cocktail bar soap set....the last of this kind available right now. I think the textures and colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I am very much looking forward to the first sniff of each bar.

I will be writing a review of the set.

"Whiskey Sour scent is warming and buttery, with just a tiny touch of fruit. Our Margarita is a snappy refreshing lime. Sangria is bubbly, fruity, and mellow. These soaps weigh at least 3.5 ounces and arrive shrink wrapped and gift packaged."

To Cook or Not to Cook

  1. Salmonella...not that salmonella. This is being REMOVED because we just don't do well with grilling....someone always gets burnt, the timing on other foods doesn't work, Doggie has abnormal interest in trying to get to the grill,etc. No grilling recipes for now.
  2. Lizard Tongues on Crackers...Thank you, to Payaso for the suggestions on where to buy lizard tongues. :-) The recipe involves cooking the lizard it STAYS.
  3. Deep-Fried Beer Battered Pizza...STAYS.
  4. Homemade Bacon do strain out the fat. :-) REMOVING....not sure how long bacon keeps in vodka despite research.
  5. Bacon cups for taco bowls. REMOVING. Aesthetically pleasing....but I see no possible way this could enhance the taste of anything. Seems like it would cumbersome to try to eat and one wouldn't end up eating it along with the food (or it would just be a variation on a BLT or the like).
  6. Chocolate-covered bacon. I would love to see you blog this one if you try the recipe. In the comments of the recipe, someone suggested making Chocolate-Covered McNuggets. I will be trying a chocolate-covered McNugget....but I am not expecting to be a big fan. :-) STAYS.
This is the sorting phase of my "Food Comfort Zones 101" project. I am learning a lot about what I can/will and can't/won't do culinary-wise. :-)

Elvis stuff :-)

Hover over each picture for titles. Click on each to play the videos. :-) Enjoy.

Yesterday, I posted coffee videos that I found interesting. :-)

In case you don't know: Zara Phillips is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and a champion equestrian.
-----"Soap Sushi" is having a sale. :-)"where your ferret matters."

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Joining the "A-Z Reading Challenge"


~ align the author's last name or the title of a book (excluding "the", "a", etc.) with its corresponding letter in the alphabet

~ enter a different book for each author and title (total of 52 books)

~ complete the alphabet lists anyway that suits your fancy
(i.e.: complete each list separately in alphabetical order, read both "A" entries, then "B" entries, fit whatever you're reading into either list, etc.)

~ complete the challenge in the year 2008

~ enjoy the experience!

My Authors:
A-Abbot,Jacob (Cleopatra)
B-Babbage,Charles (Decline of Science in England)
C-Cabell,James Branch (The Cords of Vanity)
D-Dana,Marvin (Within the Law)
E-Ewell,Martha Lewis Beckwith (The Harvest of Years)
W-Wade,Mary Hazelton (Timid Hare)

My Titles:
D-Dahcotah:Life and Legends of the Sioux Around Fort Snelling (Mary Eastman)
F-Forty Years in South China (Rev. John Gerardus Fagg)

X-Xerxes (by Jacob Abbot)
Y-Yukon Alone (by John Balzar)

This list may change as I research. I like to read a lot of older pieces....Husband calls it "Heavy Literature." Sometimes, I have to do research as to whether a piece is considered a book or a short story. Some "stories" have several chapters. I am doing my best to make this a true Challenge. :-)

I guess, since the older literature that I read is more difficult to classify, I will have to use research and my own best judgement. Let me know if you severely disagree with my classifications/findings and I will choose another piece. :-)

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