Sunday, November 02, 2014

Welcome to My World

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo....that means making the effort to post every day this month. Hmm, what shall I write today. Well, I am mainly concentrating on writing and books as far as the blogosphere goes lately. Tonight, I think I will take a break and offer you some bits and pieces of my life lately.

This is the Chicago-based band Leper. My husband made the skull panels and they made wall pieces to put them in. Awesome.

My fave Leper song:

Fall is Dragon Breath Season at our house. Nighttime guests join us on the porch for a chat, a cup of warmth and a toast to the fun months ahead. Our Dragon's Breath consists of hot mead, honey, mulling spices and Krakken Rum.
---In a few days, we will have our annual Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss. We take a pumpkin up high after writing whatever has made us sad during the year and toss it down. A spotter is used and the pumpkin makes a quite explosive sound. Cathartic.

-----I taught Preschooler how to play dominoes and he is going to teach Daddy.
-----I plan to listen to Leonard Nemoy reading Ray Bradbury stories. 

I want to make something similar for daughter. This has been a fun theme of ours ever since I saw "Baby's First Camo" at Bass Pro Shops.

Toddler over the past few days:
---Looked at me intently and said really clearly, "Hello, friend. Hello, buddy."
---Suddenly started speaking full sentences for a while during the stopping to eat a piece of Trick or Treat candy. An older boy fell and dropped his candy, "That one guy falled."
---Told me that a Caterpillar back hoe was a baby and had to show it to her uncle.

Toddler was in charge of her own popsicle for the first time. :-)

Preschooler's wisdom:
---"To make coffee you start with beans. But if you use other beans, then you can eat them."
---"Little s is for little spider and big s if for...big spider."
---"I'm like a rainbow because I just stretch and stretch."
---Told me that he loves me because I am soft and warm and my barrette fits.

In response to an online friend's Frida Kahlo costume:
Toddler said "brow" for the first time. Our Preschooler now wants a unibrow toy for Christmas. He has decided that is a good name for an action figure. The kids are getting goldfish for Christmas. Preschooler now wants fish and a good Unibrow for him and a bad Unibrow for his sister.
---We have purchased a tabletop tank and decided on shading of the fish. There names will be Spiderman, Peter Parker and Beep Beep.

Our comfort food before Trick or Treating. Husband is allergic to soy now and misses Oriental Food. I experiment with making homemade sauces that are soy-free. The veggie stir fry sauce consisted of Worchestershire and water (for the soy), Ty Ling Naturals Five Spice Seasoning (anise, ginger, cinnamon,fennel,black pepper), garlic powder, sea salt and sesame oil (in addition to the cooking oil).

I hope MADD encourages people to do this next year, too. 

Winter is coming. One of our last flowers!

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I love your creation. The costume is so cute.

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