Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In My Shoes

No time to post that much today but here is my foot resting after going to arrange flowers...yes, I actually go to various locations with supplies to do this (it is relaxing to me)...anyway, I was sitting on some stairs and decided to stick my foot out & photograph it & here is that photograph. Ah...the little things that amuse us in life.

2007 Update: If you would like to hear more about what it is like to live in my shoes, could you please vote for me in a "Blog for a Year" contest???

You can cast a daily vote & it would mean so VERY MUCH to me.

Monday, May 29, 2006

MY CURRENT MUSIC PICKS...Yes, I am definitely eclectic

Currently listening to: People are People by Depeche Mode

Lordi....yes, they dress like, they are not satanists. Here are the lyrics to one of their songs "Devil is a Loser."

Watching Cyndi Lauper's performance of "I'll Be Your River" on Martha Stewart....very pretty/strong lovesong. I would like to hear more of the backup singer's performances. :-)

Watching the video of "The Current" by Blueman Group. This song was in The Terminator 3 Soundtrack & the lead singer in the video is Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

The lyrics are something many of us can identify with:
"Current flows,
but I don't know where it goes
I don't care,
I just get it there
Took this job,
cause I needed one
Now its seven years,
since I've seen the sun,
All day long I'm underground
And I've been thinking about the future
I've been waiting for the day
Let the current carry me, far away
Let the current carry me awayyyyy"


----- A cabaret show called "Dean's Martini". Don't laugh at looks like a relaxing thing to watch.
----- This Bruce Springsteen album that is reviewed by Trapper sounds great. One of my favorite memories is a helping with a concert with Bethany Yarrow as a featured performer (daughter of Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary)....we sang "We Shall Overcome" as a part of the events that day. When I hear this song sometimes I think that it could really be possible to have a society that is more free from unjustified hatred & prejudices. It is great that Springsteen did this song.
----- A song called "White Faucet" by Edge Set Mary, a rock/alternative/metal band from New Orleans.
-----One of my current fave production companies is Colonel Blimp.
----- "Cish Cash" by Basement Jaxx. The video is like a kaleidoscope...with tanks.
----- This video called "Evil" by Interpol. I like the animation & there is a lot to hear in the lyrics.
-----The video with the man who breakdances on the corner & later becomes a business will probably remember it when you see it.
----- "Let Go" by Frou Frou
----- My Chemical Romance (four of their videos can be found under the media link on the website)...I would love to go to a concert someday. My favorite song of theirs is "Helena" are the lyrics.
----- And more Johnny Cash music will be coming out.

Tea WOWs...teas that make you go "wow"

I found these links on Muttering Muse's blog:
Tea Forte...the shapes on the front page are cool.
Flowering Loose's like having a garden floating in your teapot.
-----St. John Paul II ???
-----The current pope's former car tours


Mugshot obtained from Wikipedia & is public domain to the best of my knowledge.

Corey Maye is still on death row. Maye shot a police officer who raided his home. He claims that he shot out of fear.
Bob gives some details that most people are unaware of in the comments. Still another account is given on this petition to Save Corey this account the door broken into was that of his baby daughter's bedroom!!!
-----What was he doing when the police broke in??? His wikipedia entry says that he claimed he was sleeping in a chair in a darkened room.
-----A blog that has done extensive coverage of Corey Maye's case is "The Agitator."
This blog reports that Corey's hearing for a retrial has been postponed.


Do you pray? Have you said a prayer for this man? Also please say a prayer for his children who are very young & may one day find themselves orphaned.
DO NOT take my postings on what I think might possibly be mistakes in justice as indictments of police officers or other government. Mistakes can be made & can be undone up to a point. As in all professions, there are mistakes made or people who deviate from standard ethics. My personal opinion is that it may have been an accident on both sides....both sides may very well be telling the truth. End of disclaimer :-)

Trying to find: A memorial to this fallen police officer.
-His name is Ron Jones and this is what I could find for now. He seems like a good man. Ron was only 29 & I don't know if he left behind a wife or heart does go out to his family who I am sure miss him very much.
*virtual hugs to them*

Return of virtual blog pet

adopt your own virtual pet!

As early readers of my blog may recall, it is dark in thebluestspider's web....that is because she was accidentally swallowed by an elephant. It is lonely when you are trapped in an airpocket in the stomach of an elephant & are forced to eat the only friends (flies) you might make.

