Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank you for all the canned ham

To whom it may concern:

As I organize my e-mails, I must note your kind thoughts in thinking of me.

It was very considerate of you to let me know that my Ebay account is on hold & that I must send money to Ebay immediately. I am sure that they will find this rather odd as I don't have an Ebay account. Maybe there has been an error in your record keeping...I am sure that I will let you know immediately when I get an Ebay account so that you can send me such convenient reminders.

And wow...I have won the London Lottery at least twice this month. I am feeling like the soon-to-be-richest woman in the world....thank you for this great sum to look forward to.

And to think my computer says you are "Spam."
May you receive as many glad tidings this Holiday season,
Ms. Notbuyinit

Listening To

-----Fly Like an Eagle by The Steve Miller husband even sang with me. Thank you to my friend who gave me this CD....we miss you.
----Queen Greatest Hits
----"Just Like Jesse James" by Cher (lyrics)

And the soundtrack to "Grease 2"...which my husband spotted in the bin at a thrift shop. :-)


The new "Narnia" movie Narnia:Prince of the Caspian will be in theatres in 2007. I am excited about this but I hope that not too much is crammed in at the ending this time.

Dave Cockrum, X-men Illustrator, has passed away.

Val's Art Diary

An alternative to the traditional artist's statement. The "Chupacabra" part made me laugh. The piece that Val produced is on sale on Ebay until Sunday.

Thursday Thirteen....Edition 9 for me

Thirteen Things I am Doing this Weekend

1. Trying out the icecube tray that I found. It is shaped like stars. My husband shook his head in amusement at me when I bought this.

2. Making buttercream frosting....I can't promise that my cake decorating effort will be the most professional-looking but it will taste good. :-)

3. More work on putting up the Christmas tree...we have to move a large bookcase before it is started & the bookcase is still loaded with books.

4. Sunday is the "Days of Our Lives" marathon

5. Organizing my desk & the surrounding work areas...especially now that the large book case is being moved to make way for the Christmas tree.

6. Setting up for tropical fish again....I will of course blog this at some point.

7. Researching ways to fertilize my Norfolk is a small tree & I do not expect it to grow more than about 4 feet. Once it gets pretty tall, I am going to use it as a decoration in the bedroom. I just got it so it is not even strong enough to hang Christmas garland on right now.

8. Starting another batch of limoncello.

9. Organizing my recipe/cookbook shelf.

10. Setting up a pretty little shelf that I have in the is pretty bare right now...just a chipped antique cup that holds some Neosporin and a tin of bagbalm. Must prettify shelf.

11. Vacumming & sweeping....the never-ending task.

12. Making fish with broiled tomatoes & onions...I like this. No particular recipe...even fish from a freezer box. :-)

13. Following the news...I do that a lot lately.


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1. Diane

2. Smurf (13 Artistic Christmas Recipes)
I am going to try making a gingerbread house this Christmas...wish me luck. :-)

3. Lisa-Marie

4. Karen W.
I hope that you have a safe trip.

5. Huberama

6. Bubba
Glad to see you visited again. :-)

7. Kelli

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I didn't find a blog for "Ivy" but thank you so much for your comment.

A neat Thirteen that I missed last week:
Fun Things to Do with Kids for Thanksgiving

Technorati tag:
The Foo Logs posted about staying in a hotel room decorated like a comic. Check out the link in this post about other decorated rooms....the oddest one so far for me was sleeping under a very large bird's beak.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Keep these two little boys in your thoughts & prayers....they are still missing but the search has been called off. It has been confirmed that they are not likely to be with a family member...this makes it even more worrisome-foul play or drowning.


-----Looking at a company called "SmartsCo" that I saw mentioned in an ad in Entrepreneur Magazine. SmartsCo makes learning games & guides....they look like they might be fun. For instance they have a game called "Baby Smarts" that expectant parents can play together to learn about what is going to happen during the pregancy. Neat.

-----I am going to make buttercream frosting this weekend. I have a couple of cake decorating kits, the coloring and several cake mixes. Now, I just need to pick up the ingredients for the frosting.

-----Missed Days of Our Lives again...I always seem to forget about it until shortly after it is over for the evening. I usually catch up with it on "Days of Our Lives Fodder."

Candles....the drippier the better

One only has to revisit the picture that I took at a recent dinner to understand why I like the above.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If you are flying in the U.K. or the U.S. anytime soon be sure to grab the right kind of plastic bag before you head to the airport.

-----That last one is chocolate golf balls. :-)

-----The Marzipan Babies rumor

-----This company carries Biermann Marzipan....some of the best marzipan. I might buy a few of my friends the "Jewish Symbols Box."


Happy Birthday Randy Newman

Today is Randy Newman's birthday. You can download free webcasts of his performances at his website.

My faves of Randy Newman off the top of my head are the score to Toy Story, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and "I Love LA." In the comments Thomas mentioned that God's Song is his favorite (lyrics)....I like that one too-one of the many songs that Newman has done where he sings from the point of view of a character (in this case, God).

Find a picture of Randy Newman back in the early me he looks a lot like Weird Al Yankhovic. :-)


I went to see a movie called Borat. It is a comedy about a reporter from Kazakhstan who leaves his country to learn about the United States (in order to help his country).

The film is rated R. It contains some offensive topics....just about every offensive topic. The most comprehensive trailer that I have seen for it so far is here.

There were a lot of religious/ethnic/sexuality jokes. At one point there was some outright male-on-male physicality. I saw it as a very extreme satire on the United States.

Anyway.....the real people of Kazakhstan are nothing like those in this movie & people should not think of them as such. I will not be taking this movie as anything close to a representation of the people of Kazakhstan when I go to see it....just as a comedy with his country as part of the fictional story background.

