Wednesday, July 26, 2006

World E-book Fair....will be FREE...July 4th through August 4th download free books. :-)
In early July, Tony Blair called on Muslims to route out Extremists. One thing that I am glad about with him saying this is that it points out that not all Muslims are "Extremists." I don't hear this said that often.


In early July, a Russian airliner crashed in Siberia killing many children on their way to a summer vacation. One of the survivors in critical condition is a 10-year-old child. If praying is something you do, please keep this child in your this date I have not been able to find information as to whether or not he/she survived.

Russia had a National Day of Mourning for this tragedy. One thing that struck me about how they mourn in Russia:
"Flags will be flown at half-staff Monday, and all televised entertainment programs have been canceled."
In America when we have days of mourning most television goes on...some
stations decide to put on a memorial but I have seen this very seldom.

The Russian government plans to provide financial help to the families.
-----Someday I would like to grow beebalm to make tea.
-----North America's Smallest Jailhouse...I would like to know a little more about might have an interesting history.
-----Urinals that are also artwork
-----I like Alison Sweeney's hair here...Alison plays "Sami" on Days of Our Lives.
-----Butch Morgan has a picture of how to mess with your co-workers while they are on vacation...this made me smile.


Saddam Hussein's hunger strike has he is being force fed.

After being forcefully drug back into court, Saddam has stated that he wants to have a firing squad if he is convicted & not be hung like "a common criminal."
What do you think of this? Wanting the death of a military man would imply that ones actions were preformed out of duty. Do you think that his request will be granted?


According to a July 26th NASA Press Release this is what the mission will entail:
"...Atlantis will deliver and install a 17.5-ton truss
segment on the station, including a set of giant solar arrays and its
associated batteries and electronics. The delivery sets the stage for
additional science laboratories to be added to the complex. The
mission will include three spacewalks conducted by two teams. "
Violence Erupts at a Knight's of Columbus Hall in Kansas City...about 25 to 50 rounds of violence. I have been to events at KofC Halls many times...and have known even more people who have gone to such.

For those that don't know the Knights of Columbus is a faternal organization that often rents out space for various events. I have always found them to be a peaceful gathering place. In the United States, I have found every meeting hall with a religious affiliation to be peaceful (and I have been to many halls that represent several different religions).

I realize that asking about peace & safety is more of a rhetorical question in today's world. I just didn't realize that the world has changed so much. :-(

I found this post about what the Knights of Columbus titles in Spanish might be a good read.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This was among my first batch of attempts at photographing fireworks. The photo was taken from pretty far away & fireworks can be hard to capture on, I am pleased (you can at least figure out what the picture is of) . I plan to get much better at this type of photo....but not bad for a first attempt.

-----Shooting fireworks with a digital camera
-----But if you know what to do...getting a good fireworks photo should be pretty easy. (Still, I have heard of people that have a very hard time doing take so many pictures trying to capture the moment of the color explosion.)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

When an older parent is ill it makes us reflect a lot (my heart goes out to you & I hope that your mother is getting better).

Roses are red, violets are blue...messing around a bit with a photo...this is a red rose that my husband presented me with. :-)

The Blue Rose Bouquet Online Magazine

I recently bought this book & I am slowly reading through it. I wish that the wedding section were longer but it is a great book.
Lego's Bionicles Page

I liked watching the online movies on Lego's page (they were actually commercials). The punchlines at the end of the commercials made me smile a little. Vezok, "The Beast", was a funny idea. Zaktan, "The Snake," was also something that made me laugh a little.
I did not like the teaser trailer as my first thought was of
violence....yes, I know Bionicles are not exactly a non-shooting type of thing....but still this didn't look like a good thing for kids to see.
(I have a cable connection but still I was surprised by the great speed of the buffering when these were loading)

I like Bionicles & was inspired to start doing a post on them after reading the "Pigeon Weather" account of a Bionicles coincidence. :-)
If you had the money, would you go on a spacewalk at this point & time????
Are blog friendships real friendships??? To me they are....but a lot of people just don't understand when you try to explain.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Shooting footage of events like this really has to affect a person's emotions. I think I would be crying at some point.

<---This one is hosted & narrated by Alanis Morissette.
-----Fleeing Lebanon
-----Windchime Walker provides extensive coverage of the issues in Lebanon (I am glad that your family is safe).

