Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thursday Thirteen.....

I still don't like the fact that it was put in...but I would go out on it.
(No matter what you tell him about the construction, Preschool Boy insists that he would not go on it because it might break.)

Trivia: "Satisfaction" originally included a harmonica (I wonder what that sounded like). Mick Jagger is(was?) good at ballet.
‪#‎SoundTrackOfMyDay‬ ‪#‎LoudStereoMemories‬

-----Overnight Fruit Salad. With marshmallows, pecans and whipped cream.
-----"Dirty Coke
-----Boston Cream Cupcakes

Gingerbread Coffee will be the inaugural use of my French Press.
I got this 12 oz. press for a dollar on iHerb.com (they have flat shipping....so the shipping was $4 for this, expedited and the box included the supplement I had ordered plus a small gift). It is a dollar if it is one of the two trial-priced items your are allowed per order.
I just found out that THIS is my referral code for iHerb...I used them every month for various things. Recommended by my former doctor. The Vitamin D that would cost me at lest $20 a month only costs me a $1-something by using a 30-day sample on here...so MUCH savings in such a short time! Sign up for the site using my referral if you want. :-)

If I could travel, I would love to see the turquoise waters of the Isle of Pine...in New Caledonia which is a territory of France. I don't know where I would stay but I would relish each day's views. I wonder what the sunrises and sunsets are like. #ArmchairTravelingTheWorld

I made Cinnamon Stick Tea to reuse a stick. When the bits of stick dry out, if they are still potent, I will grind the cinnamon.

After a recent downpour.

Sopaipillas Posadas...traditional Chilean rainy day treat. Pumpkin rounds covered with Chancaca Sauce (grapefruit zest,organic sugar, cloves and a cinnamon stick cooked down and strained).
---Husband said it was weird...not excellent but very good.
---We used the leftover syrup for pancakes.
---They were a hit with Preschool Boy who said the name is a tongue twister. :-)

"The whale opened his mouth up and Jonah was pretending the whale tongue was stairs."
-Preschool Boy

-----The last hands to touch the Declaration of Independence for a long time.


Anne said...

I'm totally in the little man's corner. No WAY would I walk out there.


Have you seen the glass bridge in China? Way worse!
Full disclosure: I would, of course, by petrified as I walked over the Skyway.

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