The bluestspider is still trapped in there & has tried shouting to the elephant & sending Morse code....I guess an elephant's hearing isn't that good. Maybe it is an evil elephant & is deliberately ignoring her.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Street dancer...I salute you for daring to be yourself. Have fun & please don't get run over/hurt.

Protea Adventure

This is a protea stem that I purchased. I like unusual flowers.

From the look of it, this picture turned out pretty crisp....I have experimented with blowing it up. I have plans to print this & put it on my wall.

This is a picture of the protea after it got older & started going to seed:

Below is my attempt to try to capture where the flower of the protea emerges. I noticed it after the flower started to die. Where the flower emerges looks somewhat like a pinecone:

Below is the arrangement I made with the leftover protea leaves. One way that I keep heavy flowers like the protea from toppling the vase is to put some stones in a wine bottle & then put it in a closely fitting vase....that is what is making the flowers stand in that pattern here....the protea leaves are resting around the wine bottle that blends in, yet sticks out and the fake flowers are actually in the bottle...very pretty, but hard to capture in a photo.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Whole New Year

These are the toast glasses from last new year...bringing in the new year with friends is the best way to look forward to a great year. Posted by Picasa

What are your New Year's resolutions??? Have you been keeping them???
It is 5 months into the New Year & you could be pretty far into your goals!!!

I think it is okay to set "rest-of-the-year goals" too. What is your rest-of-the year goal???

My goal was/is to lose the weight that I had gained when my Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroidism became worse. I battle with Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroidism. I have still not gained or lost anything. I am stepping up my efforts...more aerobics & more daily walks.

How is your goal going???


An interesting way to keep a free First Muse Bank account.


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Monday, May 22, 2006

Pay-as-you-go PCs???? What do you think of this?


Free copy of "Soup for Life Plan" booklet...this is one of those limited time only things (I checked on May 22nd & it was still available).

Here is a forum that Campbell's has for its customers to talk about recipes & so on.

I love Campbell's but wish that it were not so expensive.

Coping with 9 to 5 (or whenever to whenever)

-----Thriving in a Difficult Workplace
-----How many of these does your employer do???
-----"Seven Deadly Sins in the Workplace"
-----Also I find that taking a slow, deep breath works wonders.

Vote for me please. I am praying that someday I can walk out of the retail nightmare & never go back. Your daily vote means a LOT to me.
Jane Seymour of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fame has been named National Fishing & Boating Week's 2006 Honorary Chairperson.
Kuwait from space.
Beautiful city that may get built in Kuwait. I want to read more about this.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Top Chef

-----Here is the schedule of what remains of Top Chef.
-----The "I'm not your bitch, bitch" t-shirt is available for purchase.
-----LeAnne's Japanese Seafood Dog. Wow, it has a lot of ingredients. To save time, I will e-mail ahead to a Japanese grocery before I go for these make sure they have them.
-----And here is NBC's casting call list for other shows.

Salute to Mothers

-----About the first Mother's Day
-----Quiet a lot of limerick on moms

Four of Six Flower Arrangements I did (Click on photos to enlarge)

-----Buy an inexpensive, sort-of-ugly boquet from the supermarket floral store...they all have them-they look like the horrid floral arrangements that one gets when in the hospital.
-----I always keep miscellaneous items like ribbon & glass jars on hand & I combine fake with real. I buy all items on extreme clearance...usually 50 cents or less. The glass jars are usually from groceries although I have some vases (that I bought on clearance or that I really liked). I find some very unusual vases for about 50 cents or less at thrift shops.
-----I cut up flowers...real & fake to make them my own & so much less commercial.
-----I recycle bits of boquet that are still salvageable from one arrangement to the next.

Having flowers in one's home doesn't have to be expensive.

Drinking Milk helps have twins???

One of the last lines struck me the weirdest:
There has been an increased use of growth hormones in dairy cows, he says, which may have had an impact on this.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s

The punchline here is that, although the spinach & egg mold is like a chameleon on the Formica countertop, no one would want to catch it anyway! I found this funny & liked the bright just visually appealed to me. I guess I would try spinach & egg mold...would you???
Number of people who would NOT try: 1
Number of people who would TRY: 1 (myself)

I could also mistake this mold for jello fluff....imagine my surprise at the taste.

