Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dreaming of dozing with a book and summer.

I love hammocks. I am planning on getting something portable like this at some point. I don't know how much weight it holds (so, I am e-mailing the company to find out). It looks like a combination of a hammock and deck chair to me.

Amazon Product Description
Now you can enjoy the luxury of a backyard hammock by the pool, at the beach, or anywhere else. Combining convenience and style, the Kelsyus portable hammock sets up in seconds with a strong one-piece steel frame. This deluxe version includes comes with an inflatable pillow, cup holder, and book holder--everything you need for a lazy afternoon in the sun. When you're ready to go, it folds up easily into a compact bag with shoulder straps for hand-free carrying--less than 22 pounds. Product dimensions are 34 inches wide by 100.3 inches long by 27 inches tall (open) and 38 inches wide by 5 inches long by 6 inches tall (closed).

This is my life....

A very neat is also an adjustable piece of furniture. I would find that really neat for playing Warhammer 40K....not that I really like doing anything other than collecting the figures. I am a weird 40K collector. I have an Eldar army that I picked because I like elves. I plan on displaying my army in printer's boxes. I have never really understood the 40K rules....but like collecting. Anyway the carpet would be neat...if it was arranged in a way that the figures did not fall over easily and players did not fall on the figures. To me the cost would be worth it for all the fun that this would give children (or adult children, in the case of 40K).

Searching for the perfect Christmas gifts. I want my gifts to show that I really care...hard to find among all the JUNK that is on the Internet and in the stores.

Anyone know where I can find really OLD Christmas ornaments at good prices??? I have found several sites but I don't think anyone I know would find a dog using a hot air balloon to be a thoughtful gift.

I have submitted requests to be a member of a couple of RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) groups. We will see if I get accepted. I plan on blogging the non-confidential parts of this. The world could use more kindness. I couldn't find any RAK groups for bloggers though I know that some bloggers talk about the RAK groups they belong to...this made me sad. Anyway....this should be an adventure.

Congratulations....Val's Art Diary-1 Year

I have been following Val's paintings for a long time. She puts up a new painting every Sunday at noon (Eastern Time).

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot chocolate....and a little something extra.

Previously I wrote:
12 ways to liven up instant hot chocolate

"I like Thomas' comments:
I like the idea of adding a little instant coffee.
Of course, if you want *really* good hot chocolate, skip the instant and melt a Hershey's bar into a cup of whole milk. It's very rich, very good, and will probably clog your arteries- but it's worth it.

My newest plot:
I am going to try to follow the suggestion in the link and add peanut butter....but I am a little leery.

Thursday Thirteen


My current favorite among Husband's newer fairy prints. This one is a linoleum-cut print. A good friend said that Husband should do more fairies....I agree. Husband displays a lot of his work at
I am very proud of Husband.
(It's tedious to say this all the time...but Husband owns the copyright to both this photo and the work.)

2. USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS. I have seen so MANY near accidents because people only choose to use their turn signals when they might personally be in danger. I don't care if you THINK people know where you are going.

3. Smile. What made you smile today? Husband made me a cappucino and I got one of my Christmas presents from him. I now have a mailbox to use for giveaways here on my blog.....that is exciting!!!


Do you think he should go back to jail and for how long?
Nicholas' comments made me think:
"Saying that buying a $1 lottery ticket is gambling is technically true but to deprive that man of his winnings would be an act of purely vindictive spite. What better chance will he ever have to change his life around than this? Further evidence that the justice system is based on cruelty and revenge."

5. I like this post about people helping out after a house fire.

6. Diana saw Dodi dying. :-(

7. "A US judge has been removed from the bench for jailing 46 people after none would admit to having a mobile phone that began ringing during his court session."

8. Brain wiring link to pedophilia???

9. Recipe: Blender Coffee Chiller


A photo of my Christmas Cactus last year.

12. I just uninstalled Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1....too many compatibility issues with add-ons and one page I need had severe loading problems. I will be trying/writing about it more.

13. "The Optimist"

An adaptation of George Saunders' short story "Ask the Optimist," available in his newest collection, "The Braindead Megaphone." Produced ... all » by The Sound of Young America and Hoggworks.
Featuring: Andy Daly (The Office, Mad TV), Dan Klein (Kasper Hauser), John Hodgman (The Daily Show), Xeni Jardin (Boing Boing), Jonathan Katz, Jen Kirkman, Maria Bamford, James Adomian and Jonathan Coulton.

