Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pluff Mud Murders

At first, I did not find any of the characters likable and was going to have to force myself to continue reading...then the main characters switched. A story where things are not as they seem but the clues are all there. I could picture all of the outdoor settings and the mansion easily. We follow the amnesia-stricken Riley, and others, as they are pitted up against pure greed, pure evil and potentially becoming the next victim.
---A tale that is easy to picture as a movie or mini-series.

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Ann Carpenter is the author of three novels, Pluff Mud Murders, Circle of Player and The Mystical Doll House. She is the founder of Kidz by Dezign and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and granddaughter.
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-----An accurate description of Pluff Mud...interesting.


Eats named after Pluff Mud :-)
---Pluff Mud Brownies
---Pluff Mud Porter Pop(Holy City Pluff Mud Porter is a beer brewed in Charleston.)
---Pluff Mud Cold Salad. You can also have it warm. I am not a fan of feta but will try this salad.
-----Salty Pluff Mud Pie. This one gets mixed reviews.
--------Of course, you can also buy a Pluff Mud Pie mix. A chocolate meringue pie...that sounds intriguing.

Coasters partially made from Pluff Mud.


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