Monday, November 23, 2015

In My Life.....

I have been enjoying Chris Stapleton's music lately. This reminds me a bit of Waylon Jennings and a bit of the TCB Band (Elvis' rhythm section).

Mmm. I made Chicken Soup with (Brown) Rice. We have been watching "Really Rosie" and things related to that. #Sendak #homeschooling

Preschooler and Toddler's celery-stamping project. Each of them used the celery to do stamping on part of an owl...that will be dry in the morning. Preschooler also used the celery-stamping to make wrapping paper for the bracelets he is making for his sister for Christmas.
The fish template can be downloaded at Crafty Morning. 

A friend gave us this bottle of Warrior Vodka. Part of the proceeds go to helping wounded soldiers. Husband drank his straight and I used a bit to make a screwdriver.

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