Kazakhstan is not a crowded place as depicted in the movie.....though the population is pretty large, there are only about 6 people for every 15 miles or so. I learned what little I know about Kazakhstan from the Wikipedia entry....I had only vaguely heard of this country before now.

Borat looks a tad like a young John Travolta to me. My husband disagreed with me totally on this but I can see it.

This was not the opening night as far as I know but the theatre was absolutely packed with a line out for about 40 minutes before the definitely sold out. :-)

At some points in the movie there were people walking out....we guessed about six people total.

The next show looked like it was going to be just as packed. We were about third from last getting out of the theatre for our showing &, as usual for crowded events, people were driving like maniacs....we waited it out. People were honking & shouting at each other for half an hour to get out of the parking lot. At one point my husband honked his horn just to see what would happened....we were still parked & waiting....four people who could not see us heard the honk & responded as if we were in line & complaining...we got a total of five honks out of this....amusing.

-----Apparently, Pamela Anderson's appearance in Borat may have been among the final incidents that broke up her marriage.
-----Now Cohen, the gentleman who plays Borat, is releasing a Christmas will be interesting to see/speculate what is on it.
-----There are lawsuits being brought by some of the people in the film. Among the people suiing are two frat boys who made drunken,racist remarks during a scene where they are offering Borat a ride.
-----"Borat: Is He Hilarious or Just Offensive?"
-----Borat is being banned in the real Kazakhstan.

Thank you to Joe of The Dude Abides for pointing out this movie.


The second one is a poster.

When Bobby Kennedy was Shot

I didn't know that there were other people shot along with Bobby Kennedy. In the article that I just linked to one of the survivors mentions that we are "where we were at then" you thinks so????

Apparently Joshua Jackson, one of the actors in this movie, feels that there are close parallels between now & then also.

What would the world have been like if Bobby had won the Presidency instead of being assasinated???

The Hobbit Just Won't Be the Same

I am sure that many of you have heard already but Peter Jackson will not be directing the Hobbit (or any more of The Rings). I wonder what he will be doing.


-----There is a "Friends:The One with all the Trivia" video game for Playstation 2.

-----Thoughts on Chinese Medicine from "The Blog that Ate Manhattan"

Phase 10

-----I have never heard of a game called Phase 10. Does anyone know what it is about & do you like it???

Watching Amazing Race???

One blogger is annoyed with "Amazing Race"

Monday, November 27, 2006

Amazon Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be from $5 to $5,000.
All sorts of knitting how-tos. :-)

Thank you to the wonderful person who sent me this link.


I signed up to do Blogitive....we will see if this works for this blog. As Blogitive says the purpose of getting paid to blog is not to trick readers but to get them reading....I am hoping that means they have some sincerely interesting content. :-)

Well....the first step is getting the e-mail as to whether my blog has been approved.

Motorcycle safety

It is wise to drive very carefully....or better yet, not at all when you are on a motorcycle & it is raining. Also, one should be very careful on gravel. This is not the first time I have heard such a story....sad.

I wish that cars or some other method of guard had been assigned to these duties....perhaps canceling the motorcade until the rain cleared if motorcyles were the only security alternative.

The United States has now been involved in Iraq longer than they were for WWII.

Thank You Linkers....People on My Blogroll who also Link to Me :-)

Hmm....there are more than this. These are the blogs that blogrolling picks up...but there are many more. Anyway thank you everyone.
Yes, it is the holidays & time with family is friends is important....but we all still need some personal time.

Truly Winter

Is snow coming???

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ok...I like this but I wish it were Adam Ant himself coming out with something new

-----Listen to a sample of the band "Shadow Puppets" remake of Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes"

Pulling Out the CDs tonight

-----Now and Zen by Robert Plant from 1988. I bought this while on a roadtrip & paid about three dollars just so I could listen to "Tall Cool One"...the only song that I wanted the CD for.
-----The President of the United States of America's "II" CD. I am listening to "Tiki God" the Tiki God from the Brady Bunch...funny. I am also listening to "Froggie" which is about a frog who is a rock star.
-----Rob Zombie's Sinister Urge album
-----"Room at the Top" from Adam Ant's 1989 Manners & Physique album.
"And when the going gets hard, you can eat your credit cards."

Hoping that Guy Kawasaki will be at BlogHer 2007

I was excited today to find a picture of Guy Kawasaki at BlogHer 2006. I hope that he goes next year. I love his speaking style & would really like to meet him.

Leftovers Still Going Strong

I was wondering what we were going to have for dinner tonight....then I realized that we still have Thanksgiving leftovers. :-)

Will the truce be successful?

I am hoping & praying that the Israel/Palestine truce is successful. The most selfish reason for this being that I would very much like to have the opportunity to safely visit The Holy Lands sometime in my lifetime.


Please pray for Lorrie Gnos...a blogger who is VERY ill with cancer. I am doing what one blogger suggested, I am praying that she gets one more Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with her family. Lorrie was diagnosed in October & told that she might live as little as a month in November.

Update: I am sad to say that Lori passed away in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. The post that her sister wrote about this was very beautiful. Lori was what they had to be thankful for.

-----Information about the memorial & donating to the education fund for her two children


Nancy has had a pulmonary embolism (spelling). She is in the hospital but in good spirits right now.

Update: Nancy has come home! I hope that she does not have to go back. She gave an account of what the whole experience was like.

