Sunday, November 09, 2014

Moving Right Along in My World

-----Roid!: One woman's rage and struggle with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. Tenative title. A blog column for now but I think I will be organizing it into a free ebook (unsure of no-cost platforms for this...maybe a peer-to-peer). What a project. When you are highly symptomatic, it is like the delicate balance experimenting that one has to employ if they are fighting diabetes. For instance, I have IBS, don't think gross as it usually manifests in not being able to go right now...I took stool, for two days...then I made oriental food which has oil in it....that worked in a most urgent manner, it wasn't my cooking, it was the cooking oil that finally helped. I am not one to just put up with the sudden weight gain or look of a triple chin that I am currently having. Hence 2015's project is born.
-----It is amusing that I like butterflies so much...that is what the thyroid is shaped like.
-----I earned 220 Kellogg's Family Rewards points today. I have no idea what we are saving towards.
-----I am about 20% of the way to earning the frequent flyer miles that I need for us to stay at least one night at the Hilton or Doubletree for a convention next year. :-) I hope I can get someone to give me a tour that I can cover on this blog. I love both hotels (and the famous Doubletree chocolate cookies are okay).
-----That convention we are going to is also looking more hopeful on me paying for the gas with Swagbucks. I just discovered that there is a Bing Reward that can get you (500)Swagbucks and have set that as my goal. You can convert the Bing Rewards into Swagbucks up to 50 times per account! I get 2 points for up to 10 searches each day...since I have not found a program for Google, I am going to go ahead and try Bing as my homepage for a while (especially since it has a little icon connecting to my Rewards account and showing my points). :-)
-----One way that I started earning Swagbucks tonight is to use the RadioLoyalty program. If Ubuntu lets it recogonize what I am doing, I will earn 5 Swagbucks for every half hour I listen. I am testing this as I type.
-----I don't understand people that pretend to be sober or spend great amounts of time talking others out of their sobriety. Some people just DON'T learn.
-----Discovered that our Toddler daughter likes The Black Crowes. :-)
-----I was looking online to order some deodorant (I have been earning points so I can pay for our hygiene products with gift cards...paying a bit more and it takes a lot of time but it is slowly freeing up money for bills and debt). It was interested to see that one tube of Secret was listed as "New" but with a noted expiration date of early 2010. Another thing to watch for. No surprise that this seller has the lowest rating I have ever seen on Amazon. Read those descriptions.
-----I found out that Garnier now has skincare products. I sent for a sample of a blackhead eliminating scrub and a sample of nourishing cleansing oil...both for oily skin. My samples should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Expect to see a review here. :-)

An essay that I need to write for a Philosophy and the Sciences class I am in:
"'In what way can philosophy or philosophical thinking contribute to the physical sciences? Give a clearly argued answer....."

One of tonight's bedtime stories.

A repeat bedtime story. We first watched this one last year when Toddler was still putting her toes in her mouth.


SecondVoice said...

Good luck with the book! It's an ambitious project but it might be really helpful to others once it's out there!

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SwagBucks is the biggest get-paid-to website.

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