This definitely falls in the category of dark humor/parental-guidance-needed. I enjoyed the politician's call. I found the woman from a poor war-torn country to be a sad satire on how society is.

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1. Deb
2. Colleen
3. Nicholas
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Technorati tag:
-----I made German Chocolate Cake tonight and we are re-watching "Hannibal Rising." No, despite the fact that one might think so from parts of the film, I did not pick this cake on purpose.
-----I ordered some free samples from the Wal-Mart site and agreed to write reviews of them. I will be writing about Garnier Fructis Color Shield and Playtex Personal Cleaning Cloths. I didn't realize that I was saying that I would review Personal Cleaning Cloths. :-)
-----Earlier in the week, I purchased another Christmas cactus. This one has buds on pretty much every leaf....definitely at least 20. Beautiful. I will have to post a picture when it blooms.
12 ways to liven up instant hot chocolate

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Litter crew finds 60 pounds of pot on I-4


The movie "I Am Legend" will be coming out soon.
Feb. 25, 2008- Boy George's trial is set to start.

Guitar Hero III....will it Blend???

Things that aggravate me...

-----Some people's blogs are one big copyright violation.
-----I detest people who do extreme things when they are mad at a company without thinking of the affect on others who did nothing to them. At my work, the other day someone decided to go into a room, close the door and make a very smelly supposed-to-be-in-the-bathroom mess on the floor...very close to the only dining area. Some tried to be optimistic and think it was a dis-oriented elderly person.....yeah, right...I don't think so. Too many things point to the fact that this was a methodical act. Several of us, who were likely your friends (if you were a former employee) or nice to you when you came in to shop (even if you were not nice to us) got VERY sick for a good portion of the day. I hope that you met whatever goal you had by this act.

Circuit Board Artwork

-----A tutorial
-----Circuit Board Car
-----Circuit Board Art of Marion C. Martinez...wall sculptures influenced by Hispanic tradition, Native American surroundings and technology.
-----Motherboard Business Card two patterns are exactly alike.
-----Motherboard Gifts

I have mentioned before that Husband has done a circuit board piece. It weighs a least a hundred pounds and takes more than one person to carry it.

"Technology Crucified"
Steel mesh,circuit boards and steel
(Copyright The Archaic Design)
Will we have a recession???
The statistics on the time women spend getting ready and the time men spend waiting

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What strikes me about some of the JFK funeral coverage is that in certain photos you can see the absolute grief Jackie is in. It is clear that she loved her husband very much.

More things I am not thankful for....

Sites that decide to take an unannounced vacation for Thanksgiving or fail to let you know that their vacation will make it IMPOSSIBLE for your site to load. My site has been inaccessible for at least several hours. Among other things, I have been forced to take my visitor counter down. I am annoyed....everyone deserves a vacation but I think this should have been thought out a little. As a part of my New Year's resolution, I am writing more letters with my emotions and feelings on things...expect a letter if you are one of the said companies.

Furthermore, I have other people using the same services....recommended by me. :-(

Friday, November 23, 2007

San Francisco approves IDs that exclude gender
Many Americans can't afford to eat right.

Would the Santas you've seen pass the test?

Remembering JFK today???

Did anyone remember that, besides being Thanksgiving, today was also the anniversary of when JFK was assassinated??? There really just wasn't much mention of that and this is unusual for our media. If I search the Dallas news, there is a lot of mention of it...but otherwise, not much. 44 years ago.

Ron Goldman's father will not give up in his fight against O.J. Simpson.

Stop sending soldiers flea collars

Previously I wrote:
"Why not to send soldiers flea & tick collars....that this happens at all was surprising to me."

I was reading about efforts to send donations to soldiers when I noticed that flea collars were still being sent. Flea collars are not good for human skin and contain pesticides.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

"The only salmon farm in Northern Ireland has lost its entire population of more than 100,000 fish, worth some $2 million, to a spectacular jellyfish attack..."

The amount of jelly fish involved in this attack is astounding and the evidence for global warming is alarming.

2. Cat with two faces...may also have two brains.

3. In the UK, some Christians are seeking the right to sue the BBC for blasphemy...which carries a maximum life sentence.

4. This Swiss Army Knife sets record for number of tools.


"Leave EVERYONE Alone"


"RV Cooking Show - Mom's Famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce"


"Chef Keith Snow from Harvest creates the perfect Thanksgiving vegetable gravy."

