Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thing I like...the character Hope's eye makeup on "Days of Our Lives."
It looks like Hope will be going to prison after shooting a person who had tormented her for decades (she was under the impression he had committed a crime that contributed to her husbands death and this villain was taunting her about that). So, I am predicting that she will go to prison and then change her mind and finally fight to defend herself.
-----The producer has said that anyone who dies on Days from Sept. 2015 onward will stay dead. Stefano "The Pheonix" DiMera will not be rising from the ashes this time.
I am slowly watching this on Netflix.
Due to budget constraints, I haven't been to a sit-down restaurant in several years...well, I remember us going to Steak N'Shake twice and a chain BBQ once (when we had a REALLY good coupon). Despite that, I do consider myself a foodie and one day hope to be a gastronome.

From the documentary:
-----"So, I think that'll be 60, 70 dishes I'll be eating within these 24 hours."
-----Katie Keiko's blog..."K's Luxe Dining Table."
-----"Luxeat: In Search for Beauty on a Plate"

-----Fortissimo Films is recently defunct. :-(

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Kindergartner likes this cover. He hasn't watched the video (and won't be watching it). I like the "oh" parts at about 2:30.

Very pretty. The Rolling Stones song.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Banned Books Week is Over...
Of course, we are continuing to read.

This year's Banned Book's Week ran from September 25th-October 1st. We participated well but I don't feel like we are we will go on for a while.

We went to the library and found we have read many of the books in the children's Banned Books display. Among the books was Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree." We did not get around to reading that for the week but have read it before. We probably watched the reading/animation below this week...but I don't remember for sure...that is how busy a week it has been.
SO: Yes, we did start to watch it...but Kindergartner informs me he feel asleep. We can't have him miss hearing Shel Silverstein's voice. :-)

During the week, we watched the movie of "How to Eat Fried Worms" but have not gotten to reading the book yet. The book was award-winning. This title was banned for being gross. There was a joke made by a three-year-old about an anatomy part...but it seems that natural joke-telling that kids do was not enough to get it a ban. People were afraid kids would do things like eating fried worms. Our Kindergartener has no intention of eating fried worms...though he did observe that the recipes would make doing it easier. Some great lessons about bullying.


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