Purple Tree, Purple Tree (in my mind this is a play on the lyrics to Purple Rain)

This year we are having a purple Christmas tree.

approximately 280 purple lights
about 7 1/2 feet tall
with some homemade ornaments
lots of ribbon
maybe battery-operated candles if I can find some thin ones

And I found these candycanes after searching so many stores & not finding purple candycanes.
They are huckleberry flavored candy canes.
-----More & more eyelash transplants are being done....creepy & they require maintenance!
----A pedometer that you can clip into your bra. I always try to be careful that I don't lose my pedometer & mine is cheap so it doesn't seem very accurate. seems that my pedometer may have broken today....*groan.*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen-Edition 8 for Me....Misc. Thoughts

1. I have African Violet food but no African Violets right now. I should buy African violets again at some point. I wonder if African Violet food as an expiration date.
2. We bought "The Crow:Wicked Prayer" today. It is very hard to imagine Edward Furlong as The Crow.
3. My piggy bank is 1/3 full.
4. One of the things that I plan on doing in the New Year is to take ballroom dancing lessons. I would lke to get some pretty dresses to do this in.
5. Someday I will learn to surf but I don't want to do so in the ocean....a surf pool would be just fine for sharks, no jelly fish, etc.
6. I win the buy one,get one free pop cap things a lot. :-)
7. What am I going to use that unused tracing pad for. Oh, that's right....eventually making stencils.
8. What am I going to put in stockings this year. I love stockings....they are so much fun.
9. I want to go to an amusement park next summer.
10. I have a new tube of mascara...supposedly smudgeproof.
11. I am not cooking any turkey myself this year. I think I will go out & buy some afterwards to try a few recipes.
12. I am going to add a little more to this post but right now I am tired.
13. Smile.


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1. Sanni
2. Laughing Muse
3. K T Cat
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Visited but do not have Thirteens (or I just couldn't find them):
The Phoenix

Technorati tag:


Photo by Donald Cook

Messing around after our Thanksgiving Eve Chinese dinner my husband & I were talking about "The Revenge of the Turkeys"...we sang the Imperial March & talked about Darth Turkey.

Photo by Dria Peterson

Among my photography goals for the New Year is to get some decent photos of turkeys. I have seen many bad photos of them. I am assuming they are a difficult subject to photograph.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Tomorrow is the birthday of former President Franklin Pierce. I am not sure if I would have liked or disliked Mr. Pierce. I don't know if I would have had sympathy for his life.

Book Poll

I got this poll from Dianne who wrote it. Read her answers.

Where do you most often buy your books? Online? Secondhand stores? Big name bookstores?
I have one second hand store that I like & I will sometimes go to antique bookstores as a little treat. I sometimes work trips to tiny bookstores into my vacation. I like museum bookstores. I occasionally buy books at Walmart & I have a member card at Barnes and Noble.

If you buy online, which do you prefer - B&N or Ebay? or elsewhere? Amazon. I have never been to

Do you put your name in your books? If so, are you a bookplate or stamp person? I usually only put my name in books if I am going somewhere that I don’t trust people or I am lending it to someone that might not give it back but that I feel needs to borrow the book. When I lend this way, I will write my name in/on the book in several places as it is often a book that I need back. Other than this I don’t usually write my name in books as I might give them to someone at some point.

How do you feel about loaning books to others? See the last answer.

Do you highlight or mark your books as you read?
I am a heavy annotater….my professors & classmates have always noticed this right away. I not only annotate about what I am reading but anything that comes into my head. I find reading my own annotations interesting. My annotations are private to me so I usually don’t lend out anything that I annotate. My descendants will have a fun time with the amount of writing that I end up leaving behind.
I don’t write in good books….anything that I might need/want to lend out or anything, most hardbacks, or anything of value.
I treat most books like workbooks for me to learn from.
I have even been known to annotate magazines.

How often do you visit your local library?
I don’t. I often don’t like the way library books smell or the snobbiness of the staff.

Do you collect any certain kind of book?
Chaucer, Recipe books, Self-help books, anything on literature, books on religion (not necessarily my own),art books

What do you do when you're done with a book and no longer want it?
I am pretty picky with my books. Usually a book is something that I never get finished reading….something I read over & over learning something new each time. If I feel a book is a detriment to society I have been known to destroy it….for instance books that advocate political violence or books that teach women to hate men (yes, there are plenty of both). Otherwise, I give books I can no longer use to friends or co-workers. I also give books to friends or co-workers if I feel they need them more than me.

Do you keep a list of or catalog the books you own?
No, but I really should. I need to look at

Any other weird book habits you'd like to share?
I sometimes like to make altered books as I am annotating. I usually do not like to alter the original content of the book at all. I like the idea of hiding a lot of gifts in a book that is a present to someone. When I need a book back by a certain date, I have been known to write reminders about the return date needed on the front of the book. I keep a journal that will be a present to my husband….when I get it done that is….it has been quiet a few years that I have been writing in it. I am going to write a lot of books in my lifetime….I hope.

Turkey gets Presidential Pardon....Literally, this is what I mean

I didn't know that the President does this

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday's Dinner was "Bistro Steak with Shallot Wine Sauce"

We made Bistro Steak with Shallot Wine Sauce this evening. We were unable to find steak that was 2 inches thick....we got an inch-and-a-half. If you have to get a smaller cut of steak than the recipe, it would be a good idea to adjust your cooking time to a little less....our steak turned out good but well-done. Always, of course, make sure that you practice safe temperatures & cooking times.

We did not reserve part of the chives for garnish....we are just not garnish people most of the time. Another alteration was to use black pepper & then season with the ground pepper after we had each tasted it....this was an excellent way to do it (though an accident as my husband forgot about the ground pepper while making the sauce & used regular black pepper).

We are going to try this recipe again & then we will be making -----Sunny Sirloin Steak (involves fresh orange juice)

If you try this recipe & do not know how to peel or chop shallots, there are some directions (with photos) at "shallots." And when you are shopping for shallots, make sure that you don't accidentally get any small onions that are nearby....we accidentally got one yellow onion.

And of course,you can serve the wine that you used for cooking with the dinner. There will be plenty left if you use a normal-sized wine bottle. Another thing that we toyed with was buying mini-wine bottles for costs the same as one bottle & it can be used slower that way.