------Artichokes and potatoes with oloroso sherry
-----Spiced Cranberry Sauce

9. Noose found on floor of fire station.


"Caucusing is Easy."
Have you ever caucused???

11. -----Santa Claus promotes obesity???
-----Santa will be at Wal-Marts this year...and a photo will be free.


So, I would assume you recognize this man by the end.

13. Smile. If you like my blog, please vote for me. You can vote once daily.


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1. Natalie
2. Nicholas
3. Tien
4. Damozel
5. Linda R. Moore
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Technorati tag:
Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers have been arrested again in the Holloway case.
Military wounded being asked to give their sign-up bonuses back because they "didn't meet their commitment."
"Regular exercise reduces risk of blood clots"

Please keep Dennis Quaid's newborn children in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A measuring game...children measure the characters that they create.

I finally figured out what a "Webkinz" is.

Dixie Beer

Dixie Beer is struggling to make a comeback post-Katrina.

Here is a picture of the brewery.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Queen Elizabeth.

60 facts about the wedding of Queen celebrate her diamond wedding anniversary. The diamond wedding anniversary is 60 years....Queen Elizabeth was married November 20, 1947.
"New Treatment for Varicose Veins Uses Crochet Hooks"
-----Homemade MinceMeat Recipe
-----Low doses of freeze-dried grape powder may help prevent colon cancer.
Student tasered at Kerry speech will not be charged. Do you think he should have been?

Save the seeds!!!

The cooling process for the Doomsday Seed Vault has begun. I think that this is a good idea. My only question would be about access procedure should a disaster occur. Will there be someone in the vault to initiate the replanting or will there be a way that someone who has survived can get access to the vault???

Writer's Strike

-----It is reported that 90 percent of the SNL production staff has been fired. I hope that there is some sort of confusion and they were merely laid-off.
Interview with the world's oldest blogger

Man's best friend....saves lives.

This dog gave his life in order to save his owner....that deserves recognition. Bravo, Stormy.

I also heard mention of another dog this week that saved an entire family...only to perish itself. I do not know the particulars or that dog's name.
-----In Germany, homeschooling is considered child endangerment. This is not the first family that I have read of that fled to Austria to escape the consequences of insisting on homeschooling.
-----Man is sentenced for committing a holdup...using his girlfriend's vibrator.
"Children's Nursery Rhyme Triggers Racial Discrimination Lawsuit"

Can you shoot a burglar in someone else's castle???

Texan kills burglars next door. If you listen to the tape, the man seems to be saying that they came into the front yard. The law is designed to protect you on your own property. Couldn't one argue that this man felt unsafe....that the burglars might come to his house next? Right until the seems that he just didn't want them to get away. He didn't use lethal force on all of the perhaps he was defending himself from certain perpetrators who were running at him. This man clearly thought that he was acting within the new law. The "boom, your dead" part might mean that he is in a lot of trouble. I have older family members and friends that would likely do the exact same thing...complete with some witty an effort to protect another man's castle.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Little Grey Schoolcave

Pictures of a school in a cave...neat. I couldn't do this as I have dust allergies.

Here is a little about how the school came to be and what it is like.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

-----Since I am a Buzz Agent, I have been invited to try Listerine Whitening Quick-Dissolving Strips. I will let you all know what I think.
-----Went and bought a pair of reading glasses in order to get me through the reactions of others to my eye condition (alternating extropia). I am waiting on a new glasses prescription. My former glasses seem to have been "cleaned" by a hostile co-worker when I accidentally left them at work...not hostile at me, hostile at the world....and not really cleaned,maliciously thrown out.
"I Didn't Cause Global Warming" t-shirts

We Have Mice

Yes!!! I have a mouse again. I have been coding by hand for about three days...and that only goes so far as one only has so much time (and coding expertise). A part of the wire on my Fellowes Handheld Tracball Mouse that I use for my laptop came apart...after about a year of rigorous often on-the-go-so-knocked around use (violating the 3-year-warranty for return as it would be "abuse). I was expecting the demise but didn't have enough time to prepare.

So, off to Walmarts...yes, that is plural as I was trying to find my beloved mouse's relative on the shelves. My late night voyage produced nothing like what I wanted. I purchased a Microsoft Wireless Mouse...two days later it stopped working. I returned it.

I found a company (Ritz Camera) that makes my original mouse. This time I got smart and ordered the suggestion of Wise Husband.

