Monday, April 28, 2008

"Curious as a Cat" Meme

1) How would you redesign the way movie ratings are assigned?
I would take a look at the effectiveness of often are parents even aware of the fact that their 13-17 year-old child is attending/purchasing?

2) What is the best way to make friends?
Be nice. Accept that not everyone will be your friend and that if you try to "win them over" you may not like the "friend" you are eventually stuck with.

3) What is the most sacred or holy spot you've ever seen?
The grave of a relative. I am amazed at the years of memorials that have been left. Not everyone "honors their dead."

4) What is the most irrational thing you've ever done?
I don't really have an answer for this one. I will let you know if I come up with one.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Photo Copyright "Cat" 2007

The un-opened flowers look like tulips. Looking at the scene from a fairy's eyeview. Creating a modern set of fairy dolls with their own life stories might be Barbie/Stewart Little. I could take photos of what the world might look like if a fairy were photographing it. thoughts are a weird place. :-)

I join this meme for the first time at Week 115. :-)
CALIFORNIA: Reagan Presidential Library needs more volunteers
A 300-pound Arkansas jail inmate has filed a suit that he is not being fed well. This inmate weighed 413 pounds when first jailed. By my calculations that is an average weight loss of about 12.91 pounds a week. While I am sure that the diet is adequate, I think that some investigation needs to be done as to what is causing this man to lose so much weight. Is it alright to lose that much a week when one is at a higher weight. Does the jail have medical supervision for this dramatic weight loss? Would this rapid weight loss have been totally overlooked if the inmate had not complained?

Music Coming Out

-----Coldplay's new song "Violet Hill" will be available for free download on their website starting tomorrow. This is for a limited time.
-----Review of the last recording by Jeff Healey-"Mess of Blues." I am excited to see the covers that were done on this album...particularly, "Shake,Rattle and Roll."
-----Dr. Pepper offers everyone in America a free can of soda...if the new Guns N' Roses album comes out this year.
-----Pig in the support of Obama.
-----Using medical marijuana may result in being denied transplants (even up to the point that the patient dies).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I was surprised to see "They Might Be Giants" tickets and disappointed that nothing was available for Meatloaf.

Wesley Snipes

Do you agree with the Wesley Snipes sentencing?

Ten Cinematic Lessons for Wesley Snipes while he's serving jail time (humor)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Listening to Rodney Carrington today (off-color...very off-color) but anyway he mentioned "snipe hunting." After asking people, I found out that snipe hunting is a prank where people are led on a wild ghost chase to catch a fake prey in some sort of odd way. Snipe hunting was something that I had heard of before but never really knew what it meant. Anyway....this Firehouse Pranks book is supposed to have snipe hunting discussed in it. :-)

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

I haven't picked out what rights I am going to talk about yet. Sometimes I consider myself a feminist....but I think that men are slighted, too. I think that one of the things that I will address is the different ways that we mistreat both men and women in our society. I guess that I will talk about all the exploitation/oppression that goes,women,children....sure that I will find new depths of horror/disgust.

Thomas Scissorhands

Apparently, Tom Cruise was the original choice for Edward Scissorhands. I can't really see him in this role. I wonder what Tom Cruise himself thought/thinks of the prospect of himself as Edward Scissorhands.

-----James Bond was actually named after a famous American ornithologist.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ring of Fire Parody

Awesome....must see for those who have had problems with their XBox 360. I could have had an XBox 360 if I wanted to wait a tad longer until it came out....I like my XBox just fine. We are going to set up Dance,Dance Revolution so that I can play it in the living room....ironically, this requires taking the chair that husband uses for video gaming out of the room.


Singing Lessons......

Lesson 1. Yes, I can find five minutes to practice...because I would someday like to be not intimidated by the idea of getting up and singing karaoke. I am just not sure that I am doing this lip roll thing correctly.


-----Earthquake myths...for instance, California will not be sinking into the ocean. This article presents a lot of advice on what to do in an earthquake.