We used a Shiraz wine from 2002. It was actually a extra dry red wine & 2002 is said to be a good year for wine. :-)

The shallots were a beautiful color.

I often take a picture of the aftermath.
It's a compliment to the cook. :-)

This was dessert. Along with some soft cherry-filled cookies.

And I often experiment with the shot that is a little weird.

Wal-Mart had something like this a while back. I almost bought one as a gift. Of course, it wouldn't work this time....with all that topping. :-)

My Fall Photos

This is my favorite out of all the Fall photos that I have taken.
I like the colors & light in this photo.

An abandoned nest of some sort.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The O.J. Epic,
Episode II
"If I Did It"

Well....are we all paying attention this time? Are you glued to the sofa? Is the issue of race so important again?

Where is the money going for the new book "If I Did It"??? Well....everything that I have read said his publisher was told that it is going to his children.

How do you prepare your family for the fact that you are going to write something like this? I would have a much easier time as a family member if he wrote something about how he didn't do it & why the American public should believe him.

Is this type of book going to be a new trend?

Regardless of whether O.J. did it or not, will this inspire people to think that they can get away with, & even profit, from hurting others???

I looked & found out that this book can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now.


Well then....the book, interview and so on have been canceled due to uproar by the American only took two weeks for the American public to get their feelings across.

Listening To...Today was a musical day for me

-----"Seven Wonders" by Fleetwood Mac
-----David Bowie's "Let's Dance"....Club Bolly Radio Mix has what sounds like Japanese & a great beat.
-----"Rock the Kasbah" by The Clash
-----Metallica's "One"....loud & great drums. I thought I heard a profanity just a second ago though...I have never heard that before. I think that he just said "Well, F*** you."
-----System of a Down's "ThetaWaves"...I have never heard this before actually. I like the lyrics. "Time feels like a midnight ride, perplexity waits outside"....I think that is what they said but I usually don't make out lyrics that well. It is off the 2002 CD "Steal This Album." I am planning to buy the "Clean" lyrics version....probably next month. I generally like to have all the naunces of something that I like but I would have to find out how "Explicit" the explicit lyrics version is befoe I buy it.
----"Love Me Two Times" by The Doors

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mr. Cruise & His Bride

-----This headline puzzled me at first..." Tom Cruise is 'wed' amid stepladders, artichokes and stars"
-----And I am wondering if they really had a duty to come out & say hello.
-----Official Wedding Photo...pretty

Misc. that I found interesting

-----Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake....that is so cool!!! I will definitely have to make a Krispy Kreme cake some time. I hope that this couple has had much fun in their marriage. :-)
-----What goes on inside of the mommy-to-be's womb???? I found this post & the resulting comments interesting/amusing. Not for the squeamish....but not absolutely gross either. :-)
-----Miss Zoot ran a marathon....and blogged it beautifully I might add. Someday I hope to run a marathon.
-----I liked the picture of the Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel.
-----I am interested in "His Words Music." They hope to have a fully operational site soon.

The Last One to Know.....BlogHer

Blogher is apparently not in San Jose this year but in Chicago. It is in July. Somehow I missed reading the announcement & was making plans for San Jose. I was going to sing "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" while standing in San Jose. :-)

Anyone know any songs about Chicago...."Sweet Home, Chicago?"
----"Led Zeplin stole too much music"
-----Oh by the way....I finally got Bat Out of Hell 3. I just can't decide if I like or dislike this CD....a little of both I suppose. It is so different. I will have to ponder this more.

Google Page Rank page rank is only a 4 & I want it to be higher....but I don't know how to get it that way.

I know many bloggers would consider a 4 to be good...but I want better. BoingBoing has a 9 out of 10.




Well....reading up on page rank. There is no official answer as to what makes good page rank. One has to not appear to be a link farm (so be careful with anything that one gets paid for as Google does not like link farms). Also a blog should have more than one page as one page can theoretically only get so high in the rankings. All these theories....I don't think I am going to worry about page rank as I like my blog the way it is.

Trying Out

I just joined yesterday at the suggestion of The Foo Logs. It is somewhat similar to PayPerPost.

In order to join ReviewMe, your blog has to have a certain amount of traffic, links, etc. I thought that it would be something where I would have to be evaluated & wait for an answer after I applied. My blog was approved almost instantly....reaffirmation that my blogging obsession is a good one….or at least I think so. :-)

On my first visit, I was pleased to notice that ReviewMe is easy to navigate. I have not found easy navigation with all paid services…far from it. I like to be able to quickly evaluate whether something is right for my blog....I am very selective about sponsored posts. I want to respect & keep the interests of both my readers & myself. :-)

I like that your first review is of itself. They do pay you for your first review which is nice. I am a pretty open person about sponsoring though, so I usually would have blogged about it anyway (& I will end up blogging about it when I have used it for a while).

ReviewMe has a service where you can keep track of your account activity by subscribing to your own personal RSS feed. I haven't tried that yet. It sounds interesting but I have not actually worked with feeds & I would have liked an explanation of how to operate this. The feed just started downloading & I did not know what to do with it , so I stopped the download. Could anyone explain the feed process to me please?

One unusual thing about ReviewMe is that the review offers come to you....the advertisers make offers. I am not sure yet how well this works but we shall see. I suppose it is an incentive for a blogger to write well. There is a periodic review of the rate that one gets paid….I like this as it gives me incentive to better my blogging.

The minimum rate that I saw advertised was $20 for a post…this beats my all-time record of $15. This post will be a part of my check for next month from what I understand….ReviewMe sends out checks on a monthly basis.

I did not find a minimum that must be reached before payout...I find that refreshing as I often feel that the amount of work required is not worth it with other services of this nature. I have had several experiences where I wrote about something or other that caught my interest for months to be credited only pennies that were promised after I reached a minimum that would take even more writing (some “sponsors” should be ashamed of themselves).