I get to review seven pages of this book that came out on May 2nd. This is something that I get to do through/because I am a member of Bzzagent.

-----This humorous book is by Wendy McClure. Another book by Wendy Mclure is "I'm Not the New Me."
-----One chapter of this book appears to be called "Soups, Salads,Snacks, Sorrow."
-----I did not like the "Mystery Soup" page...I feel that this joke has been overdone.


A blogger named Rachel interviewed Wendy McClure about cupcakes.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Bill of Rights as Written in the Ghetto

I see many issues with this. What do you think???? Was this an alright assignment to give??? What would you have put in your answer to this assignment?

Aside from that:
Is there anything missing from the Bill of Rights that you think should be there???

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bedtime Reading

"90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper. This is a book that a workplace friend recommended to me & I happened to find it at Walmart (see, as I have mentioned before, I both shop & boycott Walmart).

Anyway...the book is about a guy who dies & then gets a glimpse of heaven. He is then brought back because of someone's prayers but his life is, of course, profoundly changed. This is based off of something that actually happened.

My friend said that the book made her cry & it has made me cry enough times that I haven't been able to finish many bad things happen to the man & I just feel the pain. Perhaps, the book will even change me a little/a lot.

Daily Walk....

Today's walk was around the mall. It seems like I can never get through the mall without seeing some young teenager getting arrested.

America Walks...dedicated to making walkable communities.

Walking Annoyance of the Day:
May 14- My pedometer never works perfectly accurately.

Your daily vote could mean that I would have more time for taking walks. I'd be able to take some beautiful pictures on those walks & maybe even travel. I would be so grateful if I win this.
The eruption of Merapi is eminent & many have not evacuated. I am hoping & praying that they remain safe.

On the top-rated blogs

"Ever notice that the new A list only tears down people and ideas but never puts new ideas, new products, new tools, out there to attack?"
-Comment made by Robert Scoble referring to the current practices of many of today's top blogs


Gadget I am Wishing For:
A yogurt maker. From the descriptions, it is not easy to make yogurt...but I am going to try it sometime or other anyway.


Gadget I am against:
I found this murphy bed/desk for students over on the boingboing blog. While the concept is pretty neat, the bed looks so UNCOMFORTABLE

Gadget I am unsure what I think:
Underwater MP3 player

Bloggers in Captivity

I was reading Blogger Buzz & I found that there are bloggers being rarely hear about this (I am not sure if I have heard about it all). I know that there are a lot of bloggers who put themselves in danger to get an accurate portrayal of news events...usually also actual journalists at the same time.

The captives I read about are:
Hao Wu

I know that it is being maybe overly hopeful of me....but if they are just being detained for a certain period of days then it is temporary right???? I read that it is supposed to be 15 days in Alaa's case...if they are honest people being investigated by honest people, shouldn't they be released at the end of whatever investigation or hearing????

I am not saying that I agree or disagree with their being detained...I would have to know more about the laws of that country & the manner in which they were protesting.

Saturday, May 13, 2006 Launches this Summer

I think of as a combination of 43 Things & a motivational site targeted to those who are over fifty. This is a site where people list the things that they want to do before they reach 100.

If you are under 50 you can still leave your goals.

I learned about this site by being a BzzAgent. is running a contest right now that I am too young to enter...I am not over 50...but I do have an entry code & anyone who is eligible is welcome to use it. My code is 71169...more than 1 person can use it & I get no rewards for your entry. :-)
The prize: $15,000 towards reaching your goals. :-) Register/enter the code here.

I think that things like this can be a really good way for people to suggest great experiences to each other. What do you want to do before you are 100????

Friday, May 12, 2006

Stuff from the Parent Hacks blog

-----"Toilet Buddies" for a child's bathroom
-----Bathtub Bubble Volcanoes...I am going to try this myself. Simple & inexpensive fun...for the child or the adult child. :-)
-----And they talked about that grow with your child. This is for up to three sizes & they get bigger by pushing a button. For me I would be very careful with this...wear in the wrong places can be hard on your foot health (especially if your feet are just developing). What do you all think???

Please...please cast your daily vote for me. One of the things that I would do with the full-time blogging salary is start having little ones. This would make me so very happy.

