Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt...Water

Photo Copyright The Archaic Design

Well this is a photo that my husband took but I was there. I have always it found to be such a beautiful picture.


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Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History....a blog I am enjoying reading this evening.
(2012 Update: The blog is currently blank and not active.)

Coke Music Widget

I am trying out the Coke Music Widget. It is supposed to offer free music daily & there are even downloads. I am fairly eclectic in my music choices so I am thinking that they will at least have some music that I like. :-)

Thus far I am not impressed because the actual widget is not telling m what I am listening to & every time I switch from one Internet page to another there is major interference.

I do like the way the songs sound absolutely awesome on my surround sound....absolutely awesome. There are so many neat sounds that the speakers actually pick up. Even if I don't like the song, I am enjoying it as most songs don't have this with the sounds. :-)
Stop Cyberbullying

Friday, March 30, 2007

Please Help :-)

Please vote for me if you are so inclined. You can vote once daily by clicking on the butterfly above.

Blogging is obviously a passion of mine. It would be so wonderful for me to win this contest....and the competition is steep. I think it is still anybody's game. :-)

Thank you to the readers who cast the 32 votes that I have. I am thankful for the friends that I am making/have made here online.

*virtual hugs to you all*
BlogHer '07 I'm<br />Going

What am I going to do there?

Well the event is at Navy Pier in Chicago this year. I am going to achieve a longtime romantic husband & I are going to kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel....hopefully. The last time we were possibly going to get to do this....we walked to the Pier only to find that the Ferris Wheel wasn't able to operate that day. Hopefully, I will finally beat the fate I have seemed to draw on this issue. I just find something romantic about that Ferris Wheel.

And, of course, the Navy Pier Convention Facility has some spectacular views....the kind ordinary tourists would love to have. I am going to take advantage of how lucky I will be to see this & shoot tons of photos.....tons.

Then there will be the whacky singing. I like to immerse myself in a town. So, I will sing...a lot. "Sweet Home,Chicago" & "The SuperBowl Shuffle" are what I am envisioning right now.

Yesterday's Mailbox....

Contained among other things:
-Yet another student loan repayment scam. I get these from "companies" on an almost daily basis
-Something urging me to try the new Big TV Guide
-The April 2007 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. We have a subscription. This issue contains tips on how to make better use of your time,ways to woo Venture Capitalists and info on economical business travel. I will blog what I think as I read through it.

Why have I added this feature to my blog???
****You get to read about the unusual things in my mailbox & I get to actually keep up with reading my mail. :-)

Obama 2008?

George Clooney in Obama's Camp
Unlike an ordinary citizen, Clooney has to be careful about how he shows support because being a friend to a celebrity can actually be damaging to a campaign.

I noted in my reading that Clooney compares Obama to Kennedy. I would like to know how Obama is similar to Kennedy. Obviously the comparison must mean great leadership...but on what issues? In what direction would Obama's leadership take us.

I know that Obama is from Illinois & that he is a Democrat. I am wondering if he will do what many traditionally do & drop out of the race if Hilary gets the Democratic nomination.

They got to know each other a year ago while attending a rally to raise awareness about the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan and have stayed in touch.

Escape from New York....or is that The Highlander on that glider???

And in the remake....Snake Plissken will be Scottish.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last female World War I Vet dies

My evening was filled with Dr. Pepper,Stuffed Crust Pizza and a Lot of Noise....
I had fun.

And this evening we are blogging live from the bar area of a pizza place one has told our fellow patrons that this is not a karoake bar. aching head. My mind is wounded.

The buffalo chicken fingers had a lot of cayenne in them. I tried eating whole fingers with a fork at first & breathed cayenne up my nose.

And there is nothing like not looking down & eating a bad spot in a piece of celery.

And why do some people find making gagging sounds entertaining? Do you ever punctuate your storytelling with gagging sounds?

I am watching pool on is really neat some of the tricks that the professional players can do.

One of those places that tries to appeal to all audiences by their music selection. I have heard whailing cowboy music, 8os soundtracks, LOUD 80s club music, oldies,hardcore rap and Pearl Jam. Then we found was controlled by one of those boxes where guests can walk up & pick what they want to hear (the computerized equivalent of a free jukebox). I think we walked into war of the music.

By the way don't you just love when you go some place & the waitress is clearly angry. As the little tornado that is her storms back & forth....the service gets worse & worse. And then it is over just as quickly as it came & she is sweet again.

MMM.....leftover pizza. I love cold pizza in the morning.
Some day I will own a pair of sailing gloves. Yes, this means I will also own a sailing boat.

You All Write the Most Interesting Things (from visits to my blogroll)

-----The anniversary of Three Mile Island
-----It's Babyzilla
-----Baby Talk in the Real World
-----"The Lost Girls" have a long day in Hanoi,Vietnam.
Karl Rove rapping...not a joke.