ReviewMe covers a wide spectrum….art, books, food and music are what I would love to write about. ReviewMe does not allow advertisers to require a positive review. You are allowed to give constructive criticism....these are truly reviews.

I encourage all bloggers to find sponsors like this instead of spamming their own blogs. In my ideal world, I will one day be able to write my blog for a living....the new generation of freelance.
-----What will the next 50 years be like?
-----Are you coming up with any New Year's resoulutions yet?
I didn't know that Joy Adamson, of "Born Free" fame, was killed by a disgruntled employee.

These are just adorable.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Vote 2008

-----This quiz tells you who you should vote for as the next U.S. President. said that I should vote for Rep. Tom Tancredo...I don't know who that is but it is my intention to find out.

I made a couple of people burst out giggling when I told them about this book this week. The title just amuses people. And apparently sales must be going well...I have seen it prominently displayed at Barnes & Noble.


-----In a little over 47 hours I have a review that is due on "" It is a little like PayPerPost. I will work on this tomorrow along with my NaNoWriMo...I am writing a novel about William Clark & I should be able to get pretty caught up in my word count tomorrow.
-----I have to get a set-up for our guitars (kind of like a car make sure it is all in working order & easy for you to use). Expect me to blog about this as I start to do more than just fiddle with the guitar without knowing what I am doing. :-)
-----I read some scenes last night before bed just for fun. I am into acting. I read through the scene where Will tells Skylar that he "doesn't love her" in Good Will Hunting. I think that would be a hard scene to do.
-----I need to find some good online knitting lessons....the ladies I am going to learn to knit with haven't had time for this lately. I would like to learn so that I can make knit items for various charities (and eventually sell some of my work, too). I also need some house slippers & would love to make them myself.

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt...The Theme is "Plush."

This is my life-sized Bernese Mountain Dog. It is very cuddly. I received this as a friends put it in front of my door & I thought there was a dog at the door. Since I had some weird neighbors a St. Bernard at the door would not be a surprise. When I opened the door it fell on me....funny.


Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.

Photo Theme. Join the blogroll. Visit participants.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Steak Branding Irons

Wal-Mart had something like this a while back. I almost bought one as a gift.

-----Peppered Coffee Steak
-----Bistro Steak with Shallot Wine Sauce
-----Sunny Sirloin Steak (involves fresh orange juice)
-----Yogurt-Marinated Sirloin Steak

We decided to make the Bistro Steak with Shallot Wine Sauce this weekend. Our runner up was the Sunny Sirloin Steak....sounds good too & I love marinades.

My husband thinks the yogurt marinade idea is might taste good but is "too bacterial"....he pointed out to me that what they are doing in that recipe is using the yogurt to break down the meat which will tenderize it very well. We are not going to try this one.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

NaNoWriMo....must catch up but I think I am going to make it

I participated in this last year but lost miserably. This year I am writing a yet-to-be-titled story about William Clark, of Lewis & Clark fame. Yes....I still don't have a title.

I am not where I should be with wordcount....I know that much....though I have not counted. There are 14 days left to this activity & I feel like I AM GOING TO MAKE IT though. :-)

I am writing the story of William interpretation of the historical events. I am enjoying this effort but it is a very sad story & I imagine that William must have been a very sad man....he outlived two wives & five of his eight children. I feel a lot of pain for my character.
I hope that I am able to get this project done & do it well.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday 13-Edition 7-I Walk Down Many Roads

Well....I have been thinking lately that their are a lot of issues that I walk multiple paths on....a divided line instead of a hardline I suppose. "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash kept going through my head as I wrote this.

1. I used to be a Democrat because I admire hard work. I admire the strength of the Republicans. I have no political affiliation but I follow politics whenever I can understand them. I don't take party affiliation into consideration when deciding if something is a good law or not.
2. I am merely Christian. I have no denomination. I find something that I agree with in most religions. I am learning about Judiasm, Shinto and Buddhism right now. I don't think that all Muslim teachings are wrong & I have plenty of pagan friends. I am not a big one for dogma yet I feel drawn to some ritual observances that show respect for God.
3. I came from a racist household...some family members & schools I attended tried to raise me to be racist to several groups. Oddly, I did not absorb a lot of this....I have a hard time getting past behavioural problems with a few cultures at this point but I am fascinated by culture.
4. I was a vegetarian at one point. Now, I eat meat but haven't eaten pork in quiet some time....I think of the religious aspect of it but also it just tastes nasty every time I have it, so I have stopped having it. I would wear fur & I do wear leather for a few things. Though I believe it is still relevant to eat/wear animals in today's society....I blog against the slaughter of animals in a cruel manner.
5. I believe in not wasting & simplifying yet I enjoy some of the nicer things in life. I have started collecting some things.
6. I believe very strongly in family yet I don't talk to some family members as they upset me too much.
7. I want to buy a ranch yet I love little cottages with meticulously organized gardens (and chickens in the backyard). I intend to have a ranch with a house somewhat resembling a cottage.
8. I think that Martha Stewart's magazine often talks to people like they are not intelligent yet I read it for bits of ideas.
9. I want world peace yet I feel that sometimes the quickest way to peace is through force. I admire most of our troops but feel that some are not behaving properly.
10. I wanted to touch on other sensitive issues here but figured that it might cause too much of a conversation....not necessarily a good one. Thursday Thirteen is for enjoying yourself. Writing this blog makes me realize that many of my opinions are very set-in-stone and some just go on getting more facets.
11. I loved the movie Borat but was apalled by some of the imagery. There was a lot that I found to be a satire on the United States. It would take me forever to go through & state which issues I agreed with or disagreed was a pretty complex movie. I would be upset with or scornful of a person who acted like Borat in real life.
12. I have worked at many places that I despise but where I admire the founding principals of the company. I always seem to find the locations that no longer practice those principals. Hypocrites are not fun to deal with....especially extreme hypocrites.
13. I am a very strong person, yet I often feel inadequate. People both admire & are aggravated by my stubborness. I am told that I can be obsessive or impatient....I am told that I have immeasurable patience. I would like to think that I am passionate about what matters to me.

