Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In My Life.....

The flowers that Husband bought me have opened beautifully! 

-----Glazed Carrots in Blood Orange Juice
-----Blood Orange Chicken

-----I am making this Pull Apart Garlic Bread with the kids pretty soon. A simple Taste of Home Recipe. The only frozen white bread dough at our store (Rhodes Frozen White Bread Dough) contains soy and Husband is allergic (bummer). Our picky eater Preschooler might enjoy cooking with me and the pull-apart...plus he REALLY likes butter. :-)
-----I am planning to try a mac & cheese that contains Velveeta. I hate Velveeta. It was on the Rachel Ray site, contains a ton of cheese and comes from someone called "Sweet Pie" (I will find the time to look up who that is later).
-----Ah, now I get it...Sweet Pie is part of a cooking show on Oprah's network. I will have to check that out.
-----If I could afford it, I would love the Phillips Pasta Maker. $100 off on Sur la Table right now! The extruders like Play-doh would make my children smile and my Husband would love the ease of operation (like a bread machine).

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