And Bush said in his speech:
"Don't think I haven't noticed all the drinking going on. In my State of the Union Address, I said we needed to increase the use of ethanol."
"Not matter how tough it gets, I have no intention of becoming a lame duck president...unless,Cheney shoots me in the leg."


-----"Elvis Hunter: The Truth is Out There". I found the part about having a plan to escape in case Elvis strikes funny.
-----While Elvis has not been found (despite many sightings) Army uniform of his that was missing from Hurricane Katrina has.
I am still a deckhand on a Cybercruise. Here is a funny joke that was told in port. It is a joke about a drunken first mate & a captain. :-)

FOAD Thursday....Welcome to my first rant

F**K OFF & DIE get the picture. This is a weekly list of life's smaller (and larger ) peeves.

Today I would like to list annoying people at the movie theatre. I have already mentioned that this I am very aggravated by them.
What do I mean???

------When we went to see "300" there was a kid who did turn off the ringer on his phone but he was checking messages every five minutes or so. At one point he even answered a call. Though you could not hear him, the LCD display was EXTREMELY distracting. I would have liked to take his phone & do terrible things to it. I would have put the demise of his phone on YouTube.
-----We went to a theatre where an extremely tall drunk man who was half-conscious sat a few seats away. First he had his legs slung over the seat arm into the aisle. Then he swung his legs around & tried to not-so-discreetly steal my purse with one foot....several times. When I gave my husband my purse to guard, he left.
-----Then there was the group of drunk people drinking from flasks. They spat on my hair & reeked. At one point we thought they were throwing popcorn or spitballs.

-----And the most annoying???
Three teenagers sat behind us. They hit me in the head with a purse as they were sitting down. I always get this kind of luck in full theatres. They called their boyfriends & asked for lessons on how to have sex before the show. During the show, they almost spilled pop on my back...I had to keep my arms away from where the pop landed. After the movie, we went to Walmart where they almost hit us a few times in the parking lot as they were going there too...three girls in a car looking everywhere but the direction they were driving in. They headed into the Walmart ahead of us & I just hoped we wouldn't be around them anymore.
-We ran into them one more time at the self-checkout though. Luckily they were in the line behind us. The last I saw of them, they had five items that they were trying to check out much to the attendant's frustration. One of them kept making the help alarm go off & commenting how she "liked that sound." I watched for their departure as we left....they were struggling with the machine for at least twenty-one minutes.

Thank you so much for the 32 votes that I have. I only need 9 votes to catch up to the person above me right now. You can vote once daily. Thank you for caring about my blogging dreams. :-)
-----Ear Vines...neat. There are dragons & bumblebees & a bunch of other little things.
-----I like little things that are visually interesting like this tape dispenser.
April is Autism Awareness Month

You All Write the Most Interesting Things (from visits to my blogroll)

-----A parent's first prayers with their child
-----A sentence using the name of four Oklahoma towns. This made me smile. :-)
-----Iraq's future in Dems' hands
-----I have linked to it before but I enjoyed this alcohol trivia.
-----An honest spammer :-)
-----Heidi is making some crafty decorations for Easter.
-----Diane gives a recipe for Slow Cooker Ham & Bean Soup

Still Hanging Out at "Fuel My Blog"

I enjoy going here & looking at the different blogs. I am in the Entertainment section here. :-)

Other sites on here:
One Year for Sale...this kid is selling a year of his time at a dollar per minute. just started a blogroll (for those of you that are Mommy or Daddy Bloggers)
-----How Far Can You Throw a Big Mac?....there are four videos of exactly that on this blog right now. Users submit there Big-Mac-throwing-measured-in-paces videos. :-)
-----"Goonies" on Broadway??? I would love to see the original cast make cameos in this in some way...particularly a singing Corey Feldman. :-)
-----There may yet be a second X-Files movie.
How is your day going?

If you like my for me by clicking on the butterfly below (which will take you to a voting screen). I have 32 votes. This contest is exciting. :-)

So what happened in your day?
-I got to sleep in...but I woke up at a pretty decent time. Sometimes, I am so tired on days off that I sleep most of the day. Today has been kind of energetic. :-)
-I am getting together some student loan paperwork that I need to fax.
-A friend of ours is visiting today. We haven't seen him in a, that will be fun. We will do something or other for is our custom when we can manage a get-together.
-I am looking foward to a really long shower....on workdays I use a timer. On days off I get to do pampering stuff. I have a lot of tension in my jaw & usually do a massage on the days that I have time. :-)

In Hong Kong

Beth is living in Hong Kong right now & I am enjoying reading about it. I enjoyed reading her blog before she went, too.

Horses being targeted in Hong Kong? Terrorists? or cheating?

People in Hong Kong eat a lot of fish. Right now some of them are unaware that they may be eating endangered species.

The Chinese have gifted Hong Kong with some pandas...that are not being completely received with happiness.