The moral:
If you like a certain piece of computer equipment, always buy two if you can manage to afford it.
Man fleeing police killed by alligator

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is a letter for people who deliberately throw away glasses instead of putting them in the lost and found

I have a rare eye problem...a true alternating extropia. As far as I know it is a true one...meaning one or the other eye is always out of place.

Well...I have finally seen why the reaction to my eye problem is so extreme (though I don't understand the reaction of hate). I caught my eye in the mirror this evening. When I say that my eye goes to the, it is not just that. I knew that sometimes it looks odd...and that it has been described as my one side being almost entirely the whites of my eye...but still have never understood the extremity of reactions to it. I saw it couldn't even see half my eyeball. I still find the fact that people hate me, say things,treat me like I am mentally handicapped or tremble....inexcusable.

I have been sick with the flu the last few weeks and when I blow my nose I have been having problems keeping my glasses from fogging up...thus, I have been taking the glasses off. I have also been carrying bags of tissues and water just to be able to keep at work.

Anyway...I hope that the hypothesis is wrong, but there is a strong possibility that a co-worker threw out my glasses when I accidentally left them at work (in the midst of hacking up a lung and keeping track of all my sickly needs...I forgot them).

In the area where I live people think it is funny to throw out glasses when they work retail. The glasses were seen in a specific location by someone else who didn't make the connection that they were, they were there. They are not there now and I have extensively backtracked everywhere I was that day several times.

I used to have this problem with sunglasses. I didn't realize that it gave people a sick kick to throw glasses out but found out from talking to fellow retail workers that it does. Well...I hope this person feels bad. I will be going to make another fruitless effort at looking for them. I will make sure that this person knows that they have not done what they consider to be causing just some inconvenience. Not all glasses cost the same or are for the same purpose.

My glasses are what I call my Clark Kent disguise. They pull my eye in some but they also save me from SOME of the mistreatment that I am given by others. My glasses are not your garden-variety deal at the eye shop have thrown out 600 dollar glasses.

The mistreatment that I received from people I encountered first day without the glasses in a long time. I can thank you for that.

I need a new prescription anyway....but wanted to wait. Unless the glasses are found (by some miracle of me having picked them up after they were sighted) I will be spending my day off getting a new set of glasses. I will have to hope that it doesn't take a few weeks for the lenses to get matter how hard I try, I don't do well emotionally with the reactions to my eye problems.

Whomever you are, I know that you will comment on my new glasses. If you are one of my suspects, and I know who would be nasty enough to do this, I will make sure to mention why I had to buy new glasses, how much the missing glasses cost and what the new pair cost. Who taught you that such things were amusing????

And you know what...if this is not what happened to the glasses, people who throw out glasses belonging to others are still disgusting and I want them to know that.

Thursday Thirteen

-----"Theodore and Brooke Meet the Shark"-One of our fellow bloggers "Scribbit" has a daughter named Lillian. Lillian wrote this story. I love the way children's minds work. :-)
-----The Phoenix's son had a homemade cyborg costume for Halloween this year. :-)

2. Elvis is Alive Museum to move to Mississippi


4. Boy George is apparently being charged with false imprisonment.

5. Japan has melody roads that play music as you drive over them. A great speed regulator.


-----Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program

-----The True Thanksgiving Story???
-----An indigenious journalist talks about what he believes truly started Thanksgiving

9. 4 Patients get HIV from organ transplant



12. Smile.
Come to a fun blogging event....The Enterprise Christmas Party. Yes, it is the Startrek Enterprise.

Please vote for me if you like my site. You can vote once daily. :-)


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1. Raggedy
(Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment on my Thirteens, my online friend Thomas who has made many useful comments on my Thirteens. A recent post of Thomas' that I found particularly thought-provoking was his ideas on prison reform....using a point system for different rehabilitative efforts completed, among other things.

