Friday, June 23, 2006

Bird Flu

Documented case where the bird flu has been passed from human-to-human
What to do in case of a chemical attack....I know we all think it will never happen when we live in countries that it has never happened...know what to do because there is a first time for everything.

And Thomas pointed out:
"In the 1980s, a truck carrying chemicals overturned in Houston and several people were killed by the toxic fumes. The tips in your link would be equally valuable in case of an accidental chemical release."

Video Interview with family of young man tortured & killed in Iraq

Thomas Lowell Tucker's family did an interview for Northwest Cable News. It is a long & touching interview full of memories.

My heart goes out to this family for their loss & I applaud them for having the strength to let people know what one of our soldiers was like....I think that sometimes we do not get a sense that real people are over there making great sacrifices...sometimes it is just something on TV. I know it is sad, but I think that people should watch this video.

Perhaps the most touching moment for me was the fact that he got a pin for volunteering during wartime. Thomas was proud of this pin because "not everyone was going to get a pin like this." Not everyone has that kind of bravery....very few do.

I was amazed that this young man's father had the courage to say that both sides have overstepped the boundaries during the course of doing their job. I have actually run into people that want revenge & so on....I just want the peace & fairness that would be an appropriate thank you for the sacrifices made by those fighting the battle.

To the Tucker family: I am proud of your son too.

I am glad that the reporter interviewing the family was respectful of what they didn't wish to discuss.

To those who are not respecting what this family & other grieving families choose to share with the media:
Leave them alone to grieve (if it was you, you would want the same).

Thank you so much to Sid Frederickson for sending me the link to this video.


On this video, there is also part of an interview with the family of Pfc. Travis W. Anderson...he was killed by a bomb a little over a year ago now....I am sure that the anniversary of this was a difficult time for his family.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It

This week I will be tackling a shelf in my bathroom...making it pretty & organized.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Frog legs are wonderful! They taste like chicken only with a little velvetiness to the skin & a little sweetness to the taste. They don't even look gross. :-)

A to do list for me:
- Must find more places that serve frog legs. sells frog legs but I can't figure out the quantities & suspect that they might be expensive.
- Must learn to prepare my own frog legs. has all sorts of frog leg recipes & states that you can only eat the hind legs...I suspect that the eating of frogs can be very wasteful.
- Hoping to see if anyone out there has some good perch recipes/stories

Sunday, June 18, 2006

-----Lessons from Nanny...a blogger talks candidly about what he learned from his grandmother.
-----Ric Knight received the best Father's Day gift.
-----Darth Vader is among TV's best dads. :-)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buy at
Montana Cowgirls
17x11 Fine Art Print
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Today I saw a little girl pretending to be a don't see that kind of pretend often anymore....there is less & less wholesomeness in our society (sadly, including children).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

-----On similarities between Catholics & Hare Krishnas

Relatively new...Amazon Grocery

World's Biggest

-----YoYo...and it works...I suppose they had to use a crane or something to test this. :-)
-----Biggest Walleye
-----Watermelon...for some reason I would find that disturbing to drive by every day.

Sometimes I find poking around on the World's Largest Roadside Attractions site amusing. This is where I found the tourist attractions I mentioned above.

Monday, June 12, 2006

What would you look like if you were another race???

The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer. Try this on a variety of pictures...some of the results look eerily like a person of another culture.


P.S. A thought that often comes to me, people are either proud or hateful of certain races but race is not under our were born that way & had no choice. At least, do not be hateful. I try to respond to people based on their actions not on their race.

Realize that in this world people ARE judged on their race. Are your actions contributing to a problem that is getting worse???


My thoughts on linking

"I don't link to places that I don't like either. I have also withdrawn links at times too...for lack of activity or lack of intelligent content. I feel it is just something you have to the least, a link indicates something of interest, so it is bad to send your readers to what I call "bog blogs". Bog blogs are those blogs where it looks like there may be something, you wade in search of that something, and come up gasping for air with nothing."
-The above is one of the many comments I have left about this on other is important to have integrity in your linking & your content....think about it.

This entry by Tammy is the kind of linking that I like to see. Blog what you are passionate about.

My mind pondered....

-----Post on Erma Bombeck's thoughts about making the most of what you are given in life
-----Photo of an elephant's eye
-----The "You Are Beautiful" Project (I found this link in Thomas' blog)
-----"A Car that could Save the"

-----I want to get a "Gorillapod" is a flexible tripod. I think of it kind of like the Gumby of tripods....but I could never bring myself to balance my camera like they have in the picture.

-----I don't think that I could ever bring myself to work for MCI. I have read so many complaints about them on & Neil Gaiman (a great writer) has complained about them too. Everywhere I have ever lived they have always been hiring & I have met so many disgruntled employees who are either quitting or in the process of quitting. I hope that they are able to redeem their reputation someday.

