Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon...
Goal Post

Rules say you have to read at least one "horror" book but it can be tamer. I am not sure what my horror selection(s) will be yet.

1) "Caesar at the Rubicon: A Play About Politics" by Theodore H. White. 174 pages. A giveaway from the library.

2) Starting "The Shadow of Blooming Grove: Warren G. Harding in His Times." 691 pages. A book I inherited from my Mother and I want to use it in our homeschooling. I plan to read it slowly with Google nearby...I know nothing about President Harding.

3) The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Ancient Rome. 127 pages. Published in 1975. I found this among the giveaways at the library today. There are 5 books in this series (5 ancient lands, I think). I want to see if I can find the rest of the series for homeschooling.

4) Notes from a World Music class I took. 83 pages. Yes, for my purposes, I am counting this as a book. I will not officially count it in the final post but it will be a very good accomplishment for me to go through this again.

My moment of silence.....
Brief pause here to reflect on the fact that I found my Mother's medication list at the bottom of a book box I was unpacking. I inherited the vast majority of her books (about 5,000) when she died of breast cancer in 2013. The medication list is extensive...she was battling Stage 4 breast cancer. She also found she had diabetes and was in heart failure from a silent heart attack when she was first diagnosed with the cancer. The medicine list was from 2009 and there was about a dozen things she had/was taking on it.I can only imagine what that list looked like by the time she passed.

5) An alphabet book that I am reading with my daughter.

6) I am on page 51. An engrossing read filled with a lot of philosopher's thoughts on consumerism and real world examples (both of the author and the general consumer). I wonder how I will change after having read this.

7) My preschool son really wanted this from the, I told him we would read it a bit at a time. We are on page 19. He has a theory that the hand reaching out is "Frankenstein from the Beetleborgs movie."

277 pages. The forward is talking about how people who were already self-sufficient in rural areas did not suffer as much during the Great Depression.


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Michelle Miller said...

Glad you're joining me for another read-a-thon. You have quite an extensive list. Is that horror novel for real? I've never heard of it. I will be very interested to hear how that one is. ;)

So sorry about your mom. Finding that list must have been surreal for you. I hope she is resting pain free and in peace.

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