Technorati tag:
Penalty for homosexuality in Iran is hanging

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nerf and Supersoakers

Previously I wrote:
"Husband has been busy modifying Nerf guns. I just hope that he stops playing with them in the house. Van Helsing is cool....but not among my baubles,whatnots and knicknacks. :-) "

Husband will love when I show him this....and be envious. One young fan has collected every Super Soaker ever made. That is impressive just to look at. Sounds like a lot of fun play. :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Unique Restrooms
Are suitcase nukes still a threat?
Santas encouraged to be less loud and to say "ha,ha,ha!"
-----I started to play "Scrabulous" this week. It is online,free and addicting. I always lose. I don't have any word tricks memorized and I don't cheat by using a dictionary (think what you will of that statement). I am really good at Scrabble in real life and I am so glad to have found some people to play with online.
-----Someone on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) actually started a group for "Zit-Squeezing Bloggers."
-----The thing I am thankful for today:
We are watching "Ghost Rider: Extended Cut" this evening. Husband got some sort of deal at Blockbuster and got that and "300" for us to watch if I were sick longer (either flu or really bad chest cold). I am slowly getting better and will now be able to go back to work (with a lot of water and medicine). Husband is sweet...he knows I liked both of these in the theater (as did he). We both love movies and I value the time spent watching them with him.
-----I get tired of the new scary movie cliche....a kid singing some nursery rhyme.

Unconscious Mutterings

We have a treadmill. I still find treadmills a little difficult to stay on. I do not like all the sweat on treadmill bars at the gym. I am going to make a stand for my laptop on the treadmill if we can find a way to keep it stable. Cute little hamsters on a treadmill. That "OK-Go" music video with all the treadmills. "Japanese Treadmill Insanity."Wow...I just found a product for using a laptop on a treadmill called "Netrunner" is a lot like what I had visualized doing. Quite a while ago, I saw a video of a ghost shrimp running on a treadmill.

Breast stroke.Back stroke.having a stroke.

Exclusively at ______. Best Buy has a lot of exclusively ats. mutually exclusive. a lot of news media claims to have an exclusive...this is not always so anymore.

whipping. lashing something together. eyelash...I never have been able to master an eyelash curler.lashing out when angry.backlash

Red Carpet:
at award shows movie stars walk down it.Earlier today, I saw Elton John singing "Goodbye England's Rose" in some of the footage from Diana's funeral....there was a shot of Diana walking down a red carpet somewhere in the photos....I wonder where that was...she was wearing such an elegant white dress and heels."the red carpet treatment." roll out the red carpet.

Credit Card:
credit card offers.hidden fees.stolen credit cards.Suze Orman(yes, that is how she spells her first name) says should lean on credit card in student years....responsibly.

points collected in a credit card program.points on a test. the thousand points of light....remember that??? a child often they get older,they are taught it is rude to point.MyPoints.

domestic flight.domestic beer.housewife. domestic cat.a servant.domesticated animals.

drinking age.21st birthday. There was a Sean Penn movie called "21 Grams."


This is a word-association meme by LunaNina.

The OK-Go Treadmill thing ("Here It Goes Again") as done by students at a talent show


Nintendo Wii being used in physical therapy and stroke recovery.
Major oil find in Brazil

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I am thankful for today/my hopes

Let's see:
-I am feeling better though still needing rest.
-The couch, where I am relaxing today, is comfortable.The armrests are like firm pillows.
-I am thankful for medicine-I have missed two days of work but would have missed a LOT more otherwise.
-I was supposed to go to the doctor today but one was not available that would be covered by my insurance. So, I am glad that this seems to be just a really bad chest cold. As far as I know, I won't have to go to the doctor on Monday.
-I have lost at least 3 pounds...I will find out when I weigh myself in the morning. I hope that my weight loss is not due to being sick. I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks. I am surprised by this weight loss as I thought I might be gaining weight. I have thyroid problems, sincerely not a fashionable excuse, so I am so glad for every pound that I am finally starting to take off.
-I have had two mouses break in 2 days (one was cheaply made but neat...lasted for a year...I knew it would happen sooner or later). I am glad that Wal-Mart took back the Microsoft Wireless Mouse...very cheaply made (broken) and I am not risking that again. I have been coding by hand since yesterday as I have no mouse. I have enjoyed the practice of what HTML I know.

My hopes:
I started out as hyperthyroid. I have slowly gotten worse.I hope my thyroid doesn't die out. I also hope that I am not forced to have my thyroid gland removed...I have been advised that I might want to look at this...I don't want to be absolutely dependent on this stupid medicine or having the thyroid gland grow back and risk lupus.
China has promised swift investigation into the hazardous Aqua Dots.

JenKem....real or hoax???

"JenKem"...a drug made using fecal matter and urine. Let us hope that this is a hoax. There is more discussion on as to whether this is real and where it has been reported. I find this concerning because it would be much more easily obtainable (much) than meth if people could stomach it. It sounds like it is more dangerous than many substances.
Clorox to buy Burt's Bees
The Clean Kitchen Schedule

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stalking Conan???

