Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Date

Happenings and readings in my week. :-)
You can link up to the Book Date HERE. :-)

I am  taking advantage of everyone sleeping in to enjoy fried eggs, salsa verde and a read. My mother bought this when she in her 20s and probably made the clear dust jacket over it sometime in the late 80s. She was an AVID reader. I wouldn't dare to take off the jacket to see what the colors truly look like now for fear of disturbing delicate paper but putting it through HDR Max for this photo yielded a wonderful surprise for my 2D eyesight...I could EASILY see the perspective of the door almost opening when I hold my phone up...that is a big deal for someone with eyesight issues like mine!
Romantic Suspense is not usually my genre and I hope that the heroine doesn't fall in love with her "handsome, strangely disturbing" cousin (as often happens when dealing with authors from that time frame).
Thoughts thus far: The current hero is an emotionally messed up character...his emotional conflicts are kind of hard to believe at times BUT the peek into his conscience has been fascinating. It appears he must be the disturbed cousin mentioned on the cover and their will be another male hero. I think one of these males will likely turn out NOT to be a hero and I am guessing the cousin was introduced first for sympathy. Though who knows...a good percentage of the plot-line on the back cover hasn't come into play at all yet...a lot of story left to be told.
Another thought: I wish the times when people were familiar with the works of Haydn and such were not past.
This seems to be a Cinderella or maybe even double Cinderella story. Perhaps, probably certainly, an Ugly Duckling, too. The storytelling has been great thus far...I think I like this author.
This is to be completed by the end of January for the Read Your (Book)Shelf Challenge.

Watching Husband's artwork this week has been nice. :-)
More progress and drying for the first panel of a commissioned triptych. Hyper-textured. Right now, it is entitled something along the lines of "The Peaks of Prayer."

"Sarah's Easy Shredded Chicken Taco Filling" will be a permanent addition to my Taco Night repertoire. It ended up being very Mex-ish. Yum! Leftovers for lunch.
Adapted: 2 good-sized, diced purple onions. 5 big chicken breasts, cubed. 30 oz. tomato sauce. Homemade chicken broth (boiled and simmered everything in the recipe down). Hungarian Paprika, just a bit of cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt.
Toppings: Sour cream, jalapeno slices.
(Picky Eater) Elementary Schooler gave it 5/5 but did not like the texture when leftovers were heated.


Items in consideration for this week's menus...
-----19 recipes for homemade salad dressing. From Taste of Home.
-----Cowboy Corn Bread. Another Taste of Home recipe (I am a fan of the Comfort Food simplicity). This is a sweeter corn bread and half-and-half is one of the ingredients.
-----Creamy Honey Mustard Chicken with Crispy Bacon
-----Zucchini, Cheddar Cheese and Chive Buttermilk Quick Bread
-----Cinnamon Swirl Zucchini Bread
-----Hamburger Stew. Easily big-batchable, easily freezable. I don't know where my mother's Hamburger Stew recipe, this will do as a substitute for me.
-----Cheesy Chili. Creamy, zesty, can double as a dip. I hope it is not too greasy. The kids are in a "I don't like beans" phase right now (when they did like beans before)...I am hoping this changes that for at least one meal.
-----Hearty Beef and Sweet Potato Stew
-----Veggie Chowder

I have skimmed the entire book and picked out recipes...but now reading and considering more carefully. I almost always use a corn on the cob method from this involves two boils, sugar and putting things in with the cooking corn....simple changes that make a difference for YUM.

Preschooler and Daddy finished the string art. Pink and blue.

I am on page 13. The story is told from the viewpoint of Marie Antoinette (who apparently left many documents behind...intending to write a memoir).

-----The BBC will have an adaptation of Les Mis. An all star cast will be included but it is expected to be very much an adaptation.
-----Roy Orbison is to go on world tour as a hologram.

Commercial I have been enjoying (and book I would like to have):

Elementary Schooler wants to learn Thumbchuckz...should be fun. He wants a black pair and a gold pair..."mix and match." We will start this next month.
These were at our Walmart.

Elementary Schooler doesn't want Burger King crowns anymore...his reason why is pretty smart. He says that he loses them and then finds them broken and then throws them in the trash. "It's a waste."

My learning curve for 2018. Cell phone photography (which, of course, comes in handy for photographing books).
Criacr fisheye, wide angle, telephoto. KobraTech ProPic fisheye, kaleidoscope, polarizing/CPL, super wide angle, 0.63 wide angle that combines with 15X macro, telephoto, Bluetooth remote start, LED fill light. Chinese binocular for brand name at all, free...useless indoors.


Kathy Martin said...

I remember reading a bunch of Jane Aiken Hodge books in the 70s but I don't remember this one. Lots of your recipes look good. I hope your kids enjoy the chili. I eat them but I'm not a big fan of the beans in chili either. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

pussreboots said...

I think I read The Winding Stair about thirty years ago. Come see what I'm reading.


Kathy Martin, this book came out a little bit before 1970. Coming to see your week and enjoy this week's reading!


I get that a lot when I am continuously reading...I often read books that came out some time ago. :-) Heading over to see what you are reading!


Well, I attempted to comment on your week, Pussreboots...some sort of error. Anyway, I love the birdhouses! Plus, your week had books and ART. Fun week!

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