Friday, March 20, 2015

Misc. Recipes

----- Zucchini Crust Pizza looks so YUMMY. If our store keeps having zucchini (most of the time you can't get it in our area), I am definitely making this next month.
-----Blood Orange Cinnamon Rolls. The blood oranges make the icing a pink color.
-----Sweet Onion Jelly. "Serve with cream cheese for crackers or bagels or use as a condiment on beef, pork or chicken. Also great on hot dogs, sausages and sandwiches."
-----Roasted Roma (or Plum) Tomatoes. I can come up with all sorts of uses for these. :-)
-----Yukon Gold Potato Salad
-----I am interested in trying Pomegranate-Glazed Duck.
-----Sunrise Bumblebee. Pretty little tomatoes that are described as being sweet.

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