I always list junior doctors Adam Kay and Suman Biswas over in my blogroll...but these two musicians/physicians who make up the duo called Amateur Transplants are just so funny.

One of my fave songs is "London Underground"...listen to it here.
PG-18 by the way:
"So I’m standing here in the pouring rain. Where the f**k’s my f***ing train?"
-----The animated London Underground video can now be seen here. The video adds a whole new dimension of humor to the song.
Their debut album Fitness to Practice (featuring the ultra-sweary London Underground song) is "a cult hit"-Sunday Times

-----The song Sheila's Wheels is about women drivers. You can listen to it here.
Apparently, they have had some bad experiences with women drivers. :-)

-----The Amateur Transplants blog!!!


-----Scientific study of "The Five Second Rule" you ever eat food that has fallen on the floor???

-One blogger's list of foods that are exempt from the rule
-There is no 5 Second Rule in Shopping

Monday, July 17, 2006


-----Thoughts on what a woman feels compelled to do by today's society
As I mentioned in the comments, it is odd that looking "groomed" wins so much respect in our society. I am not talking about hygiene here either....I am talking about the right hair, makeup, and actions.
-----Cat that looks like Hitler...I didn't think that any of the others did.
-----13 Things About Being a Meat Cutter
-----Will bananas go extinct???!!!!
-----Flowers are not boring.
-----I like the Harry Potter Lego statue. Of course, I am an adult that would get excited at Legoland. :-)


Discovery landed safetly. It was a perfect landing actually, there are plans for 16 more missions and the Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to go up in August (the last paragraph of the article I just sited is humorous).

It came as no surprise to me that there were concerns about the safety of launching & problems that may occur after launch. I was really scared of this entire mission. NASA was monitoring a leak that may be flammable & would cause the shuttle to have to touch down with only two power units...luckily nothing happened with this.

As you may recall there was initially concern about the heat shield:
"Engineers estimate that there is a one in 75 chance that the heat shield could become damaged and a one in 100 chance that it could cause catastrophic impact around the landing-gear doors and other critical areas."
To me, this indicates that their is a possibility that many of us may still live to see the last shuttle mission...and a horrific tragedy at that. I do feel that the more inspection done the safer it is but the close timetable of launches doesn't sound like the odds are going to get incredibly better (I am not an space engineer & could be wrong in this...just my opinion at this point). :-(

Or to put it in a very understandable perspective. We won $9 in the lottery twice in one week. This happened the second & third times we played the lottery. We played two different games & it was a total of four tickets that won. Anyway...the winning odds on two of the results were one in 70-something and 1 in 100-something...and it happened to us twice in one week. When they say the odds are not good for a space shuttle mission.....they are NOT GOOD by my estimation.


If there is a another shuttle disaster, the shuttle program runs the risk of being, every flight is crucial.

This is not to say that they won't ever go into space again if the space shuttle stops will just be a long time....I believe it could even be more than the 5 years that I have read about from the other programs they have planned (there are usually delays by technical difficulties).

I think that a space program is essential. Space may provide either a defensive strategy for us or a alternative environment. It may be our defense or our rescue when, through our own mistakes, all other options are exhausted....sad, but true.

-----I will be keeping the crew in my prayers.I subscribe to the NASA press releases & keep updated through these.

-----For those wishing a refresher, here is how a space shuttle works.

I will be reading "Westbankblog" more often. Its owner has been giving accounts of what it is really like living in Israel right now (for instance, this one). I will keep "Westbankmama" & her family in my prayers.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Ok....remember the hidden talent scene in "The Breakfast Club"???? What is your hidden talent(s)?

And no one can say "if I told you, it wouldn't be hidden."

---Anostica can pinch pretty well with her toes & Trapper can tie a not in a cherry stem with his tongue. One of my more pathetic little talents is that my shoe laces pretty much never become untied.

Women's: The Breakfast Club - The Rebel

Women's: The Breakfast Club - The Rebel

Buy this T-Shirt at


One talent I could never master: are instructions on how to.
I recommend that one NOT do this in an office where things like co-workers heads' at the desks next to you might get in the way.
David has a show where he juggles (and blogs about it, of course). This little boy, who is in the show, will one day juggle machetes!

