Wednesday, January 07, 2015

My Peace Place

Our Toddler's reaction to the cover..."Pretty!"

This is a book Preschooler and I are working through over the next couple of weeks. It discusses a valuable life skill...maintaining inner peace despite whatever obstacles and chaos life may bring. I have been trying to get Preschooler to work on deep breathing and thinking of something happy for a while (both themes in My Peace Place). I appreciated the gentle repetition of this book as that is so helpful for my children to pick up ideas. When the book is done there is bonus material that is addressed to the parents and discusses yoga a great deal...there are even illustrations of poses for children to try.  I think "My Peace Place" is a comforting read for all ages.
---I especially identified with the page about missing shoes....children are always relocating one of mine no matter where I have put them. I tend to panic when I need to go somewhere and the shoes have disappeared. I think my Peace Place has hanging shoebags. :-)
---I have been wanting to do some sort of yoga with my son but was raised a conservative Christian so the religious aspects of some yoga usually make me hesitate. I think that were are going to learn more about some of the newer styles of yoga. A friend of ours belongs to a group that hunts out yoga poses on Pinterest and then imitates them while using hula hoops. :-)

A page from the book. :-)

Author Bios:

Lori Bortnick is an Illinois certified Early Educator with type 04 certification, a master’s degree in Teaching in Early Childhood and more than 15 years of teaching experience in both private daycare and the public school system.
---I am adding all her other books  to my children's TBR list. :-)

I love this photo. :-)
Mari L Barnes writes for children under the pen name of Mari Lumpkin and for adults as ML Barnes. Her books, Parting River Jordan and Crossing River Jordan are proof that church can be funny. Mari’s company, Flying Turtle Publishing, specializes in books that families can share.


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Publisher: Flying Turtle Press, April 2014

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