Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A Flower in the Snow

Non-Fiction / Memoir
Date Published: July 2014

My daughter. Berlyn, was asleep on a fold-out couch at her high school prom party when a former classmate and high school dropout shot her in the head for no apparent reason. Her murder prompted me to leave the rubble of my beliefs and assumptions to go in search of answers to the most profound questions we ask ourselves. “A Flower in the Snow” is the result of that odyssey.

A deep portrayal of grief and what the healing process was like for one father after having a child murdered. A brave sharing that will maybe help others come to terms after the unexpected death of a loved one. Though, Mr. Cosman and I are of very different religions, I will be re-reading this book (I have found that meaningful memoirs and reality-based fiction help with some of my own grief over loved ones). Two big things from this book....moving on from a death to become the deceased person's legacy is a long process and mercy is an ongoing decision. Thank you to Beryln's father for sharing!
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Again, thank you to the author!


Mark Cosman

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Sun said...

I can't imagine going through such a tragedy. It would be so difficult to come to terms with what happened in that type of situation. I'm sure it was a fascinating read!


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