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7. Umoja...doesn't have a blog but thanks for visiting
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I was really excited to read your post and all the bonuses, Frances.
9. Carmen

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-----Joan Jett has a message about Butterball Turkey.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

-----The six-nation talks with North Korea are likely to start again next month.
-----Deli Roast Beef Sandwich....a simple recipe that includes coleslaw. I am going to try this for a light lunch at some point. I like to buy deli meat costs as much as cold cuts if you get it on sale & it tastes better.

Misc. Findings

-----Paperarmadillo's magnets are kinda cute...& the proceeds go to her crafting fund. I like the one with the sheep on it. Browse Etsy while you are is an awesome site devoted to handmade crafts & art. :-)
-----How to cook a 22-pound turkey in 2 hours

I am getting a Flickr Account

I didn't know that Flickr was a part of Yahoo. That makes it so easy....not another passwords & procedures to add to my Internet routing. I am excited & would have done this a long time ago if I had known it was so easy. You can put a Creative Commons license on your photos there too.

I try a little of everything here in the blogosphere....this is my newest find. I don't know what I think yet as I have only been exploring it for a day but I will surely let you know as my opinion forms.

The last line of the advert made me smile. :-)

Spiderman Makes a Perfect Yoga Instructor

You can learn Yoga from plastic action figures. Don't expect to be as flexible. :-)

Monday, November 13, 2006


-----Elton John thinks religion should be banned (and Madonna lip-synchs in concert???)

-----Netherlands getting closer to banning the veil.

A bit of an unusual book....visions of Heaven & Hell that were experienced by children.

Freaky Fish

Gallery of Freaky Fish....I am at least scared of Number 3.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

In 2008, there will be a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr.....between the Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials in Washington, D.C.

Life is good

-----The Foo Logs' post on "The Life is Good" clothing company...touching. Life is good. I try in my blog & in my personal life to remember that when I can. Have you helped to make someone's life good today....doing that could be as simple as complimenting a loved one and/or letting them know that they are appreciated. :-)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dinner was a Disaster Zone....but it will live to see another day

Well...I made pasta again. I liked the sauce but we determined once and for all that my husband just cannot eat pureed onions.

I made a sauce with ginger, minced garlic, Amaretto di Amore, tomatoes, some flour to thicken and some tomato own idea for a recipe. As my husband said, I need to cook the onions seperately instead of adding them to the sauce directly (I pureed everything in the blender before cooking it this time). If I just cook the onions, then it should turn out tasting good to more than just me....I like strong flavors that others don't sometimes. If I cook the onions in a frying pan or boil them, then they will taste sweet instead of having a strong edge. I found the original way addictive in an odd sort of way.

Anyway....I will work on that recipe.

What are we going to do with the abundant amount of sauce leftover??? My husband is the Master of Pot Roast. We are going to cook a pot roast & add the sauce at the end.....this should taste excellent. The sauce will live to see another day. :-)

-----Recipes that use Amaretto di Amore.


-----I am making a lemon liquer called limoncello. It will be ready for the next step on December 22nd. Right now I am fermenting the lemon zest in has been eight of the forty days to ferment....I don't see any changes yet.
Correct that: I opened the bottle today & smells abolutely wonderful & not at all like, there has been a big change.
(Recipe I am using)
-----If you ever photograph a kale flower....and most people don't....but anyway, it sure doesn't last long. Time to do some creative trimming so maybe I can take a few more photos. The kale starts going bad by the leaves turning a funny orange color & the white/green stem getting black bits. It has been totally indoors for the 2 or 3 days that I have had it....maybe if I cleaned it up & gave it a little sun. Lately, I try to keep everything "alive" long enough to root. :-)
-----I am making Idaho Red Mashed Potatoes as a pre-dinner appetizer this evening. :-)
-----I am making pasta tonight....fiori & penne mixed together.

I hope you had a good Halloween....

(Rotting pumpkin in reverse)

Pop-Up Intruder of the Year

It is 12:37 PM on October 29, 2006 & I have decided to start keeping track of the pop-ups that sneak past my firewall & pop-up blocker. The "winner" will get a very dishonorable mention at the end of a year's time.

  • One vote goes to
  • Napster gets a vote too.
  • And one for where you too can win a Sidekick Three. This is one of those pop-ups that says you will get a prize if you win there animated game. It also says participation required in the right corner. I wonder what ridiculously impossible thing I have to do to get my Sidekick. This reminds me that I have to load Spybot Search & Destroy and a few other things onto this computer.
  • And then I was bothered by
  • And
  • The next pop-up was to win a NEC plasma TV...twice I have received this one.
  • Then decided to spam me about Netflix...and then again later about something else when I was traveling but I closed it too quickly.
  • I have gotten 3 pop-ups that flashed briefly about something to do with "The Ask Game."
Imagine what a surprise it will be if I actually make a PopUp Intruder of the Year trophy and mail it to the "winner."

Operation Smile

I found this book about the first ten years of Operation Smile.

PLEASE consider donating to Operation Smile or telling someone about it who can. Also, keep the little ones that this company helps in your thoughts & prayers. :-)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt...The Theme is "Growth.

This is a small Norfolk pine that was a gift from my husband (in lieu of flowers....he knew that I wanted one & have for a few years....he is sweet & perceptive). I rotate it or move it every few days so it gets a good amount of sun on all sides. It doesn't need much water and can stay alive in fairly low & pretty hot temperatures. The color is beautiful but I haven't been able to capture it on film yet. :-)

This foliage is commonly called "Wandering Jew." I don't know its scientific name yet. It has grown quiet a bit from some cuttings. I have a couple of vases of it.....I am transplanting at least one into soil next week.

