Monday, April 25, 2016

Musing Mondays

Preschool Girl wants swimsuits for her baby dolls, her Dora the Explorer doll and "my (shopping) cart, even, too."
She wants our doggie to have a swimsuit but I explained to her that the dog might not like that.
Preschool Girl talked about chasing the dog and said, "When my doggie chases me, I read a book at her." If only there were such peace.

-----Our friend drove a long way to bring Husband a motorcycle this week. It will be a fix-it-up project and a long time before I can ride around on the back of it...but I am so looking forward to it.

Well, then.
When we were at the park Preschool Girl was climbing up a little twisty slide and saying she was "being ingenious." I wasn't sure I heard right so I had her repeat it a few times. Later, she mentioned something with the same word. I said that I wasn't sure she knew what the word meant and asked Preschool Girl what it means...."Um, ingenious means you're smart."
We often say an idea/person is ingenious....Preschool Girl obviously paid attention.

I read 142 pages. I was looking forward to reading much more but I had two impromptu in the early morning and one stayed until evening. So, I am pleased with this progress.

I am on page 79. I am currently reading the story of what became of a Jewish abandoned infant. This telling is a vivid depiction of the hardships of the Polish during World War II.

I am 77 pages into a reread of "The Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams. A collection of items found on his hard drives after he died. Douglas Adams is my favorite author. I enjoy his interest in science and he constantly manages to make me laugh.

FINISHED. "I Am the Dog" by Daniel Pinkwater. A read with the kids.

I didn't get much farther with this...just another 4 pages. Right now, is a family history of all the moving that the Hardings did after coming to this country.
---I am reading this for a "Banned Books Challenge." President Harding's strong suit was not marital fidelity and a restraining order was put on author Francis Russell...there are blank spots in the book where Harding's love letters to his married mistress originally where. This is not alleged activity...the National Archives eventually published the letters. Anyway, this is not a scandalous book but a well-rounded look at Warren G. Harding.

FINISHED THIS WEEK: "Bon Bons to Yoga Pants" by Katie Cross
I mainly enjoyed this for the telling of a possible (sweet) romance. I did have a hard time reading it at times because my thyroid care is not going well. I have a doctor who thinks just about everything to try fixing my multiple thyroid problems is futile or knows nothing about it, another doctor who doesn't/can't  read computerized records, loses tests and is treating me like I have just let myself go when I have been battling chronic illness for over 20 years, no endocrinologists in my community and the prospect of explaining my whole medical history to a doctor who might be just as I am kind of sensitive on what people think of weight issues right now.

FINISHED THIS WEEK. Another read where I had imperfect enjoyment. The lady being accused of the crime was not someone I felt for. The main character, a private investigator named Tiffany, ended up being TOO much of a romantic cliff-hanger and I really wished that I felt her enjoyment right along with her (things such as her frustrating relationship with her family) were well-done to the point that they were easily imaginable). I am interested to read other stories in this series to see if the author does better in immersing me as a reader.

Completed this read-a-thon with having read 610 pages. That is about average for me to find time to do during a readathon. Amongst my reading, I finished one "scary" book and started a "TV show thriller."

FINISHED THIS WEEK: "The Deep End" by Joy Fielding
The story did keep my attention all the way to the end but I found it lacking in places. The main character was largely passive as her life was falling apart. It was a lot like the story was being told instead of shown in places and there was not enough of the pool metaphor to really be into that TITLE part of the story. Like the tennis coach said there needed to be follow through and just did not see that with this thriller.


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