Priest charged with stalking Conan O'Brien out on bail. I am waiting to see what the motive is. I would sincerely hope that if a guilty verdict is found, psychiatric rehabilitation is attempted if appropriate. I would also hope that extreme precautions be taken to make sure psychiatric rehabilitation is effective. Perhaps, if rehabilitation is effective, this man could go back to the priesthood. I think a lot depends on what the intent behind the alleged activities was and how much farther/longer these activities were intended to go.

Aqua Dots....I don't think that I would give to children now even if they became "safe."

Previously I wrote:
"I am following the GHB-laced toy issue. I don't understand why someone would take such a risk to their job as to substitute a chemical considered to be a health hazard and used in cleaning products. I just don't understand why a company would take that kind of risk to human life...especially that of children. Surely, not everyone in the company knew of this decision or its implications.I am hoping that the whole thing was a matter of negligence but would assume that there will be some sort of legal action if it was not. I am so relieved that there have been no deaths thus far."

7 more U.S. children have gotten sick

These things are pretty and look like candy...I am worried that there will be more incidents. It is a pity because, aside from the obvious tragedy, this toy had such potential for creativity. :-(

The morning after pill

Latest verdict: Doctors may refuse to give morning-after pill...but have to refer patient to someone who will.

"Sick Days"

This is particularly aggravating to me today. I am worried about the reaction that my work will have if I must call in again tomorrow. I am worried about being forced to go to work this sick in order to maintain job security.I am operating on 2 and a half hours sleep because I can't breath when I lie down and get woken up by this fact. I have a blanket on me or by me at all times. Looking at the wastebasket full of used tissues is depressing. I am worried...thank you fellow workers for being dishonest.I can understand a day for mental well-being...but some people are just ridiculous. Enjoy your "sick days."
Institute to get ancient Bible parchment

Highlights of the flu

I am on Day 3 or resting with the flu. Just as I think it is going to get doesn't. Earlier this morning I was thinking how little coughing I have I am on cough suppressant.

I am capable of:
Walking from one room to another...but walking down any stairs is too exhausting
Sitting in chairs...but not looking for a lost library book
Sleeping...until I get woken up by not being able to breath (and once husband talking to me in his sleep)

Things that have happened:
Dropping things----mainly dropping things---the ones I am listing are only the significant events
  • A piece of blanket fuzz had separated and was going into my hands were shaky so, when I tried to remove it, I got tea on white thermal nightwear and a slight,slight burn that did not last for long. Surprisingly, the tea did not stain but it was a scary thing to witness.
  • I spilled chicken soup on the floor...then panicked that I was doing so...and spilled more chicken soup on the floor. At least it was the kitchen floor.
  • I was eating some miniature donuts and thinking how few donuts there were in the package. When I went back to the kitchen, I found that I had dropped one of the donuts and not even noticed it falling...that is why there were so few donuts.
And I am thankful for my husband:
Fetcher of Tylenol
The sweet man who found extra blankets and made the bed without being asked
Chicken Soup Chef
He who makes excellent tea

I hope I am well soon.


-----This month, I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I am attempting to write a novel in a month.
-----In December,Nintendo will launch a Wii workout board.
Russell Crowe to be baptised
Oil spill in San Francisco


1. Plans and schedules _______ .
are something I am not good at making. I admire people who have a very detailed schedule and keep to it. I am a just doesn't always work. Maybe I should say I am a list collector. :-)

2. I'm happy when things _______ .
are handled at my pace...I usually get stressed out by sudden,unannounced events.

3. The last thing I drank was _______ .
chicken broth...I have the flu.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is _______ .
Husband,of course. As for material,books,photos.

5. I like _______ on my pizza.
Onions lots of onions.

6. Dear November, _______ .
I hate that you gave me this flu. Go away and bring me Spring.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!
I am looking forward to cucumber salad.
Here are some Cucumber Salad recipes I found:
Balinese Cucumber Salad,Cucumber Suate Salad,Cucumbers with Lime-Chili Dressing
Saturday's plans include housecleaning...a little at a time for Thanksgiving.
Sunday I want to sleep in.