This is some kale in a wine bottle. It is more of a cut flower arrangement but I love the way that kale grows. When some people see this kale, they think that it is "a rose that a florist embedded in cabbage." The only thing that I don't like about kale is the cleaning of it....I found a dead mosquito in this one & my husband killed some other is much more difficult to clean when one is cooking from what I am told (thus, I avoid cooking it).


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

This movie comes out November 10th. One of the stars is Brad Pitt.
Actually....Babel is now playing in "select cities."

Interesting bit of trivia:
There is a magazine called Babel for teachers of foreign languages.

Posing Nude

Courtney Love to pose nude for the British magazine "Pop." Well at least these pictures will be somewhat tasteful. And I haven't seen the photo that Kurt Cobain took of her from behind...but maybe that was tasteful too.

I just don't see the purpose of this sometimes. It is not really art most of the time anymore....not like a Venus de Milo or something of that nature. How come you never see "and the proceeds from this work will go to a great charity???" What good does posing nude bring to the world anymore?

Posts I Enjoyed Recently

-----An absolutely adorable child pirate
-----A trip through the Capitol Forest in Washington State
-----A good post about the Hawaii Earthquake last month.
-----Janice took some black-and-white photos of Austria. There are many beautiful photos on Janice's blog.
-----Remember, Remember the Fifth of November (and I hope Randie feels better)
-----New technology allows telemarketers to know when you are upset
Mothership BBQ....looks good.
Mothership has its own blog...which is kind of fun to browse through.

Limoncello....lots of lemony goodness

I am making limoncello....a drink made from lemon zest soaked in vodka. The recipe that I am using takes 80 days to complete. If I like it, I will do this with all my lemon peels from now on. There are recipes for limoncello that take much less time.

Thursday 13....Edition 6 for Me....13 Things You Could Do this Weekend

1. Take some Fall leaf pictures. Post them on your blog. :-)
2. Stick a marshmallow in your ear. I am always posting about the fact that I wonder what it feels like to have a marshmallow in ones ear. Don't let the marshmallow go to far in. I have perfectly good miniature marshmallows in my cupboard to do this...I should satisfy my curiousity soon. :-)
3. Change your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc....fresh bedding feels so good.
4. Try a new recipe. I am making limoncello....a drink made from fermented lemons & vodka.....the recipe that I am using right now takes a total of 80 days.
5. Try one of the things that they did for a challenge on "Top Chef." On a recent episode, the contestants prepared a meal of less than 50 calories for little kids. This is a little bit of a challenging thing to do. I think I could do it. What would/did you make?
Camp Glocuse is a good helps children to deal with diabetes & weight loss.
6. Take a walk...if it is warm enough in your area. When was the last time you took a walk???
7. Do some scrapbooking...memories are so important.
8. Rent a movie but make a little theme for your hunt at the video store. For instance, rent something that looks interesting but that you have never heard of any of the actors before. Hunt through the comedies for something that looks interesting & has a cute animal on the cover. Then go to the grocery store & buy a tried-and-true movie treat & one that you have never tried before....have you ever tried sliced jicama???
9. Write a thank you letter that you have been putting off due to lack of time....I usually have one of those lurking around. It feels better for both the giver & the receiver if thanks are given earlier.
10. Wear a hat....hats are fun. At least I think so.
11. Add at least one dish you have never tried to your Thanksgiving plans.
By the way....Macy's has a sweepstakes where you could win a trip to see their Thanksgiving Day parade.
12. Sleep in or get up early.
13. Do something that involves a little sacrifice for someone that you love.

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8. Firefly (13 Things About Her)
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Dave's Pictures

I have mentioned it before but Dave does some awesome photography. He lives in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska & tries to get at least one good photo a day. I am impressed by how well he has done in meeting his photography goals. :-)

Below is my favorite of his snow pictures. I think it has an almost fantasy quality to it.

Copyright Note:
Dave's Images are protected by a Creative Commons License....this means that credit must be given when using his work...and only for non-commercial purposes.....see his blog for more details & ask him if in doubt....I would imagine that it is something like a Creative Commons 2.5 License. :-)
Dave does some awesome photography. He lives in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska & tries to get at least one good photo a day. I am impressed by how well he has done in meeting his photography goals. :-)

Below is my favorite of his snow pictures. I think it has an almost fantasy quality to it.
-----Scwhwarzenegger was reelected.
-----I am making a lemon will be done in a couple of months. It kind of looks pretty sitting on my table.
-----My wireless network on my laptop goes out all the is a pain.
-----I still have a lot of things to transfer that need to be both on my laptop & my regular computer. I suppose that will be tomorrow's project & even with a good jump drive the prospect of starting it is making me groan.
-----I am reading this great book about Victorian crafts...Victorian crafts that I can actually do. least some of them....the immaculate,hand-stitched monogramming is going to take a while.
-----I ate Japanese on Friday & got sick. Having not learned my lesson....I had yet to get over the first experience....when I ate enchiladas on Monday & got sick again....I am still sick & I have a cold & it is now Thursday.