Monday, April 14, 2008

God Bless America

A magnet that used to be available at appreciate the thought.

By the way:
Are you doing something to celebrate/observe Earth Day???

-----"Clean coal"

In My Life

-----Reading about St. Louis-style pizza....I am going to try making one at some point. :-)
-----Cousin lent us "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." I just saw the Stan Lee cameo. :-)
-----Looking forward to the World E-book Fair again this year. It starts July 4th and ends August 4th. I found a lot of interesting things last year. Access to a million :-)
-----Nice to be able to report happy Happenings.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Buying office products is painful to me....might as well try to save some money.

Browsing through today. Among other things this site contains Office Depot,Staples and Office Max coupon codes....thus making it easier for me to comparison shop the available deals for whatever supply I am looking for. With a little forethought, I could save some serious money....I tend to let the office supply purchases go until I am DESPERATE.

I have too many organizer products that I still need to use up right now....but I have always dreamed of purchasing a Franklin Covey organizer when I think about getting super-organized. Perhaps then I would schedule out when I need to get new ink or paper instead of the emergency run to the ever-despised Wal-Mart in the wee hours of the morning. :-)

Vistaprint is also listed on here....they are always sending me offers to try their business cards but I have never taken them up on this. I really should get cards done at some point....even in the networking stages of opening a business, I suppose it is good for one to have business cards. Eventually, I think that I should make a virtual business card and scan it into my sidebar. :-) Anyway back to Vistaprint.....they have a variety of deals listed on the OfficeDeals page right now.

Right now, we primarily use the laser printer (black-and-white but produces approximately 6000 pages before we have to purchase a new cartridge...and purchased surplus for only 5 dollars!!!). If we have to do more color printing in the future though, I will be taking a look at the discount inkjet printer cartridge for use with our other printer (the one that is used so little it usually doubles as a tabletop). :-)

Aside from ink and so on, I could browse through the Best Buy listings in an effort to satisfy my entertainment needs....if I ever get the time to go to Best Buy (I have been there so few times this past year and I used to be there ALL the time).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

-----A poem by Leonard Nimoy....I don't know whether I like it or not. I like the line about logic and love. I try to keep up with Nimoy's photographic work....which I usually have the same initial reaction to (not knowing whether I like it or not). In my ideal world, I will get to see Leonard Nimoy give a presentation of his art someday.
-----A letter to the man with the Red Sox season tickets :-)

Listening To....

Still enjoying Madonna's performance of La Isla Bonita at Live Earth. I would like to hear more work by Gogol Bordello-Romane (the group of gypsies that was performing with her).


And in contrast, Metallica's "One" (Jammin' Version).


Orgy: "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seascape Lamps

Looking at the 2008 collection by Seascape Lamps. Seascape offers a lot of contemporary home lighting....but also offers lamps that are suitable for businesses.

Being that I want to start a coffee shop, one of the lighting options that is of interest to me is the pendant light fixture. These can be customized a bit....logos and such. It is at least worth looking at to start out with....lower cost than some of the light fixtures that would be my ideal (I am way to into chandeliers). :-)

For a modern-day chandelier, I am somewhat fond of the "Cosmo lamp"....shiny and functional (mirrored mylar). This one still allows for some customization-Seascape does about 90% of their light manufacturing in-house.

-----Gaby-Ly Ivory Lamp....aesthetically interesting though I would have a hard time keeping this one clean. I would be interested to see what the Sapphire Blue color looks like in person...a nice light blue from the look of the online swatch. Crinkled silk....:-)
-----Green Leaves Lamp....kind of abstract impression of leaves. Pretty colors...unique and I think would work well with a dark floor. :-) I am overwhelmed. I have always heard people say that shelving,display units,etc. were one of the most complex parts of starting a business. I think that lighting is a BIG start-up component too....perhaps, I will have someone at a company like Seascape help with some of the customization/installation ideas when I go to open my own business instead of trying to put together all the components myself. :-)

Thursday Thirteen

1. I think that it says something disgusting about our world when Patrick Swayze has to fly into a private ex-Navy base to travel to cancer treatments. Does the media (in general) not even think about common decency anymore? I doubt that the people who are hounding him would like the same treatment were the situation reversed.

