Friday, February 06, 2015

In My Life.....

Photo by Bennie Bos
Taking the kids to this festival is one of my dreams. I have seen several balloons against the Sandias Peaks during non-festival time and that was amazing. I like this photo.
I think we will go to the National Balloon Classic first (Indianola, Iowa). That will be a beautiful camping week.

-----You can tell Toddler has an artist Daddy-she thought Grandpa made the shoes he brought her.
-----Advanced Reader ecopy for a March review arrived "Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver" was not given away in the description but I am assuming the parent has dementia or, maybe, Alzheimer's. I am hoping to find some really good resource links on both caregiving and elderly mental health to include in that review.

Yeah, getting Preschooler to remember not to put Playdoh, and now clay, on his action figures is a constant effort. He held out with the clay a whole 24 hours, decorated Batman a bit and taught his sister a lot.
---Preschooler often tries to make molds of his toys. Sculptor's son.

Preschooler gets to build models with Daddy. Battery and LED mobiles, aliens and pets. Like moving pencil boxes.

Murder mystery set in the aftermath of the Civil War. Sounds like it might be an interesting read. Free download on Amazon right now.


Molly @alsoranagain said...

Even though your preschooler keeps dressing action figures in Playdoh, I'm impressed by his creativity!


Yes, he is very creative. :-)
It is just hard to get the Playdoh or clay out of the cracks and crevices of the action figures. The other day he started doing this to a silver-plated pen that I use only for blogging and a while back he was trying to make a mold of one of Daddy's flight simulator game controllers. In general, we just work with him on it and learning the many things he can use clay and Playdoh on....and the many things he can't.

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