Free Comics

Free Comic Book Day is May 5th this year. I go to a store every year. :-)

What is a "high time roller?"
And I am not a "part time lover."

It lists me as "Thebluestbutterf" on here. I couldn't fix, I guess that will be my ID on there. :-)
Marvel Spiderman Zombie T-Shirt (at Hot Topic)
-----Great Masters Cross Stitch Patterns.... meaning cross stitch patterns for pieces by Van Gogh & so on.
-----Little Knits...yarn & knitting supplies.
Now I am at 31 votes! I want to thank those who voted for me so much...whether I win or not it means a lot to me that somebody enjoyed what I wrote.

Click on the butterfly above to vote for me...if you like my blogging. :-)
You can vote daily.

Things I Want to Blog About Sometime or Other Here:
-----"What Cher's Doing Now"....This is an inside joke with myself. It reminds me of the line in Grease's "Summer Loving" song when Danny sings, "I wonder what she's doing now."
-----Great Things Girl Scout & Boy Scout Troops are doing. Right now I am eating some Girl Scout cookies....shortbread. :-)
-----A review of "3000 Miles to Graceland"...after I watch it.
-----More on "Operation Smile" organization that helps children with facial deformities.

The last breath by ~ISO25 on deviantART

Please Continue to Keep David in Your Thoughts & Prayers

David has RSV right now. I am really hoping that he doesn't have to go into a hospital again. David is a little boy who was born early & has gone through so much illness in his young life. He is a very strong little boy...and looks super huggable. :-)
Beth is living in Hong Kong right now & I am enjoying reading about it. I enjoyed reading her blog before she went, too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. My favorite color is green. I did a search for some unusual things that are green. I found recipes.
Unusual Green Beans...a Cajun recipe
Unusual Green Pepper Jelly
Green Garlic Bread
Green Tea Ice Cream
Green Eggs & Ham Cake
Unique Fruity Green Salad
African Green Pepper & Spinach...this recipe has peanut butter in it

2. I am rereading Hamlet. What is your favorite play by Shakespeare?
-I suppose that my favorite Shakespeare is Macbeth (followed by Hamlet).

3. I am participating in this contest. I would like to win so that I can stay home,eventually start having children (if the doctor still thinks that it will be okay) and start paying the rent on a reallife coffee shop. Being a full time blogger would make so many dreams come true for me.
Vote for me by clicking on the butterfly below (if you like my blog) can vote daily.
I have 30 votes & I am very thankful for each. :-)

4. I like a blog that I found called "Colour Void." It is a photo blog filled with unusual things & found art. Neat. :-)

5. Bleeding Heart Meatloaf

6. Gross Things that People Have Found in Their Food or Claimed to Find in Their Food

7. Apparently the sale of celebrity skin & body fluids is legal...and profitable. Very weird....and gross. Worse then the sale of Elvis sweat. Does anyone remember that cologne a while back that was suppposed to smell like Elvis' sweat?

8. I am still thinking about who to vote for in 2008. What candidate are you leaning towards....and what candidate are you leaning far away from?

9. Rest in Peace, Sam...former winner of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

10. Scientists say that this monk is the world's happiest man.

11. What adventures are you going to have this weekend?

12. Today I bought Hazelnut Oil. I am excited about this. I am planning to use it for Oriental Stirfry.

13. 5 Weird Energy Drinks
I don't generally like energy drinks. I did enjoy drinking a Radiant Nutrisoda in Pomegranate & Blackberry flavor....supposed to "support your skin's natural elasticity & firmness. "


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1.Tink...a neat Thirteen on posts without comments. I commented. :-)
2. Lady G...I just read that she has been married for 24 years-awesome!!!
3. Jen
(Leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

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I have 28 votes now....that is awesome. Thank you,thank you,thank you. The encouragement means a lot to me. :-)

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Pizza Hut's BookIt Program is being criticized.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I saw a girl wearing this today & I complimented her on it. Later I found it on Threadless. Cool.

-By the way Shakespeare's Birthday is coming is estimated to be April 23rd.

-I am rereading Hamlet right now. :-)

Tonight we dine at Burger King by ~schmaurens on deviantART
We saw "300" this week, so this made me smile. :-)

Kiwi or Cucumber by ~Frankenstijn on deviantART

Interesting that someone thought of this photo manipulation. I wonder if it is possible to manipulate actual kiwis in order to give them a skin that makes them last longer. Kiwis last long enough I know....but I despise when they go bad.

