Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Re-Read: The Art of Social Media

This is a re-read because I have put in a lot of time and had a lot of experiences with social media. I want to make sure my review avoids bias as much as possible (just assuming that a chapter I skimmed is more of what I already heard). I also want to give the chapters that don't apply to me more of a chance...that might be a helpful thing.  Anyway, working on that re-read.

Of course, I am a bio reader and this time the bio was at the beginning of the book. I already knew a lot about Guy Kawasaki but I had only vaguely read in a tweet or blog post somewhere of his fellowship...a fellow at the Haas School of Business (UC Berkley). Everyone has their passions...I am fascinated by academic programs and possibilities. Haas is the second-oldest business school in the United States! So, for me, my fascination leads to me exploring any lecture, opencourseware or MOOC I can get my hands on...stay tuned. (That post will be entitled "Haas at Home.")

15 pages on profiles? I should say that means profiles are important. Indeed looking around on the internet, I see that profiles are really changing for some. I see people "founding" as much as they can (claiming the origins of hashtags for instance...meaning they started a chat). Does your profile stand out and show you are an individual?
So, one of today's task was revamping my profile. I have posted a "Before" photo below (screenshots aren't working).

Of couse, it's over there in the sidebar...but this is the text of my latest profile edit:
"Profile Updated: November 20, 2014. I am blessed with being a homemaker and mother. I own about 5.5 thousand books and our family has around 8 thousand! I am the founder of "Project Barbara's Rainbow"...a fledgling book giveaway program. I believe in life-long learning and can often be found glued to the screen in a MOOC course. I am very interested in urban farming and self-sufficiency. Someday, I hope to make advancements in soil science and irrigation in terms of urban farming. One of my favorite books is The Complete Tightwad Gazette. Huge Douglas Adams and Roger Zelazny fan. Avid Armchair Traveler. I like roadtrips and the goal is for our children to see a good part of every state before they turn 18. I am married to the vocalist of "Once Were Serpents." My family is involved with Asylum Ministries and AudioFeed Music Festival. I have started hosting virtual book tours.I have extensive editing and writing experience. I hope that something made you smile today."


Jessica Martin said...

It's a great idea to update your profile! It seems like there are always new tips and tricks to stay up to date and stand out from the crowd.


:-) Yes.
I really I liked my previous profile...but that was me and not thinking totally of something distinctive for the reader. I plan to update more often and with what I learned from the book in mind.

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