Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Book Date

It has been a good week though figuring out holiday plans has been a bit stressful (I succeeded in making Thanksgiving stress-free and wish the time leading up to Christmas could have been too...sigh). We took the kids to Star Wars yesterday and our elementary schooler said it "epic."
Announcer at the movie: Your commercial belongs up on the big screen.
Elementary Schooler: Commercials don't belong anywhere!
---Saturday was a cozy evening. We celebrated Philip k. Dick's birthday. Husband and I watched three episodes of "The Man in the High Castle." We also have a creme pie for soon (in lieu of birthday cake).
---I made Amish Slaw on Wednesday. Preparing the sweet and sour elements individually and then mixing them worked well. I prefer, and use, apple cider vinegar. Vinegar boils über-fast and is a strong smell...Husband said it cleared his sinuses. I am thinking of making another batch of this tonight!

I am on page 89. There has still only been one brutal, and perhaps historically accurate as far as practices, incident. Pocahontas is now going through puberty and I am hoping the book is not taking a turn towards the "passion" of some historical fictions. I have enjoyed all the details of the settings and the bravery of young Pocahontas. The book is going wonderfully for something where the reader may know many of the conclusions! The author is a distant relative of Pocahontas and also wrote a book about Sacajawea. I like the cover!

I am on page 106. The story is currently stepping back from baggage, pain and loss of the Civil War to when characters discovered each other and happier times. A book my Mother liked and I wish I knew a repair for the page that is trying to fall out and basically a split in the center of her copy. I hope this book proves to be a good read, even of selected passages, for when the kids get older (we homeschool).

Preschooler enjoyed this. :-)

I am on page 108.
John Jakes definitely has storytelling skills. I just finished a particularly brutal encounter but it fit into the story.

Music from my week:

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Kathy Martin said...

Nice variety of books. I plan to see the Star Wars movie but, not being a big fan, I'll probably wait for the DVD. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


Thank you for visiting and I like your blog!
I am a Star Wars fan but almost didn't go (if Preschooler hadn't felt comfortable with it, I would have stayed home). I won't spoil the movie but I did feel the punchlines, humorous and otherwise, were a little over-emphasized.
I hope your upcoming week is GREAT!

pussreboots said...

I tried Cold Mountain when it was first out. It wasn't for me at that time. I hope you enjoy it. Come see what I'm reading


I was worried that Cold Mountain wasn't for me at first either...there are pages pretty much entirely of sorrow and pain at the beginning. I am hoping there is great beauty in whatever lesson or homecomings...and then I will enjoy it beyond the glimpses of courtship and friendship sandwiched in great turmoil. On my way to see what you are reading!

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