Corset Stuff

-----Back and side "corset" these kind of piercings always look sore? The side one is kind of neat looking.
-----I did a little more research on corset piercings & found out that they are not meant to be permanent. I once knew a girl who thought that she was getting a permanent piercing like this & was saving up a great deal of money to do so....I hope that someone told her before she spent all that money.
A blog writer tells why she had to quiet the John Edwards campaign.
-----Nike Redwood Insurgent Shoe
-----You too can own a plush roasted chicken or Mozzarella (who is a member of the Moofia). The "Mozzarella" thing is funny. :-)

Angry Sofa :-)

Wrath of the Sofa - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

My latest Threadless T-shirts find. It says "Seek My Comfort or Face My Unrelenting Wrath." Funny. :-)
BlogHer '07 logo

BlogHer will be at Navy Pier...awesome.

Monday, March 26, 2007

kolme by ~anka-kokos on deviantART

CyberCruise 2007

I am still a deckhand on Lifecruiser's CyberCruise. Right now, we are visiting the Dominican Republic a place that I know nothing about....but I intend to read more on while we are in the port. :-)

One thing that readers were treated to at yesterday's port was an in-depth article on DIY Brazilian waxing.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Puttering around at make t-shirts. I have heard a lot about them but don't really know much about them.

A Bubbly Beginning - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
I really like & plan to buy this one. It is of the Planet Earth being blown out of a bubble wand.

Speaking of "Murder by Death," the band that modeled the t-shirts,here is video called "Sometimes You Walk the Line;Sometimes the Line Walks You." It was put on YouTube by the record label that they are on. I would assume this video is influenced by Johnny Cash. :-) cool find this evening :-)

I just found something neat and I am

It is an online wishlist service.

Wish list to keep all your plans, todo's, goals, dreams.
Shopping list suitable for online stores - with links, notes and photos.
Gift registry for your birthday, Christmas and other holidays and occasions.
Gifts, books, movies, music, perfumes, travels, skills... evertyhing you wish.

The thing that I think is really cool about it is that it has code so that you can insert the items into your blog. I don't know how useful it will be for my blog but I am finding a lot of things on there that I have never seen before. :-)

Fluttering in the dream career

Still chugging along in this contest. The last time I checked, I had 25 votes...and I am grateful for every one of these.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, or have recently read a good deal of it.....what do you like of what I blog about??? I am asking for feedback. :-)

Vote for me, if you are so inclined,please.

Neat. I have never come across anything like this before.

Corset Stuff

-----Corsets caused a lot of harm back in Victorian times.
-----A neat artpiece/comic entitled "How to Put on a Corset." I think this was a very clever idea.
-----I like Betsey Johnson's Corset Satchel...sort of. I would take off all the pockets, the tag & the charm....and I would not pay $350.00 for it.

A neat bracelet.

-----My blog keeps coming up in searches for a Bejeweled Deluxe 2 License Key...which is funny because it does not come up for me if I search for it under these terms. My site meter says that people are searching for this though & then end up visiting my blog. I have no Bejeweled Deluxe 2 License Key. Once upon a time I played Bejeweled Deluxe 2...the free edition that was up when the game first came out....and I made a very small mention of this. Obviously, some people are looking very intensely for such a key....this happens to my blog all the time.
-----I went for a walk today. I saw a truck driver who had pulled into a parking lot & was having lunch with a little Yorkshire Terrier. He obviously loved his doggie a lot & it was neat to see a burly man sitting there talking to a little dog. Open your eyes when you take a walk & you will see the neatest things.
-----Or maybe I should have closed my eyes for parts of my walk....twice large amounts of litter flew into my face. Remains of a fun Friday night, I suppose.
-----I saw cracked dirt on my walk...something that I haven't seen in a long time. As a child, I used to love playing with dirt that was cracked by the rain...not very messy at all. It is sort of a mix between dirt & mud. Ground like this comes up very cleanly in fairly large pieces.It looks like a chocolate bar in some places & very dusty dirt in others. You will know what I am talking about if you have ever seen this. :-)
For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been, and there you will long to return.
-Leonardo da Vinci

"The Bluest Butterfly" says this is neat.

Taiwan closes off road so butterflies can migrate safely.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Keep Little David in Your Thoughts & Prayers

-----David is sick again. He has RSV & possibly rotovirus...there hasn't been an update on this yet but I am hoping that his lungs stay clear. Please remember this little boy in your thoughts & prayers.

Oh...and to David's mom...if you didn't already think of this cropping for the photos, I can send you a copy of this that I did. :-)

Willie is STILL missing....Pasadena

Yes, Willie has been gone for a long time but maybe there is a chance that he will still come home. His family misses him very much.

Abducted 12/10/06 by a 45-50 year old African American woman Driving a 1980's Silver 4dr-sedan (possibly a Volvo)
Please call with any information (310) 490-3901
I must post about the nightmarish adventures that I have had in movie theatres sometime or other....specifically the odd behaviours of fellow viewers.
This post, about a child learning to ride his bike, really made me smile. :-)

I would love to blog more....

