Saturday, December 16, 2017

The 12 Books of Christmas Challenge

Hmmm. What Christmas books do I have? What time do I have? The answer is probably not much on both...especially since I just found this Challenge. I will aim for the Elf status...1-4 books.

So, I will start with a book in this collected works..."A Christmas Carol." This was a volume that belonged to my Mother and I met to get finished reading in 2014! Overall this is 850 pages...but I am not up to that before Christmas, that's for sure. I was introduced to Dickens via increments as a child and intend to do that with the kids...finding adaptations and MAYBE reading passages of the actual work this, I will keep an eye out for that in my readings (we homeschool).
PROGRESS: 16 pages read

A generation ago a young woman was knocked off her bicycle in the snow and left to die alone. Decades later, the murders start...
The first victim is a semi-disabled couple who are brutally ambushed and killed in their home. Others follow, each killing more horrendous than the last…
And in all the attacks, a calling card is left, a final indignity that suggests that revenge and retribution are at the heart of the brutal murders.
Newly promoted Detective Inspector Bulmer, Chief Inspector Robert Calderwood, and their friends and colleagues have a particularly chilling mystery on their hands, and it is up to them to find out the link between the deaths and to stop the killer once and for all – before yet more blood is spilt.

-----This one comes out on Christmas Day. I have FINISHED reading it. I did not find it too gruesome (that I remember anyway). The way that Becky died was sad indeed and it is sadder even that things happen like this in real life. I did not like issues of sexuality coming up due to the fact that it was largely NOT brought up until integral to the plot. I also feel a bit that introducing readers to every staff member, and to a lesser extent villager's, backstory could have been done in some less tedious way. I would love to see what the author does if the story is ever reworked a bit.
My rating: 3.5/5 stars


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