Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Afghan Breakfast

I am studying Afghan cuisine for a Food and Wellness class that I am taking. Barley is one of the major crops in Afghanistan. A few of my American friends would find the eating of chicken at breakfast to be odd....but I am eager to try Haleem. I hope there is a recipe that does not involve a pressure cooker (I don't own one yet).

Ah, here is a Haleem recipe for that does not involve a pressure cooker. This uses a heavy pot followed by about 8 hours of slow cooker.

I also want to try:
-----Afghan Eggs and Tomato: Tukhum-Bonjan or Agay-Bonjan.
-----Afghan Eggs. The simple technique of making the nests for the eggs adds so much flair to the plating.

As she mentioned, Afghans tend to like heavier breakfasts (something I was surprised to be chastised for recently). These breakfast recipes are right up my alley so far. :-)
I am not sure if I can find the chicken sausage in our area without ordering it...sigh.

(Note: We are homeschooling our children and part of that will be studying all the world's countries...including cuisines. If you have a link or suggestion of a recipe from any country....please feel free to share. Thanks!!!)

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annie said...

the egg and potatoes look good. i've never thought of adding tomato paste. i'll have to try that sometime.

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