-----The Breakfast Club Principal, Paul Gleason passed away on May 28th.

-----Very interesting article written in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the movie (last year)....this article has a lot of behind-the-scenes things that I didn't know ...there are also "then & now" pictures/bios of the cast. As far as looking different & the type of roles played, the most impressive then & now for me was Anthony Michael Hall.

Blogger Wishes

-Better 3 Column Templates....I am happy with the one I had to find elsewhere though
-A way to post photos in the comments
-A way to insert working links in the comments

What would you like to see blogger do???

Does Blogger have a forum??? I would like to look at that. Add that to my wishlist if they don't.

Kudos: I think that I have had a lot less technical problems as of late & it seems there have been much less downtimes. :-)

Douglas Adams thoughts

-----It is mentioned in "The Salmon of Doubt" that Douglas Adams stood at least 6 feet 5 inches tall.
What is a "stoat"??? Douglas' grandmother took in an injured stoat as he was growing up. I guessed that it was a bird....but it is not it is an ermine.
-Thank you Aeowolf for answering my question. :-)

There is a recipe at the bottom of this post that I like....try drinking a "Babbling Fish."


I have watched this video many times on the Madonna website. It intrigues me as I am always fascinated by portrayals of strength...I admire those who have courage in standing firm to their beliefs.

So, I really like this video & plan to look at it some more as I like to study a piece of film over & over at times. There is just so much that can be seen in this video. It is no wonder that it was nominated for 2003 best video from a film category.

Anyway, what does the tattoo on her arm mean??? Here is a discussion of what it could mean.


-----A man who hunts & kills mosquitoes.
-----"You Sleep Less than You Think You Do" long do you think you sleep???
-----Beth & I have a peeve/fear in common....unsanitary food preparation. There are several restaurants that I avoid due to this as my thyroid problems give me a pretty weak immune system....getting a stomach bug is not a mild or pretty experience for me. Unfortunately, some restaurants don't seem to care if you complain....I often experience a lazy and even verging on intimidating attitude from people who I try to get to do something about it (like simply washing their hands after I have just seen them eating their own meal & licking every single finger then going back to work). I do understand that food service is a highly stressful job with a lot of demands on employees & I think that some of these hygiene shortcuts come from the great emphasis on speed.
-----Short vampire story that made me smile
-----This short video is not actually a naughty bedroom scene.
-----"Snakes on a Plane"...literally.

A Scanner Darkly & Philip K. playing in select theatres

"A Scanner Darkly" is a Philip K. Dick novel adaptation about a future in which we have lost the war on drugs.

I wonder are we even close to winning the war on drugs now??? I think that I may learn from the movie that the only answer to this problem lies with individuals (people who motivate or people who quiet). I think it would be very difficult for any legislation to ever totally win this war. Philip K. Dick actually faced this struggle...and I found out on the Philip K. Dick Trust Site that his afterword is included in the screenplay (I am interested to hear what is said here).

I believe that Thomas' response in the comments is exactly what is going on with today's society:
I think we're not far away from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. People are taking more drugs, not less, but the "pushers" are the big pharmecutical companies. Instead of asking, "Why are people so unhappy?" the question seems to be, "What can we sell these unhappy people?"

I think we are witnessing the triumph of materialism over spirituality.

-----Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey, Jr., Woody Harrelson & Winona Ryder star in this movie!!! Here is a article about how Robert Downey, Jr. learns his lines (there are SPOILERS)
-----I have learned a lot about Philip K. Dick by looking at the Philip K. Dick trust site which is maintained by his children. I like this site but I wish that it had more up-to-date pictures and hope that it will get more as the movie-shooting progresses....the site has not updated since 2004 and I have e-mailed them about updating.
:-) Notice Woody Harrelson is in the movie too & he has a funny surfer haircut wig on! I hope that his character is somewhat amusing.
-----The Philip K Dick trust site has a picture of Philip's gravestone. I was surprised to find out that Philip had a twin (she is buried under the same gravestone). She only lived about a month....that is very sad. I wonder if there is any public record of him talking about this...having lost a twin, even early in life,does seem to affect a person profoundly.
-----Here is Philip's typewriter & mug.
-----And this is the it, it is awesome!!! Frolix_8 has a post about the online posters & a review of what they think of the movie so far on their blog (and here more of Frolix 8's comments about the posters).


