Friday, July 08, 2016

In My Life.....

Preschool Girl wanted my help so I colored the tail (and then she colored over it a bit). She slowed down and tried to color the parts. #Progress

A recent drawing Preschool Girl did. It's an owl.

Mail Call. I bet water in that suit is not pleasant, armchair traveling and Lego fun for Preschool Boy.

Seriously, the FBI recommends no indictment for Hillary though she was an absolute careless IDIOT with national security? Oh yeah....and there WERE secret and TOP SECRET e-mails at the time they were sent. So, will she now go all over media and shrug it all off as not serious? "No precedent" for charging accidental complete idiocy...oh I bet there are plenty of military personal, also given security guidelines that they were required to follow and (grossly)accidentally didn't, sitting in detainment or punished right now. She should be ashamed of herself....I hope she realizes this as she sips cocktails on Air Force One with Mr. Obama. ‪#‎NoIntegrity‬

On ice-pops.....
Preschool Girl: It doesn't have any smell.
Preschool Boy: That's because it's old school. The old school doesn't have any smell. The new school popsicles do.

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