2. Pretty:
Half Moon Beads
Fire Mountain Gems
Auntie's Beads

3.Tragedy is a metal Bee Gees Tribute of Staying Alive (at the bottom of the post). Motown Mutt pointed this out and it really brightened my day to experience a new take on a great song.

4. I just signed up for Club Jungle's newsletter and a free sample of their "Start Right" water conditioner. I want to start having tropical fish again. I especially would like to have ghost shrimp favorites. :-)

5.The Auto Channel talks about how Volvo is launching its first hybrid garbage trucks

6. Second Life wants to have a trademark on the word "GRID?"

7. I occasionally write about Willie Wonka (the 1971 cast)...this makes me the number one result for "Willie's Hobby Store"...odd world.

8. A bit about the new Meatloaf documentary

9. Agree or agree with the final verdict on Celebrity Apprentice???

10. First Muse interesting way to meet one's goals. I had an epiphany week as far as goals....something that I can't really put into words but it was emotionally immense for me.

11. Campbell's Community....forums for talking about soup recipes and so on. I made this discovery last year around the same time that I discovered the Spinach and Egg Mold...which I have still not dared to brave. :-)

12. America Walks...a group dedicated to making walkable communities here in the U.S.? How safe do you feel walking in your community (and in your own neighborhood)? Do you have a neighborhood watch or the like???

13. I have really wanted to do something for some aspect of a Prayer Shawl Ministry but I don't know that much about sewing correctly. Today it suddenly hit me....maybe I could do something that was no-sew. I wonder if I could do something as a help to those who are imprisoned.....maybe a cloth to store a Bible or other religious text upon.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

------"Tragedy"....a metal Bee Gees Tribute of Staying Alive (at the bottom of the post). Motown Mutt pointed this out and it really brightened my day to experience a new take on a great song.

In My Life...

-----We just got done Beta-testing Joffrey's "Jamaiccan Me Crazy" coffee this morning. This was excellent. I am not a drinker of coffee without some additives....but husband thoroughly enjoyed it plain and I tried it that way by sipping (it would make a good sipping coffee for me). The smell was absolutely awesome....when we opened the package it smelled kind of like caramel. Going on the Joffrey's beta-testing site, I found out that my nose was correct...caramel,vanilla and coffee liqueur. :-) Not a hint of bitterness. Amazingly, for me, I did not need milk or creamer....this was SO GOOD with my five teaspoonfuls of sugar. Easily, among the best coffees that I have had in a long time. Jamaiccan Me Crazy passed one of my important tests...I didn't mind the smell of my skin or lips afterwards....Folgers has never passed this test for me. :-)The beta period is still open as I type this....get/enjoy/blog free coffee.
-----Getting the taxes done today. Not nearly as complicated as last year....thank goodness. Not nearly as expensive either....not going to one of those big, commercialized tax firms (like H & R Block). Choose your tax person carefully, last year we spent several DAYS with an idiot who kept confirming the stupidest things about whether he was doing things right (by making SERIES of calls to co-workers)...I could never tell if he was sincere about wanting to save us money or just bumbling and trying to get paid for more "work." Last year's accountant puzzled me. This year we are going to a private CPA with more experience and a lower cost. I wish I felt confident enough to do my own taxes.

Searching out the elements...of my coffee shop.

I am trying to move ahead with the idea of an actual brick and mortar coffee shop. Lately, I have been scheduling more education on the various components of technique/management. I am excited!!!

Today I am researching of the most important pieces being the cash register.

As a current retail employee, I can tell you that a cash register can make or break the atmosphere of a store. Out-of-date or not easily operable=DISGRUNTELED customers. Cash registers don't have to be super fancy they just have to be helpful.

