Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One pound of black raspberries. First of this year.
Hopefully, my mother's red raspberry bush will have berries next year...it has quiet a history...it belonged to my grandparents-in-law, then I think to in-laws, then was ours and we gave it to my mother who was so happy to have a red raspberry (they are expensive at the stores). When my mother passed away, the traveling raspberry bush came back to us and it has been growing strong in our garden. I know there are more important things to pray about in the world, but I do hope and pray that the red raspberry bush grows and does well. #LifesBlessings

-----On the annoying side, our Aldi's seems to have stopped carrying frozen raspberries. I will be writing a comment/inquiry.

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Linda said...

Wow, you covered a lot! I have low thyroid and take Armour for it. Have you looked into MTHFR?


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