My favorite picture of Philip K. Dick

I think Joey Bates has the makings of being an artist who could do something similar to the animation in this movie. Look at his paintings.

Tom L. sent me this link to a site full of info on Philip K. Dick & other writers.
:-)I started reading through & was surprised to learn that the K in his name stands for Kindred. I went to Wikipedia & looked it up & it said that his name is indeed Kindred. I find this neat.

This is a post about the "Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick." There is a comic that it links too that I am slowly reading through.

The Philip K. Dick robot

Related Technorati tag:


Aeowolf's blog is one that I like to read. He is from the UK..."a midlander & proud of it."

Aeowolf has adopted a virtual pet from BunnyHero labs. I would like to see Aeowolf write something about his pet.

-----And a PG-13ish post about the five stages of sex. This one made me laugh.
-----Aeowolf posted about this quiz. I took it & the results said that I may have a male-female balanced brain in some aspects (I am female).

-----And you have to see the Danish Bacon Breakfast Transformer!!!!

Aeowolf has been blogging since April 2005.


Sometimes...not that often I am amazed by a good deed that a company does. While researching business topics, I stumbled across Lifebridge. It is a FREE life insurance program for low-income people age 10-42 with children. It is sponsored by MassMutual financial group.

I know that this might be helpful to some of the people that I have talked to here in the blogsphere. :-)


I went to see this movie when it was in the theatres & I intend to buy the DVD. It was funny, sad, even boring at times. What would a movie about your family be like???

I was surprised that the movie was actually good. I was expecting one joke after the next from what I saw in the trailers. :-)

-----A review that I found to be not to spoilerish.

-----Roger Ebert's review didn't really have spoilers either.

Ebert really seemed to prefer the movie "Junebug." I have not seen Junebug yet.

Friday, July 14, 2006


National Geographic recreates what it would be like when a T-Rex eats something (a very clean replica of bone shattering). Neat video.

By the April the largest dinosaur yet was found in Argentina. This dinosaur is larger than T-Rex.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


To the Jassim and Hassan families in Iraq. On May 30th this family lost a mother, her unborn child and a cousin....all of whom were shot when rushing to the hospital for the baby to be born. I am hoping that this was an accident.

Why did I put one of my flower photos here???...
Because I would send flowers if I, here is a virtual bouquet...I am sad for your family.
R. I. P.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


-----Prehistoric galloping/biting kangaroos & demon ducks of doom
-----Caution while eating tuna
-----"What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage" you agree or disagree with this?
-----Pope speaks on gay marriage
-----Cell phone versus Bible on the "My Prairie Rose" blog.
-----I identify with this account of a miscarriage because I have a risk for that & deformities right now. It is due to this fear that my husband & I are not planning on children anytime soon & definitely without a doctor's close supervision if we ever get the goahead to do so. Anyway....enough of my true confessions of fear & sadness. In her post, Monica gives a frank account of what is not graphic just touching & sad.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


-----Some very intelligent thought about online petitions

------On "Culture Kills...Wait, I Mean Cutlery" there is a post about what the publicity for the upcoming Simpsons movie may be like.

-----Web comic round-up over on Comaboy's blog. This one made me smile (Look at #301).

-----Santino/StarWars picture. Which Star Wars character do you think Santino Rice would be good at being???

I have decided that I don't like the citrus soda drink Vault...for some reason, it makes me sick every time I drink it. When I get sick from it, I get this weird headache.
-----It is possible to be unwittingly given artificial blood during a transfusion????

----- This little boy was saved by the awning when he fell. I hope that his condition improves.

-----This blogger is trying to improve their water drinking habits....mine are not so good either.
-----Thinking about it, I have never seen any blogs from Korea...either North or South.
Update: Thank you, David Schantz. David sent me a link to a list of Korean blogs.
Man punished in a less-than-usual way for lying about being a Marine


My favorite magnolia is the Star Wars Magnolia. It is a bright pink with kind of pointy leaves and was created around the time of the first movie. I have not found very good pictures of it lately....but this is one picture and here is another.