Crayontastically bored....

Recipe for Making Your Own Crayons...involves crayon pieces, tin foil, a muffin pan and the oven.
Rubber Stamping Techniques Using Crayons
Crayola Crayon History
How to Remove Crayon Stains from Clothing

----- My latest crayoning activity...coloring cards with message of encouragement to my husband. :-)
----- I would enjoy good/fun coloring book page links.
----- I used to make my own crayons...any color or shape that tickled my fancy.
----- It seems to me that crayons aren't made as well or as vibrant as they used to be. What do you think???
----- I took Sxymma's advice and registered at They seem to change their content often & there are a few things that can relieve boredom for even an least for a little while.

The manufacturer's description (I believe the manufacturer is Binney & Smith):
"New from Crayola products. The Color cyclone creates a new outdoor play pattern for fun by painting in a unique way. The color cyclone takes spin art outside. This motorized toy creates new art every time by using the adjustable leg positions for different spray patterns. Four different colors of paint are included and no paper is required. For use on sidewalks and driveways. "

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Polar Grizzly ???

I was watching the news just now & they showed something really strange on CNN....a polar bear grizzly hybrid that had been found in Canada. It was white & had the eye circles & claws of a grizzly bear....also the fur looked a lot like that of a grizzly bear. DNA tests have confirmed that this is actually a combination of the two bears.

Polar bears and grizzlies usually do not get along and mate differently but I think that may be changing now that grizzly bears appear to be going further into the Artic. This is the best picture that I could find.

President gives speech at a community college in Biloxi

President Bush is the first sitting President to give a commencement speech at a community college. I listened to this on television.
-----This college is in Biloxi and called Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.
-----He mentioned military students, military families, and the damage from the hurricane. One family was graduating & remembering their family member who recently died serving his country.
-----He talked about the determination to clear up the damage & the courageous efforts that people made to rescue/help each other. I was impressed by the man who tied himself to a rope & rescued 20 people.
-----He commended the governor of Mississippi for having spirit. He also commended the Senators, Congress and officials of Mississippi. He stated that the population of Mississippi has returned to almost full strength, schools have been reopened and there are more jobs in Mississippi than before the storm. He said that the renewal of the Gulf Coast is one of the largest rebuilding efforts ever seen. He encourages graduates to help with this rebuilding....this college has offered free courses in carpentry, etc. to help students get jobs that help with the rebuilding effort.
-----Bush said that the rebuilding will require enterprise & creativity (and that the key to doing this is knowledge). He said that community colleges are the "gateways of hope."
-----He commended a graduating student named Tracy who persevered despite loosing everything...congratulations Tracy! He talked of a blind student who helped after the Hurricane & always worked very hard to graduate.
-----He encouraged the students to make the rebuilding of Mississippi add to the character of our country.
-----He said that he planned to visit a rebuilt Biloxi some day. He said that Mississippi would not be alone in the rebuilding & that God would help them.

There was a lot of clapping during this speech.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


-----I have signed up to be a BzzAgent. This is basically a person who gives their honest opinion about a product. BzzAgents get to test/learn about new products. Might be fun....some of these type of programs are fun & some are not worth the time it takes. BzzAgents can earn points for talking about things, answering surveys etc. & then redeem them for rewards.Anyway, I talk about things I learn about or experience I said in my profile, I talk a lot. :-)

I will keep updating on what I think of BzzAgent as I experience it more.

BzzAgent recently received 13.8 million in venture capital funding. They are working hard using this funding to make their company grow. They are keeping track of that growth 90 days on this blog.

I Want to Make Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawl Ministry. This makes me wish that I knew how to do any of these types of sewing...but I am just learning to crochet & I don't knit.

I do basic embroidery.....maybe somebody would think that was pretty if it were made from a comfortable enough fabric. Suggestions for a fabric that I could embroider on that would make a comfortable shawl??? :-)

Well, I did a quick Google search and , for embroidered prayer shawls, the most common thing that came up was silk, cotton and organza. I will have to look at some of the results & make a plan for doing something....I know this will take me some time but, like a lot of things, if you do it a little at a time at least you will have done some bit of good. :-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Current Reads....

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper... about a man who is clinically dead & goes to heaven for a short time.

The current issue of is a magazine for elderly people who are into sports. I like the articles for any age actually.

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