I am in 15th place right now. That is not so bad. I am enjoying doing this & that counts for something. Please vote for me if you like my blog. :-)

Benefit for Family of Tim Grecian
March 24
Riverside, Iowa

Saturday March 24th at the VFW

There will be a live auction from 1-4 pm & a supper at 5pm.

In October of last year, Mr. Grecian was diagnosed with cancer. He has had surgery & is currently undergoing chemo.

This benefit is being held to help Tim, his wife and his 3 children.

An account has been set up at Peoples Trust & Savings Bank in Riverside.

To help, call:
Aaron Kos (319) 656-3554
Sue Grecian (319) 430-5930
Brad Smothers (319) 648-9594
Jenny Grecian (319) 648-2604

-----This info is from a flier that someone gave me.


-----David is sick again. He has RSV & possibly rotovirus. Please remember this little boy in your thoughts & prayers.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I so want to win this.....please help.

Please vote for will change my world. I will be able to do one of the things that makes me happiest...writing. I will have the money to start having should have good finances for this (or at least it is much easier). Maybe I will even be able to pay the rent on a coffee shop location. :-)

Thank you for coming to read my blog.

Maybe your vote will change someone else's world. I think people really can reach each other with their blogs. Go ahead...try to reach out to others through your blogging-the world will be a better place. :-)

Thank you for the 22 votes that I have. :-)

Why We Should Fight Terror

Complete list of what the man who claims responsibility for September 11 admits to either doing or plan to do

If one sits down & counts the number of deaths involved, one can get a true glimpse of what the "War on Terror" is trying to combat.

Plot 1. More than 1,, we will say 1,001 for purposes of guestimation.

Plot 2. 2,996 people from September 11. There were also 19 terrorists who died & obviously this man had a hand in approving that to happen.

Plot 3. This was the shoebomber thing...but I don't know how many people were on the airliners. We will count 2 shoe bombers, two pilots and two stewardesses for this minimum death count.

Plot 4. 2 U.S. soldiers

Plot 5. 202 people

Plot 6. Major landmarks but I don't know enough about them to take even a very,very minimum guess.

Plot 7. Again I don't know enough.

Plot 8. Surely there would have been many deaths in blowing up the Panama Canal.

Plot 9. Plans to assasinate former U.S. Presidents...but it doesn't say how many, so I will calculate at least 2.

Plots 10-17 surely would have involved the deaths of many thousand...but again I have no minimum guess.

Plot 18. More plane stuff...we will go with at least 3 people again.

Plot 19. Again unknown how many people...the number of targets wasn't decided on yet.

Plot 20. At least 14 people killed.

Plot 21. Another plane thing...though it failed. Again we will count at least 3.

Plot 22-25. Unknown but the plans even included attacking nuclear plants!

Plot 26. Involved 12 planes, so we will take our good old number 3....and go with another grossly under-estimated 36 people.

Plot 27. Clinton was President...they wanted to make him the former President.

Plot 28 & 29....The pope and the President of Pakistan.

Plot 30. Unknown

Plot 31. A journalist.

That brings my minimum count to 4,288 people. Add in many, many thousand this something that you want to put a stop to yet???

Red Hot Chili Peppers Contest...Video for "Charlie"

This entrant "Early Morning Eagle" is only 14 & the sister in the video is a 6-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I am impressed with this video...especially if the editing was actually done by "Early Morning Eagle". All of this is pretty impressive for someone this young. :-)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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krakus by ~bydjemes on deviantART

A beautiful photo taken by a gentleman named Michael who is from Poland. It was taken with an Olympus....we have an Olympus digital that I use to post some of the pictures here on my blog. :-)
10 Internet Games That are Tough to Beat

"My Hands are Bananas"
What Anna Nicole Smith's death teaches us about memory & aging. I found this interesting.

I submitted this link to "Digg" as I am interested in the aspect of what people think about spending your childrens' inheritance...which is what J. Howard Marshall was doing. I suppose that all depends on whether one's children are able to provide for themselves & whether the child is truly deserving of large amounts of financial provision. I think that one does have the right to be happy in this life time...and sometimes that means spending money.

Chuck Norris....funny video

"Chuck Norris" by Mr. Safety (otherwise known as Corey). This was made a while back when everyone on the Internet was making all the Chuck Norris jokes.

For those sensitive to language:This has the f-word in a humorous way so be warned. I would also say it has mild adult humor. A funny,funny video.

-I predict that this video will be on the front page of "Digg" sooner or later. I went to nominate it & found that I was the third person to consider it for Digg. :-)

Finding the courage to stop tanks

The man who stopped the tanks. Could you have been this brave?

A hundred tanks along the square,
One man stands and stops them there
Some day soon, the tide will turn, and Ill be free
Ill be free, Ill be free, Ill come home to my country,
Some day soon the tide will turn and Ill be free.

-From one of my favorite songs,"500 Miles" by The Hooters

My Friend Playing with Fire

This one doesn't have music.

