Monday, November 03, 2014

Why Walmart, Why?

So, the other night I was actually contemplating taking a part-time job at Walmart when the kids get older. I have some sort of photographic memory which is great for working the floor of a retail store. Only it will never happen because of my eye problem...the last store I worked at I was tortured for the whole time and ditto the job before that....approximately 9 years straight of being told I was ugly (no seriously), having no chance of promotion, being treated as if stupid and general gameplaying. Sue you say? No it would be the same anywhere for me. Apply for disability? No, they don't send you to the proper doctor for evaluation unless you have already afforded to be under the proper really expensive doctor's care.

Anyway, Walmart just really depressed me tonight and since Halloween when we have gone in. The employees are under some sort of stress and right now actually just ignore anyone standing at their customer service desks as they are so busy training each other. Our Walmart is going to a new system where no clearance is allowed in the store (seriously). Their following of trends has become so bad that there were only a couple of sock choices in the entire store for our children and it took at least a half hour to find those....they just want to sell "no-show" socks vs. anything with an actual cuff and its winter time. Constant being nice to surly employees does not soften them up. Yeah, I could complain for quiet a while.

This evening, the cashier put things through the wrong way repeatedly. Then she proceeded to explain to me about people using multiple forms of payment as we did being flagged for committing fraud and calls being made to their bank and so on...basically a nasty, veiled demeaning/threat. Husband and I were both thoroughly embarrassed and obviously judged by the customer behind us.So, we had intended to divide the receipt across three debit cards and by the time we got out of there at least 8 transactions were made (many being declined because of her error). The cashier did not know how to operate her machine but made me feel sad out of some sort of attitude issues and refusal to actually learn her job. Now, we have to wait for next month to get Preschooler's Christmas presents despite my working so hard to arrange finances for this month....correcting her errors would only result in messed up accounts. There will also be no extra travel for us this month beyond relative visits (meaning Husband's artwork will have to be held even longer at venues).

I am starting to wish that ordering everything, EVERYTHING online were a viable option. We only have Walmart, a gourmet store and a couple of dollar stores here.
I need to get some items at Walmart tomorrow and I actually find myself dreading going there.

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