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Travel the World in Books

Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge
So, this is one of those challenges where one is free to set there own goals. Doing the challenge for 5 years is even mentioned in the description! We homeschool and are on a very tight budget. Traveling long distances has been financially impossible for us the last three years. My mother traveled through her books....all 16,000-plus that she had read most of during her lifetime. She pared down the books to her favorite 5,000 or so and I inherited most of them which I am constantly reading and cataloging for my children's mother could not travel like she would have liked either and I look at them as her "somewhere over the rainbow." I pass down the amazing(appropriate) parts of the world that I see painted in, tours of faraway places, etc. So anyway, even if the challenge is not here then...I am looking at this as a 15 year homeschooling and reading project. :-)

My first stop is Israel (and, to a lesser extent, Egypt). Imagining the great open spaces. Oh the difficult choices that Solomon made during his lifetime.
"Words are easy; only actions tell who really loves."
This book was number 11, 807 in my mother's collection. :-)

Lila inherits her grandfather's home in the small town of Auburn, Nebraska. I didn't approve of who the villian was at first until why started being revealed. I would have liked to see more development of The Obituary Society meetings themselves...but maybe that will come in further books in the series.
-----I have always lived in towns where most fireworks are forbidden for ordinary citizens to purchase. I learned that Nebraska has a mix of fireworks-prohibited and fireworks-friendly cities. Mayhaps it would be fun to visit one of these towns on the 4th someday. :-)
I read a Kindle Edition.

I had never seen how some of the at-home stuff is done.

The next book I am reading takes place mainly in Memphis (but also in what is definitely a fictional county and Jefferson, Mississippi which is, from what I can tell, fictional). Faulkner is a bit challenging to me because I never know what is coming...whether he is going to tell the story from many different point of views that are hard to decipher or what. This seems to be a simple and humorous tale of some young people who take a car.
Published in 1962. It was a bestseller and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1963.
I have a first printing but it does not have a cover.
This was number 11, 270 in my mother's book collection.
New vocab I have learned thus far:
---A footlog is a simple footbridge consisting often of a single log hewn flat on one side
---Reiver...reive means to rob or plunder.

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