My strategy is to buy used equipment and trade whenever I find something that might be more up should be an easier strategy with used equipment. Refurbished point of sale will not tie me into one system. I think that a lot of companies invest in a certain system and get stuck with it way beyond its usefulness...because of the extreme cost of upgrading and system maintenance. This is why I have been looking at companies like Vision Point of Sale.

I am leaning towards the more established/proven systems like IBM's refurbished pos systems. I want something that can enable a employee to get on and off of the machine herds of people with increasingly disgruntled attitudes.

The ibm surepos pos seem to be the best choice....they can take a long-term beating, accept credit cards (making the store safer against would-be-burglars), and are FAST.:-)

I don't know that anyone reading will be interested in the specific pieces of software.....but your feedback on what makes a good checkout experience would be appreciated. :-)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....


2. I would love to hear your you think it was appropriate to boo President Bush when he pitched at the World Series?

3. Added to the Blogroll: "Kongestu"

4. Wal-Mart to make T-shirts from recycled plastic. The recycling efforts and concept are great....I just wish that the slogans weren't so cheesy.

5. Richard Gere speaks out on China's treatment of Tibet (with a video interview on the matter)

6. Boycotting specific gas companies (instead of all gas)....and on more than just one that MIGHT WORK to bring the gas prices down! For those of us that aren't switching to walking or mass transit...try that. :-)

7. Friday's History:

8. I have been listening to Morning 40 Federation's "God Help Me" a lot lately.
God help me to love Dick Cheney.
But God help me I don't love them.
God help me to love George W.
But God help me I don't love them.

Or something to that far as the words go. An addictive song....great beat and social commentary.

9. Charlton Heston died. (April 5)


11. India's kidney transplant crisis
"Those who can afford treatment, live. The others die. They have no other option."


13. Video to Cish Cash by Basement Jaxx. It's like a kaleidoscope with tanks. I am a fan of both the video and the song.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In My Life

-----The Nubrella was on Rachel Ray today. She observed that you kind of have to balance it on your head.
-----Tried these chips while watching "Ghost in the Shell" last night. REALLY GOOD. Unfortunately, they are not available on Amazon yet.

-----Husband didn't really like them but I loved Dilettante Fruit Medley that we picked up at Wal-Mart....cherries,blueberries,strawberries and apricots that are each covered in white,milk or dark chocolate. It cost somewhere between two and three dollars...not so bad of a cost for a treat.Not a good idea for anyone with nut allergies or who is not careful about the presence of fruit pit traces (I never found any cherry pits or traces of them though). There are a lot of perservatives and such...but I still enjoyed them. :-)


Advice to those graduating from high school :-)
The purpose of life :-)

Do you think it was appropriate to boo Bush at the World Series?

Bush is booed when throwing first pitch at World Series.. I just watched the video...President Bush acted almost like he didn't hear what was going on. It was a good pitch.

A post full of fools..... :-)

-----The April Fool's Day Hoax Defense Kit
-----Picturing Mr. T saying "I pity the fool" and this Mr. T photo makes me think of an angry genie.
-----Culinary Fool
-----Pepper Fool's Chile Pepper Recipes...I am currently considering this chalupa recipe which looks fairly mild.
-----Kite-Flying Fool
-----Blithering Fool
-----Reading Fool
-----Fool Circle
-----Henry Fool...a 1997 movie about a garbage man and a novelist.
-----The origin of April Fool's Day. Do you play pranks on this day? I don't play pranks though I do try to do something especially fun. I detest trying to read the news on this day....I am a news junkie and it makes that part of my day miserable.
-----Fiber Fool...a blogger who enjoys any craft with fibers.

Me playing with Cuba singing his hit song "Everybody Plays The Fool" with Russ, Dave and I as his horn section. Listen for when he says "More Strings" the crowd thinks he says "More Screams".
-YouTuber, Nick Reider

This post is my contribution to Heads or Tails Meme....this week's theme is "fool." :-)

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