-----25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

-----The increasing complexity of microwave dinners

-----Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

-----A game kind of like chess...with lasers.

V is for Vendetta

I went to see this movie. The critics did not like the movie. I liked it a lot & I saw many layers of meaning in it. This site contains a extensive list of the references in the movie.

This movie could easily have been about just about any country in our world. More importantly to me, the audience's reaction to the events in the movie said a lot to me. The only thing that any media seems to be evaluated for any more is entertainment...though we may not want to admit often have you heard someone say they were "tired" of hearing about a certain tragedy (like 9/11 or the London bombings that were referenced a lot in this movie)or "tired" of hearing about the unfairness/injustice that has been visited on one group by another?

And when you see such events on a movie screen the reaction is...laughter....laughter at inappropriate moments. One man in the audience had the guts to say what some were thinking...he told the hecklers to "Shut up!!!"

That is what some of us need to do in this world...shut up.

Those that need to speak up...know that it is possible to make a difference.

-----The OrganizedChaoz blog has a lengthy review.
-----Discussion of V is for Vendetta & Shakespeare on "Enigma 731's" Live Journal.
-----Rosewillow pointed out something marvelous about this presents a lot of ideas but does not define itself by any one of them. I think this is a good way to encourage people to develop their own viewpoints & investigate further.
-----Butterphly's LiveJournal post contains a lengthy quote of Vness (yes "Vness is a word...because I made it so).
-----A post by H2O_Color_Rose.

"Remember, remember the 5th of November"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

9mm SFX

I have always been a fan of "9mm SFX"...a company that makes theatrical contact lenses.

My favorites are:
-----The double iris...imagine the close looks you will get with that one
-----Blue Sclera...I find it strangely pretty

-----A spider....I think this one would be fun...maybe even in just one eye.

And, though I personally don't like it, here is a zombie for all the zombie-film fans.

A Different Springer

-----Listening to "Jerry Springer on the Radio" on AirAmerica Radio. This is more like what I remember Jerry Springer being like in the early days of his TV show...more serious with a sort of smart sense of humor....perhaps, maybe still more of a devil's advocate than taking an actual stand (I am not sure). There are no bouncers, fistfights or obscenities on the radio. :-)

Points I am pondering from this show:
-Embryo cloning....private research is permissible in many states
-Some guy strangled a girl with her bikini....a registered sex offender
-Lawsuit filed seeking damages for military records stolen...a security issue & an identity theft issue
-The amendment banning gay marriage....Springer says that it is headed toward almost certain defeat
-The institution of marriage itself...What threatens marriage?Should we save marriage?
-Does gay marriage really threaten heterosexual marriage? Saving the institution of marriage...where is the push to ban divorce except in extreme cases? Why does society permit divorce?
-Is a stable, committed relationship better for homosexuals?....would stabilize that part of society
-One caller said we should encourage the moral commitment. Another caller said that we should go with what the popular vote says as to the definition of marriage...most marriages have defined marriage as being between a man & a woman
-Why do people hate Hilary Clinton for sticking with her marriage? Springer stated that this says more about us than it does about her.
-Why do we permit divorce in our society? One caller said that this is because man is fallible.
-A very low percent of marriages break up because a person is gay

-Canadian prime minister's head was to be cut off....would we have negotiated if this really happened to one of our leaders (Americans say that we never negotiate) Springer pointed out this is not that outrageous of a possibility when we hear what is going on
-With 9/11 we were already attacked...but what if no one has been killed yet?
-Would we pull out of Iraq tomorrow if there were such an attack? Who would we attack back...who would we know to attack in such a case?
-What if the child of a political leader were grabbed?
-Building the wall along the Mexican border. "Isn't this all taking place up in Canada?"
-One caller wondered how much money is put into protecting the President vs. border security? She said when in other countries she was checked out as the whereabouts & identity. (America now has unmanned phone booths with visuals where you make a phone call to check in...voluntarily)
-Canada border being watched well?
-There was a song about the fact that the "issues" are used to distract us...we then vote for this issue & get a leader who actually didn't care ("our new boss is the same old boss"...."we did get tricked again")
-Code of conduct for schools applying outside of school?

....and this is where the program didn't seem to end for some reason. Another program just cut in.

During the commercials I enjoyed a bowl of Ramen & some Berries & Cream Doctor Pepper...I think I am addicted to this new Dr. Pepper
-Pearl Jam played in the background at one point :-)

Game bits

-----The Davinci Code Game doesn't seem so good. Still, I want to try it. I haven't seen it at any video game stores yet.
-----"Dead in Iraq" enters online Army recruiting game to type the deaths of soldiers...a "fleeting memorial"....he stands there as a player until he gets shot. Click on the entry area & then on the project name to see details of this (I didn't just send you to that picture you see at first).
Above: Flower pin bought on "Forget-Me-Not Day" ... reading Madame Rubie's blog when I took picture.

