Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Coffee Cola

Coca-Cola Blak has finally come to the United States. I have just tried this cold. Apparently it can be consumed cold or hot just like coffee.

I wonder what will happen if I try coffee & coke mixed together??? I will try this as soon as I have time to buy a can of Coca-Cola. Maybe, I will even take pictures of the concoction. In the meantime it really does taste like strong Coca-Cola with a bit of coffee added. I think that it is good but WEIRD & I might be addicted. Here is a review of this cola by another blogger.

I would think that this cola would definitely wake a person up...caffeine doesn't always work on me. I found it hard to drink at times as it seemed to get very strong off-and-on.

Have you tried it yet??? I paid $4.99 for a four pack, so it is still pretty expensive. Then again, so is a Starbucks four-pack.

The display of it at my local grocery is so small...and it is a large grocery...I wonder if they are just testing it or don't plan/want to sell very much. Drink Coca-Cola Blak...I don't want it to disappear!!!!

The bottle says that it is a "carbonated fusion beverage." I did a search for other carbonated fusion beverages to try & did not find any specific names...though I know that there are others.

As you may know by now, Vanilla Coke is being replaced with Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I have had it now and I want my Vanilla Coke back...I wouldn't mind if both flavors were kept though.

Do you ever cook with Coke?

And it is reported that Coca-Cola intends to open a chain of coffee Starbucks & starting in Canada.
According to the article I just sited, McDonald's already has a chain of coffee shops called McCafe's. I have never been to a McCafe, have you???

I did a search for other infusion beverages and came up with Budweiser's "B-to-the-E":
"As the industry leader, Anheuser-Busch is the first major brewer to infuse beer with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. Well balanced with select hops and aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cherry, BE will offer a lightly sweet and tart taste"

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shower Exercises

I started a morning ritual. I do some from of activity on my way to the shower in the morning.

Little things add up.
-----This mentions an exercise that can be done in the shower to relieve neck pain.
----- I always keep a little plastic scalp massager in the shower...this may be uncomfortable during use but I feel it is very beneficial both to the condition of my scalp & easing tension.

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