Neat friend found a tie-dye spray. This means that no-mess tie-dyeing is now possible. She didn't know what the name of it was but I would imagine that it is made by Tulip.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


-I had currant jam for the first time last month. It was really good. I compared it to a cross between cranberry sauce & grape jam. It had a very distinct flavor...and was homemade by my mother-in-law. :-)

-I am going to be mobile....but I guess only when I am sitting still as I do not connect very well in the car yet.
The new computer is exciting:
-We were gaming & my husband wanted to show someone his portfolio but didn't have it with him. I was able to pull up his MySpace which has a lot of his artwork on it.
-Instead of "I'll get back to you on that", I can now look things up right away. I do a lot of research....I am good at it so people ask me things all the time. What a weird reputation to have....I can find just about anything.
-Blogging is fun when I am not tied to a chair where my back & legs will eventually get stiff & matter how comfortable the desk chair.
-Eventually we will make enough money that I can be hired by my husband's business & then I will find the laptop even more useful (we were hoping to have this happen sooner). Either my husband's t-shirts, my misc. efforts on & offline or savings will allow this. Hopefully soon. I am working on my own eventual business stuff....still....I will have that coffeeshop someday. Wow...this is a depressing paragraph if I think about it too long.
-I am working on photography & can just fill cards then upload them....then go again. My first for-profit thing will probably be next year....I am making postcards & hope to put together a portfolio. More time in the day would be nice.
-I haven't listened to any Lordi lately.


Part of the company logo...designed by my husband.

T-shirt that I & some friends helped my husband sell at a convention...he used to have them in a few stores. At some point, these t-shirts will go up online. This dragon t-shirt is distributed through "The Archaic Design." The design & drawing were done by artist Anthony Miceli.

Two dragons...beautiful details. This one is designed by my husband & drawn by Anthony Miceli.

Designed & Drawn by my husband.


Note: These designs are copyright, The Archaic Design.

Knitting Question.....

I am just learning to is likely going to be a slow process but I bet that I will be pretty good by the time I am done. My first project is going to be for a preemie & for preemies you have to have yarn that doesn't scratch. Does anyone know what yarn would be good for this???

-----I need to take some fall leaf photos...before there are no fall leaves. My husband has started telling people that I am "a photographer"....this is flattering. It is something that I intend to do for profit at some point but I need more practice. Yes, I know I have blogged this before...I still haven't gotten it done yet.
Found this meme over at Bubba's.

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
-- At dinner with my husband & our friend. I had a yummy dish with avacados. Our waiter/waitress is always great & we try to leave a good tip.
2. When is the last time you filled up your gas tank?
-- My husband does that...I don’t pay much attention.
3. What is the most amount of money you've spent in one store?
-- Around $2,000 for my last computer.
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
-- A pretty medium-pink colored drinking glass, some flowers that look almost like lilies in an arrangement, a picture of a lace skirt on my bulletin board (worn by Shania Twain who looks incredibly tall),an Old Orchard pink lemonade container holding scrapbooking pencils, a skein of yarn for a Breast Cancer Awareness scarf,a planter
5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
-- A few days ago to buy a lemonade pitcher at a kitchen store. We bought one that keeps ice cubes in a holder so they don’t dilute the drink.
6. Are you wearing socks right now?
-- Yes
7. Do you have a car worth over $50,000?
--No.....don’t want or believe in such.
8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
--Usually at least once a week. I like going to events/visiting people.
9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
-- No, the last movie that I saw was “Man of the Year” with Robin Williams. It was a great movie.
10. Are you popular?
-- Sometimes….depends on whom the judging party is.
11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
-- Really good ice tea…lots of it.
12. What was the last thing you mailed in the mail?
-- I don’t remember….I do a lot of stuff online. I will be mailing a care package to a sibling soon….video games.
13. Do you wash your car?
--Sadly, a few times a year.
14. Last fast food you ate?
-- Arby’s on a trip to a seminar.
15. Where were you last week at this time?
-- Talking with my husband or sitting at this computer.
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
--Yes, I like Worthington blouses.
17. What bank do you use?
-- I am not telling…..nah, nah, nuh, nah, nah. I do however despise my bank.
18. Do you own any land?
-- No but I will.
19. What do you want to be when you "grow up"?
-- Wise and educated. Happy.
20. Your dream vacation?
-- Seeing St. Peter’s Square….I just like something about it. I really want to look up at the statues.
21. Last boat ride you went on?
--Long time ago
22. How old are your parents?
-------would not like me to answer
23. Are you in love?
-- Yes
24. Do you have any single friends?
-- Yes…very kind people.
25. Last play you saw?
-- I don’t remember. I wish that I got to see plays often.
26. Have you been to New York?
-- No, and I wouldn’t go right now.
27. What are your plans for tonight?
-- Tidying up for a relative’s visit….exciting. Putting away laptop. Sleep.
28. Last concert you went to?
-- John Mellencamp…this was awesome. He has a good sound system.
29. Next trip you are going to take?
-- Blogher in Chicago, Illinois & the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Portland Oregon. I don't know which is first.
30. Ever go to camp?
-- Yes
31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
32. What is your current GPA?
-- 4.0….what a juggling act with life I have.
33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
--No….pear scented deodorant though.
34. Are you hungry?
-- No
35. Where is your best friend located?
-- My husband who is sitting just next to me & laughing at me for showing him this.
36. Do you own a cowboy hat?
-- No…but I would if I found one that I liked. I own a lot of other hats.
37. Do you have a tan?
-- No
38. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
-- 33
39. Do you collect anything?
- Yes, writing utensils, books, crayons, comic books
40. Is this quiz annoying?
-- It is long but I had a little fun & I enjoy reading them to my husband to see if he learns anything new about me or has anything that I should add.
41. Last time you got pulled over?
-- Years ago….a friend was driving with some defective piece of equipment….only got a verbal warning & told to get out of the area quickly as they had to do a raid right away in that exact spot. What are the odds of that???
42. Ever been arrested?
-- If I had,I don’t believe people should talk about that kind of stuff online….I don’t find that entertaining about anyone.
43. Been to Mexico for Spring Break?
-- Yes, but not for Spring Break
44. Do you like hot sauce?
-- No
45. Last time you sang Karaoke?
-- Planning to sing 500 Miles by The Hooters

I should do this meme again at some other point...I think that sometimes the answers to memes change & that adds to the fun. :-)

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