And here is an earlier one with music. I am fond of the fire videos with music. :-)

Thursday Thirteen

Started today. I participated in "Fall into Reading" & had a lot of fun.

Lady is still missing from Lincoln County, Missouri. She is very much missed by a little boy named Scooter. Read more.


Mark Day makes me laugh & I want to get a Smiley Intervention Mug at some point. Tonight I read a review of why one should buy the someone who bought it. The blog with the review of the Smiley Intervention mug on it is called "Consumatron" & it is worth a look. :-)

4. More Mark Day:

This is his "Resolution,Resolution." How are you all doing with your resolutions???

5. David is a little boy who was born early. I like to blog about him. Anyway...his mother takes a picture of him to send out to loved ones every month. She has entered David's St. Patrick's Day picture in a Shutterfly can vote for him here. :-)

6. I have entered a contest myself. I am trying to get paid to blog for a year. I am doing this for many reasons but mainly because writing is my passion & it would enable me to eventually stay home/start having children. It would make me so happy if you would vote for me. I have 17 votes....which I am very thankful for. I am behind by a thousand because I didn't know about this contest right when it started but I am still giving it my best try. Look around my blog &, if you like it, would you please vote for me??? Thank you. :-)

7. Tomorrow I am going to wear a blue nail polish fro Wet & Wild called "Denim Chrome." It is dark blue/shiny. This will make me happy. What nail polish colors make you happy?

8. Willie is another missing doggie that I hope comes home. Willie lives in Pasadena, California.

9. What is your advice for preserving a marriage?


Hillary talks about children's health care. What do you think of that?
-I am trying to figure out who I am going to vote for in 2008...I am totally undecided as to which candidate I will choose.
-Universal Health Care would be good. I wonder if there are other candidates offering this & if it will be starting with the children.

11. A poem that I wrote addressed to childnappers:
A Child-Sized Wound
“My child is gone,” shouts the running woman on the lawn
“My child is gone," sobs the careless woman in the store
Stricken and shocked
Day after day
Hurt and Alone grows more for all
This is an act that forever replays
A rip that festers the heart
Bring back this child.
Open your eyes.
See the empty cradle, the empty bed, the empty desk, the empty lawn?
You know what joy was once here
Now really feel what has happened
Feel the immense pain of a child-sized wound.

12. Who do you talk about politics with and why? Who do you think have been the leaders that have done the most for our world?

13. Smile....and I am sending you a virtual hug (mentally).

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Progress Towards Fluttering in the Blogosphere Full-Time

This butterfly has received 16 votes and is in 16th place. No matter what the outcome of this contest, I am so grateful to all of you who have voted for me. :-)

Thank you. :-)

You might find these entertaining:
-----Video to "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum
-----Thrashing Marlin's video for "Misery's Hole"
-----EepyBird Experiment 144
-----Video of Weird Al singing "I'll Sue Ya"

Your vote would mean so much to me by the way. It would enable me to stay home....and be a really content person. Please, vote for me...if you like my blog. :-)
Will Al Gore debate with this man on Global Warming?

While I agree with the message that Al is trying to spread about global warming, I have one problem with this debate....Al Gore is not a scientist. Will Al Gore be bringing a scientist or two with him if he agrees to this debate?

I don't think that Al will do the debate...but we will see. :-)
"How to Hang a Confederate Flag"....what do you think of this exhibit???

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Hooters" in The Holy Land!

Hooters will be opening locations in Israel.
I wonder what reception that will have. I would imagine that it will be hard to find employees to work here as it would likely go against there religious beliefs. I imagine that there will be protests & I hope that they will not escalate to violence. Personally, Israel is a Holy Land for me....and I don't really want a Hooters there.

On a barely related note, here is "Date Garden:Meet Coral the Hooters Girl"

I have never tasted Moroccan Tea. :-)
-----Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (and Marzipan Carrots)
-----Carrot Cake made with shredded baby carrots
-----Hubby made acorn squash this evening & he put pureed pumpkin into his recipe. He says that having pureed pumpkin splash in your eye is the "nastiest feeling."

Gathering of Eagles Protects Memorials During War Protest

Michelle Malkin talks to people at "The Gathering of Eagles."

-----"Eagles Soar;Media Plummet"...discusses how the media portrayed both sides of this event.
-----There was much media coverage of the anti-War protests but little of those supporting the troops & protecting the memorials. This is discussed by someone who was there.

Spring Reading Thing 2007

Starts March 21st
...that's tomorrow. :-)

I think I am going to read a book called "Downtown Dandelions." I don't remember the author right now.

Lincoln County Missouri...Doggie Missing

This dog is named Lady. She is very much missed by a little boy named Scooter. Read more.
-----A partially-solar-powered Wii. I do not own a Wii nor have I ever played on one but I am fascinated by the controllers & look foward to trying it sometime or other. :-)

I'll Sue Ya....