"Illinois Freedom Run"
Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial
(Marseilles , Illinois)

The Illinois Freedom Run...I plan to go some day. Seeing the memorial wall would be a good trip for sometime around Memorial Day.

Next year I hope that there is more political support of the event.

I don't know if some law would prohibit it but this would be a good place for there to be a live webcam. That is something that would be interesting on a website for those who can't get there. Maybe something that zoomed up on the names once-in-a-while.
Perhaps all important memorials should have webcams.

Monday, July 03, 2006


-----My Chemical Romance Helena game
-----One of their this t-shirts that I really like.
-----Cool, you can get My Chemical Romance gift certificates...I have never seen a site do this before & I think more should.
-----162 people want to go to a My Chemical Romance Concert on "43 Things!"


I like the work of David Johns, a photographer who lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

This photo is of a bear that he saw at lunchtime.
I have never seen a bear in the wild & I imagine that I would be a little scared.

(There is a Creative Commons License on the above photo....see the bottom of David's blog for details if you want to use this photo in some way.)

X-Men 3 - Claw

-----I like this t-shirt because sooner or later only people who liked the movie will understand it. Did you go see this movie???


-I especially dislike it when people don't use their turn signals during hazardous weather conditions. Yes, I encounter many people like this-Anymore pretty much no day goes by that I don't get in an almost accident with somebody that doesn't use their turn signal.

Ironically, a wreckless turn signal shunner did some good last night:
A driver crossing an intersection in front of us ran a red light last night very fast. We are guessing that if he hit us while we were going through the intersection on our green light then my husband's leg and arm at the least would have been severely damaged. What saved us from this accident???....almost having someone in the other lane hit us because they were not using their turn signal-since we were being cautious with that potential accident we missed the other much worse accident by fractions of a second!!!


God Bless America

God Bless America

Buy this Magnet at

-----Thomas pointed me to a "less confrontational" slogan at Northern Sun. Eventually I will buy this t-shirt. :-)


Superman Returns<----Click here to go to the "Superman Returns" Official Site.

-----"The Ferret" has a spoiler-free review.
-----The process of making Superman fly is a little different with so much technology...Brandon Routh speaks about this.
-----I dare you to dress like Superman when you go see the pictures on
your blog please.

-----How it would be possible for Superman to breed...gets really funny toward the end.

I am trying to go see this today. I am funny because I have been known to take notes...really legible notes the dark during movies. I love to do this because I remember all my observations....this is especially good if it is a movie that I loved experiencing.

If I get into a showing, I will post some of my notes after the show has been out about a week or so.....with a SPOILER ALERT, of course. I have seen that there are already spoilers up on the Internet. I am avoiding these.

I got my Superman countdown counter from the webmaster program offered by the official website. Go there & see if there is something that will work for your blog. :-)
I would have liked it if there was a code to make Superman fly around on your site.

Honestly....I am wondering if this is a return of the Superman franchise or just a flash-in-the-pan. Has anyone heard talk of further sequels???

I would assume Christopher Reeve would have completely retired as Superman at some time....but I miss him in this role.


Have you ever been at an accident scene & everyone is just staring...not even calling 911??? I have.

On David John's blog there is a post about how first aid is not being taught in our schools. In the comments to this post it is mentioned that life skills are no longer being taught either.

Resolve: I will try to blog about both first aid & life skills. I know that I could at least use some more first aid training.

I looked for first aid DVDs on Amazon & everything that I could find was pretty expensive. I also looked for videos & everything worthwhile was "not available." :-(
-I did find first aid kits on


Here is a family of bloggers from Iraq:
-----Diary of RoseBaghdad ...she was lucky enough to get out of Iraq but is in constant fear for family left behind.
-----Rosebaghdad's uncle was accidentally killed while driving (as detailed on her sister's blog)
----And this is Rose's niece

From what I can tell, it is not very easy to get out of Iraq. All of the people there are in my prayers. I am scared here in the States, but it is almost like it is not really happening here...there is a fear for the future but not a current fear. I pray for the safety of Rose & her family.

*wishing a virtual Rose & family*
May 18th: I am wishing Rose the best of luck with her pregnancy. There has obviously been a lot of bad news for this family. I really hope that all goes well & the baby comes safely. :-)


Many people know that the penny may be phased out because it is costing more to produce them than their value. I read in this article that there are the same problems with nickels.


