Monday, May 04, 2015

In My Life

Sadly, this is a tip: If there is no one around to scratch an itch between your shoulder blades and you don't have a back scratcher, pull a sturdy plastic ladle out of the kitchen drawer.

A 31" Darth Vader action figure in a drawer that is waiting to go back into a table is creeping me out. I either need to move the figure or reassemble the table ASAP. Darth Vader in a coffin is just a weird image.

I am finishing reading "The Little House Cookbook." I will likely turn right around and do a re-read. So much to learn and it will take a WHILE to learn it. One of the things I am interested in right now is something Almonzo Wilder's mother made-apple core vinegar. I want to try making apple cider vinegar from scraps.

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