I'll Sue Ya

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Weird Al...from "Straight Outta Lynwood." I believe the band being parodied is Rage Against the Machine. This video really made me laugh at this Sue-Happy Country of ours.

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Eepybird

This was Experiment #144 which was done for German TV.

What I Like to Blog About A-Z (A Work in Progress)

A-Amber Alerts
C-Campbell's,Coca-Cola Blak,Coffee,Current Reads,Crayons,Crayola
D-Dear Mr. President,Douglas Adams
F-Fellow Bloggers,Flower Arranging
G-Gadgets (I love that word),Games
H-Happenings (in my life),Hats
I-Ice Cube Trays (I like shaped trays)
K- :-)...I don't have one yet but here is a virtual smile for you.
L-Love (I am sappy)
N-Net Neutrality,New Year's Resolutions (all year)
O-Opera (the web browser)
P-Parent Hacks,Patriotism,PEACE,Perception Labratory's Face Transformer,Politics,Prayer Shawls
Q-Questions...I ask a lot
R-Romantic dinners
S-Shower Excercises
T-Thrift,Thebluestspider,Top Chef
W-Walks,Workouts,World's Biggest
X-X's like K-Fed
Y-You...I am interested in my fellow bloggers

For Those of Us Whose Cars are Wheeled Billboards :-)

Lately I have been seen a lot of cars with ads on them & I doubt that they are all company cars. Last week I saw a car with "Progressive" on it in huge letters.

I was just talking about this new trend with a co-worker a few days ago. We were talking about the fact that some people get paid to advertise on their cars. He said that he would do this if he owned a car and it was junky. I wonder if one's car has to be in a certain condition for a major company to pay for adverts. Odd...the things one contemplates on lunch break. :-)

I was surprised to find that some of the adverts that I have been seeing are removable...they are Magnetic Signs! At least they are magnetic if you have a clean car & don't speed. :-)

The magnets are customizable, inexpensive (many under 40 dollars) and can be stored pretty easily.

For small businesses:
I think this would be a great way to have both a company vehicle & a family vehicle. :-)
Elvis in the Army

A poem that I wrote addressed to Childnappers

A Child-Sized Wound

“My child is gone,” shouts the running woman on the lawn
“My child is gone," sobs the careless woman in the store
Stricken and shocked
Day after day
Hurt and Alone grows more for all
This is an act that forever replays
A rip that festers the heart
Bring back this child.
Open your eyes.
See the empty cradle, the empty bed, the empty desk, the empty lawn?
You know what joy was once here
Now really feel what has happened
Feel the immense pain of a child-sized wound.
Who are you leaning towards for President in 2008?
= see results =
Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre
24 in. x 36 in.
Buy this Poster at

Sooner or later I am going to put all my favorite lines from Nacho Libre on here. :-)

Little Teddy Bear....Big Journey

The Band is Thrashing Marlin & the video is called "Misery's Hole." The bear is called "Red Bear" & I would assume it is a Beannie Baby.

That poor teddy bear. I don't know if one can really say no teddy bears were harmed in the making of this video. I would think that Red Bear needed to be cleaned a few times...unless the bugs weren't real.
-----I am noticing that Open Courseware is popping up at a lot of universities. This is wonderful for those of us who can't afford or want to supplement a traditional education.
-----Things I Want to Do in My Lifetime:Romantic Getaway in Catalina.Sailing would be nice.
-----I would love to see Gary Chapman speak again. Gary is the author of "The Five Love Languages."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Commercial Says

The "Relacore" commercial says that Diet Failure is not your fault.
The Playtex Bra commercial asks what you could do in eighteen hours.
The Loreal Revitalift commercial informs me that I need to lift my sagging eyelids.
The commercial let me know how to quench my soap opera craving.
It is the 10th Anniversary of TickleMeElmo.

Can Butterflies Run???

"Shoes Under Sun"
Photo by Yaroslav B. from Moscow

The Wirefly National Marathon is coming up in Greater Washington,D.C on March 24th. Yes, it is sponsored by Wirefly...the cell phone store. It is the second annual event & the beneficiaries run a lot of youth programs (places like the YMCA & Special Olympics) .

Weather should be comfortable for runners & spectators that day. The weather update on the marathon site is currently predicting a morning low of 42 & the high to be 64. The only marathons that I have ever been to have been during heat waves....when lots of water was needed & people had to be carried off on stretchers.

The fact that one can be watching the Boston Marathon winner run is exciting...the Wirefly National Marathon is a Boston Marathon Qualifier. It follows both a historic & residential route...neat. Maybe I will get to go to the Wirefly marathon someday...I have signed up for their newsletter which is called "The Record Times". :-)

I am not sure who the runners with "Invited Athlete" status are for this race...I couldn't find a list on the website. I am interested in seeing what runners will be there. :-) Yes, I am a bit of a geek.