Friday Fill-In
Dolphins save surfer
Dutch want cannabis registered as regular medicine

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Friday's Feast

Which snack do you like to get when you go to the movies?
-----Strawberry licorice is my favorite.
-----I also like nachos and cheese or soft pretzels...if the theater has them.
-----I have started choking on popcorn...though I love it so much.
-----The best movie snack I ever had was when someone snuck in homemade chocolate chip cookies.
-----What really makes me angry is when people sneak in beer and were clearly drunk before they came in.Then they either say rude things or throw popcorn.

What year did you start using the internet?

What is your first name in Pig Latin?

Main Course
Name something you are picky about.
Patterned socks

Fill in the blanks: I ____ ____ yesterday and I ____ ____ today.
I was pretty sick with the flu yesterday and I feel a lot better than I did today.

Friday's Feast
-----Breastfeeding does not cause breasts to sag...but smoking does.
-----Body mod that looks like a bullet wound and is used to hold cigarettes

The O.J. Trial, II

Further coverage of the O.J. trial....including the fact that one of the accused would like to see his character played by Jack Nicholson if there is a movie.

Aqua Dots....look like they would be fun (when they are safe)

I am following the GHB-laced toy issue. I don't understand why someone would take such a risk to their job as to substitute a chemical considered to be a health hazard and used in cleaning products. I just don't understand why a company would take that kind of risk to human life...especially that of children. Surely, not everyone in the company knew of this decision or its implications.I am hoping that the whole thing was a matter of negligence but would assume that there will be some sort of legal action if it was not. I am so relieved that there have been no deaths thus far.

NaBloPoMo (what a fun word), expect posts from me every day. Well, sort of....I didn't find out about the activity having started until the fourth. Then yesterday/today I had caught a shiver (possibly the flu). I am sitting in my chair with a blanket and plenty of fluids right now...but I feel well enough to blog again. :-)

Of course, when I am the sickest has to be on my days off from work.

I didn't know this month had started until today but I will consider myself having won if I post every day this month. :-))

I didn't know this month had started until today but I will consider myself having won if I post every day this month. :-)

Should People Be Fired for Smoking in Their Private Time???

-----A growing number of Florida companies are forbidding smoking (even in an employee's private life).
-----I don't know if this is serious...a National Day where people are allowed to smoke in some of the places in the UK.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. "Burners Without Borders" is seeking help to assist in the rebuilding after the 8.0 earthquake in Peru.

Please vote for me if you like my can vote once daily and this would mean a lot. My blog is kind of like what the inside of my brain probably looks like...cozy and scattered...I like my blog. I have even joined a group for people who blog about a wide variety of things. Though I am not winning, I have blogged honestly and valiantly....I am proud of my 332 votes. :-)

3. When the dentist starts dancing during your exam, the results can be very bad. Isn't "Car Wash" disco??? Disco dancing is usually pretty...energetic.

4. Husband made his first pieces of steel armor last month. Women always talk about wanting a knight in shining armor...I may literally have one at some point. :-)

5. What happens when the Kool-Aid Man trips.

6. 15 Seconds of Star Wars Fun:

7. Thing I am grateful for today:
Husband taking care of me as I seem to have caught a chill sometime between today and yesterday. Everytime I take off the blankets, I am the Shiver Queen...and sometimes when the blankets are on,too. He has brought me tea (and blankets)....very sweet.


9. Efforts in the U.K. to encourage consumers to protest packaging when they get to the checkout. I work retail and think this an excellent idea so long as the consumer doesn't take this out on employees who have nothing to do with the packaging (and can do fairly little about it without their life being hellish).

10. How is a tumor like an embryo?


12. 5 foods that have health benefits....though people often think they are harmful.

13. Smile.

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Currently: Watching "The Hours."

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

-----Thank you to Husband who brought me Mountain Dew and made Sloppy Joes with turkey meat for dinner. Little things make you smile.
-----Stop shooting Star Wars Nerf guns in the house. Wife is not impressed by the targeting light especially in light of the risk to her baubles,whatnots and knicknacks.
Stop calling the wife a whatnot. Thank you.

That's who I would have picked.

Which 1950's PIN-UP Girl are you??
created with
You scored as Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn


Betty Page


Betty Grable


Jayne Mansfield


Mae West


Mariyln Monroe


Thanks to "Basenji Boy" for showing me this quiz. :-)

NaBloPoMo 2007

I have just joined, expect posts from me every day for the rest of the month. I am generally pretty prolific anyway. :-)

I didn't know this month had started until today but I will consider myself having won if I post every day this month. :-)

:-) 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 2009-06-11 daily 0.5