Illegal....alien??? immigrant??? citizen????

Michelle Malkin posts about the fact that the illegal alien's vote is already being courted at protest rallies.

What does it take to become a United States citizen??? One thing required is a test on United States history. I went to the Naturalization site (not posting a link so as not to overwhelm their site with traffic) and I did 100 sample questions.

I am not sure how many questions a prospective citizen has to answer. I have seen sample tests with around 100 questions. The questions that I answered were random & some repeated themselves....I don't think the actual tests do this or some of the formal sample tests...I just used the question generator on the government Naturalization site.

I got 92 out of 100 questions right. I found these questions fairly easy to answer...and they were actual questions used...I think that anyone who takes the time to study basic U.S. history should be able to answer questions like this. I have seen a lot of articles that make this test out as being VERY difficult. Even if I weren't a native speaker of the language, I think that I could get myself to learn enough to pass a citizenship test for another country.

The reason that I brought this issue up is that at my current workplace there is a debate going about illegals. It is argued that those who are illegal do this because of "how hard they make it to get into this country."

It is politically incorrect in my town to say that people should come to America the legal a matter of fact, it will eventually get a person hated/assaulted. On the Internet I can say that I think that it is possible for anyone meeting the basic qualifications who works at it to come to this country in a legal manner.


Where did the term "immigrant" instead of "alien" start??? I wondered this & Bob of the "Lynchburg, Virginia" blog shed some light on the answer in the comments.

Here is the Bloggo Chicago post on this issue.
And this post is about a manager who was fired when he gave employees the day off to go to protests.
And, when English wasn't spoken, a fight erupted at a beauty salon.

-----And something I hadn't thought about: "Binational gay couples in immigration bind"

In my town it is really changing as far as illegal people go. They are openly admitting they are illegal & have been for decades. They are speaking at protests & waving the American flag. There are illegals coming to stores they wouldn't normally (like craft stores and the like to decorate)....this is very odd in my town....they are getting ready to stay & being very OPEN about it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Romantic Dinner

This is the dinner I made.


This is the dinner on fire....just kidding.


I like taking pictures of after the other countries it is a compliment if you me it is a compliment if plates are emptied completely.

Workout Songs

Songs I have worked out to:
-----Die Another Day by Madonna....I have watched it on the site & I am planning to buy it. I like exercising to music videos...particularly, when they are like this one & have a lot of little references & ideas to notice.
-----Rocking in the Free World...It's My Life...both by Bon Jovi. I have a CD with concert videos.
-----"Land of a Thousand Dances" as done by The Commitments. I have to be careful to turn it down as the drumbeats could gather complaints from neighbors.

My new thing is dancing with 5 lb. weights. You have to be careful though as it is very easy to pull something....I have been fortunate enough not to do this yet.

My weights are metal, so there is also the chance of hitting them together if I am not concentrating....smashed fingers anyone??? Also metal weights can get a little slippery if you start to sweat (I am being blunt but true on this point...sorry, if that was a little icky of a comment for my more sensitive readers).

My hands hurt when I type after working out like this, so I guess it is a workout for the hands too. Anyway this is VERY aerobic but something I do only in private...I am sure it looks VERY silly. :-)


I am wondering if there are hybrid trucks that are economical...I haven't seen one so far. My favorite truck of the moment though is the 2007 Toyota Tundra Large Truck....sounds dependable & Toyota is trying for ultra-low emissions certifications with certain Tundra models.

"Tales from the Fairy Blogmother" blog

-----I am impressed by the cakes
-----Read Shannon's About is awesome
-----I didn't know that Madonna & the Catholic Church are at odds....again.
-----She posts her family, children and recipes....and it is all far from boring
-----The Cool Mom Campaign :-)
-----This was cool post moving-literally
-----Shannon has been blogging since January of 2005. It is one of those blogs that I could spend hours on.
"Blue Star Chronicles" discusses Michael Moore. The "Michael Moore's Next Gig" picture at about the middle of the post was funny.

A Little Virtual Art Show-Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty...."Deadtime Stories" among others. I like the Red Riding Hood picture. Some of the pictures are almost gorey....only almost...but funny.....I will not tell-you will have to click to see this one.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I found this short post entitled "What I am Not" in the archives of former "Project Runway" contestant Santino Rice's blog. It made me smile.
-----According to his Bravo TV profile, Santino's middle name is Quinto. That is unusual...I wonder the story behind his naming.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dear Mr. President,

If you could advise our 2008 President on any issue(s)...what would you say? How could the President make a difference????

-I am definitely concerned about security in our country.
-I do not want to see a war on U. S. soil. I think that there are a lot of conditions in this country that keep resurfacing & could definitely make for a civil war.

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