Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mommy: Who do you think should be the new president
Preschooler: All the bad guy G.I. Joes.
Mommy (to Toddler-Almost-Preschooler): Who do you think should be president?
Toddler: ______ (our doggie)
Mommy: Dogs can't run for president.
Toddler: She can run fast like G.I. Joes.

#CohenFTW #HomeschoolMusicEducationMinusTheFingerGesture
If I had come across this during my Mother's lifetime, I would have gotten her a copy.

Overripe blood orange and peanut butter is a horrible combination to accidentally have in your mouth.

Got it done:
-----Let my local theater know that I would like them to show Zootopia. :-) The kids would be thrilled if it came.

-----Preschooler enjoyed this FREE Mowgli and Shere Khan coloring page. :-)
Started reading Preschooler "The Jungle Books." We are on page 8..."Mowgli's Brothers." We might go to see the upcoming movie...I will have to check out that PG rating a little more. I wrote to our favorite small theater in hopes they will show this movie (always a happy day when they can get a Disney/family showing). It is GREAT that John Favreau(Iron Man) is the director. :-) If nothing else, it will definitely be a DATE NIGHT MOVIE. :-)

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