Saturday, December 17, 2016

This cover of "November Rain quickly grew on me.

Easy Recipes:
-----Cherry Cream Cheese Danish. Someday I will have experience with delicate pastry but this will do for now.
-----Peanut butter M & M's Fudge
-----Peppermint Fudge

Preschool Girl: Let's do our favorite things. Let's say our favorite colors and girls' stuff. Let's do that in the other room with Kindergarten Boy.
Mommy: I don't think Kindergarten Boy likes girls' stuff.
Preschool Girl: He will this time. Because I said so.

-----Brazilian Black Bean Soup. This will be made as soon as I find some non-puny hamhocks...they are hard to find around here in any size.
-----Bobby Flay's Honey-Rum Baked Black Beans

*laments the fact that I don't own an ugly Christmas sweater. I should have an ugly Christmas sweater.*

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