Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Shape of It.....
My 2016 adventures with reading Shape Magazine.

Hmmm...this should be my second issue. I either misplaced or didn't receive the first. I will have to look around. Anyway, I have to take issue with the cover because my children took issue with the cover. Toddler said, "She showing me her belt." Preschooler wanted to know why she was taking off her underwear! #sigh #TheStateOfOurWorld
---Cool jacket :-)

The cover informs me this is Lauren Cohan from "The Walking Dead." A show I have been meaning to watch...despite having a family friend who has done special effects makeup for this show, I have not gotten around to starting viewing. I am not a big fan of blood and gore (ugg). Anyway, I suppose the cover is sort of a homage to zombie-hunting...yeah, well...I suppose the jacket is sort of a homage to zombie hunting.


So it is probably obvious that I don't always keep up with the trending celebrities and shows. I just realized that I have seen Lauren Cohan, albeit much more clothed, in something recently...the trailer for "The Boy" that I watched while earning Swagbucks. The premise seems a little done-before....but it could be an interesting movie.

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