Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon 2015.....
Wrap-Up Post :-)

Rules said you have to read at least one "horror" book but it can be tamer.

FINISHED. 26 pages.
An alphabet book read with my daughter. The animals interact with each other and there are 98 of them!
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I read 129 pages. :-)

"Caesar at the Rubicon: A Play About Politics" by Theodore H. White. 174 pages. There are 23 pages of Prologue before the actual play and I am on page 14. I intend to read the play aloud and try to get some exercise by acting it out versus sitting in my chair. This story concentrates on how Caeser might have felt about things and will try to show how crossing the Rubicon transformed him (Caeser did not always have the personality of the dictator he became). A giveaway from the library.

I have read 4 more pages. An engrossing read filled with a lot of philosopher's thoughts on consumerism and real world examples (both of the author and the general consumer). I wonder how I will change after having read this.

39 more pages read.
My preschool son really wanted this from the, I told him we would read it a bit at a time. He had a theory that the hand reaching out is "Frankenstein from the Beetleborgs movie." Now he thinks that "Drew" might have done it.
Our preschooler has been banned from his over-abundant "Poopy Jokes." For one night we relaxed this ban and let every Nancy be Poopy instead. Phrases like "She recognized Poopy by her reputation" kept the entire family amused.

I have finished the 6 pages of Forward and I am on page 4. The forward is talking about how people who were already self-sufficient in rural areas did not suffer as much during the Great Depression.

FINISHED. 27 pages
Preschooler wanted to read Rochelle Larken's retelling of Aladdin because he thought the genie of the lamp and the genie of the ring looked like a man with two heads (that's the illustration that made him eager to buy this above). Preschooler got this book with his piggy bank money for 10-cents at a Salvation Army store.

24 pages that weren't a part of my original goal. Fun read with toddler. :-)

I have read some of this but I am starting a re-read to make sure I comprehend well for a review, excerpt and giveaway that I am posting tomorrow. The story is of (repeated)time travel and confronting deep emotions. Characters with a long entangled history.
186 pages of 431 thus far.
(I have finished it since the Read-a-thon.)

I read it twice to daughter. "Pouch" is one of Preschooler's favorite books. A story about overcoming fear of meeting new people(animals). Very cute and this book was a part of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

FINISHED. 20 pages.
Cute book with a handle and a little lock on the side that Preschooler got from Grandparents. This read was to Toddler. Both of our young children enjoy this book (and Mother Goose in general).

I have also decided to re-read "Julie & Julia" and I am now on page 10. It is a good read...nice pace and Julia Child's recipes sound so yummy. I just don't like a lot of the things Julie Powell does as a person (even more so in the book following this, "Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat and Obsession").


I have read 131 pages of 424.
"Hunting aficionados will devour the shark bear action." -Kirkus Reviews


Michelle Miller said...

Thanks for joining me for another read-a-thon. You read quite a diverse lot there. I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to have that Little House cookbook. I need to look for it. :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

glad you could complete so many books!
I enjoyed the readathon as well - great motivation!

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