I didn't know that races have a wheelchair division now...there is one in this marathon. Neat....very neat. Have you ever noticed the wheelchair division of a race? The winner of the wheelchair division receives a watch.

I plan to attend at least one marathon this summer. I waited a while to write this blog entry because I have a lot of emotions that get stirred up when I think about marathons. I have quiet a few leg problems but I hope to be able to run a marathon is one of my ten-year goals.

I have always had a fascination with the strength & determination that it takes to be able to do something like this. Maybe I should start training a little at a time. I am in good enough shape that I could easily walk a marathon...but I want to run one someday.
-The Bluestbutterfly
Focus on the Family

-Breaking Free from Workaholism
Is your work making your family sad?

-"Pandoro" is a traditional Italian bread that is often served at Christmas celebrations. It is a sweet yeast bread. Here is a recipe. It is a little complex for me to try to make but I will buy one sometime & let you know what I think. :-)

"The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy"

I could get paid to blog for a year...if I receive the most votes. I love writing this blog & I hope that you like reading it.
Click on the butterfly in this post to vote for me. :-)

Thank you so very much to the 15 people have voted for me. Thank you also for the discussions we have here. Online friends are nice. :-)

Roses are red,this Butterfly is blue
Vote for me & I will entertain you.
-A moment of corniness care of mysef. :-)

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

I found this at Gattina's. :-)
Gattina loves cats...a lot. :-)

Snapdragon was the name of a Decepticon.
-----Here is where one can request an autographed photo of John Travolta
-----Greetings From Sioux Falls
-----WiseGuy posted a longish list of alcohol trivia.
Campaign for Real Beauty....a campaign that Dove has to raise the self-esteem of young girls. What do you think of your self-esteem as far as your looks/how people perceive you???


I have never tried bison but I want to. I am told that it tastes wonderful.
-----I hope to see one of the R2-D2 Mailboxes
Some people online concerned about a big quake happening soon in California

Cybercruising Day 3....Waterloo,Belgium

People Cycling in Front of the Waterloo Lion

I was accepted as a deckhand on Lifecruiser's CyberCruise. Today we are visiting Waterloo, Belgium. That's Napolean's Waterloo.

Gattina gave us a wonderful tour of Waterloo. Thank you, Gattina, for putting so much effort into this. I really enjoyed seeing your town.

-----If anyone is bored, you can play The Comment Wish List. I don't want to play all by myself....come & play. Someone needs to take away my working umbrella. :-)

One of the two lions
The Art Institute of Chicago
United States
841-Pound Woman Dies After Bariatric Surgery

She was only 29 & how she got this way was tragic in itself. I feel so sad for her children.

Sending a virtual hug....(I haven't done this post since October of last year)

Once, I was having a hard time sleeping & thought everyone could at least use the thought of a hug. I decided to post this & repost every once in a while. How are you doing???
-----On giving hugs: I know that sometimes a hug can be an intensely personal gesture & even an act of courage....but it is something that some of us desperately need and never get. As Char pointed out in the comments, sometimes your hug is the only one that person ever gets (I wish Char would come back & blog & I hope that she is alright).
-----Go find someone to hug today...I am sure you can find someone who can really use a hug. If you are someone who can really use a hug, at least someone thought one at you.

This is fun....hugs for me please:

give thebluesbutterfly more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own
Two women kicked out of an IHOP...for kissing each other.

I'm of the Select Few in
Technorati Cosmos

How about you?

This is how the Ranking goes:
Select Few
Proud Citizen
Simple Mortal
Poppin' up

Unique Election Video

I am not sure whether he won. :-)

Who are you thinking of voting for in the 2008 Presidential Elections???

V is for Vendetta

I enjoyed reading this critique of V is for Vendetta.


Are we supporting our troops on the same scale that we used to when America was at war? Are other countries doing better at troop support during this "War on Terror?"

Can we blame our government or the media for the lack of involvement, or is it our fault too???

I hear people complaining that they want safety. I hear people complaining that they want our troops home or want a better job done. I just hear things...other than a flag on a door or a decal on a car or a little box of goodies sent to a soldier...I see very little supportive action. Action seems to have gotten very lazy in this country.

I have thought about this before but started thinking about it much more after visiting this post on "Below the Beltway" last year.

CyberCruising....Arriving in Waterloo,Belgium tomorrow

Decoration Oslo City Sewer
Photo by Lucía Pizarro Coma

I got accepted as a deckhand on the CyberCruise. Our first stop was Stockholm, Sweden & we were in Oslo, Norway today.

Tomorrow's port is Waterloo,Belgium...a city that I have never heard of. Oh wait a minute perhaps I have heard of Waterloo...Napolean...duh.

-----If anyone is bored, you can play The Comment Wish List. I don't want to play all by myself....come & play. Someone needs to take away my working umbrella. :-)

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