Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kids from the River
Review and Excerpt

The dead Ed Buchart sighed at James’ remark. “You should know by now I only invest in a sure thing. No, we’ll let Ramsey take the risks developing Moon Glow and its mysterious signal. If it fails, it’ll break him.”
“If it succeeds?” James poked a warning.
Ed Buchart turned to his son for the first time. His look told James he should’ve instinctively known the answer and never asked the question in the first place. “We’ll simply legislate it away from him.”
His father’s response was artificially patient. “We’ll orchestrate the will of the people. They’ll do it for us. They always do.”
The dead weight of the masses outweighs the privilege of genius. James sealed the rule into his memory.

My Thoughts
"The Kids From the River" is in the New Adult Dystopian genre but I think it should also be considered a mystery. I was definitely intrigued. Each of the kids thought they knew each other and themselves. Years of war and violence take the "kids" far from their innocent childhood moments...to the "SS," ambition, technology, seemingly endless explosions, violence and death. Max, Amy, Brian and James each learn what they, and those around them, are willing to do and become...for better or worse.

I wish that the inner emotions and psyche of the other three kids were explored more (Max's were very well explored). Sometimes I felt that the story was perfect in its sudden explanations of why things happened and at other times I would more like to have been shown. The religious elements of the story came on much more heavily at the end and for a time that was confusing (I would like to understand the sacred works this story brings into play and if they are at odds with Christianity). In any case, I think both the kids and the author found their answers...have you found yours??

My rating:
 4.75 stars (Yes, I can do that.)
Will I reread? Yes
Prudish Parent Verdict: A few bits of sexual content...one beautiful and several other brief moments. No crude euphimisms (indeed I do not recall any body parts being mentioned).

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Author Bio
Mark Cosman’s writing began when his daughter, Berlyn, was murdered following her high school prom. It was when he left the rubble of his beliefs and assumptions to go in search of answers to the most profound questions we humans ask ourselves. His first book, “A Flower in the Snow” and later, “The Kids from the River” are the result of that odyssey.

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