-----A post of playing around with the Firefox logo...I found these to be neat/pretty.
-----Timothy St. Hilaire's grandma is really good at video games & her gameplaying is the subject of his blog.
-----The Ducati Monster is pretty.
-----A rubber band Gatling gun.


Orphans whose home was improved by Extreme Makeover were recently evicted...I don't really think that they have a winnable court case since they appear to have been allowed to live there by the actual owners (having no ownership themselves).

What the article I read left out though is what there current situation is. Where are they living? Do they need help???


I watched this program on the History Channel back in March.

Thoughts & Questions:
-----Do you believe in the Devil? Why or why not?
-----What would you say to the Devil if you were to encounter him? And what would he say to you?
-----Have you read "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis?

Things from the program:
-----This is not just a Christian issue. The program talked about the UnderWorld of the Egyptians. It also mentioned Zoroasterianism (spelling) & the fate that believers met on a bridge in the afterlife (sinners would fall off).

-----The program also discussed:
Saint Augustine
John Milton's portrayal of the Devil in his book "Paradise Lost"....I did not remember that Milton was blind when he wrote it!
The modern-day glamorization of hell
Who goes to hell & can all be redeemed?

---The program spoke about how Islam also believes in Hell & it is talked about in the Koran. In Islam, all but the most evil will eventually go to Paradise....I am Christian but I tend to think that perhaps this can be true.


Thank you to the Mindless Rambling Live Journal for mentioning this show....I wouldn't have seen it without you.

I did like this program but it seemed more like a summary of what I & most people already a photo collage of ageold mysteries to think about. The history channel is getting more sensationalistic each day. Read "Does Anyone Intelligent Watch the History Channel?"


Codydan also watched the program.

I am sure the Devil has some good toast recipes.


-----Legislation that could force internet filtering for libraries & schools...yes, this may affect adults.

-----"bill requiring students to learn about the contributions homosexuals have made to society and that would remove sex-specific terms such as "mom" and "dad" from textbooks has
passed another hurdle on the way to becoming the law of the land in California"
...I have been following this a little & know that it is coming closer & closer to becoming law.


Perhaps I will go sometime.

This year's theme is "How is your blog changing your world?" My answer to this question is that writing my blog has made me much more aware. It has been almost a year since I started writing my blog & I have grown much more as a person.



-----I read over on the Lynchburg Virginia blog that some dragonflies migrate like birds.
-----Rare mirage of a city goes on for four hours in China...people took pictures
-----Musing about getting things done in life
-----About a coffeemaker that starts the coffee on a timer...whenever you want it to
-----Dogs trained to sniff out DVDs
-----Discussion of Islam
-----Women sometimes feel that they HAVE to do a lot of things.
-----A discussion of the religious side of Prince
-----Weird things Neil has sighted while traveling in Japan
-----I enjoyed reading about the changes that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has made in the detention of inmates
-----Part of this post is about Annheiser-Busch's "World Lager"....a beer from 10 countries
-----New Life in the Bermuda Triangle....have you been to/would you go to the Bermuda Triangle???
-----Doctor Who
-----Upcoming Star Wars Releases
-----Sometimes coffee can help you when you are tired.


I listened to BBC Radio 4 recently & the program reported that Venice is doomed by global warming. The programs said that both Paris & London may be threatened by rising waters.


-----Planning to build an indoor compost bin.
-----I almost bought a Wishbone Salad Spritzer the other day.
-----I want to make the grilled pineapple on this page.
-----I found out that I do not have the mobility to do the splits. :-(
There are people who have being more physically flexible as a goal.
-----I bought some edible flowers grown by an organic farm. I am going to make a flower & citrus butter to put on rolls. It should taste kind of sweet....hopefully, if I picked the right flower combinations. This is the recipe I am using....very simple. Update (June 4th): I still have to do fridge has a tendency to freeze things to the point they are inedible/some of the flowers were not sweet at all.Things I am doing......


-----Al-Zarqawi Buried
I read that it is at an undisclosed location but I hope that the family has either been told or will eventually be told where it is at.


I admire anyone who is courageous enough to take the risk that comes with this kind of journalism....the risk of bringing the truth. Stay safe, Michael.

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