Sunday, December 17, 2017

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-----Emily Dickinson's Coconut Cake
-----We celebrated Philip K. Dick's birthday last night. :-) Husband and I watched episodes of "The Man in the High Castle." Creme pie(in lieu of birthday cake) was rescheduled until tonight's dessert.

Well, as to be expected, this is barbaric in places. Historically interesting. I don't usually read tales of "forbidden passion" but inherited this one and thus am reading it for the historical details and good storytelling. The bravery and ingenuity of the main character I am sure that there will be many more loving sacrifices and ruthless choices made on the part of characters in this book.
On page 99.

Returning to the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Civil War. The struggles of the people at home. Bravery and its costs. Flashbacks, baggage, beauty.
I think my Mother really liked this book. I would love to visit the places mentioned! The copy I have is from my mother's collection and I am screening it to decide when to pass on/read passages to the kids. In the middle a page is getting ready to come out...kind of cracked there...I wish I knew how to fix that.
---I am on page 92. I love the title of the current chapter..."verbs, all of them tiring."
National Book Award Winner

I am on page 76. Thus far no sexual content (I was worried that it might get explicit at some point). I am enjoying the book. There is a death scene that is fairly gruesome...and maybe historically accurate-there is so much debate over what Pocahontas's people were really like. The book is written by a distant relative of Pocahontas. I am at the point where Pocahontas reaches adolescence and is waiting to see what direction her father, the Chief Powhatan/Wahunsenacawh, will have her life take.
I really like the cover picture.

3 pages read of "A Christmas Carol" for the 12 Books of Christmas Challenge. I found this challenge pretty late...I will be happy if I get this finished and something else started.

I want the kids to see this one. This week we have read a Paddington story and watched a few segment...a hit, thus far.

Music of my week. I have all the patience in the world when it comes to awaiting outcomes...and, yet, I don't! So, my inner angst as to what the future will bring regarding a couple of situations, upcoming thyroid-related appointments/results and 2018 goals is great.

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