Sunday, May 17, 2015

Doggies, (human) biscuits and my aggravating neck.

-----Flipping through one of last year's Family Circle magazines and I found out there is such a thing as a chewable flea and tick medicine. We might try NexGard instead of the nasty stuff that we put on the back of our dog's back and then have to constantly watch to make sure kids don't touch.

I finished this book...but now I have just started the AIP "diet" (autoimmune protocol). Yeah, most pioneer cooking doesn't fit into that regime.
My thyroid has been enlarged on and off for years...just a part of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. At the last appointment, the casual suggestion of a biopsy was tossed around for the second time. I have been thinking that maybe I will just have a biopsy anyway but I am doing all I can to get my goiter/nodule issues under control. I did research and then got mad, the most dangerous thing I have as far as my immune system is the Hashimoto's Disease and no doctor has ever told me that it could go into remission (or even aimed for that). Despite "advocating" for myself about what is going on with my body, I find myself either medicated into just being low "normal" or ignored. My medical coverage and the number of doctors stepping out of business is making it harder and we find ourselves traveling for medical care often. I am getting really disillusioned by the American medical system.

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Babylon said...

I am not sure if this procedure will work for you but the shear wave ultrasound may help to avoid thyroid biopsy in some cases by providing additional information about nodules. Best!

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